Welcome, welcome!

Hullo, my fellow tributes? Who here likes quizzing? Well, this is a HG with a twist!

The point of these games is that you submit a tribute and they all go into the Quizzing Arena. Each day (week in real life), there will be a challenge where the owners (or mentors...the users, basically) answer questions to do with the Hunger Games characters, books, films, cast or even making and crew. The questions will get harder as the question number increases, and the person with the least correct answers will have one of their tributes eliminated/killed.

Each week, there will be three questions to answer. As it goes on, it will turn to five then maybe eight.

Tributes (open)

There will be only twelve tributes - six boys, six girls - to make it easier and quicker.

District Name Mentor
1 (boy)
2 (girl) Thalia Combe Emily Unicorn (Catnipkatniss)
3 (boy)
4 (girl)
5 (boy)
6 (girl)
7 (boy)
8 (girl)
9 (boy)
10 (girl)
11 (boy)
12 (girl)

Submit a Tribute

Just fill in this form:


Questions (waiting for tributes)

Set 1


District Name Score

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