I am Still continuing my 4th quarter quell. i just got this idea and i didn't want to forget it so i went ahead and typed it up :)


In these games at random times the gong will ring and a few seconds later a flare will shoot at the location of the chairs. The tributes will have to run there and take a seat before all are taken, if they are last they will drop dead instantly from poison injected from their tracker device. An hour after the flare shoots, if there are chairs still open because the tribute didn't run for the chairs, the tributes not there will also die instantly. If you do not know what musical chairs is please google it :)


The chairs have special qualitys since they were made by the capitol. If you sit in them a small forcefield will wrap around you so you are instantly safe and so you can't fight once you sit down. Also, when you sit down it completely heals all of your wounds, plus it will make your stomach full even if you didn't eat, Same with your thirst. so once you leave the chair you're completly healthy. After all the chairs are taken or after the hour is over the tributes have 10 seconds to leave the 25 yard peremeter before i explodes, leaving no time to kill eachother.

Bloodbath Twist

Instead of being able to avoid the bloodbath, you are forced to enter. the cornucopia is normalwith weapons and supplies but there are also 16 chairs. the first 16 people to sit down are safe then have to run out of the 25 feet peremeter. the 8 tributes that don't make it drop dead from poison. If more then 8 tributes die before all of the chairs are taken then a chair will dissapear for each dead tribute until there is one less chair then the amount of tributes


Please do not just say "My tributes from this district, on my profile" please copy and paste the information in the comments or i will not use them. i need







Please make a strategy special for these games since this is not a normal games. make a strategy special so it fits with the twist


I will ask a question, and the first 3 to answer it can give a gift to ANY tribute. how it works is i will list 4 items. food\water,medicine,weapon,survival gear. Who ever answers first get to choose first. who ever answers second gets to pick one of the four, second but can't pick the one that the first person picked. same with the third. here is an exampleThe questions will involve the hunger games ,obviously

question is 2+2

herp says-4

derp says-4

herpderp says-4

herp picks a weapon

derp picks medicine

herpderp picks water

D Male Female User
1 Ethan Mason Shania Dreary QuinnQuinn
2 Stuart Hummes Geneive Terrion Prezziesnow9704
3 Digit Twek Sparky Dividen MoviePopcorn
4 Apollo Elto Aretemis Elto RueFlower
5 Harris Jon Kathrina Loula ~ilovepeeta~
6 River Rhodes Sutton Yates Wolverine1717
7 Plank Oak Cypress Beech Necterine411
8 Kente Nole Sally Satin Everdeen
9 Hades Bringer Flaire Fireblaze Mopping\Everdeen
10 Drake Dust Ardis Blaze Nate777
11 Max Vaz Lilith Skyandbray
12 Thunder Way Asia Madding


The Games

Let the games begin! :D

Day 1

Sparky Dividen

50 feet. 50 feet away from every single tribute. The gamemakers placed the chairs and tributes so the closest chair is no doubt 50 feet away. 16 chairs. 8 dead no matter what. 8 innocent children will die in the next hour, possibly more. 10 seconds. In 10 seconds 8 of these kids to my right or left will die, and that one knife inches from my feet may be my only defense to being one of those kids.

Kathrina Loula

Let the games begin I think as all hell breaks loose the instant the gong rings. Obviously the careers can be blamed for most of that. The Pair from 1 and 2 are already swinging weapons in front of the chairs making sure no one sits down with out being killed. The other tributes are just standing around dumb founded. We all know no one can leave until those careers out of the way. A couple tributes try to sneak by but quickly back up so they can keep their heads. We need a spark. Something to give us a chance in those chairs. That spark comes in the form of an arrow. The arrow shot out of Harris's Bow.

Harris Jon

The arrow lands in his throat and the blood shoots out of his mouth, into the face of Shania Dreary. The careers lose focus and stop gurading the chairs. The pair from 4 just turn and sit down to gurantee a top 16 spot. Shania is blinded and just starts yelling random stuff about how the pain is unbearable, even though there probably isn't any. The dead tribute, the boy from 2 is being jumped over has the girl from 1 takes a seat. 4 seats left. There is no way I can make it. No need to try. Instead I shoot one last arrow. The arrow hits Max Vaz who's knife was inches away from stabbing Kente Nole. Not only did I save his life once, but he also took the last seat, saving him twice. I hope he's grateful. Thats my last thought before I drop to the ground dead.


24th-Stuart Hummes

23rd-Max Vaz

22nd-Drake Dust

21st-Sally Satin

20th-Thunder Way

19th-Shania Dreary

18th-Plank Oak

17th-Sutton Yates

16th-Flair Fireblaze

15th-Harris Jon

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