Here Are The Tributes:


====Read on to find out how everyone died. \/ \/ \/ \/


District 1 Male: Dusk Aubade***

District 1 Female: Gleam Shimmer


District 2 Male: Devz Jayfon

District 2 Female: Natalie Sulkin***


District 3 Male: Glen Parasit

District 3 Female: Amy Sundle


District 4 Male: Circive Willowstock

District 4 Female: Delilah O'Brian


District 5 Male: Stone Froch

District 5 Female: Cali Ston


District 6 Male: Tyler Potts

District 6 Female: Elle Evergreen


District 7 Male: Darius Shademaker

District 7 Female: Tara Ralston**


District 8 Male: Juke Cutson

District 8 Female: Ivy Tano


District 9 Male: Ray Forebend

District 9 Female: Bluebird Greyson


District 10 Male: Roy Allove

District 10 Female: Almanelle Sheridette**


District 11 Male: Riann Alyias

District 11 Female: Edelweiss Honeysuckle*


District 12 Male: Pine Thorn

District 12 Female: Willow Ash*


Day 4

Nothing much happened. Bluebird ambushed and killed Elle.

Day 5

Gamemakers cause meteor shower. Stone Froch is at top of mountain, and gets caught in avalanche caused by meteor. Dusk is left alone when Natalie is killed by a meteor. Enraged, he goes off to kill who had killed his fellow members of the Career Pack. Willow Ash. Tara and Almanelle encounter Juke and kill him, but not before he spears Tara in the leg.

Day 6

Claudius announces a feast. Everyone goes except Tara, due to her injury. Everyone runs out to the Cornucopia, and Dusk takes out Willow with a spear. Edelweiss cries and grabs a backpack and food, and runs back into the forest. Dusk also kills Bluebird, everyone else gets away unharmed.

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