This is a collab written by me and Iluvgale. She will write all of the Girls POV and I will write all of the Boys. Since its a collab only boys can kill boys and only girls can kill girls


The arena is the factory from the movie, and World renoun book "Charlie and the choclate factory". It will only be the Giant meadow though, that had the choclate lake and everything was edible, not the whole factory. If you are not familar it is a huge open area with bushes and trees, and grass and weird stuff. But EVERYTHING was edible. The trees had weird candy coming off of it, the bushes literraly had gumdrops. Some of the candy will be poisonous and some of it will have water inside. The candy will not make the tributes sick, it is just like food....but candy.


District Male Female User
1 Brenden Downstreet Cairettum Downstreet QuinnQuinn
2 George Gold Miley Gold Brony12
3 Michael Vermas Jilly Markes Iluvgale
4 Apollo Elto Artemis Elto Rueflower
5 Alec Powers Addie Buzz Necterine411
6 Gerrit Khone Frost Glaze Nate777
7 Connan Chan Summer Liu KwanKwan
8 Jack Scarlet Peetasucks
9 Jennette Birch Tod Omack QuinnQuinn
10 Kevin Potter Puhnk Pink ~ilovepeeta~
11 Max Vaz Lillith Syandbray
12 Terrance Sagrade Sarah Cole KatnissEverdeenAndPeeta

Day 1

Gerrit Khone (D6)

To my left is candy, to my right is candy. To the north is candy. The arena is candy. The trees in the forest are all bright red, so probably made out of licorice. The grass is such a bright green it can't be real grass. I squat down and pull some from its "roots"and pop it in my mouth. Taffy.

Max Vaz (D11)

The cornucopia is made out of chocalte, and quite frankly im surprised the weapons aren't. Standing around the cornucopia are these weird little statues. The face's are bright green and their hair is purple. A voice comes out of the sky and it says "Welcome to the arena tributes." The boy from District 2 jokingly said "God has spoken, he is here to save you weaklings from the weapons that will draw your blood!" he then fell to his knees to add effect but when he did the mines around his plate went off. "Well, the bitch had it coming! am I right? LAUGH TRIBUTES OR I WILL STRIKE YOU ALL DOWN RIGHT NOW!" a couple of tributes started laughing fake laughs and soon the others joined in. "Good, now down to business" he said. "How do you guys like the arena? I think it is quite sweet. No wait. Give me a second! I can do this!" He starts mumbiling stuff we can't understand until he says another bad pun. "The games might be a little sticky this year! Do you get it? Candy is sticky? The arena is candy.....OH COME ON!. We all start giving are fake laughs until the anouncer is satisfied. "I hope you guys like our oompa loompas! he says and as soon as he says the word the statues form into humans. all of them holding long candy canes. 12 of them are holding it so the hook part is the weapon, but the other 12 are using the razor sharp end. "Good luck kiddos, and may the odds be ever in your favor

Puhnk Pink's POV (D10)

W-o-w. Candy. And that announced dude has PATHETIC jokes! 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. BONG!!!! There's already one tribute dead the stupid boy from 2. I run towards the cornucopia which holds the only things not made of candy. If I'm gonna be living off of candy I'm gonna get FAT. I grab a few knives and see the girl from 4 running towards me. I throw the knife. It hits her. Her cannon will go off after the bloodbath. I grab some more supplies and run. I would stay but I don't think that the careers particularily like me now. I hear more bad candy jokes.

Miley Jones's POV (D2)

Of course my brother HAD to go and get himself killed. What am I supposed to do without him???? And then the announcer went on and on with his stupid candy jokes. I reach the cornucopia and see swords, bows, maces, knives... WHAT???? NO CHALK?!?!?!?! Oh wait! KNIFE!!!! I grab about a dozen. Some of those Oompa Lompa things become coming towards me. I hit one with a knife. It goes down but from the ground a new one forms. I keep throwing knives but they keep coming. One of their poles hits me in the leg and I scream. A few more hit me. I'll at least be with my brother........

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