My next attempt at a game, I hope that, these games are hopefully succesful

The Backstory

What has he done to you this time

He locked you in your room again

Don't worry, I am here with you

Unnamed Child's POV - The Capitol

I lay sprawled across the floor quietly weeping as my brother has locked me in again, my parents don't care, they don't even come to my birthday parties at the pizza place 2 houses away, I live in the poorest part of the Capitol, and my brother abuses me with his freinds while wearing animal masks. I stare at my plushies as I calm down and think of a way out of here, my plushies are my only freinds. I run to the door and bang on it, about 20 bangs, until I relize there is no hope, my parents neglect me. I curl up into a ball and cry.




  • Tribute Lunaii's and RL's are required.
  • Their Lunaii's have to be clear of a background, and not cropped
  • Their RLs have to be high def
  • 3 tributes per person
  • Links are allowed.

The Tribute Form


Nothing = Not Necessary










Fears: I'll Explain in the Arena Twist Section

Family: like above

Preferred Room Decorations: Arena Twists



Alliance: (I decide the alliances)

Tribute table

Tribute name Age Gender District Weapon User
Male Capitol
Female Capitol
Male 0
Female 0
Male 1
Female 1
Male 2
Female 2
Male 3
Female 3
Male 4


Male 5
Female 5
Male 6
Female 6
Male 7
Female 7
Male 8
Female 8
Male 9
Female 9
Male 10
Female 10
Male 11
Female 11
Male 12
Female 12
Male 13
Female 13
Male 14
Female 14
Male 15
Female 15

Arena Twists

Arena Twists

The arena is a house with 2 levels, the top level is where the bloodbath takes place, the tributes will enter via their "tribute rooms", where they have to sleep the 1st 5 nights, if a tribute survive untill the 6th day, a group of mutts will take a random tribute downstairs and kill them mauliciously. If they a tribute untill the 7th day, then they will have to spend the night downstairs, if a tribute survive until the 8th day, a feast will be held, when their are only 2 tributes left, then they will be moved to a battle dome, where they have to duel until one of them dies.

Night Twists

Spending the night on either level can prove a hard challenge, if you stay upstairs you have to sleep in your room, any exceptions and they die, when in the rooms on the 1st 5 days they will have nightmares where if you die in the nightmare, you die in real life, the safest night to sleep in the rooms is the 6th day, where their family apologises for things they did wrong in your life. When you sleep downstairs, mutts shaped like dead tributes roam down their and may kill you unless you stay awake.

Mealtime Twists

At 6:09 AM, 11:34 PM, and 6:30 PM are mealtimes, they have to go to the dining area and eat, no killing at these times, they are monitored by gamemakers who eat meals with them, and kill anyone trying to kill another tribute.

Arena Gallery

Training Scores

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