Recap: After the dreaded Victory Tour, co-winners Kiba Tsume and Blue Suecra return to the Capitol for one last dinner party. They spot a shady figure and follow it into a white room. The figure turns out to be a mutt that has to kill one of the Victors in turn for his freedom. He chooses Kiba since she has no family, and Blue declines. But the mutt shows a live video of Blue’s father. She sobs and kicks the mutt. It then takes a gun and shoots. But Kiba saved her. In turn, Blue killed the mutt. Kiba turned out to be alive and both girls were rushed to the hospital. Blue was released, but Kiba stayed. Blue went back to district 5, got her dog (Aurora), some food, and started her journey to district 13 where the mutt told her that her father is being kept. Meanwhile Kiba soon wakes up as a white wolf. She then ran away to district 13. She hoped no one would see her, but Blue did.

Aurora leaped in front of Blue and snarled at the white wolf. The wolf whimpered, and backed away with its ears flat against its head and tails between its legs.

“Aura, heel!”

Aurora reluctantly backed up. Blue kneeled down and held out her hand.

“Come here. It’s okay.”

The white wolf slowly approached Blue and sniffed her outstretched hand. Then it immediately licked Blue’s face. Blue, laughing, said:

“Okay, Okay. Stop it!”

She pet the wolf and looked into its eyes. There was something oddly familiar about them. They looked like…

“Kiba, is that you?”

The wolf -Kiba- leapt up and licked Blue’s face vigorously.

“Kiba! It is you!”

Blue was overcome with joy. And so was Kiba. They cried tears of joy and Blue hugged Kiba, as hard as she could. Then Aura came up and started sniffing Kiba. Aura looked at Kiba and licked her face. Blue was happy her two best friends were getting along. Later, Blue set up some food, and they had dinner before going to sleep. Blue slept under a tree on a pile of soft leaves with Kiba on her left and Aurora on her right. They slept peacefully and deeply, ready for what the next day will bring. Will they manage to find and save Blue’s father? Or will they all die trying?

Blue woke up to the first rays of sunlight. She yawned and stretched looking around at the ruins of district 13. There was nothing but a layer of soot, ash, some metal, and a lone hovercraft. "They must of knocked it down," thought Blue, "I wonder where my father could be...."

Just then the ground shook and groaned. In the middle of the district, the ground opened and a hovercraft flew up and away. It wasn't marked with Capitol markings, so it wasn't a Capitol ship. Whose else could it belong to?

"It's about time you woke up."

Blue spun around to find her best friend, Hige, tending a fire.


She run over to him and gave him a bear hug.

"How did you find me?"

He smiled and replied: "It was pretty easy to find my friend climbing under the fence talking to a dog."

Aurora looked up from where she was lying and growled.

"Wolf, sorry."

Then she put her head down and fell asleep.

"So Blue, I heard on the news that your co-victor Kiba died. Is that true?"

Blue looked behind her and saw Kiba sleeping softly.

"Well, yes and no," chuckled Blue looking back at Hige who looked confused, "the Capitol turned her into a mutt. Well not really a mutt but a real animal."

Hige looked at Kiba then back at Blue then back again.

"So your saying.."

"Yes, that's Kiba," finished Blue gesturing at the white wolf.

"Wow...So do you guys, GIRLS I mean, want breakfast?"

"We'd love breakfast."

So while Hige tended the fire, trying to make it grow, Blue went off to hunt. Then Kiba woke up and saw Hige. She got up and growled, stopped, and growled again.

"It's ok Kiba, I'm a good friend of Blue's. Just ask Aurora."

Aurora perked up at her name and trotted over to the fire where she sat down and watched the flames dance across the logs. Kiba looked from Aurora to Hige and slowly got up.

"All right, I'll trust you but I'm not going to like it."

"Ok that's cool. WAIT WHAT?!?"

An hour later Blue came back with turkeys and deer. She returned to Hige with his back against the farthest tree holding a stick in front of him in an act of protection. She followed the direction of the stick and saw Kiba laying down watching the flames next to Aurora. Waiting for food. When the wolves saw Blue with dead animals, they jumped up and ran over wrestling with the animals as Blue walked over to Hige.

"What's wrong?"

"K-kiba. Sh-she t-talked!"

"What? How is that possible?"

"Go ask her!"

So Blue walked over to Kiba and whispered:

"I heard you can talk. Can you?"

Kiba looked at her and tilted her head.

"Of course I can talk. I don't know how but all I know is that it doesn't come out of my mouth. I thought you knew that."

Blue recoiled but laughed.

"You never talked to me in wolf form, Kiba. You silly silly wolf." 'Blue replied giving Kiba a noogie.

"Let's make some some breakfast people!" yelled Hige.

"Yes! Let's!" replied Kiba with a bark.

While they ate Blue asked Hige who the hovercraft belonged to. He replied saying there have been rumors that district 13 is secretly alive and the people live under ground. Hige also said he heard that life there is either like a prison or military boarding school.

"Oh no. Then my father...could....well if he's a prisoner. Who knows what they do to him.."

"It's ok Blue. We'll save him."

Blue nodded.

"If everyone's done eating then let's go."

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