• Harmona Aicrad- Deceased
  • Darcia Anomrah- Deceased
  • Chloe Naylor- Deceased
  • Christian Vitale- Deceased
  • Morgan Crouch- Deceased
  • Mark Jerkeb- Deceased
  • Gemma Revlis- Deceased
  • Martin Johnson- Deceased
  • Blue Suecra- District 5
  • Nate Zurowski- Deceased
  • Cheza Hige- Deceased
  • Jason Frost- Deceased
  • Toboe Egid- Deceased
  • Shane Chetney- Deceased
  • Ember Sky- Deceased
  • Darwin Welds- Deceased
  • Kiba Tsume- District 9
  • Owen Hutto- Deceased
  • Katelynn Fuller- Deceased
  • Drake Fryman- Deceased
  • Kaylee Relluf- Deceased
  • Evan Cinkovitch- Deceased
  • Mary Grace- Deceased
  • Cameron Bonner- Deceased

District 1

Harmona Aicrad

Darcia Anomrah

District 2

Chloe Naylor

Christian Vitale

District 3

Morgan Crouch

Mark Jerkeb

District 4

Gemma Revlis

Martin Johnson

District 5

Blue Suecra

Nate Zurowski

District 6

Cheza Hige

Jason Frost

District 7

Toboe Egid

Shane Chetney

District 8

Ember Sky

Darwin Welds

District 9

Kiba Tsume

Owen Hutto

District 10

Katelynn Fuller

Drake Fryman

District 11

Kaylee Relluf

Evan Cinkovitch

District 12

Mary Grace

Cameron Bonner



Arena for 90th Hunger Games

What else is there to say?
Vast fields, Forests, and Mountains.

Another Meadow

One Large River somewhere in the mountains.

The Giant River


One Meadow

A Twist

There is a small twist that there are a few

modern weapons in the Cornucopia.

Day 1

The Games start with everyone bolting off the platforms and towards the Cornucopia. The Career Pack is made up of districts 1-5. Then they lead the bloodbath by killing districts 8 and 9's males. Mary wanders around and spots Cameron, who she loves. But Cameron likes Morgan, who likes Mark, who loves Harmona, who likes Darcia, who likes Harmona back. Mary then grabs her weapon, a rainbow scarf, and starts whipping it around at people. The Careers only laugh as they continue fighting. Darcia grabs a gun and shoots Toboe. The other districts start closing around the Careers, so Martin yells "Let's get out of here!" And the Careers run away towards the mountains. Although Kaylee throws a dagger at Nate which kills him, and then she does a victory dance. Then, feeling stupid, Kaylee grabs a few more daggers and runs into a nearby forest, with Evan close at her heels. (Even though she has no idea she's being stalked) Katelynn and her boyfriend, who dresses like her, hold hands and skip towards a meadow with a picnic basket. Shane and Jason have a face off, and Shane wins by smacking Jason in the face with his mermaid tail. (But Jason is still alive, but injured) Then Shane sees the the woman of his dreams: Mary. They both had highlighted hair and animal tails. Shane walked up to her and said, "I was um...wondering if you would...I don't um...alliance?" When Mary saw him, she immediatly forgot Cameron and paired up with Shane and they skipped in the direction of a beautiful meadow, with lots of exotic flowers. In the forest, Kaylee hears a twig snap and she throws a dagger. She had killed Evan. "Oh well," She thought, "he wasn't even cute." Later, near a deep canyon, Jason was running as fast as he possibly could, but fell down into the canyon. And no one saw him again.

Day 2

The Career pack moves out to hunt tributes when they come across lovebirds Mary and Shane. They take Shane hostage and run away towards the Cornucopia. Mary screams and tries to catch up to them, but she's too slow. So she decides to get help. She comes across Katelynn and Drake and they agree to help her if they get more tributes. In the end, they have districts 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 11 to help. Before the new alliance reaches the Careers, Gemma decides she doesn't want to be part of the Careers. Saying she doesn't want to fight the other alliance and be in the same alliance as Darcia, who she thinks is a jerk. So she gets up to leave but they don't want her to. She kills Christian with an arrow, to show her point, and runs away. Martin wants to follow her but thinks better of it and stays. Then the new alliance comes and an all out war starts. Darcia manages to kill Drake and Ember, and injure Kiba. Suddenly, a HUGE explosion goes off. Districts 2, 11, district's 10 female, and district's 3 female all died. Everyone then runs away from each other. The Careers one way, and the other alliance the other. As the faces of the dead tributes light up the sky, the live tributes tremble with fear of what happened.

Day 3

The Careers still have Shane. And they decide to stay in one place so the other alliance can find them. And they do. Another battle starts, but not as fierce as the previous day. Cheza sits out since she's not much of a fighter. Then Blue is serverly injured by Cameron then thrown headfirst onto a boulder. Cameron then dies from Mark's dagger. And Kiba again is severly injured do to Darcia's sword. Martin picks Blue up in his arms and runs away with Harmona, Darcia, and Mark at his heels. But not before Darcia killed Shane. Mary cries over the two guys she liked, and wants revenge. Kiba then sneaks away and follows the Careers, taking a different path, with Cheza close behind.

Day 6

Mary realizes she's the only one left and runs straight towards the Careers. But Darcia sees her from afar and kills her with a flamethrower. Suddenly, an arrow flies out and kills Mark. But no more appear. Mark was slowly dying of blood loss, and is in alot of pain. Then he thinks of Morgan and wishes he could kiss her again. "That was strange," said Harmona. The guys nod in agreement. Martin looks at Blue, who is still unconsious. "She's not dead, but has been unconsious for three days now. Should we keep her?" Darcia looks at her, then her weapon and says: "She could prove to be useful" Harmona looks over at the setting sun, then at the mountains. And hears the growl of a bear. "We should head to the mountains for shelter." The guys again nod in agreement. Martin picks up Blue and they all run towards the giant river which is between two mountains.

Day 8

The Gamemakers cause a HUGE earthquake to get things moving. The Careers wake up to see the mountains crumbling and the ground cracking. Martin throws Blue onto his back and they try to get out from the valley. Harmona trips and falls to the ground with a yelp of pain. Darcia quickly turns around and picks her up. The Careers manage to get out of the valley before the mountains collapse. But the mountains just added to the earthquake. Martin and Darcia run so far and so fast they make it to a faraway meadow. Then they collapse in exaustion, and fall asleep. Everyone else isn't so lucky. Kiba and Cheza run for their lives. The area around them is leveled. Then, a trench opens up and Cheza falls in screaming. Kiba gives out a choked sob, and looks down to see if Cheza had grabbed a root or rock and was dangling. But no such luck for Kiba. The trench then closes up. Kiba catches up to Gemma and they both run towards the meadow where the Careers are.

Day 9

Day 9 was spent with the tributes recovering from their experience with the earthquake. Blue finally woke up, she had a concussion and fell into a coma.

Day 10

Gemma and Kiba meet up with the Careers. Then it's Kiba vs Gemma vs Careers. In the battle, Kiba kills Harmona, much to Darcia's disappointment. Then Martin dies from Gemma's arrow missing its target. Gemma cries out in horror. And while she's distracted Darcia kills her with a sword in her back. She screams in pain, and falls down. Kiba starts fiercly fighting Darcia. He tackled Kiba and was about to stab her. She grabbed his wrist and tried to push it away, but she knew it was all over. Then, Darcia flew off her. Blue had tackled him. They were clashing swords and kicking and pushing each other. But Darcia found and opening and slid a sword into Blue's stomach. Blue let out a gasp and collapsed. Kiba slowly pushed herself to her feet and looked at Darcia. And they both started fighting. Darcia slashes Kiba's face and she screams in pain. Then she slices Darcia's side. He winces but keeps fighting. He knocks Kiba to the ground and thinks she is dead. But she isn't. Then Kiba remembered something. She had grabbed a bomb at the Cornucopia. She slowly took it out of her pocket and threw it at Darcia's feet. "What the--" But he didn't finish because the bomb exploded. Darcia screamed as he was incinerated. And he was gone. "Congratulations to the winners of the 90th Hunger Games!" Winners? Thought Kiba. Then she fainted.

On the Hovercraft

Kiba slowly woke up and looked on the bed next to her. There lying asleep, was Blue. Kiba was so happy! At least she wasn't the only one to die. Then she fell back asleep.

Before the Victory Tour...

Kiba: Kiba was welcomed home by all her friends, since she has no family. She had a great time at the dinner parties but wanted to see Blue again since she was the only other person who understood what she's been through. One night, while on her way to her home in the Victor's Village, she saw a figure shuffle away and walked toward it to see what it was. Thenn she saw a bunch of people talking about destroying the Victors and their houses to rebel against the Capitol. Kiba was horrified and ran to her old home instead. But she woke up in her bed in the Victor's village to find it was a bad dream. Some hallucination from the morphling. Or so she hoped.

Blue: Blue was welcomed home by her friends, her cranky uncle, and her wolf-dog pet. She was so hungry for real food at the parties, she ate most of the food on the table. And everyone laughed at her "generosity." Feeling embarrassed, she said she was full, and excused herself from the room. As she walked to Victor's Village, eating smuggled biscuits, she heard talking. Following the voices, she saw a man in a black cloak talking to other holograms of men.

"-----destroy the Victors and their precious houses to show they're nothing to us."

"The Capitol will pay the the price."

Blue gasped in horror, but covered her mouth.

"What the--what was that?"

"It's the Victor!! Get her!"

Blue ran as fast as she possibly could. She managed to slip under the fence and into the forest, where she spent the night. But she woke up in her bed in the Victor's village to find it was a bad dream. Hallucinating from too much food. Or so she hoped.

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