The title says it all. and if for some strange reason, liked me then youcan blame it on a few users. Below this comment i will speak my mind about you users with no holds barred. I will say what i want with out fear of anything happening because since im leaving, it doesnt matter to me.


well, the first time i got on chat, everyone started be rude to me and refused to tell me the name of the admin, until you came on chat. I talked to you in a private message and asked you the name of the admin before the other users could tell you not too, and you did tell me the name of the admin. After the conversation we had was over i thought that you were responsible and mature and would be a great admin, but then....i got too know you. You are snobby, and rude. have no respect for me, and i just down right don't like you.


Well....i guess since day 1 i didnt like you. You always got in my business even if you had no right too, and thought you always had to get involved. you are sensitve and annoying, and im not the only user who thinks you shouldn't of been a chatmod, moonbeam is one of those users. (as i said, no holds barred) she said you never come on chat and didn't deserve the ability of chatmod. Your report people a lot and are a suck up to TAP, and i think the only reason you got chatmod is because of your reputation as a snitch. and if you don't know what that means, it is the big kid word for "tattletale" In chat you would annoy people by complaining that they are using capital letters like it is a freaking sin. yes, it may be perceived as yelling, but it doesn't matter. We can yell on occasion but you would be a brat and complain. ever since you have been chatmod and would go on chat, i noticed it is less fun. I have to be extra careful to make you happy and not step out of line by tapping caps lock on accident. You would just suck the life and fun out of chat, and i promise you, im not the only one who thought that.


the first time i even had a recolection of you being on chat was once you told colve1001 to report me, and since then i hated you. Eventually i thought you were an ok person, and for somereason i started to like you (weird, right) but then there were times where you would be a butthole and be very stubborn.


how the hell you got people to worship and like you is beside me, and if I live to be a hundred I still wont know. You edit pages, yes, but do you make an attempt to be friendly to new users and make them feel welcome? No. Do you try and fix a problem? No. You either ban the user or just tell them to stop or you will ban them. I dont care what the other people think, You are a bad admin, and the reason other people think that is because they aren't on other wikis and don't know what a good admin is. You probably won't even read this unless someone tells you to ban me because of it, since all you do is fix vandalizim but i still want to speak my mine :)


No doubt, you were my closest and 1 of my only friends. I could always talk to you so i could vent about what was happening in public chat. If you want to keep in touch with me you can contact me on any other wiki, or maybe even Skype. my skype name is Skyandbray.


same as above.

The other users

All i have to say is, stop worshiping TAP and realize how bad she is. That simple

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