A little quiz for you to try! Many of these questions are from the quiz from a HG site I found, some I made up myself. Tell my your results when you finish!

Questions - Part 1

1. You're up against a steep cliff, and you need to get down. So...

A: You fashion a rope out of yucca or another strong plant nearby.
B: You wait for another player and talk him into becoming an ally.
C: You take a deep breath and take the plunge, hoping to land on soft ground.
D: You wait for another player and see how he navigates himself down.

2. You're in camoflauge, waiting for your ally when another player comes. If you fight him, you'll lose your spot. You...

A: Go for it; you'll find a spot close by when you're done.
B: Stay put. Your ally is coming back with water, which you desperately need.
C: Stay put, but send a known birdcall in the hopes that your ally picks it up.
D: Try to ally with this new opponent. You can pick off your other ally when he returns.

3. You've found a large stick, hard and thick, with many uses. You choose to...

A: Use it for fire. It will burn long and not smoke much.
B: Use it as a weapon. It'll make a good club.
C: Use it for shelter. It will easily hold up a lean-to.
D: Use it as a walking or running cane. It'll make you faster.

4. There's snow on the ground. What's the first thing you can think of to take advantage of it?

A: Melt it. It'll make a good supply of drinking water.
B: Use it as a trap for an oncoming target.
C: Snowballs! They'll be rock hard when frozen and make great weapons.
D: Snow will make you inconspicuous - dart to a new hiding place.

5. Your strongest opponent has just discovered your hiding place. You...

A: Use this chance to partner up with him.
B: Fight him head-on. He won't expect you to come out swinging.
C: Lead him on a chase. He's stronger, but you're faster.
D: Create a diversion, and hopefully lead him astray.

6. You're spying on another player when you see a squirrel nearby. You are in desperate need of food, but if you shoot it, chances are your opponent will hear you. You...

A: Shoot it anyway, then deal with the opponent.
B: Leave it. You aren't losing your life because of a pesky squirrel.
C: Continue to wait. If you are quiet, maybe your opponent will leave.
D: Shoot an arrow in an opposite direction to distract your opponent. Then go for the squirrel.

7. You're being chased. You come to a steep cliff and need to leap into the lake below. You...

A: Jump. You've never really dived before, but you know the basics.
B: Climb down. Surely there are hanging roots to hold onto to.
C: Talk your way out of it. Or at least try to.
D: Stop and fight. If you go over, at least you'll be taking someone over with you.

8. You're suffering from stomach cramps that may indicate a salt deficiency. What can you do?

A: Look for a hickory tree or animal bones. Both are loaded with salt.
B: Find another player to charm into sharing whatever food they have.
C: Find a place out of the sun and rest till you have more strength.
D: Follow any animals around you - they need salt too, and have a source.

9. Rain's about to fall; you need to stay dry to save your health. How are you going to deal with this?

A: Use a large stick to dig wide holes in the dirt for drink. Then take cover.
B: Fashion a lean-to out of a pine tree; it should keep you dry.
C: Look out for other players. There are tons of places to hide from the rain - you'll find one after another kill.
D: Quickly gather dry wood and supplies. This rain could last a while.

10. You find a bush of nightlock. How can you use them to your advantage?

A: Use the juice to make a camoflauge.
B: Use them as bait, hoping you know something the other tributes don't.
C: Use them to poison an animal. Fresh meat!
D: Pretend to eat them, storing them in your jaw, whilst chatting up an opponent. He'll think they're safe to eat.

11. All day you've been trying to trade the berries you've picked. Your opponent tries to steal them. How do you respond?

A: Swipe them back, and if your opponent doesn't let go, use your free hand to grab a knife.
B: Let this one go. You aren't losing your life over a few berries.
C: Let your opponent think he's got the upper hand and let him have them. When he turns, grab your knife.
D: Distract him with a made-up scuffle. When he looks away, grab the berries and RUN.

12. The temperature's dropping and you lack warm clothing. How do you stay warm?

A: Make a fire to keep warm. It may attract other players, but it will give you some heat. And fire can be used as a weapon.
B: Exert lots of energy. Run around to generate body heat.
C: Use leaves and bark to protect yourselves from the elements.
D: Trail another player, take him out, then take any extra clothing he may have.

13. You stumble upon someone's hidden stash of food. The area is deserted. Naturally, you'd choose to...

A: Don't waste time - swipe it quick and get outta there!
B: Pretend you didn't see it and wait for it's owner to return - someone to befriend!
C: Wait for it's owner to return then take him out.
D: Take a little and poison the rest with the Nightlock in your pocket.

14. An opponent greets you writhing in pain - he has bad frostbite on his hand. Do you help, and how?

A: Massage the hurt area. He thinks you're helping him, but what he doesn't know is that it inflames it more.
B: Nurse him back to health. He gives you help in exchange.
C: Leave him for others to worry about.
D: An easy target. Take him out then swipe his supplies.

15. You come across a nice cave - pitch black and very long. Do you go in?

A: Yes, with weapons drawn. Once it's clear, wait at the entrance for an opponent to enter.
B: Hell no! You don't know who - or what - is lurking in there.
C: Not yet. Spread some leaves around the entrance and check back later for signs of activity.
D: Hide behind a tree near the cave then corner another player.

16. You're at a river loaded with fish but you have nothing to catch them with. How do you eat?

A: Throw dark wood bark in the water. The paralyzed fish will float to the top.
B: Wait for an animal to come by and catch them. Then take out the animal AND its hunter.
C: Build a small dam to try and catch one in a small pool. Then you can catch it.
D: Stand still with your hands cupped. If you're focused, you'll catch one by hand.

17. The sun is out, and you've got a great distance to travel. What's your top preparation?

A: You use mud as sunscreen; if you're dehydrated and burnt, you'll never win!
B: Stay hydrated. You'll need plenty of water if you run into a fight.
C: Travel with an ally. You can take care of each other.
D: Walk in shade as much as you can. If the sun's not direct, it won't be a problem.

18. Your partner is in trouble. When you find him, you spot him face-to-face with an angry wolf. Do you help? And how?

A: Distract the wolf. When the wolf chases you, your partner can leg it to safety.
B: You sneak up behind the wolf and club it on the head.
C: Leave the situation. One less player to worry about. Hide up a tree and let the wolf attack.
D: Let it kill your partner, then take out the wolf. A kill and fresh meat!

19. You come across a bush of ripe, juicy berries. You...

A: Eat as many as you can - you're starving!
B: Leave them. You've never seen these berries before.
C: Eat a few and see how you feel.
D: Wait for a fellow player to come by and eat them, and see how they react

20. One of the favorite-to-win players comes up to you and asks about becoming your ally. What's your immediate response?

A: Say yes, then secretly draw a weapon. Make him turn his back then take him out.
B: Tell the opponent you're on your own and to back off!
C: Shake on it. You could do with an ally, and this guy will definently help!
D: Shake on it, then kill him in his sleep.

21. You're tracking in the desert. It's windy, so the tracks are unclear. You think it's a human, but you look up and see it's a coyote.

A: Wait for it to pounce, then bury your knife in its heart.
B: Lie down and play dead.
C: Stay calm and throw some food in the opposite direction. Sneak away whilst it's distracted.
D: Dash straight for the nearest tree and pray it can't climb.

22. You're camping out when you hear an opponent approach. You...

A: Assume he knows your whereabouts, and get your fists drawn for a fight.
B: Approach him and ask about a possible alliance between the two of you.
C: Distract him, then get ready to pounce when he turns his back.
D: Distract him, then get ready to flee when he turns his back.

They're the first set of questions! Do you think you've done well?

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