Sup, It's Me, Joey, and I got some new games!!!!

But, 1st things 1st, read this if ur a user, not if ur a contributor


2nd, the rules


  • I only accept those with RLs attached (If ur a contrib, link them. This rule )
  • 5 tributes per person
  • Don't make the tributes have 0 weaknesses
  • If ur tribute is in a family, 1 per family.

3rd, the template for contribs




Weapon of choice:








4th: the Quarter quell twist


The President walks slowly towards the podium, with each step brings on louder cheers. He steps and steps, and when he reaches the podium the cheers are blinding. The president makes it to his podium and raises both his arms and lowers them slightly to make the crowd stop cheering. "Welcome to the 175th Hunger Games twist announcement!" shouts the president. With that he slowly opens the box that contains the envelope and peels off the wrapping. The president announces "The twist for the 175th Hunger Games is to represent that strength in numbers won't overcome the Capitol, 4 tributes will be nominated for these games, and after a week of individual training, the tributes will be put into a race, and will grab 68 discs with 1 of 17 symbols on them, the 4 with the same symbol wil be on the same team." The Capitol cheers. "Now there is 2 rules, our 1st rule is to not kill tributes on the same team, second, no volunteering."

FINALLY, We get to the tribute list


Name District Age Gender Weaponry Training Score Odds
Stych Kelly 0 18 Male Poison, Spears,  TBA TBA
Prepare Ur Anus 0 18 Male Dildo TBA TBA
Julienne Keturi 0 14 Female Industrial Hammer, Harpoon, Mace TBA TBA
Kneesocks Doraemon 0 17 Female Crossbow TBA TBA
Inter National 1 17 Male Spear, Mace TBA TBA
Kenny McCormick 1 12 Male Knives, Dildo TBA TBA
Moltra Flare 1 16 Female Battle Axe, Mace TBA TBA
Axinie Peridot 1 17 Female Spear, Dagger TBA TBA
Rodeo Baldios 2 16 Male Gavel, Whip, Spear TBA TBA
2 Male 2 16 Male Placeholder TBA TBA
Bridgette Wells 2 17 Female Mace, spear TBA TBA
2 Female 2 17 Female Placeholder TBA TBA
3 Male 3 13 Male Placeholder TBA TBA
3 Male 3 14 Male Placeholder TBA TBA
"Sally" 3 18 Female Poison TBA TBA
3 Female 3 15 Female Placeholder TBA TBA
4 Male 4 16 Male Placeholder TBA TBA
4 Male 4 17 Male Placeholder TBA TBA
Cybelle Kyros 4 17 Female Daggers, Shortswords TBA TBA
Twilight's Reserve 4 14 Female Sheild TBA TBA
Devon Ferox 5 18 Male Sword, Knife TBA TBA
5 Male 5 18 Male Placeholder TBA TBA
Charita Wilton 5 16 Female Knife, Blowgun TBA TBA
5 Female 5 12 Female Placeholder TBA TBA
Jason 6 13 Male Knife TBA TBA
6 Male 6 14 Male Placeholder TBA TBA

Lavender Morton

6 16 Female Sword, Knife TBA TBA
Solar Motaris 6 12 Female Anything she can find TBA TBA
Sam Kelly 7 16 Male Bow TBA TBA
7 Male 7 15 Male Placeholder TBA TBA
Cathaya Grooves 7 16 Female Throwing Knife, Drawknife TBA TBA
7 Female 7 16 Female Placeholder TBA TBA
Max Muzzele 8 17 Male Sword, trident, and hand to hand. TBA TBA
Florian Kelly 8 14 Male Mace, Warhammer, Khopesh TBA TBA
Felicity Caspian 8 17 Female Serrated Knife TBA TBA
Gale Freeman 8 18 Female Crossbows, Bows and Arrows. TBA TBA
Tom Webster 9 13 Male Traps TBA TBA
Twilight's OTHER Reserve 9 17 Male Sheild TBA TBA
Clara Willows 9 15 Female Hatchet, Axe, Bow, Throwing Knives TBA TBA
The Girl in Blue 9 18 Female Poison TBA TBA
Melvin Norwood 10 15 Male Knives TBA TBA
10 Male 10 17 Male Placeholder TBA TBA
Poorfag 10 12 Female Arrows TBA TBA
10 Female 10 18 Female Placeholder TBA TBA
Hemsway Jr. Shirelale 11 15 Male Whip TBA TBA
11 Male 11 12 Male Placeholder TBA TBA
Timberly Cortlain 11 17 Female Machete TBA TBA
12 Male 12 14 Male Placeholder TBA TBA
Boy 12 15 Male Hatchet TBA TBA
Sophie Carmwell 12 14 Female Knife TBA TBA
Girl 12 16 Female Trident TBA TBA
Avian Dorias 13 13 Male Crossbow , Scythe TBA TBA
Boy 13 17 Male Pickaxe TBA TBA
Girl 13 18 Female Scythe TBA TBA
Deadmaus 13 18 Female Scythe TBA TBA
14 Male 14 12 Male Placeholder TBA TBA
Caesar Sharpclaw 14 15 Male Teeth, Claws TBA TBA
14 Female 14 13 Female Placeholder TBA TBA
Other Guy 14 14 Male Knife TBA TBA
Pan Pizza 15 17 Male Knives TBA TBA
15 Male 15 15 Male Placeholder TBA TBA
District 15 Female 15 18 Female Poison TBA TBA
The Other 15 Girl 15 16 Female Knife TBA TBA
Richard Banks Capitol 14 Male Sissors, Axe TBA TBA
"Q" Capitol 18 Male Poison TBA TBA
Rose Wells Capitol 18 Female Poison-dipped throwing knives, Pocket knife TBA TBA
Bree Richmaond Capitol 15 Female Bow and Arrow. TBA TBA



District 0 (Stych Kelly POV)

This is a shitty day, like all other days, ever since my dad died, and my new dad started to abuse mom, I started to see the world in a shittier way, however, it is even more shittier because it's REAPING DAY!! I don't wanna be reaped in this shitty world, but there is no volunteering, which dissapointed wannabe careers Alto Humbus, Cypher Rage, and Christina Guastucci. I went to my mom's room where my dad was hitting her. I needed to warn a peacekeeper about this man if he gets worse, like the pervert Prepare Ur Anus. I would hate this lineup, Christina Guastucci, Kneesocks Doraemon, Me, and Prepare Ur Anus. DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THAT KNEESOCKS MONSTER!! She is a bully, a School Celebrity, a Snob, and a Jerk. I heard rumors from girls like Candice Wilson that Kneesocks has a thing for me. No. Impossible. Well it's reaping day, I got my finger pricked, and then I do what I do best, Observe. Christina, Candice, Kneesocks, and a girl I've never seen before were chatting about the games, I see some other gossiping girls like Julienne Keturi, and Grace Chanceford gossiping about boys, I swear I've heard my name and Kneesocks' in the same sentence multiple times from those girls, and the boys are worse, don't get me started on Cypher and Alto, but I hear a loud screech from the mic, as the escort comes out. "Welcome to the District 0 Reapings for the 175th annual Hunger Games, I'm your escort, Athena, and let's see the Capitol's video!" The boring video turns on. When that shitfest is over, I watch the reapings. The escort pulls out a name, "Julienne Keturi!" Well, Christina may or may not be out of the picture. Julienne stomps up to the stage and grunts. The next name was discarded, and so were the 2 names after that, until she says. "Finally! A name that isn't Julienne's! Kneesocks...Do...rae...mon?" Oh shit, if I were reaped then I would be with this freak! Oh well, Let's hope that I'm not in the games!! "Stych Kelly!" OH GODAMMIT! Not with Kneesocks!!! NO!! I paid no attention as the other name was called out, it was probably Prepare Ur Anus. And then we all left as I could here a familliar voice chant, "I'm gonna be with him! I'm gonna be with him!" I couldn't make out who was saying it due to the train horn blowing, but it was a girl. When I said goodbye to my family, I said to mom "Don't worry, in my interview I will bring up the abuse." she nods. I walk to the train station as I feel a warm hand on my shoulders, and a head laying on my chest. "What's wrong, Stych? Do you miss your family? I don't know if you did because of the abuse, but I'm here for you." I am paralyzed in horror as I find out that the Kneesocks rumors were true, as she was cuddling my chest.

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