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  • I live in A house
  • I was born on March 6
  • My occupation is Computers
  • I am Female
  • SkyTimeGirl

    A little quiz for you to try! Many of these questions are from the quiz from a HG site I found, some I made up myself. Tell my your results when you finish!

    1. You're up against a steep cliff, and you need to get down. So...

    A: You fashion a rope out of yucca or another strong plant nearby.
    B: You wait for another player and talk him into becoming an ally.
    C: You take a deep breath and take the plunge, hoping to land on soft ground.
    D: You wait for another player and see how he navigates himself down.

    2. You're in camoflauge, waiting for your ally when another player comes. If you fight him, you'll lose your spot. You...

    A: Go for it; you'll find a spot close by when you're done.
    B: Stay put. Your ally is coming back with water, which you despera…

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  • SkyTimeGirl

    The Sibling Games!

    June 11, 2012 by SkyTimeGirl

    • I've been really busy, so I'm sorry if your tributes aren't on the list right now. I'll add them when I can.

    Hullo, my fellow tributes! Here I am, hosting my second Hunger Games! After the success of my last games, I decided to make another, yet this one has a twist! And a big one at that! It isn't your usual create a tribute, sponsor them and watch them fight to the death; well, it is,'s different.

    So, let the games continue...

    Well, as the title says, this games involves siblings! And here are the twists:

    • In this game there will be 48 tributes and 2 victors. The thing is, there will be 24 tributes as normal in the ages 12-18. These will be called the Main Tributes. Now, there will be another 12 tributes called the Sibling Tributes. These…

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  • SkyTimeGirl

    Hullo, my fellow tributes? Who here likes quizzing? Well, this is a HG with a twist!

    The point of these games is that you submit a tribute and they all go into the Quizzing Arena. Each day (week in real life), there will be a challenge where the owners (or mentors...the users, basically) answer questions to do with the Hunger Games characters, books, films, cast or even making and crew. The questions will get harder as the question number increases, and the person with the least correct answers will have one of their tributes eliminated/killed.

    Each week, there will be three questions to answer. As it goes on, it will turn to five then maybe eight.

    There will be only twelve tributes - six boys, six girls - to make it easier and quicker.


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  • SkyTimeGirl

    My Artwork

    June 3, 2012 by SkyTimeGirl

    Hullo, my fellow tributes. I am a huge fan of online artwork and using things like Paint and Gimp etc. So I decided to put some of my artwork on here to see if you like it :)

    I also make posters for users to put on your profile, so if you want one, just ask :)

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  • SkyTimeGirl

    Welcome to the 162nd Annual Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

    This is just a little interactive Hunger Games activity. Add your tribute, sponsor other tributes. I've also added stats; a Health bar that will deteriorate if your tribute is injured, ill or infected and a map that will show where the tributes are each day.

    So, let the games continue...

    The Health Bar is just like the ones you see in video games, where if any incidents occur that result in a tribute either injured or ill, the percentage on their health bar will fall. If the cause of the fall is treated with medicines or band-aids etc., the percentage will rise. If a tribute has 100% - 91%, they are considered 'perfectly healthy'. If the tribute has 50% - 90%, th…

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