Sorry everyone but my other Games were getting too boring for me so I'm gonna start over since 200 is too complicated of a number. Anyway, please send in tributes know the drill. Send them in like this:

Catagorties with * you HAVE to enter!!








*History: ___________

*Appearence: (Eye, hair, body build)__________


Misc. Information:__________



MALE: Marble Haze- Gunman12

FEMALE: Sparkle Shine- Gunman12


MALE: Ernie Sasalot- Fidofiderson

FEMALE: Lucy "Dumb Blonde" Fighter- Fidofiderson

MALE: James Garner- Leshawna333

FEMALE: Elexis Sprent- Leshawna333

MALE: Splash Blue- TeamPeetaForever

FEMALE: Waterlily Wave- TeamPeetaForever

MALE: Blaze Moss- Mockingjay5

Female: Anala Pryor- Firecatcher3


MALE: Skylar Hutchinson- HungerGamesFan

FEMALE: Savanna Maddox- HungerGamesFan

MALE: Shawn Pint- JStech18

Female: Angelina Space- JStech18
DISTRICT 8 Male: Nemestrinus Virus- Racmany FEMALE: Tempestes Poena- Racmany

MALE: Halex Belair- MoviePopcorn123

FEMALE: Rena Gems- MoviePopcorn123

MALE: LightningTree- MoviePopcorn123

FEMALE: Krystal Glass-MoviePopcorn123

MALE:Tweed Snell- Leshawna333

FEMALE: Violet Merr- Leshawna333

MALE: Jay Mou- Elviaalova

FEMALE: Ali Gupi- Elviaalova


$$*Sponser Gifts*$$

Let me know if you think of anything else I can add!!


Strong bow - $600

Sword - $600

Spear - $500

Mace - $400

Daggers/Knifes - $60 per knife/dagger

Crossbow - $800


Extra arrows - $300

Explosive arrows - $800

Poisonous arrows - $800


Iodine - $700

Morphling - $600

Band-aid/ gauze - $10 per foot


Armor - $1,100

Sleeping bag - $40

Socks - $20

Rope - $50

Your Tributes

District 1: Gunman12

Marble Haze: 12/12- Was killed by Waterlily

Sparkle Shine: 6/12- Was killed by Splash District 2: Fidofiderson

Ernie Sasalot: 12/12- Eaten by sharks and pirahnas

Lucy "Dumb Blonde" Fighter: 2/12 Ran into an active volcano

District 3: Leshawna333

James Garner: 5/12 Killed by Ernie

Elexis Sprent: 4/12- Ambushed while high and hyper

District 4: TeamPeetaForever

Splash Blue: 7/12- Killed by Elexis

Waterlily Wave: 11/12-Killed by Marbel

District 5: Mockingjay5, Firecatcher3

Blaze Moss: 7/12 Torn up by Ernie

Anala Pryor: 10/12-Hiding in the trees($1,000)

District 6: HungerGamesFan

Skylar Hutchinson: 9/12 Killed by Ernie

Savanna Maddox: 9/12 Torn up by Ernie

District 7: JStech18

Shawn Pint: 5/12 Thunked on the head by Ali Gupi

Angelina Space: 4/12- Killed by Marbel

District 8: Racmany

Nemestrinus Virus: 9/12 Killed by Jay Mou

Tempestes Poena: 10/12- Killed by Rena

District 9: MoviePopcorn123

Halex Belair: 9/12- Shot by Anala

Rena Gems: 10/12- Fell off a waterfall ($1,000)

District 10: MoviePopcorn123

Lightning Tree: 11/12- Just flipped off Jay ($1400)

Krystal Glass: 11/12- Eaten by rabid oompaloompas

District 11: Leshawna333

Tweed Snell: 8/12- Killed by Tempestes

Violet Merr: 6/12 Killed by Jay Mou

District 12: Elviaalova

Jay Mou: 10/12- Killed by Lightning

Ali Gupi: 4/12- Drowned

The Arena


The Arena for The 1st Hunger Games

The grayish circles are the platforms the tributes stand on. The brown coloring is mud/dirt, the light tan coloring is sand, the blue coloring is obviously water, and the green is forest. All the way to the east, south, and north is all water.

Day 1: The Bloodbath

The platforms rise slowly. And the tributes wait anxiously as the platforms finally reach the surface. Then the tributes gape. All around them is water. Some tributes panic and search frantically for land. District 4 look at each other and laugh. Suddenly an island appears out of no where and the tributes breath a sigh of relief. But wait where's the gong?

Claudis' voice booms over the arena. "Welcome to the 1st Hunger Games!! May the odds be ever in your favor!!"


Ernie cracks his knuckles.


Ali stretches her legs.


Splash and Waterlily stretch their arms and yawn.


Anala and Savanna take deep breaths.


The wait is endless......


Waterlily and Splash dive into the water towards the Cornucopia, grab their packs and weapons, and swim towards the island.

The other tributes just stare.

Waterlily's POV:

As soon as I saw the ocean, I knew I would win. But just to be safe, I didn't want to be around when the bloodbath started. So right when i heard that gong, I dived into the water. It felt perfect. Not too cold, not too hot. Just like the water back home. Aw man, I wish I could go back. Emma and Anna are probably crying. I swam harder. I came up for air and noticed a small island with the Cornucopia resting on it. I climbed up and grabbed an aqua pack and a nice golden trident. I heard a splash and spun around trident raised. But to only see Splash. Great.

"What do you want, Splash?"

"Geez. Harsh much? I know..wondering if you and me..."

"Alliance? No."

"Aw, c'mon. I'll protect you. Make sure you survive"

I was slinging my pack over my shoulder when he said that. I froze. And sighed.

"Ok. But hurry. The others are coming."

And with that happy note. I dived into the water and headed towards the island.

Ali's POV:

Being blind sucks. Especially when your reaped for the Hunger Games.

"Jay? Help me."

I heard a splash but didn't know if it was Splash. I held up my cane to "protect myself." Then I heard a yell and two cannons.

"Jay?" I asked. Panic showing in my voice. "Answer me if your not dead."

"It's ok Ali," I heard a familiar voice. And I immediatly relaxed. "I just killed two people. 8 and 11. I think."

I felt his cold hand on my wrist. Tugging slightly.

"There's alot of water between us and the Cornucopia. So get on my back."

"How am I supposed to get on your back if your below my feet?"


I hesitated. Jumping was not my specialty.

"It's ok I'll catch you"

So I jumped and he caught me. Phew. I felt the water rushing past us. And then something solid. And not a rock. A body. I gripped my cane and swung it. HARD. I heard a thunk, and felt the body down by my feet and then not at all. My first kill. I shivered in the warm air.

"Almost there," I heard Jay tell me.


Ernie's POV:

This will be fun. I hope Dad will be proud of me. I already killed a tribute like 10 seconds. I think it was the male from 3. Any way, I was heading towards the male from 1 when 6 and 5 tackled me. I kicked and thrashed. i broke away and swam as fast as I could towards the Cornucopia. I swam away from those crazies and finally touched solid land. I gripped the rocks and pulled myself up. But those idiots grabbed my ankles and started yanking me down. Crap, what did those freaks want from me. I held on for dear life onto a rock, and spotted something I needed. Cat claws.

Man, it was so hard trying to get those babies. With one hand I clutched the rock, and with the other I reached for the claws. They were just out of my reach. Crap. My fingers started bleeding as they scratched against the sharp pebbles and my nails broke even lower than I normally chew them so they bled too.

I kicked my legs and the kids loosened their grips ever so slightly. I used that second to propell myself off their bodies and snatched the catclaws.

My precioussss I thought. Ha ha. I strapped them to my hands and spun around. Then I punched those suckas until all I saw was a red bloody mess.

I got some new babies. Great. Now to stab other people.

Day 2: The Explosion

Unknown to alll the tributes, is an underground volcano resting on the far east side of the island.

Marbel's POV:

I'm not the best swimmer so this arena's not cutting it for me. Fortunatly, there is a huge island. Unfortunatly, there are rivers and streams criss-crossing all over it. I'm just going to have to live with that since the rest of my group, the "Careers", are looking up to me as the leader. To live up to that title I'm gonna have to make the first kill, leading hunting expeditions, etc etc. So I set out with my train of followers following me. I led them to the forest and heard some rustling above us. I took out one of my throwing knifes and threw it up. I heard a yelp of pain and a body came crashing down. It was a girl about thirteen. She was moaning and groaing in pain since I only hit her in the stomach.

"Please help meee," she groaned.

"Well, kill her, Marbel," said Sparkle.

"J-just put m-me out o-of my mi-mi--"

But the girl didn't get a chance to finish. Poor thing. Too much blood loss. She was pretty, too. A cannon boomed.

"Let's keep moving."

Skylar's POV:

I hate this place. I mean COME ON. Water is everywhere. I just stayed on my platform until the bloodbath was over. Staring into the crystal clear water. Looked harmless enough but still.....Only two people came by me after the bloodbath. One of them died and the other I allied with. I allied with this girl from eight and she killed this dude named Tweed. That's a funny name. But he was a good fighter. Cut the girl on the leg, she blew up and went psycho on him. He was overwhelmed and drowned. I hate the water.

Then, she came up to me and was like hey you're cute. We're an alliance now. And i was like whatever sure. When she started swimming away she's was like hey what's wrong. And I said I was afraid of the water. And she was like oh. She kinda floated there, thinking, and then she sighed. She came over and said get on my back. So I did.

Tempestes's POV:

DANG he's heavy. If he wasn't cute he would've already felt the wrath of my axe. But he is so yea. Too bad for me. I lugged him over to the Cornucopia, and he climbed up. Kicking me in the head in the process. Then he curled up and hugged his knees and rocked back and forth. What a baby.

"Dude, you need to stop acting like that or people will think your weak and come after you."

"Yeah, I know. Tomorrow, I'll learn to swim."

"But you've been sitting on that platform for a day. IT"S DAY 2!!!"

"It is?" he asked sarcastically. Good, he's gotta sense of humor.

"Let's just find our stuff and sleep."

Sparkle's POV:

So me and Marbel headed east with the dumb blonde following us. We made it past the jungle and across a river. But we stopped. There was just a huge opening, nothing for at least a mile or two and then there was the rest of the ocean. Nothing except a low hill. That was it.

"Let's make camp here," said Marbel.

Lucy breathed a sigh of relief and....


"Oh god," I said. Plugging my nose.

"I need a doctor," Marbel said pretending to faint.

I laughed, but stopped. It smelled like rotton eggs. "God Lucy what the heck did you eat?"

"I don't know," she replied, "have any of you tried to lick your nose?"

God help us please.


"Oh C'mon Lucy," I scolded her.

"That wasn't me"


"Ok that was me"


"What is that," Marbel asked getting to his feet.


I looked around. Where was that coming from? Wait, double take. Is that hill....GLOWING?!?!?

"Ooh pretty," Lucy shouted over the constant rumbling. Then she did the stupidest thing. Ran towards the hill that was glowing red.

"Lucy, WAIT!!"

"Screw her c'mon"

So Marbel took me by the hand and led me away. We came to the river, but by then the hill was exploding. Crap, it's a volcano.

"Hurry we gotta get across the river," I yelled.

Marbel nodded, picked me up and waded across the still water. We made it across and tore through the jungle. The volcano was really pumping now. Wait. What the-- Is that a second volcano? Another? How many volcanoes are there?!?!?

Waterlily's POV:

I hear rumbling and I turn around. Now that is not natural. I see five volcanoes quickly growing. They're now as tall as skyscrapers. Suddenly, they just stop growing. Well that's a relief. If those kept growing and exploding everyone here would be killed. All of a sudden I hear an explosion. It wasn't from the volcanoes. I don't know what it was from. Since the world faded into darkness and the last thing I saw was feet approaching me.

Day 3: The Second Bloodbath

I open my eyes and notice I'm in a tent. I slowly peer outside and breath a sigh of relief when I see only Splash sitting there tending a fire. I stand up and walk over to him.

"Hey," I say.


"What's wrong with you?"



He sighed and resumed playing with the fire.

"Do you remember when we were best friends?" he asks.

Of course I do! "No," I say instead.

He huffs and looks at me. "Now you're the liar"

"Why don't you remind me?"

He laughs and tells me about all the times we hung out. Those were the good times. Back when we didn't care whether we were a boy or girl. Or any of that junk. I wish we were young again. Now one of us has to die or we both die.

He finishes and looks at me. Again. "What do you think of me Waterlily?"

Crap! He's tryin to bust a move! " um...protective...."

Splash rolls his eyes, "Ha ha. I know i'm those things. And I'm incredibly handsome," Oh brother, "But what do you think of me?"

"Uh, I don't know."

"You darn know what I'm talking about!"

I take a deep breath. "You're a good person. You're smart and funny. Your very protective of me, making sure I get home safely. and your uh well..."


"And....well your cute too."

I look up at him and see his eyes light up. "Really?"

I consider taking it back but seeing him so happy changes that, "Really"

Then, he makes his move. He moves toward me. And I close the distance. Just to make him and the sponsers happy.

"Ooooh. Love on the battlefield."

"C'mon Waterlily. You can kiss better than that."

I leap up to my feet and unsheath my dagger. Splash gets up with his fists raised. Oh great. No weapon for him.

"Show yourselves!" Three people emerge. Careers? No wait more. Now there's the Careers. That's alot of people heading for us. 2 Careers. That assasin dude. The district 3 girl. 4 people. And it looks like they're not in an alliance, just found themselves to...what? Oh crap!! The fire!! Stupid Splash, and stupid me for not realizing that!!

Elexis's POV:

Haha it was pretty funny seeing those too kiss. And after Ernie said something about love on the batttlefield, I couldn't help but telling Waterlily she could kiss better than that. And it was true.

Anyway, I was only standing around to get some of that food. Ernie and the Careers were standing there smirking so I made the first move, I threw one of my knives. It embedded itself into Waterlily's thigh and she cried out. Splash turned and shot an icy glare. Oh no I'm soo scared. Especially since he only has fists as a weapon. Seriously, did he get anything at the Cornucopia? Except for a girlfriend. Maybe I should've hung around longer to get a boyfriend.

Then two parachutes floated down in front of the lovebirds. Tridents. Crap.

Staying in the shadows, I watched Marbel, Sparkle, and Ernie getting torn up. Well maybe not Ernie. And then blood all around on the ground.

Ew. Everyone's blood is mixing. I think I'm gonna puke.

Just kidding. I took out another knife, aimed it, and threw. A scream of pain. And the fighting stopped. Splash collapsed, with my knife sticking out of his back.

Marbel's POV:

Jeez I had cuts and slashes all over me. I was still alive. But barely. Sparkle wasn't so lucky. As Waterlily clawed at me, I watched Splash force a trident into her stomach. Then her eyes turned milky and she collapsed.

"NO!!" I screamed and watched Splash fall on top of her. With a knife sticking out of his back. Good that little punk died.

But I was still mad. so I made a move and shoved my dagger into HER stomach. She gasped as her eyes glazed over. But with one last move she stabbed me with her ultra-sharp trident. Then she collapsed. I stood for a few seconds and fell. The blood seeped into my clothes, but I didn't care.

I was following Sparkle towards a very bright light.

End of Day 3

Day 4: Suicidal

Skylar's POV:

Ok I just saw a pirahna and I'm really freaking out.



Whoa. She's mad. "Where are you?"

"Over here!"

"Over where?"

"On the other side of the Cornucopia you idiot!!" Sheesh. So I crawled around and saw half the Cornucopia missing. What the-

"Quit lookin at the 'copia Skylar and look behind you!!"

I spun around dagger unsheathed. But all I saw was Tempestes sitting in a boat made out of the Cornucopia.

"Grab some packs and weapons scardy cat. We're getting off this sucky island"

Tempestes's POV:

I was so sick of that crappy island. I'm glad we left. Now I can fight and use Skylar as my bodyguard. It's too bad cuz he's cute, but that's the way the Games work.

When we finally reached the mainland. Skylar jumped out of the boat and kissed the sand. He's got issues.

"Get up, that's disgusting Skylar."

"Ew you're right," he said wiping sand from his lips, "huh, I expected us to get ambushed as soon as we landed."

"Yea it's a little too quiet around here."

Then something caught my eye in the trees. The sun glinting off something metal.


I took off sprinting with a pack and weapons. I turned to see if Skylar was following but unfortunatly he wasn't. I saw Ernie leap from the tree and shove his catclaws into Sklar's chest. That was gruesome. Ernie turned with a malicious smile on his face and came straght for me. Crap.

I urged my legs to run faster, but that didn't do me any good. He caught up to me quickly, and held a dagger to my neck.

"You're gonna forget everything you just saw."

"I doubt it," I replied shoving a dagger into his side.

He howled in pain and fell down and clutched his side.

I was about to finish him off with a bow and arrow but he said:

"I'm sorry, Dad. I failed."

What the heck is he talking about? Oh my god he's crazy! He's jumping into the water and deep waters? Is he gonna commit suicide or something?

Well screw him, I'm outta here.

I'm sorry Skylar...

Ernie's POV:

Don't let the hunted hurt the hunter. It's a sign of weakness of the hunter. That's what my dad told me before he was killed. So when Temperatures hurt me, I knew I disappointed my father. So I was gonna punish myself.

Wait a minute. Why should I? Every assasin has his flaws. I'm not gonna let a little cut in my side cause me to commit suicide.

So I turned around and started swimming back. But the mutts already smelled my blood cuz they were headin my way. Sharks and pirahnas. I tried fighting but couldn't, there were too many and I lost too much blood.

No one heard my screams for help. And as I was being eaten a sponser gift fell on my head.

It's too late people. Ernie Sasalot has made his final stand.

I hope I'll be remembered, along with my father, as the greatest assasin ever.

End of Day 4.

Day 5: Meh

Elexis's POV:

My sponser gifts fall like there's no tomorrow.

"WOOHOO!!" I scream while dancing around like an idiot.

Hee hee. I'm high.

Then my fun is ruined. Screwed up by an ambush. I guess I was a little too hyper.

The pain is excrutiating. I look down but that makes it hurt more.

I fall backwards and I get a concussion. Stupid rock. Hitting the back of my stupid head.


And then I see the thing that killed me. A golden arrow sticking straight out of my neck.

I thought it was a dream, but the pain and the blood it was too real.

I fall into darkness and my last thoughts are of me making out with Ernie Sasalot.

Something is seriously wrong with me.

That is all.

Interviews with Caesar Flickerman

There is a cool animation with a H, a G, a 1, a I, a C, a W, and a F. Bada bum bada bum bada bum bum bum. The Lone Ranger* theme for Interview theme.

H- Hunger

G- Games

1- 1st

I- Interviews

W- With

C- Caesar

F- Flickerman

  • =Idk if it actually is the Lone Ranger. That's what my mother said.

We see Sam Sparks, main character of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and she says: "Welcome to the 1st every Hunger Games' Interviews with Caesar Flickerman. And here is the man himself!"

Caesar runs up and the crowd cheers.

"I'm so glad to be here and I would've gotton here sooner but I got held up with some Peacekeepers. They wanted me to interview the tributes. I was like, wait aren't they fighting to the death right now?"

Laugh track.

"But they said, no we want you to interview the dead ones. and I was like oh."

Laugh track.

"So I ran away from them and ran into, literally, Caesar Milan the dog whisperer!"

Laugh track.

"We both wanted each others autographs so I took out the hankerchief that's always in my pocket"

Laugh track.

"I tore it in half, gave him one half and we signed each of them."

Laugh track.

"Then out of no where a mutt ran by followed by two Peacekeepers with tazer guns."

Laugh track.

"But me and Caesar dropped the halves of the hankerchief"

Laugh track.

"We couldn't find out which is which since both our names are Caesar so"

Laugh track.

"We did einee meenie minie moe."

Laugh track.

"We went out separate ways and on my way here"

Laugh track.

"I found out that I actually have my own signature."

Laugh track.

"I was laughing so hard"

Laugh track


Laugh track.

Laugh Track.

Caesar gives annoyed look at camera.

Laugh track.

Laugh track.

Laugh track.




"You guys done laughing?"

Moans and groans.

"Good then lets get started."

Anala's Family:

Her mother and sisters slowly walked up to the stage. Glancing back and forth between the armed Peacekeepers. When they were seated Caesar started.

"It's ok they won't hurt you....until the Games are over that is. Anyway, what did you feel when Anala was reaped?"

Terra started, "I was so scared when I was waiting for one of us to be reaped. But started crying when Anala walked up to the stage and when we had to say good-bye."

"I felt just like Terra," Azure croaked, "I was terrrified standing next to her and Anala. I was relieved at first when my name wasn't called, but went right back to worrying. I tried my best not to cry when we said good-bye, but that didn't work out too well."

Their mother couldn't stop crying.

"Well, that sums up our Interview with the Pryors! We'll be back with the Poenas right after the break!!"

Moans and groans.

Bada bum bada bum bada bum bum bum. Cool animation.


Benda what?

Benda who?


The amazing flexible building sticks!! Build anything with bendaroos!!

A guitar that rocks!!

Or maybe just plain old rocks!!

Build anything!!

Just call this 800 number right now and we'll double your offer!! That's 200 useless sticks that don't even work for 19.95!! A ridiculous price for useless sticks and it's yours if you call right now!!

That's 1-800-123-465

That's 1-800-123-456 for the amazing Bendaroo sticks!!


The Alumawallet is amazing!! It's virtually indestructable and water-proof!! These "real" customers will tell you how much they love their Alumawallets.

Katniss Everdeen: Paid Actress

"The Alumawallet is amazing!! And the red color really blends in with my jacket! Also--OH MY GAWD IT'S PRESIDENT SNOW!!" She takes out her bow and shoots an arrow. Then we hear a cry of pain.

"KATNISS!! That was the producer!!"


Gale Hawthorne: Paid Actor

"Yeah it's ok, I mean wow I love it especially when I throw it down on the ground because it has a picture of my ex and I miss her...and....I'M GOING TO KILL YOU PEETA MELLARK!!! YOU STOLE MY GIRLFRIEND, MADE OUT WITH HER, MARRIED HER AND AND...."

Gale unsheaths a sword and charges the doorway where Peeta is standing eating chocolate chip cookies.

'What the--," Peeta starts while crumbs fall out of his mouth.

Please Stand by.....

Peeta Mellark: Paid Actor

Peeta could not be here do difficulties.

Maximum Ride: Real Customer

"The Alumawallet is great! Especially when I'm flying and it falls out of my pocket and falls 1,000 feet down. And.."

She looks away from the camera.


Everyone screams and the camera is dropped. All anyone sees is furry paws, the occasional blood splatter, and the occasional arrow which must be Katniss trying to kill the Erasers.

Please Stand by......


Cool animation and Lone Ranger theme song.

Tempestes's Family:

All of her brothers babble about how much they miss their sister with anger issues. They are starting to get annoying so they are ushered out by Usher and all the girls scream thinking Justin Beiber is gonna sing. But he never shows up. He was never going to. Stupid girls.

Halex's Family:

His parents show up and say how much they love him and he's doing a great job of protecting Rena.

Rena's Family:

Only her older sister came because her mother was in the hospital having her baby. She congratulates Rena on coming this far and says Mom is doing well.

Commercial Break!:

Do your clothes have urine stains or blood stains? If so you should buy Oxi Clean!! It fights stains with out you having to do anything!!

Hi I'm Billy Mays and if you have problems with these kind of stains, especially in the Hunger Games, we urge your sponsers to sponser you with this!! You'll love it!!

All you do is pour it on your clothes and bada bing bada boom: no stains!!

And it smells great--

He's having a heart attack!! Hurry get him to the hospital!! Hey no cameras!!

Please stand by......


Peeta and Katniss are making out in a closet when Gale throws open the door with his sword. Peeta takes out a short dagger and starts fighting with Gale over Katniss. All of a sudden she stands up, hands them a drink and starts dancing and singing. Gale and Peeta look at her like she's crazy, then they shrug and start fighting again while Katniss continues.

Sing along with her: Popipo pipo poppi po (x11)

Pi~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Saa nome omae suki desho

kinomi ju-su(= juice)

watashi ga kimeta ima kimeta

dakara nonde watashi no kimoni ju-su

kakaku wa nihyaku yen~

Soiya! Soiya!

Dosei! Dosei!

Soiya! Soiya!

Dosei! Dosei!

Yohodo niiro kinomi ju-su,

Karen karen kimoni ju-su,

Ichiban osusme nanowa,

Cherii Ju-su~!

Popipo pipo poppi po(x2)

Kinomi na a aa aa aa aaa~

Popipo pipo poppi po(x2)

Seimei Afureta a aa aa aa aaa~

Popipo pipo poppi po(x2)

anata mo ima a aa aa aa aaa

Popipo pipo poppi po(x2)

Kinomi ju-su ga suki ni naru~


And we're back with I.W.C.F.!

Cool animation and Lone Ranger theme song.

"Hey everyone," starts Caesar

Laugh Track.


Laugh Track.


These interviews are now cancelled.

Day 6: The Unknown become Known

Anala's POV:

I made it this far without getting found, or hurt. I'm as healthy as I was when the gong first sounded. I've been using the water purifier from my pack and the tropical fruits. The dragon fruit is really good. Sweet and juicy, I'm in heaven here. The food is so much better than it is in 5. But one thing ruined my heavenlyness.

I killed my first human.

She was already going crazy so I put her out of her misery. I think it was that district 3 Alexis? Something like that.

I was dozing in a tree when some rustling below me woke me up. i quickly and quietly got up and loaded my bow. It was that district 9 dude, I look around. No one else is around, so I pull the string and let go.

The arrow imbedds itself into his head. Oh my gosh, what have I done?

His cannon booms. And I jump down, grab my arrow, and climb back up. I realize I should go before more people come so I gather my stuff and find a different tree, further away.

Then, I cry silently as I watch the clouds drift across the sky.

Jay's POV:

I pull Ali behind me and she just stares ahead with these big blank eyes. It creeps me out sometimes. But she's still hot.

When we get past enough trees, I let go of her hand and she speeds past me.

Dang, that girl's fast.

I pump my legs to catch up with her, and find she's unconsious on the ground.

"No ALI!!" I shout to the sky. But she gets up and says:

"You're retarded!"

She rubs her shin and I see why. She ran into this short, big and fat thingy.

It's a oompaloompa!!

"Omg!! I want your autograph," I scream at the top of my lungs.

Then the oompaloompa kicks me in the shin and chucks a chocolate bar at me. And it runs away on it's little short hind legs but trips and a mutant squirrel tackles it, even though the oompaloompa is twenty times it's size, and eats the oompaloompa.

This has been one of the weirdest days of my life.

I open the chocolate bar and see a golden ticket inside. I was so psyched when I saw it but was pissed when I realized something.

What the hell am I supposed to do with a golden ticket?

Go to the factory duh! Then I have this vision like That's So Raven and I see myself stabbing Ali in the face and I scream yet again:


Suddenly, Justin Beiber falls out of the sky and tells me to never say never. I say whatever freak and stab him in the face. He screams in agony and Ali kicks him in the nuts. He screams even harder and sounds like a girl out of a horror movie. He hops on one leg for some odd reason and falls off a cliff and onto the district ten dudette. The dude, Thunder I think, looks up and flips me off. Then a pack of rabid oompaloompas swarm Justin Beiber and the district 10 girl and eat them.

I need some aspirin.

Rena's POV:

Ok, that was the weirdest thing I have EVER witnessed. I mean, oompaloompas? Seriously? What is wrong with these freakin' Gamemakers?

I'm about to turn away when a sponsor gift falls in front of me. I barely glance at the contents, just toss it into my pack. I sling it over my shoulder and walk away from the cliff edge. I push away vines and whatnot when I stumble across a river. I'm about to take an afternoon swim when I gasp.

Districts 5, 8, and 10 are all sleeping. Hidden under various camo. I'm assuming one came here first and fell asleep under some leaves, and the others came after but didn't see one another. But it's strange. How did we all end up here?

Whatever I'll worry about it later. I turn to leave this place when the district 10 dude looms above me. Dang, he's fast. He smiles slyly and blindfolds me.

I put up a fight: kicking, biting, screaming, etc. But then I feel myself being tied up. He removes the blindfold and I blink at the sudden brightness.

"Have a nice swim with your buddy," he chuckles.

What the heck does he mean? I squirm around when I heard a tiny voice:

"Stop it, you're pulling the ropes too much"

"Who are you?" I ask. Trying to locate the voice. "And where are you?"

The voice is about to answer when the dude pushes whatever I'm tied to into the river. I realize I'm tied to a log, great. The log floats up, so it's vertical and the psycho dude waves, spots the other sleeping people and readies his weapon.

Then the log turns so I'm facing forward. Just watching the currents pull us along. Suddenly, I hear sputtering and the voice, a girl, talks:

"I'm Ali Gupi, of 12. I'm behind the log. And i'm kinda blind so don't ask for help from me"

"Ok then, Ali. I'm Rena Gem. Of district 9. Nice to meet you"

"Yea nice to meet you too."

There's a little silence and we start making small talk. Suddenly, I hear rumbling and I see something that I don't want to be floating towards. "Uh oh," I say.

"Don't tell me," Ali replies, "We're about to go over a huge waterfall."


"Sharp rocks at the bottom?"

"Most likely"

"Bring it on"

And we go over screaming our heads off. At least I was. Ali just screamed:


Lightning's POV:

Oh yea! I love the Emperor's New Groove! And those girls played it out exactly! I'm feeling good. I'm on a killing streak. Yea, I'm gonna go find more people to kill.

I turn to the forest to find people to kill when the bushes rustle. I smile and ready my sword. Then, that blind girl's boyfriend comes out wearing a- WHAT THE HELL?!!? Her boyfriend is wearing a bra over his shirt. What a retard!

He sees me a screams coming at me with a dagger. I knock him out easily. Then this girl literally comes out of the ground, I think her name is Temperature, and throws a whole bunch of knives at me. I dodge them but one of them lodges itself in my arm. I let out a short scream, take out the knife, and fling it at her.

I was aiming for her head, but dipped a little too low and hit her thigh. But it kept going. Dang, I'm strong. She screams in agony and quickly limps away.

Some part of me wishes she'll be okay.

I shake off the feeling and shove my sword into the unconsious dude's chest. I rip it out, (shiver) and walk away.

I'm not really in a good mood anymore.


Rena's POV:

I watch the tributes faces flash across the sky. Including Ali's. She drowned. Oh well.

I hear rustling under me, (I'm sitting in a tree) and on instinct I twirl around and shoot an arrow.

"Son of a-" A girl's voice.

I look and see alot of blood. And that Temperature girl. Whoops.

I turn back over on my back and watch the sky blur and Temp.'s face is added to the line-up.

Then the sky goes dark and I fall asleep to the gurgling of the small waterfall a few feet away from me.

Day 7: Yawn

The final three tributes find out they're the final three tributes.

A rabid squirrel get fired from his job at Progressive.

People in the Capitol are dancing crazy.

A beetle is dumped.

A mutt becomes a depressed mutt with anger issues.

Same ol. Same ol.

Pictures of the Final Three:

Lunaii and Tektek


Anala Pryor


Lighting Tree


Rena Gems


Lightning Tree


Rena Gems


Anala Pryor


Rena's POV

I'm dropped off at the Cornucopia by a limo and I race toward it and I see the red head too. I throw a spear I found on the ground and plunge it into her chest. She lets out a squeak before collapsing and dying.

All of a sudden there's a flash of light and I feel normal, not hyper. Then, Thunder comes out of the forest. He looks pretty down in the dumps. He sees me and his face looks hurt. And now I remember. I look like his girlfriend.

I open my mouth to say something, but he runs towards me takes the spear from me. He plunges it into his stomach and it comes out the other end. Oh my gosh. He leans down and whispers:

"I love you Krystal"

His cannon booms and I realize something.

I won.

The End.

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