Welcome, welcome!

Welcome to the 162nd Annual Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

This is just a little interactive Hunger Games activity. Add your tribute, sponsor other tributes. I've also added stats; a Health bar that will deteriorate if your tribute is injured, ill or infected and a map that will show where the tributes are each day.

So, let the games continue...

The Health Bar

The Health Bar is just like the ones you see in video games, where if any incidents occur that result in a tribute either injured or ill, the percentage on their health bar will fall. If the cause of the fall is treated with medicines or band-aids etc., the percentage will rise. If a tribute has 100% - 91%, they are considered 'perfectly healthy'. If the tribute has 50% - 90%, they are considered 'healthy', and their odds may change. 49% or lower, they are considered 'well', and 10% or below, they are considered 'dangerously unhealthy'.

The Arena

The Arena is made up of three levels, each seperated by a waterfall that the tribute has to climb. The water is very cold and gushes down scarily fast, so wading up will be extremely difficult.


The waterfall that seperates each level

The first level in an urban wasteland, the Cornucopia in the very centre on a bare patch of land, and is surrounded by forest. This is the best level for hunting animals, yet this is also the level most populated with Mutts

The second level is a burning desert, which sounds less helpful, but supplies are scattered around this level which may attract some desperate tributes. This level is not good for hunting animals, yet Mutts and TrackerJackers are non-existent on this level.

The third level is a freezing icecap, brilliant for water and thirsty tributes. Big winter animals such as polar bears, wolverines etc inhabit this level, so hunting may be easier than the second level. There are lots of TrackerJackers on this level, though, so all must take caution.

  • The first level of the arena
  • The second level of the arena
  • The third level of the arena

The Cornucopia

The Cornucopia holds only backpacks with mystery items inside (a mixture of weapons, food and medicine). The bigger ones are closer to the horn.

There are three options:

A: Throw yourself into the BloodBath and grab some big backpacks.

B: Head to the back of the Cornucopia and grab one of the smaller bags.

C: Run and hope for luck.

Tributes (closed)

District Name User Age Training Score
1 Arran Harthorn Mysims 16 Slashed a dummy into pieces with a sword, yet one stab was off and the piece flew at the Gamemakers. Score of 8.
1 Ayria Relle RueButtercup 18 Showed her boomerang spike skills and beheaded 10 dummies. Score of 9.
2 Troy Ventura Mysims 17 Troy threw swords at dummies and hacked one to pieces with an axe. He hit all the bullseyes with the swords. Score of 10.
2 Ellie Twist Cato rocks! 18 Used a mixture of weapons that left the dummies in pieces. Score of 11.
3 Kimmy Gadget Kwanito44 12 Showed off her stealth, yet failed to impress the Gamemakers. Score of 4.
3 Daven Buzz Kwanito44 14 Slashed a dummy to little pieces with his sword, then showed his skill of dodging attacks. Score of 9.
4 Callam Delaney CallamD97 14 Used trident, spear and sword then painted himself into a tree in the Camoflauge centre. Score of 10.
4 Hylen Janerose The Hunger Games Girl 15 Seemed very shy, but cut up dummies with the trident. Score of 6.
5 Pheonix Junder FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne 12 Behead a dummy with sword, but axe slipped from his hands and hit the ceiling lamp, blackening the room. Score of 5.
5 Bethany Wakeling Rueforever 14 Went to the Camoflauge centre and painted herself into a tree then a muddy bank of weeds. Score of 7.
6 Reggie Miller 2legit2quit 14 Showed off his speed then threw a couple knives. Most hit the bullseyes but a couple missed. Score of 8.
6 Petra Liit FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne 15 Beheads five dummies with a sword then throws an axe, but it slips and hits the lightbulb and the room goes dark. Score of 4.
7 Xavier Domi IMrJones 18 Hacked a dummy into pieces with an axe, then slashed a dummy with swords. Score of 9.
7 Demi Trusker Thena.airice14 18 Broke several dummies apart with her bare hands then threw knives at the dummies, each hitting the bullseyes. Score of 11.
8 Jake Woods Cato rocks! 14 Showed off his speed but his knife throwing was completely off. Score of 5.
8 Sophie Sage Aquastar4infinity 15 Used her blowgun then showed off her gymnastics, which really impressed the gamemakers. Score of 12, making history.
9 George Larson A Wikia Contributor 16 Shot a few arrows at dummies then used a blowgun. Score of 9.
9 Honey Blaith SkyTimeGirl 13 Shot a few arrows then did the ol' boomerang spike trick. Score of 6.
10 Ethan Stone Sandj3335678 18 Threw swords and daggers at dummies, most hit the bullseyes but a couple lead stray. Score of 10.
10 Peyton Whitley Captainsv 18 Threw an axe, a sword and a dart at dummies and hit the bullseyes perfectly. Score of, for the first ever time, 11 1/2.
11 Marteen Prado 2legit2quit 17 Hacked dummies to shreads with axe then showed skills in the plants section. Score of 7.
11 Lauren Hill Rue district11 12 Knife throwing, yet a few off target and one accidently flew at the Gamemakers, so the score was 5.
12 Grayson Smith Brynn1999 15 Shot some arrows at different dummies, most of them hitting the targets, some a little off. Score of 7.
12 Sydney Bartly SkyTimeGirl 12 With no experience, shoots a few arrows that miss the bullseye by miles. Score of 1.

Submit a Tribute

24 tributes are needed. If you would like to submit a tribute, fill in this form:

Ally (Careers or singular person)?:
Training score:
Do you want your tribute to die?


Anybody can sponsor. You start with $500, and you cannot sponsor your own tribute. You may only sponsor one tribute, and all items regenerate the Health bar. The price goes up $5 every day, so it's best to send the parachutes when it's early, and new items will be added occasionally.

Ways to get money:

When it gets to the final ten:

Kill: $25

Top five: $50

Top three: $100


Name Current Price Regeneration
Bread $15 + 5% Health
Whole Chicken $25 + 7% Health
Fruits (two apples, two oranges, two bananas and a handful of grapes) $20 + 10% Health
Water Bottle (2 litres) $20 + 10% Health
Water Bottle (5 litres) $30 + 15% Health
Anti-biotics $30 + 15% Health
Painkillers $40 + 5% Health
Burn Cream $60 + 20% Health
First Aid Kit $110 + 50% Health


Name Current Price Regeneration
Blanket $20 + 10% warmth (5% Health)
Normal Sleeping Bag $30 + 20% warmth (8% Health)
Body-heat-reflecting Sleeping Bag $35 + 30% warmth (10% Health, depending on the weather)


Name Current Price
Rocks (x10) $5
Knife $30
Slingshot $25
Mace $65
Axe $70
Throwing Knives (x10) $60
Throwing Axes (x5) $150
Bow $50
Arrows (x10) $50
Blowgun $100
Trident $150
Throwing Darts (x5) $25

Sponsors (Open)

Sponsor Sponsoring Funds
A Wikia contributor (D9 Male Creator) Petra Liit


$400 (First Aid Kit)

Tribute dead.

  • TheOneAndOnlyDistrict3
  • FinnickIsTheAwesomeOne
  • CallamD97
  • Rue district11
Bethany Wakeling


$475 (Two litres of water)

$370 (First Aid kit)

$310 (Throwing knives)

$285 (2 litres of water)

$250 (Fruits)

$215 (Painkillers)

$185 (5 litres of water)

$115 (Mace)

$95 (Fruits)

Tribute dead.

$60 (Throwing Darts)

Rueforever Arran Harthorn


$400 (First Aid Kit)

$425 (+$25)

$475 (+ $50)

  • Captainsv
  • Justafox
Peyton Whitley


$400 (First Aid Kit)

$385 (Bread)

$320 (Mace)

$220 (Bow and arrows)

$110 (First Aid Kit)

$60 (Throwing Knives)

$110 (+ $50)

Desirée snyh Ayria Relle


$390 (First Aid Kit)

$415 (+ $25)

$465 (+ $50)

  • Mysims
  • IRJones
Xavier Domi $500

$400 (First Aid Kit)


$300 (Knife)

$280 (Fruits)

Tribute dead.

FinnickForever Troy Ventura


Tribute dead.

Lil'Rue11 Sophie Sage


$400 (Blowgun)

$340 (Throwing Knives)

$280 (Throwing Knives)

$255 (Throwing Darts)

$305 (+ $50)

Lil'Rue11 Demi Trusker


Tribute dead.

Favor of Winning

Based on their actions, these are the favors of winning for the tributes. May change any time.

Place Name District
1st Peyton Whitley 10
2nd Sophie Sage 8
3rd Ayria Relle



Alliance Name Members
The Careers
  • Callam Delaney (deceased)
  • Arran Harthorn
  • Troy Ventura (deceased)
  • Hylen Janerose
  • Ellie Smith (deceased)
  • Pheonix Junder (deceased)
  • Ayria Relle
  • Jake Woods (deceased)
  • Sophie Sage
  • Xavier Domi (deceased)
  • Demi Trusker (deceased)

Current Status in the Games

District Name Health Location In need of
1 Arran Harthorn Healthy (82%) Level 2 - Southern Desert
1 Aryia Relle
2 Troy Ventura
2 Ellie Twist
3 Kimmy Gadget
3 Daven Buzz
4 Callam Delaney
4 Hylen Janerose
5 Pheonix Junder
5 Bethany Wakeling
6 Reggie Miller
6 Petra Liit
7 Xavier Domi
7 Demi Trusker
8 Jake Woods
8 Sophie Sage
9 George Larson
9 Honey Blaith
10 Ethan Stone
10 Peyton Whitley Healthy (61%) Level 2 - Southern Desert
11 Marteen Prado
11 Lauren Hill
12 Grayson Smith
12 Sydney Barkley

The Announcments

  • A task for each tribute will be said out when it reaches the top 10.
  • The final result will not be expected...

And Let the Games Begin!

Day 1


As the tubes rise, the tributes see the first level of the arena - forest. Pure forest. But, suddenly, Honey Blaith (9) accidently drops her Tribute Token of an earring and a bang is heard. Her body lies on the ground.

Honey's cannon fires...


The gong sounds and everyone runs to the Cornucopia. As she grabs a backpack, Kimmy (3) feels a pain in her back and realises she's just been killed by Callam (4). Her body crumples to the ground. Peyton (10) tosses a dart at Sydney (12) which hits her in the temple. Ethan (10) runs straight into the forest and hides. Petra (6) runs to the forest but a dart thrown by Peyton (10) digs into her shoulder, knocking her down. She gets back up, her shoulder pouring blood and runs. Grayson (12) grabs a bow and shoots Jake (8) through the heart, but then Demi (7) comes out of nowhere and snaps his neck with her bare hands. Lauren (11) darts up a tree, but a sword thrown by Arran (1) slices her calf and she falls, and a sword buries itself into her windpipe. The Cornucopia land soon clears and then tributes make their way into the forest.

The Cornucopia is over...Cannon... The cannon fires 6 times.


Arran (1), Ellie (2), Darren (3), Bethany (5), Sophie (8), Xavier (7), George (9) and Peyton (10) finally stop fighting and split up. Ellie (2) has broken her arm and staggers into the forest where, suddenly, Hylen (4) stabs her.

Ellie's cannon fires...


The anthem plays and the Careers try and find each other, but everyone else sleeps.

Day 2


Hylen (4) realises she's killed another Career, but she shakes it off. She then runs into Troy who asks if she's seen any other Careers, which she says she hasn't. They ally up and creep through the forest.

Arran (1) looks for his gang, and approaches the Level 1 Waterfall that leads up to Level 2. He hesitates to go up it, then lies down by the rocks. He shrugs a large backpack off his back and opens it to reveal a loaf of bread, two small daggers, a pack of crackers, a piece of plastic, a coil of wire and some sunglasses. He takes the wire and uses it as a belt, then slips the daggers in. He attempts to climb the waterfall, but a sharp rock leaves a gash on his leg and he falls back down, hitting his head. He's in need of First Aid and quick.

Pheonix (5), Ayria (1), Hylen (4) and Callam (4) find each other in the Northen Forest and exchange supplies. They now have a sword, five throwing darts, some beef strips, a full pineapple and a small axe. They set up their camp against a tree with Callam (4) on guard.

Demi (7) searches around for Xavier (7) then sees him on the Cornucopia. She whistles and gets his attention, and Xavier (7) leaps down, missing Bethany (5) who's still hiding behind the horn. Demi (7) points out a small bag that the tributes have missed and opens it, but is disappointed when she finds an apple, a couple slices of bread and a broken throwing dart. "Couldn't they at least pack them gently?" she asks and Xavier (7) laughs. He manages to convince her to set up camp here, so they climb the Cornucopia to the horn and set up camp, missing Bethany (5) by seconds.

Ethan (10) realises he's alone and sets up camp near a tree, but as he slowly falls asleep, an injured Petra (6) scuffles by, clutching her shoulder and she steals the backpack he got from the Cornucopia. Ethan (10) is in need of food and weapons.

Marteen (11) slips through the trees but gets his foot trapped on a vine. He calls out but manages to stop himself. He looks at the sky and begs for an axe or a sword to set him free, but when he feels a hand on his throat, he accepts that he's dead. That last thing he sees is Peyton (10) dragging a dart across his throat.

Marteen's cannon fires...


Reggie (6) seeks allience whilst searching through the backpack he picked up. It contains a loaf of bread, two apples, a bag of sweets, a dagger, a throwing dart and a large rope.

George (9) runs into Sophie (8) who pins him against a rock and grabs a knife from her bag. Before she can slice his neck, he cries out that he wants to ally and kill the Careers. She raises her eyebrow, not convinced and says "I'm not gonna kill you straightaway. I'll let nature take it's cause." Then she slices his leg and tosses him onto the ground as he bleeds then runs. George needs First Aid, or he'll get infected.


Bethany (5) watches Xavier (7) and Demi (7) slowly fall asleep then silently jumps down onto the ground and finds another spare backpack hidden under the horn. With two backpacks, she scarpers to the Eastern Forest. Being so small, she manages to struggle up a tall tree and open her backpacks. She now has a loaf of bread, five apples, two oranges, a piece of fabric for shelter, a coil of rope, and - to her delight - some dyes for camoflauge. She ties herself in the tree with the rope.

Petra (6) slowly drifts in and out of sleep, wound still bleeding, when a First Aid kit floats down. She smiles weakly and bandages up her wound and searches through the pill bottles and swallows a couple for bleeding wounds. She grabs a sword from her backpack and a coil of wire and, using her skill, makes a trap that will swing down a sword if someone comes close. She then sleeps.

George (9) watches as Sophie (8) runs east then sees his leg gash pour blood by the gallon, then wails when a parachute lands right on the wound. He opens it to find a First Aid kit and bandages his wound then puts the bag in his backpack.

Ethan (10) slithers across the floor, hoping for animals to come across so he can kill them, despite being weaponless. His stomach rumbling, he prays for a sponsor to send anything down.

Arran (1) awakes and feels the lump devolping on his head then winces in pain. He cups his hands and drinks some water before checking his gash. It's only small, and a few leaves will cover it, but he's still dizzy. He sits up as he hears a rustling in the trees, but is relieved when Callam (4) and Hylen (4), fellow Careers, emerge from the bushes. They ask what happened before deciding to set up camp there. Callam (4) says he'll look for another Career and returns half an hour later with Troy (2) in tow. They all sleep peacefully.

Peyton (10) makes her way across the forest to find the four Careers against the waterfall and tries to silently climb the falls. She manages to make it halfway without making a noise when she slips and wakes up Troy (2) who grabs his sword and tosses it up. She can't see but she can hear the sword whistling and just dodges it, taking a layer of skin from her cheek. Troy slumps back down and goes back to sleep. She sighs with relief then climbs up to see George (9) sleeping alone with no shelter in the middle of the level. Almost laughing at his stupidity, she slits his throat then runs.

George's cannon fires...


Day 3


Xavier (7) awakes, not being able to move because Demi (7) is asleep on his arm. He hears a rustle in the trees and attempts to grab the dart, but Demi (7) won't budge so he cuts her arm to wake her up. She shouts at him and grabs the dart, but then Xavier (7) sees what's rustling. He shouts "Mutt!" and jumps down to search for any weapons and the Mutt leaps for him, but Demi (7) jumps down and sinks the dart deep into the Mutt's neck. It collapses and bleeds a gooey red liquid that stinks. Xavier (7) thanks her and continues to search for weapons.

Sophie (8) finds George's (7) body and curses before looking for his killer. Peyton (10) darts away, but a dart falling from her bag attracts Sophie (8) who goes looking and sees footprints. Peyton (10) finds a tree and runs up it, hands shaking as she watches Sophie (8) right under her. Peyton (10) throws a dart at the tribute that buries itself in Sophie's (8) arm and Sophie (8) leaps up the tree and grabs Peyton's (10) neck, pulls the dart from her arm and drags it across Peyton's neck who falls, bleeding uncontrollably. Sophie (8) doesn't bother to wait for the cannon - she thinks it's a little late - when in fact, Peyton (10) isn't dead. She needs First Aid now.

Ethan (10) still sleeps and Bethany (5) sees a kill. She grabs her wire and, after a few minutes, Ethan's (10) body falls to the floor, the wire imprint still in his neck.

Ethan's cannon fires...


Pheonix (5) awakes to find his tributes have gone, including Ayria (1), which he is very angry about. He strides through the forest and finally sees Ayria (1), standing still, ready to toss a spike. "She left me and I could've died. Revenge is sweet." He sees a dagger left over and throws it which scrapes along Ayria's (1) side, leaving a bloody gash. She sees Pheonix (5) as he runs and she runs after him, throwing dart raised. Before she can stop herself killing a fellow Career, her dart skewers the back of Pheonix's (5) skull. His body flattens against a tree.

Pheonix's cannon fires...


Day 4


Peyton (10) lies bleeding on the floor when a parachute falls down with a note saying: Here, for your neck. She opens it to find a First Aid kit and bandages her neck before climbing back up the tree, trying to stay away from Sophie (8).

Arran (1) also recieves a First Aid kit that helps his head, but he's still dizzy. Hylen (4) helps him up and climbs the waterfall to grab a rock and hollow it out and fill it with water for Arran (1) to drink. Callam (4) and Troy (2) pair up to go and hunt for animals, but Hylen (4) insists it's a waste of time as they already have food. Callam (4) finally agrees but Troy (2) runs back into the forest.

Bethany (5) recieves two litres of water, and she drinks one litre straight away because she is so thirsty. After killing Ethan (10) she's more confident, so when she sees Troy (2) running through the forest she grabs her rope but then sees that he's three times her size, so she climbs a tree and waits for him to go.

Nothing much happens this day.


Sophie (8) finds the waterfall of Level 2 and sleeps, but sees Reggie (6) creeping around, his knife raised, chasing a squirrel. She fumbles round for her weapons but then she sees the rope trailing from his bag. She darts over, almost soundless, but Reggie hears her and swivels round and sinks the dagger deep into her left thigh. She squeezes his throat until he goes blue then grabs the rope from his bag and hangs him on a rock. He slowly chokes to death.

Reggie's cannon fires...


Xavier (7) and Demi (7) sleep on each-other's arms when Demi (7) wakes up to hear shuffling. A brown TrackerJacker nest hangs on the Cornucopia horn, freshly weaven, buzzing lively. Demi (7) shakes her ally awake and he sees the nest. Xavier (7) grabs the dart and crawls up to take it down with the dart, but Demi (7) pulls him back and attempts to snap the string connecting the nest to the metal. The TrackerJackers get louder and one stings Demi's (7) neck, then arm, then left calf. Xavier (7) tells her to stop and throws the dart at them, which really pisses them off and Demi (7) screams at him to run and that she'll be alright. Xavier (7) refuses to leave her and, whilst saving her, gets attacked by the swarm. The manage to escape, but Xavier is weak and in need of First Aid or he'll be dead by the morning.

Day 5


Nothing happens today.


In the Cornucopia, a parachute falls but gets tangled in a tree. Demi (7) sees it, but misses Bethany (5) returning to the horn and seeing the gift. Xavier (7) distracts Demi (7), giving Bethany (5) a chance to steal the item. She grabs it and races up the horn, and Demi (7) races after her, swearing like a fiend. Xavier (7) rises and rugby-tackles Bethany (5) and grabs the wire from her backpack to stab her but Bethany (5) kicks him "where it hurts" and he instantly lets go. Demi (7) yells at him and takes Bethany (5) down, and the youngster falls from the top of the horn to the floor, unconsious. Xavier (7) tells Demi (7) not to kill her straight away as nature takes its course. They ignore the poor girl who is in need of First Aid and fast.

Demi (7) searches for things to help Xavier's (7) stings but can't find much to help. Fearing he'll die, she forces him to swallow some pills that make him sleep.

Day 6


Petra (6) slips through the forsest and sees Troy (2) wading through the vegetation clutching a dead rabbit. Ooh, goody, a kill! she thinks, but a wrong move attracts Troy's (2) attention and he tosses a knife at her. She barely dodges and looks around for a weapon as the boy storms over, and she picks up a rock that she tosses, and it pierces Troy's (2) eye, which begins pouring blood. Troy (2) yells in pain and throws another knife which pins Petra (6) against a tree, banging her head, knocking her unconsious. Troy (2) staggers over and, with the remaining effort he has, grabs the knife back and sinks it into Petra's (6) chest.

Petra's cannon fires...


Troy (2) staggers away, clutching his eye, and collapses against a tree. Hylen (4) appears out of nowhere, calling his name, then finds him bleeding to death. She attempts to call the Careers, but Troy (2) begs her to finish the pain somehow. Crying, Hylen (4) rummages through her rucksack and grabs a throwing dart. She apologies and, in an act of mercy, sinks the dart into his neck.

Troy's cannon fires...



As the rest of his camp sleeps, Arran (1) awakes and sees Hylen (4) returning and explaining about Troy's (2) death. The announcing bell rings and Claudius' voice booms across the arena:

"Attention, final ten of the 162nd Annual Hunger Games! Blimey, Day Six and fourteen tributes deceased! Anyway, I must act you to refrain from killing until tomorrow as a task will be set. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Day 7


"Hello, final ten. Now, we have a little...task for you. Each tribute will be given a target. Just one. And you may not kill any others apart from your target. If you do find and kill your target, you will be rewarded."

Peyton (10) awakes to find two parachutes balancing in the tree branch above her. She unwraps both to find a loaf of bread and a mace. The loaf of bread gets eaten straight away and she stands up and listens to the announcements.

"Arran Harthorn, the District 1 male, your target is...Daven Buzz of District 3!"

Daven (3) hears his name and, being absolutely weaponless, jumps up a tree and hides. Arran (1) hears his target and turns to Hylen (4) and asks, "Where the heck will we find him?"

"Ayria Relle, the District 1 female, your target is...Bethany Wakeling of District 5!"

Aryia (1) listens and immediately starts hunting for Bethany (5). Bethany (5) awakes just in time to hear the announcment and catch the parachute falling. Still extremely dizzy, she is relieved to see Xavier (7) and Demi (7) fast asleep and opens the parachute. It's a First Aid kit. She swallows some pills for headaches and head injuries then flees the Cornucopia and into the forest. Using her dyes, she camoflauges herself into the floor and waits.

"Daven Buzz, the District 3 male, your target is...Hylen Janerose of District 4!"

Daven (3) nods to himself and falls from the tree, landing awkwardly on his arm but shaking off the pain and starts stalking his target. Hylen (4) snickers. "He'll never catch me!" she announces as loud as she can, and Arran says "And if he does, we'll kill him before he kills you!"

"Callam Delaney, the District 4 male, your target is...Ayria Relle, the District 1 female!"

The truth dawns on Callam (4) as he realises he has to kill a fellow Career. Ayria (1) shakes her head in disgust, almost hearing the laugh of the Capitol.

"Hylen Janerose, the District 4 female, your target is... Demi Trusker of District 7!"

Xavier (7) awakes just in time to hear his ally's name being read out and wakes up Demi (7) to tell her. She fumbles round for her weapons, still sleepy.

"Bethany Wakeling, the District 5 female, your target is...Callam Delaney of District 4!"

Bethany (5) swears to herself, knowing she'll never take him down unless by surprise. Callam (4) nods, knowing he'll survive her easily.

"Xavier Domi, the District 7 male, your target is...Arran Harthorn of District 1!"

Demi (7) tutts but Xavier (7) smiles and says he can do it.

"Demi Trusker, the District 7 female, your target is...Xavier Domi of District 7!"

Demi (7) feels like she's been punched in the stomach as Xavier (7) goes quiet. Kill her ally? No, she can't!

"Sophie Sage, the District 8 female, your target is...Peyton Whitley of District 10!"

Sophie (8) grins wickedly to herself before shooting off to look for her target. She was going to kill her. Even if it killed her first.

"And finally, Peyton Whitley, the District 10 female, your target is...Sophie Sage of District 8!"

Peyton (10) realises that she has to kill the person targeting her. This was going to be a jumble.

The tributes all set off searching for their targets. It looks like this is going to be an even bigger bloodbath than before.


Xavier (7) recieves an axe from a kind sponsor and immediately thrusts it into Demi's (7) hands, saying that if she's to kill him, she might as well have it. Demi (7) refuses, saying she won't kill him.

Bethany (5) sees a rather large parachute fall and opens it to find some fruits, a bottle of painkillers, some throwing knives and two litres of water. She eats the fruit straight away, slips the knives into her belt, swallows a couple of painkillers and puts the bottle in her bag before getting up and shimmying up a tree. Ayria (1) can't find her.

Peyton (10) also recieves a parachute containing a longbow and a sheath of arrows. Satisfied, she places an arrow on the bow string and shoots at a tree to get the hang of her new weapons.

Sophie (8) feels a clunk on her head and a blowgun falls into her hands, followed by some throwing knives. Brill. She had a chance of killing Peyton (10) the thing she failed to do last time.

Callam (4) looks awkwardly at Ayria (1), who says that they'll survive until the final two then kill each other. They agree then finally fall asleep next to a snoring Arran (1).

Daven (3), asleep, falls out of the tree straight onto a rock which immediately knocks him unconsious. The blow dents his skull and causes his brain to bleed, which will kill him instantly. It does.

Daven's cannon fires...


"Arran Harthorn of District 1, your target has been killed by nature. You can now kill freely, but you will not rewarded."

Arran (1) awakes to hear the announcment sighs with relief, yet is slightly disappointed at the lack of reward. Hylen (4), awoken by Arran, chuckles at the expression on his face and goes back to sleep.

Ayria (1) searches the forest, looking for Bethany (5) who is still caked in camoflauge dye. Bethany (5) sees Ayria (1) swinging through a tree and immediately starts leaping through trees, not caring about the noise she's making, that she's attracting her potential killer. It's night, so she can't see a thing but she carries on until she hits a wall. Terrified, she hears Ayria (1) right behind her so she leaps onto a high branch and heads back the way she came but quieter. After about five trees, she sees Ayria's (1) shadow only a few metres away from her and she tosses a knife. Big mistake. It misses and just attracts Ayria (1) who sees Bethany (5), calls for the Careers then leaps for her target and tackles her to the ground. Just as she's about to stab her target, a rustle in the trees distracts her. Suddenly, a Mutt runs from nowhere, grabs Ayria's (1) right arm and drags her through the bushes and dumps her on the floor. Ayria (1) cries in pain, grabbing the bleeding wound on her back. She needs First Aid by tomorrow.

Day 8


Demi (7) recieves a note telling her to break off the alliance and not to kill Xavier (7). She turns to a drowsy Xavier (7), hesitates before scrunching up the paper and tossing it under the Cornucopia. Her ally awakes and asks if she'll kill him today, which she says no to and jumps from the metal. Xavier (7) questions her actions but Demi (7) insists he keeps quiet and runs to her forest. She returns half-an-hour later, completely unscathed, and says they should move up a couple levels. He agrees after several minutes of persuasion and the two head off. After about a mile, Xavier (7) catches his leg on a vine and twists his ankle, so Demi (7) carries him on her back until they reach the waterfall.

Their plan is thwarted when they see the Careers resting by the waterfall. Demi (7) stops Xavier (7) from swearing, grabs a rock from the floor and throws it in the bushes to the east of them. It instantly attracts Hylen's (4) attention and she leaves her weapons with Arran (1) and goes looking. Demi (7) throws another rock, followed by another and another, until Arran (1) and Callam (4) get sick of it and goes searching for the culprit. Xavier (7) and Demi (7) follow each other up the waterfall and finally get onto Level 2 with several bruises yet not seriously injured.

Sophie (8) hears something and goes looking across the sandy earth and it turns out to be Peyton (10). Sophie (8), delighted she's found her target, tosses a knife at Peyton's (10) heart, but Peyton (10) catches it before it can skewer her chest. She also manages to dodge the three blowgun shots from Sophie (8). This really pisses Sophie (8) off so she just charges and takes her target to the floor and drags a knife across her arm. Peyton (10) cries out in pain but kicks her rival off her and, being very fast, shoots up the waterfall until she's reached the entrance to Level 3. Sophie (8) can't aim very good with Peyton (10) so far away, so she calls something about Peyton (10) bleeding to death before resting against the water. She's right. Peyton (10) needs First Aid and quick.


Unbekown to Sophie (8), a parachute floats down and lands next to Peyton (10) who is bleeding very badly. It turns out to be a First Aid Kit, which is good news for Peyton (10) as she bandages up her wound, grabs her weapons and carries on across Level 3. She starts getting cold immediately, but the material her jacket is made of helps keep her warm.

Ayria (1) also recieves a First Aid kit which helps her back wound but doesn't patch it up completely. She swallows some pills for bleeding then goes looking for Bethany (5), her target. She ends up at the Waterfall with the other fellow Careers.

Bethany (5) hides in the tree, growing more hungry by the minute but forgetting she's left her supplies and food down by the tree trunk where anyone could get it. Trying to be as silent as she can, she jumps down and scoops up her belongings when she sees a shadow by the trees. Sweating, she scrunches up her eyes and waits for death, but is slightly relieved when a wild dog trots up, looking friendly. Bethany (5) offers the dog a piece of bread which the dog eats immediately. Bethany (5) smiles then crawls back up the tree, with the dog on guard. No one can touch her now.

Sophie (8) awakes when she feels a clunk on her arm, and opens a parachute to find some throwing knives, two throwing darts and, to her delight, a map of the arena. Now overloaded with weapons, she sets out hunting for Peyton (10).

Hylen (4) catches an enormous parachute floating down to find a trident in the sheets. Arran (1) looks up at the night sky, disappointed he hasn't recieved some gifts for a while.

Xavier (7) gets some fruit and a small knife.

No killings tonight.

Day 9


As his gang awake, Callam (4) nervously approaches the Careers and says he wants to split. Hylen (4) and Ayria (1) take the news well, but Arran (1) is not pleased and shouts about the Careers are "together until death seperates them" but Callam (4) is determined to be a lone wolf. "What you gonna do?" asks Callam (4). "You can't kill me!" As he turns to leave, Arran (1) grabs Hylen's (4) trident and, with one massive throw, skewers Callam's (4) back. Arran (1) walks up to a dying Callam (4) and says "Maybe they can't kill you, but I can. I can kill freely," before storming off. Ayria (1) gives Hylen (4) an awkward look before going back to hunt for Bethany (5).

Callam's cannon fires...


Claudius' voice booms through the arena:

"Callam Delany of District 4 is dead. To his targeter, you may now kill freely but you will not be rewarded. To his target, you are no longer a target for any tribute. Happy Hunger Games!"

Bethany (5) sighs with relief and looks down, expecting to see the wild dog, and she does, but she gives a huge gasp of shock. The dog lies dead on the ground, it's throat slit and the words "Nothing can protect you forever" written in it's back with a dart or knife. Bethany (5) swears, knowing a tribute's come by but not done anything about it as she wasn't their target. Realising she has to change camp, Bethany (5) swoops down, collects her belongings and legs it through the vegetation. She runs and runs until she sees the shadow of someone against the trees, and realises it's Ayria (1). Panicking, Bethany (5) scoots up a tree and waits, her head turned the other way, clinging to the tree, hoping to blend in. Ayria (1) hears the shuffling and, through all the camoflauge, just sees Bethany (5). Her first four spikes miss, and her fifth one clips Bethany's (5) arm, leaving nothing but a small cut. Swearing, Ayria (1) starts throwing rocks that only just miss Bethany (5) until the ground is completely bare. Ayria (1) hisses "I'll get you later!" then runs off. A parachute falls just as Ayria (1) runs off that Bethany (5) catches that contains fruits, five litres of water and a mace. Satisfied, Bethany (5) stays up the tree until night.

Xavier (7) and Demi (7) trail across the second level, sweating like crazy. Demi (7) pulls out the old First Aid kit and treats Xavier's (7) ankle, then the pair share the two apples between them. As Demi (7) goes rumaging through the rucksack, Xavier (7) can't stop staring at her. "You have to kill me tonight," says Xavier (7). "Then you can win." Demi (7) refuses and forces some grapes down her ally's throat. Xavier (7) asks when she will kill him, and Demi (7) says she won't and they'll pull a 'Peeta and Katniss' ending. After a few minutes of awkward silence, the two find a tree and climb up it and rest in each other's arms.

Peyton (10) takes down a polar bear with three arrows and begins to eat when she hears a noise behind her and turns around to see Sophie (8) struggling up the waterfall. Peyton (10) legs it east and climbs a rocky mountain.


Much to the Capitol's dismay, nothing happens tonight.

Day 10


Xavier (7) and Demi (7) awake to find themselves surrounded by a party of bugs with sleek, shiny backs. Demi (7) grabs the weapons and legs it, and Xavier (7) runs after her, saying that Demi (7) said there were no Mutts on this level and Demi (7) saying she thought there wasn't. But, just as Demi (7) finds the end of the island, Xavier (7) slips and the bugs pile onto him. Xavier (7) screams in pain and Demi (7) hurls all sorts (except the weapons, of course) at the bugs to try and get them to go but nothing works. After about quarter-of-an-hour of Xavier's (7) ear-splitting screaming, the bugs leave and Xavier (7) lies there, his skin peeled off, bleeding uncontrollably, twitching in the show. Demi (7) screams and starts rummaging through the First Aid kit but Xavier (7) tells her not to bother. Terrified, Demi (7) helps him to a hole in the ice, leaving a trail of blood and pieces of muscle, and he drinks before lying in Demi's (7) arms. Dying, he croaks out: " have to win. You win...for me. P...please. Go home happy. Leave here. Or better yet...kill me now. Get a prize." And, as Demi (7) cries, Xaiver (7) whispers out his final words. "I...I lov...I love you."

Xavier's cannon fires...


Demi (7) sits back on the ice, blinking, not believing what she's just heard, but she starts crying again when she looks at her ally's mangled body. She grabs Xavier's (7) hand and, before the hovercraft comes, rolls him into the water and watches him sink.

"Demi Trusker of District 7, your target has been killed by nature. You may now kill freely, but you will not be rewarded."

Demi (7) rises as the confused hovercraft flies over and looks for Xavier's (7) body. She runs and runs, the supplies on her back until she smacks into someone. She looks up to see Peyton (10), her bow loaded. Demi (7) says that she's not going to hurt Peyton (10), and hands over all the supplies before grabbing a rock and, deciding she doesn't want to do this anymore, brings the rock down on her head as Peyton (10) watches.

Demi's cannon fires...


Bethany (5) creeps through the forest, her legs aching and a splitting headache, closely followed by Ayria (1). Ayria (1) darts out of sight when Bethany (5) turns round, but she feels a clunk on her head. Ayria (1) looks up and catches the parachute falling, and opens it to find some strange-looking metal circles. Ayria (1) frowns but when she runs her fingers around the edge, she finds them sharp. Haha. Spiked frisbees.

As Bethany (5) darts up a tree, Ayria (1) gets her aim and throws. Bethany's (5) decapitated head falls to the floor.

Bethany's cannon fires...


"Ayria Relle of District 1, congratulations! You have killed your target. We are now sending down a free gift and some money into your sponsorship bank!"

The bell rings again to signal another announcment.

"Well well well! We are down to the top five. And, to celebrate that, $50 will be added to the remanining tributes' sponsorship money!"


As the sun sets, Ayria (1) recieves the gift she was promised. She catches the buldging parachute to find four loaves of bread, several different fruits, a large strip of bandage, a pack of band-aids, a coil of rope and wire, some more throwing spikes and another spiked frisbee. Satisfied, she makes her way back to the waterfall and finds Arran (1) and Hylen (4) and exchange supplies.

Nothing much happens tonight.

Day 11


Nothing happens today apart from Sophie (8) recieves a letter containing the lyrics to her favorite song, SkyScraper.


Hylen (4), Ayria (1) and Arran (1) agree that they should climb up another level and begin to climb the waterfall, but suddenly the ground shakes and the waterfall gushes faster. Hylen (4), being small, lets go of the rock and falls a good five metres to the ground. The knock kills her instantly.

Hylen's cannon fires...


Arran (1) drops down to Hylen (4) and tries to get her back but Ayria (1) carries on up the waterfall. Arran (1) begs her to come back down but she refuses. Big mistake. The last words she hears are Arran's (1) pleas to come back before her foot slips.

Ayria's cannon fires...


Day 12


The hovercraft that flies over tells Arran (1) to step away from the body, so he swifty climbs the waterfall onto Level 2 and sets up camp by a tree when he smells something strange. He turns round to see a supply he dropped burning and the flames spreading up. Arran (1) pours some water over the flame but it doesn't put the fire out, it encourages it and soon the parched glass tufted around bursts into flames. Arran (1) runs and grabs his supplies, but the fire chases him. The fire dies down after a while, but as Arran (1) catches his breath, the fire springs out of nowhere again and circles him. Arran (1) forces himself to not cry out whilst the ring closes round him and the smoke suffocates him. He sees a small gap and runs through but his jacket sets fire and the heat just makes it spread. Arran (1) rolls on the ground, trying to smother the flames but it fails to stop the raging flames burning his skin. After a couple minutes, Arran (1) sees someone coming down the waterfall and screams, but is terrified when he realises it's Peyton (10). Arran (1) begs Peyton (10) to save him, but she just grins smugly and drives three arrows into his skull.

Arran's cannon fires...


The bell rings and Claudius Templesmith's voice booms through the arena:

"Well, well, well. Day 11 and the final two. Peyton Whitley of District 10 and Sophie Smith of District 8. Congratulations for making it this far. But only one must go home."

Peyton (10) looks up as the voice echoes across the level. She gathers her weapons, stuffs them in her backpack and darts up a tree. She was gonna kill Sophie (8), no matter how long it took.

Sophie (8) prepares her blowgun and makes her way to the waterfall. Finding Peyton (10) would be easy. Killing her wouldn't.


Nothing happens tonight apart from Peyton (10) moving across the level east.

Day 12


Peyton (10) finds the waterfall that leads to Level 3 and sees Sophie (8) looking down at her, her blowgun prepared. Peyton (10) prepares her bow and arrow and beckons her target down. Sophie (8) slowly crawls down the waterfall, her eyes locked on Peyton (10) when suddenly a voice echoes through the arena.

"Peyton Whitley of District 10, you killed Arran Harthorn of District 1 when he wasn't your target. As punishment, we are taking away your sponsorship gift of a mace."

A hovercraft flies over and Peyton (10) reluctantly tosses up her spiked mace. Sophie (8) snickers, but Peyton (10) says it's no matter, pointing at the bow and arrow and the throwing knives in her jacket. Sophie (8) opens her jacket to show two sets of throwing knives, a set of throwing darts and the blowgun nestling in her hands.

"Girls, it's Day 12. One must go home. Let's pray it's you."

As the girls circle each other like a pair of pack animals, a noise behind her distracts Peyton (10) and, for a split second, she turns her head. That's all the time Sophie (8) needs, and she runs at her target and takes her to the floor. The girls seem to forget their weapons and instead attack each other physically, whilst Claudius screams over the microphone "Cat fight! Cat fight!" Sophie (8) reaches inside her jacket and grabs a knife whilst Peyton (10) grabs an arrow from the quiver on her back and burrows it into Sophie's (8) pale arm. Sophie (8) watches the blood pump from her arm and shoots a dart into the back of Peyton's (10) leg, directly on the vein. Peyton (10) cries out in pain and punches Sophie (8) on the nose, forcing her to let go and fall back and cradle her broken nose. This is a chance for Peyton (10), so she grabs another arrow and leaps onto Sophie (8), aiming to dig the arrow into her neck but Sophie (8) knocks it out of the way. The two scrap in a pool of blood as Claudius' voice still screams "Cat fight! Cat fight! Cat fight!" Peyton (10) gets annoyed and screeches "Shut the f*** up, Claudie!" and Claudius immediately stops shouting. Sophie (8) produces another knife and attempts to slit Peyton's (10) wrist, but it misses and skewers her palm instead. Peyton (10) stands up and grabs a rock and tosses it at Sophie's (8) skull but she swiftly dodges and shoots a dart.

The hovercraft flies over and, using a projector, shows a video on the floor. All the deaths. Both of the girls are ordered to watch, so they do. It shows all of the deaths.

Honey getting blow up; Kimmy getting stabbed by Callam; Sydney getting stabbed by Peyton; Jake getting stabbed by Grayson; Grayson getting his necked snapped by Demi; Lauren getting stabbed by Arran; Ellie getting stabbed by Hylen; Marteen getting his throat slit by Peyton; George getting his throat slit by Peyton also; Ethan getting strangled by Bethany; Pheonix getting stabbed by Ayria; Reggie being strangled by Sophie; Petra being stabbed by Troy; Troy being stabbed by Hylen; Daven falling from the tree; Callam being stabbed by Arran; Xavier being devoured by bugs; Demi committing suicide; Bethany being beheaded by Ayria; Hylen and Ayria falling from the waterfall and Arran burning and being shot through the head by Peyton.

Sophie (8) kept her eyes on the screen as the athem played. Peyton (10) had killed four people and Sophie (8) one; their killing numbers were both low but they were in the top two in winning. Peyton (10) drew her head from the screen the moment the video finished, but realised Sophie (8) was still watching. And her stomach was unguarded. Sophie (8) turned her head back. Peyton's (10) chest was unguarded.

The cannons of triumph blew. The body crumpled to the ground. The victor rose up high, lifted her hands in the air in celebration and the hovercraft lifted the victor into the air.

"Well, well, well! The 162nd Annual Hunger Games has drew to an end after twelve days. Congratulations to the victor...

...Peyton Whitley of District 10!"

Peyton's Victory Tour

All in Peyton's point of view.

District 1

The trip to District 1 wasn't exactly pleasant. The atmosphere was down and drip because I killed their tribute Arran when I wasn't meant to and the punishment didn't really fit the 'crime'. As I rode through the crowds on the chariot, people threw roses at me which at first I thought was a compliment, but the thorns dug into my palm and after a while my hands and clothes were stained with blood and I was picking spikes from my flesh. When I went up on the stage, the Harthorn family gave me dagger looks. The escort rambled on and on; but, at the end of her speech, she handed me a bow and arrow and nodded to someone in the crowd. A hand raised and what looked like a spark flew up and Arran's father signalled to me to shoot. I shot at the spark, the first one missing and the second hitting it bang on. It exploded into a shower of sparks that spelt out 'District One' and 'Luxury' underneath in smaller letters.

District 2

District 2 loved me - I didn't kill any of their tributes. A group of teengers shot candy arrows at me and I reached into my jacket and threw the closest one a knife that she caught and thanked me. The chariot ride was much more satisfying. I was in a beautiful green dress, decorated with green pearls and white thread stitched to say 'Peyton'. As I went up onto the stage, stumbling in my heels, I saw the Twist and Ventura family distraught but smiling. The escort passed me a golden bow and nodded to the crowd. I was confused, but as another spark flew up, I shot it with one clean shot. It exploded into sparks to spell the words 'District 2' and 'Weapons' underneath. I tell you, if Hylen Janerose was here, she'd have hated this district. She killed both the D2 tributes.

Death Chart

Death Chart Tribute and District Cause of Death
24th Honey Blaith (9) Land-mines,
23rd Kimmy Gadget (3) Knife in back (Callam Delaney)
22nd Sydney Barkley (12) Dart in temple (Peyton Whitley)
21st Jake Woods (8) Arrow through heart (Grayson Smith)
20th Grayson Smith (12) Neck snapped (Demi Trusker)
19th Lauren Hill (11) Knife in windpipe (Arran Harthorn)
18th Ellie Twist (2) Knife through heart (Hylen Janerose)
17th Marteen Prado (11) Slit throat (Peyton Whitley)
16th George Larson (9) Slit throat (Peyton Whitley)
15th Ethan Stone (10) Strangled (Bethany Wakeling)
14th Pheonix Junder (5) Dart in head (Ayria Relle)
13th Reggie Miller (6) Hung and strangled (Sophie Sage)
12th Petra Liit (6) Knife in heart (Troy Ventura)
11th Troy Ventura (2) Dart in neck (Act of mercy) (Hylen Janerose)
10th Daven Buzz (3) Fall from a tree
9th Callam Delany (4) Trident in back (Arran Harthorn)
8th Xavier Domi (7) Devoured by bugs
7th Demi Trusker (7) Suicide
6th Bethany Wakeling (5) Beheaded (Ayria Relle)
5th Hylen Janerose (4) Fall from waterfall
4th Ayria Relle (1) Fall from waterfall
3rd Arran Harthorn (1) Arrow in skull (Peyton Whitley)
2nd Sophie Sage (8) Knife through abdomen (Peyton Whitley)
1st (Victor) CONGRATS TO Peyton Whitley!

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