Blue and Kiba are happy to be reunited. And they talk about how it was like to be back home.

District 1

The girls step up to the stage, but recieve no applause. Kiba starts by saying:

"Um, we are sorry about Darcia and Harmona, and they will be dearly missed in this district."

Then she looks over to where the families are, but there were no people. The crowd starts to get impatient so Blue quickly finishes:

"They were both great fighters and we hope you'll always remember them. Bye!"

District 2

The girls say the exact same thing they did in District 1. But saying they barely knew

District 3

"Um Morgan and Mark were both great fighters and they will be happy together in a better place," says Blue.

"I'm sure they'll be missed," Kiba adds.

"Not," mumbles Blue.

District 4

Kiba and Blue slowly walked up to the stage.

"Gemma was a brave, determined fighter. She fought until the very end. And gave her life fighting," says Kiba, "We will all miss her."

"And Martin was also a brave fighter, I know Gemma didn't mean to kill him. She was aiming for Darcia. Anyway, Martin made sure I was safe when I was in a coma, and I wish I had the chance to thank him," says Blue.

"We will miss them both!" exclaims both girls.

District 6

Kiba reluctantly steps up with Blue by her side. Kiba fights back tears as she says:

"Cheza wasn't much of a fighter, but she was the only friend I had, before meeting Blue. I will never forget that fateful day when she died, but I did my best to protect her."

Blue has nothing to say, so they leave.

District 7

"We may not know much about the tributes but I can tell you that Toboe was brave to just rush into battle the way she did, and Shane. Well Shane...."

"Shane was sort of loopy," finished Blue with a finger twirling around her head.

That earned a laugh from the crowd. With nothing elso to say, the girls boarded the hovercraft.

District 8

When the girls walked up to the stage, the crowd booed and the girls were quickly ushered out of the district.

District 10

"Katelynn and Drake made a great couple and we're sure they'll be happy with each other in a better place," said Blue with a smirk.

District 11

"Kaylee was a deticated fighter and probably would've won if she didn't die in that explosion," voiced Kiba

"Probably not," said Blue under her breath.

"And Evan..."

"Just looked weird with glasses."

Another laugh from the crowd. Blue now felt like the comedian that lightened the mood.

District 12

"Mary fought as long as she could, and she greatly resembles Morgan. Are they related?" Asked Kiba

Boos from the crowd.

"And Cameron looked like a person that was barfing and crying at the same time."

More boos and tomatoes. Then the girls left for the Capitol.

****The Capitol****

Kiba and Blue are overwhelmed with food and people asking for autographs and private interviews. (Food wasn't asking for autographs and interviews :P) Then, Blue sees a shady figure disapper into the crowd. She tells this to Kiba and they decide to investigate. They made their way throught the crowd of puking Capitol citizens, until they saw the figure.

"Get back here!" yelled Kiba.

The figure then rushed ahead. The girls followed it into a hallway and into a white room. The room was empty aside from a metal table and a few swivel chairs.

"Where did he go?" quetioned Blue.

Suddenly, the door closed behind them with a slam. The girls spun around to see a man smiling a crooked smile.

"I've got you right where I want you,'" hissed the man.

Except he wasn't a man, he a mutated man. He was at least 7 feet tall, with razor-sharp teeth, knarled hands with sharp talons, and yellow reptilian eyes.

"What do you want with us?" inquired Kiba.

"All I need is your life in turn for my freedom," replied the muttation with a smirk.

"Your a prisoner?" asked Blue.

"Yes for quite some time," croaked the mutt, " you see, the Capitol always wants me to arrange the hazards of an arena. I hate seeing my inventions kill other people. So I told them this, and you know what they said? They said to kill the next victor. I agreed, because I thought it would be a jerky teenager. But Nooo, it has to be beautiful girls! If you make this easy, I won't feel so bad. Oh, and since they said victor, as in one, I'll kill one of you. How about you Kiba? You have no family."

"Hey, I don't have family either," barked Blue.

"Are you sure?"

He gestured to a screen on the wall. It showed a man straped to a chair with his mouth gagged. He looked like he hadn't showered in a few years and needed to shave.

"I don't know who that is," proclaimed Blue.

"Sh, watch."

The man's gag was removed and he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Blue, honey. Is that you? Thank goodness your alright after all these years! I'm sorry, let me explain. When you were a baby, Peacekeepers came and threatened to take you away if I didn't pay debt. I didn't want to lose you. So I payed. And they payment was me. I dont know why me. So I had my brother raise you, and he wasn't too thrilled. But you weren't comepletly alone, you had your wolf. Please, I want to see you again. Make the right choice."

Then the screen went blank. Blue was just sobbing on the floor mumbling, Stupid Capitol. Stupid Stupid Capitol.

"You see?" snarled the mutt, "you do have family. That cares about you."

Blue's grief soaked away, and she was now furious. "You MONSTER!"

She lunged and kicked the mutt in the face. But the mutt just laughed as blood dripped from his lip.

"Wrong choice."

Then he raised a gun, and BANG. Kiba fell to the floor with a thud.

"Congrats Blue, you get to live."

Blue stood there. Dumbstruck. Kiba, her friend. Was dead. Had saved her life. Or was she? Please don't be dead, thought Blue.

"She's had a concussion, be out for a week or so."

Blue was furious, she grabbed the gun and pointed it at the Mutt. He immediatly put his hands up.

"Don't kill me, or she doesn't live. At all."

"What do you mean at all?"

"If she doesn't live as human, which she probably won't, she'll live her life as a mutt. A nice one. How about that?"

Blue lowered the gun. What should she do?

To be Continued...Later.

Blue put the gun on the table next to her. The mutt laughed.

"Good choice this time! Your friend's not actually dead. I said those things just to get you to not kill me. Now--"

The mutt didn't finish because he fell to the floor. Almost dead. Blue walked over to him and held him up by the collar.

"Where is he?!? Where is my father?" hissed Blue.

With its last breath, the mutt told her.

"W-what? H-h-how can that b-be?"

But the mutt was dead. Blue was shocked by the answer. But she rushed to her friend's side. Kiba looked up and whispered:

"You were a great friend, have fun with your dad."

And her eyes fluttered. Then closed.

"No," said Blue, "you can't be dead. Kiba! NO!"

Blue checked her pulse, her heart was beating but very faintly. Blue dragged her friend out to the party and everyone was astonished. Then started a million questions at once. Luckily, some paramedics came and took Kiba away on a gurney. Blue went to follow but a Peacekeeper stopped her.

"NO, KIBA!!"

Then she blacked out.

The Hospital

She woke up in a white room similar to the one where Kiba almost died. Except she was on a bed with a bunch of wires coming out of her. Blue looked around in a daze. Next to her was another bed with Kiba lying on it. Blue smiled, she was alive according to the heart moniter's beeping.

Then a friendly looking woman came in and said:

"Hello Blue. Nice to see you awake. Right now your in the hospital in District 9."

"Why, I was perfectly fine."

"Well, the Peacekeepers thought otherwise. Actually your being released today, and in 20 minutes you'll be heading to 5."

Blue smiled at the thought. Coming home to her friends, Lance will be happy to see her again. But she thought about Kiba.

"Kiba will be fine, as soon as she recovers and is sent back to her district, we'll let you know," the woman said as if she read Blue's mind.

Blue closed her eyes, and thought about home and her father.

She'll see her father once again...hopefully.

A Week Later...

"Ready to go girl?"


"All right, let's go find Pa."

And so Blue left her district with her wolfdog, Aurora, to search for her father in the one place she would have never thought of going.

The ruins of District 13.



Kiba sat up and looked around. She was in a white room, like the one with the mutt in it. She paniked then realized she was on a bed. A hospital bed.

"Ow", she thought, "my head feels like it's on fire."

Then a friendly looking woman walked in the room and said with a smile:

"Kiba, I'm so glad your awake! I see your taking the transformation well."

"What are you--"

Then Kiba looked to her left and saw herself in the mirror. Except she didn't herself, she saw a mutt looking back at her. She screamed and fell asleep.

Kiba woke up with a start. She was breathing heavily glad she only had a nightmare. She looked around and saw a bunch of surgeons. Or what she thought were surgeons. She tried to getup and runaway but her arms and legs were strapped down.

"Put her to sleep again, the procedure is not done."

And everything went black. After what seemed like an eternity later, Kiba woke up. She felt bandages on her throat.

"What did they do to me?" She thought.

She looked down at her hands, but they weren't hands. They were paws! She looked at her feet and saw the same thing. Kiba screamed, but all that came out was a howl. They turned me into a wolf! She didn't wait for anyone to come in the room so she jumped out the window. She saw she was in District 9 and ran towards the forest where she could live peacefully.

"No," she thought, "I'll go to 13 no one will see me there."

And so Kiba ran to the ruins of District 13, surprised with how well she could run on all fours. She hoped no one would see her there...

But Blue did.

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