Here Are The Tributes:

====Read on to find out how everyone died. \/ \/ \/ \/

I chose how the reamining tributes died by using a dice. To make it fair.


District 1 Male: Dusk Aubade***

District 1 Female: Gleam Shimmer


District 2 Male: Devz Jayfon

District 2 Female: Natalie Sulkin***


District 3 Male: Glen Parasit

District 3 Female: Amy Sundle


District 4 Male: Circive Willowstock

District 4 Female: Delilah O'Brian


District 5 Male: Stone Froch

District 5 Female: Cali Ston


District 6 Male: Tyler Potts

District 6 Female: Elle Evergreen


District 7 Male: Darius Shademaker

District 7 Female: Tara Ralston**


District 8 Male: Juke Cutson

District 8 Female: Ivy Tano


District 9 Male: Ray Forebend

District 9 Female: Bluebird Greyson


District 10 Male: Roy Allove

District 10 Female: Almanelle Sheridette**


District 11 Male: Riann Alyias

District 11 Female: Edelweiss Honeysuckle*


District 12 Male: Pine Thorn

District 12 Female: Willow Ash*


What Happened...

The Gamemakers let out mountain lion muttations that had the dead tributes DNA in them. The four alive tributes were chased to the mountain, where they started to climb. Edelweiss spears the mountain lion that was Darius, but loses her grip and falls down the mountain, falling on some mountain lions on the way down. Tara is struggling since her leg never healed. Almanelle tries to help her as best as she can, but Dusk pushes Almanelle to her death. "NOOOO," screamed Tara.

Tara finally reached a ledge on the mountain, and had to act quickly before the lions got her. She strung her bow, and with a lucky shot, killed Dusk with an arrow in his back. Then, she fainted.

The mountain lions retreated, and Tara was healed and brought to her family.


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