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  • SkyAngel81

    Is there...

    November 16, 2011 by SkyAngel81

    Is there any Games I can join? I really want to join one, but I can't find any. Please help me. Also, if there is any Games open I can give my info here. Just tell me what I need to put on the info of the character and I'll put it here.

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  • SkyAngel81

    Death Games

    November 15, 2011 by SkyAngel81

    This is a "what-if" story. What if Katniss didn't volunteer of going, instead of Prim? This fanfiction tells "what-if" Prim did get reaped and went into the Hunger Games.

    Chapter One


    Silence flooded the crowd. Effie had just announced me going into the Hunger Games. Katniss, my sister, had tears running down her cheeks. I felt sad for her, I was leaving her. I didn't want to, I loved my family. What if I didn't survive, what if someone kills me? There was so many questions ringing in my head I was too afraid to ask my sister.

    There was grief in my sister's eyes, but I knew she was strong enough to not cry or anything like that. And by cry, I meant whailing and stuff. The only way I knew she was crying right now was because she had tears …

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  • SkyAngel81

    A Question

    November 15, 2011 by SkyAngel81

    Can I make fanfictions here? If I can, where do I put them? I really want to make some fanfictions about The Hunger Games, some of them will be my Hunger Games and others will be (most likely) "what-if"s stories. Thanks for your help!


    Why can't you comment?

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