i'm thinking about leaving this wiki, even though no one will even care and some users will be happy, because if i say anything at all, even constructive criticism, everyone blows it out of proportion. if every time i comment my opinion its gonna start a massive fight because some people here are over sensitive (theres nothing wrong with that) then there is a massive problem here. not just for these fights on a small scale here, but for the wiki as a whole. people will be scared to say what they want to say even if its good because they are to scared about someones feelings, which can in turn still hurt the user they were gonna comment about in the future.

people will leave because of so many fights only because someone thought on word was rude and that they needed to be called rude names. people won't write games because they don't wanna start a big fight on the comments even if it won;t be about them but instead some one leaving constructive criticism which someone else doesnt like. after that people will leave because there is only so much we can do if all we do is edit the characters pages over and over again even though nothing will change since the series is over till march, except for the few who fight over who is better gale or peeta. do you guys want that? people will leave then.

so the people who take everything as being rude or just don't like anything being said unless it is the most positive statement in the world, need to stop, take a deep breath, and ignore it. not start world war 3. which will start the chain of events i listed above eventually. now tell me, does anyone want that?

if anyone took this as rude, that im trying to target certain people to make them feel bed, or if im just trying to think im better then everyone else. they are wrong. they are one of those people who takes everything has being rude and need to take the steps in precaution i listed above

  1. stop
  2. take a deeb breath
  3. ignore the comment

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