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Skyandbray December 26, 2011 User blog:Skyandbray

The idea

when i was writing my newest tributes history i decided "maybe a few other users would like to do this to" so i decided to make this a public thing.

one of the characters (on my profile) was the leader and founder of a group called the Liberty Leaders for District 8. A Rag-Tag group of 8 kids, each a master of a certain weapon\skill. the other character (also on my profile) was second in command. they did multiple attacks on peacekeepers and different buildings all over District 8. They took part in a very big battle during the very first part of the rebellion (the part bonnie and twill talked about) where they attacked the justice building, sort of as a distraction while the rebel's did there thing. the attack lasted for about 10 minutes until the master of throwing weapons (Jimmy) ran out of weapons and had to surrender, to make a long story short (you can read the details in My 2 characters histories, Maryam and Robin) it ended with thd whole team surrendering and the capitol forcing maryam and robin to volunteer for whoever is reaped, or the whole team will be killed, so they did.

Where YOU come in

I thought if people were intrested, we could make this a whole story line where you guys make tributes that you can enter in games that were in this faction. just leave information for a tribute you made here and make a histroy involving the faction and what they are the master of for that district. plus everything else you put in normal tributes. tell me if you are intrested, and i will put them in the table. If you choose to, your tribute can be the leader of the Liberty Leaders for the district he\she is in if you are first to ask....please make only one tribute and not a pair. thanks :) you can make 8 tributes for the group but they all have to be from different districts

Male\user Female\user
Male\user Female\user
Male\user Female\user
Male\User Female\user
Male\user Female\user
Male\User Female\user
Male\user Female\user
Male\user Female\user
Robin Vigo\skyandbray (leader) Maryam Mote\skyandbray
Male\user Female\user
Male\user Female\user
Male\user Female\user
Male\user Female\user

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