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    Well guys, since i've been partially active again, I've decided to do another Games! Forewarning, since most of this will probably be written late at night, any painlessly obvious grammar mistakes and typos are most likely sleep induced and I apologize in advanced.

    2 years after the incident, Ragnor Copperfield has a lot at stake. He was named head game maker to try and make The Hunger Games a serious affair after it became a laughing stock thanks to a certain pair of rebels. His goal is to make this the bloodiest most contraversial Hunger Games ever.

    1. I will accept tributes from 1-12 only
    2. Each district will have 3 tributes. The 3rd person can be a boy or a girl
    3. I will take 4 tributes from the same person at the maximum
    4. The more active you are, t…

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  • Skyandbray

    Well, with all this Chat drama going on, and ideas being thrown around on how to fix it, i have produced an idea! A legit idea that is actually thought out and isn't a joke! Big surprise coming from me...

    Well one of the more popular solutions to the chat problem that has been surfacing up, only to be flushed back down by a different idea, then popping up again is setting a minimal edit count to be able to join chat. Now this may work, but one problem with this is that it would promote pointless edits until people CAN reach that goal so they can use the chat function.

    Now that idea there made little baby ideas in my mind, some never fully producing, some being fails that just died at birth, and the one idea that survived, happens to support …

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  • Skyandbray

    Good news for all the Americans! The actors of The Hunger Games will be going to 8 different malls in 8 different cities! Here is the list so you can check if they will be coming to you!

    Saturday, March 3rd - LOS ANGELES Fan event at the Westfield Century City Talent: Gary Ross, Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth

    Tuesday, March 6th - ATLANTA Fan event at JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead Talent: Liam Hemsworth, Leven Rambin, Dayo Okeniyi, Amandla Stenberg and Jack Quaid

    Wednesday, March 7th PHOENIX AND CHICAGO

    PHOENIX Fan event at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Talent: Liam Hemsworth, Leven Rambin, Dayo Okeniyi and Jack Quaid CHICAGO Fan event at the Westfield Fox Valley Talent: Josh Hutcherson, Isabelle Fuhrman and Jacqueline Eme…

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  • Skyandbray


    so, i was watching my favorite TV show, how i met your mother. and i found the perfect actor to play Finnick.....NEIL PATRICK HARRIS.

    He definatly has the looks and the body to play finnick because as all you fan girls know, he was supposed to be handsome, and even though im straight i still think neil is handsome. He is VERY talented, and has quite a few things in common with finnick. The only reason i posted this blog was because it hit me and i thought i should share it....this doesnt mean i am coming back to the wiki

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  • Skyandbray

    The title says it all. and if for some strange reason, liked me then youcan blame it on a few users. Below this comment i will speak my mind about you users with no holds barred. I will say what i want with out fear of anything happening because since im leaving, it doesnt matter to me.

    well, the first time i got on chat, everyone started be rude to me and refused to tell me the name of the admin, until you came on chat. I talked to you in a private message and asked you the name of the admin before the other users could tell you not too, and you did tell me the name of the admin. After the conversation we had was over i thought that you were responsible and mature and would be a great admin, but then....i got too know you. You are snobby, …

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