I'm making a new games. My previous games are cancelled because I have writers block and it don't have that many followers. The winners would have been the team of Gale, Stych, Caesar, and Kneesocks.


A girl named Jabele Krishter was a beautiful woman, who was manipulative beyond belief. She controlled the Economy which sucked, the outlying districts never really got any attention, and the games were a manditory viewing. Yet, there were 4 rebels who would make a plan to have Jabele executed by the rebels, Geal Hathorn, Ytshc Kelley, Arcaes Arena, and Eenkskcos Scab, or GYAE. They will make the next 2 victors the wood, and a lighter.


  • 5 tributes per person.
  • You need to have a side, Jabele, or GYAE.


Name of tribute Age Gender District/representing Allegiance User
Richard Banks 14 Male The Capitol GYAE Thaila Whelan
Bree Richmond 15 Female The Capitol GYAE Thalia Whelan
Frank Brown 12 Male 0 GYAE Lightning
Nicole Brooks 14 Female 0 GYAE Lightning
Inter National 17 Male 1 Jabele Eatsalot
Moltra Flare 16 Female 1 Jabele Eatsalot
Bridgette Wells 17 Male 2 GYAE Echo Hyde
Harpy Diadem 18 Female 2 Jabele Eatsalot
Seth Wildor 16 Male 3 Jabele Marina Declore
Annabelle Barton 16 Female 3 Jabele Thaila Whelan
Dion Charmoin-Seppelt 17 Male 4 Jabele Eden Lion
Axinite Peridot 16 Female 4 Jabele Thaila Whelan
Robert Polston 14 Male 5 Jabelw Lightning
Niquita Julienne 16 Female 5 GYAE Happy Meadows
Jayson Skeenes 15 Male 6 GYAE Natural Disaster
Cynthia Marshall 16 Female 6 Jabele Lightning
Phillip McNut 17 Male 7 Jabele Lightning
Mathilde Pouliot 18 Female 7 GYAE Happy Meadows
Max Muzzele 17 Male 8 Jabele Echo Hyde
Caitlin Rubio 17 Female 8 Jabele Happy Meadows
Apio Atsu 17 Male 9 GYAE Eden Lion
Haylin Fontaine 16 Female 9 GYAE Happy Meadows
Melvin Norwood Male 10 GYAE Thaila Whelan
Rose Wells 18 Female 10 Jabele Marina Declore
Hemsway Jr. Shirelale 15 Male 11 Jabele Eden Lion
Timberly Cortlain 17 Female 11 GYAE Eden Lion
Bob Jones 16 Male 12 GYAE Filler
Sophie Carmwell 14 Female 12 Jabele Eden Lion
Stych Kelly 18 Male 13 Jabele Marina Declore
Cybelle Kyros 17 Female 13 Jabele Marina Declore
John Smith 12 Male 14 Jabele Filler
Felicity Caspian 17 Female 14 GYAE Marina Declore



District 0 - Frank Brown POV

I woke up with a horrible feeling, it was my 1st reaping, but my name is only in there once, so it's fine. I got dressed in my spiffy new outfit and ate breakfast. "Don't worry" my older brother Jamie said "Your name in in there once, out of millions of names, it won't be you." I try to force a smile. My freind Rick has 3 older brothers, he is the same age as me, and his brothers are older than reaping age, so he is forced to take tessarae for his family. I heard a horn, "Reaping time." said Ron, my younger brother, "Good luck Frank, good luck Jamie!" When we got there, I was forced to prick my finger and stand in the 12 year old section with Rick. The escort came out "Welcome to the reapings of District 0 for the 573rd hunger games!! Now, let's see the Female tribute!!" The escort went over to the girls reaping bowl and pulled out a name, "Nicole Brooks!" A sigh of relief fell throughout the girls section beause Nicole was a serial killer, she also has god awful furniture. Nicole had guards hand her and lift her to the podium, where 2 peacekeepers was to the left and right of her. "And now, the male tribute." She walks slowly towards the reaping bowl and pulled out a name. "Frank Brown!" NO!!! NO!!! I do not want to be in the games! I walked up and pulled my head down. Oh dear god.


District 2 - Harpy Diadem POV

District 4 - Dion Charmoin-Seppelt POV

District 6 - Cynthia Marshall POV

District 8 - Max Muzzele POV

District 10 - Rose Wells POV

District 12 - The Escort (who is a guy) POV

District 14 - Felicity Caspian POV

Chariot Rides (Head Gamemaker's POV)

Public Training

District 3 - Seth Wildor POV

District 9 - Haylin Fontaine POV

Private Training (Head Gamemaker's POV)

Attack on Tribute (???'s POV)


District 6 - Jayson Skeenes POV

District 8 - Caitlin Rubio POV

District 11 - Timberly Cortlain POV

The Encounter (Stych Kelly's POV)

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