This is a "what-if" story. What if Katniss didn't volunteer of going, instead of Prim? This fanfiction tells "what-if" Prim did get reaped and went into the Hunger Games.


Chapter One


Silence flooded the crowd. Effie had just announced me going into the Hunger Games. Katniss, my sister, had tears running down her cheeks. I felt sad for her, I was leaving her. I didn't want to, I loved my family. What if I didn't survive, what if someone kills me? There was so many questions ringing in my head I was too afraid to ask my sister.

There was grief in my sister's eyes, but I knew she was strong enough to not cry or anything like that. And by cry, I meant whailing and stuff. The only way I knew she was crying right now was because she had tears flooding down her cheeks. It meant she really did feel sad, just because she isn't whailing or anything doesn't mean she doesn't feel bad for me.

Effie then read aloud the boy tribute, "...Gregory Shells!" Then, a boy about fourteen came out of the crowd. His messy brown hair was blowing in the wind. His face was pale, like he hasn't seen light in a long time, of course rarely of us hasn't either. He looked like he was about to cry, but he didn't. The crowd stared at us, wondering if we'll live.

Greg looked at me with sadness in his eyes, I felt the same way. I wondered if my eyes looked like the his. He walked to me and nodded in encouragement. Though, that didn't make me feel better. Greg's mouth was about to say something, but was interrupted by Effie.

"They will be entering the Games!" she announced. "Let, again, face these brave tributes!" She nodded toward us and smiled. "Once again, Primrose Everdeen and Gregory Shells!"

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