Here Are The Tributes:

====Read on to find out how everyone died. \/ \/ \/ \/


District 1 Male: Dusk Aubade*

District 1 Female: Gleam Shimmer


District 2 Male: Devz Jayfon

District 2 Female: Natalie Sulkin*


District 3 Male: Glen Parasit

District 3 Female: Amy Sundle


District 4 Male: Circive Willowstock

District 4 Female: Delilah O'Brian


District 5 Male: Stone Froch

District 5 Female: Cali Ston


District 6 Male: Tyler Potts

District 6 Female: Elle Evergreen


District 7 Male: Darius Shademaker

District 7 Female: Tara Ralston


District 8 Male: Juke Cutson

District 8 Female: Ivy Tano


District 9 Male: Ray Forebend

District 9 Female: Bluebird Greyson


District 10 Male: Roy Allove

District 10 Female: Almanelle Sheridette


District 11 Male: Riann Alyias

District 11 Female: Edelweiss Honeysuckle*


District 12 Male: Pine Thorn

District 12 Female: Willow Ash*


In the forest, Pine and Willow encounter Alliance 1. Dusk gets caught in Pine's trap, and when Pine is about to kill him, Gleam talks him out of it while Natalie comes up from behind and kills him with an arrow. Willow, who is hiding in the trees, is furious and kills Gleam. Natalie and Dusk run away before Willow can kill them. Willow warily makes her way to the right side of the forest where she encounters Edelweiss. They decide to form an alliance, and run deep into the woods.

By the lake, Tara, Delilah, and Almanelle meet up. Tara and Almanelle point their bows at Delilah. Then the arrows go soaring throung the air, but there's a flash of black. There arrows end up bouncing harmlessly off a twenty foot muttated bear. All three girls start to attack the bear, it's a very heated battle but finally the bear dies. The bear melts away into an alive mountain lion. The lion bites Delilah's leg, but Tara takes it out with an arrow in the throat. Delilah starts breathing heavily, then falls over dead. The lion had poison tipped fangs.

Tara and Almanelle burst into tears, and each put a flower on Delilah. They from an alliance and walk away towards the strip of trees.

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