To remind the Rebels that the capitol can use any and every resourse if needed to stop another rebellion there will be secret items hidden in the arena. they could be good. or bad. you Won't find out until you have used them ;)

Instead of the people buying gifts for tributes, citizens of panem (the users) vote on who gets the next sponsor gift and what it is. any one can vote, even if you do not have tributes in my games


Map of the arena-pretty self explanitory, a map of the arena

False map of the arena- kinda the same as above but it is wrong. for instance, it could show there is a pond in one spot but in fact its quicksand.

iPad- the iPad can only be used to do one thing. communicate with your mentor.what it does is show a list of all sorts of stuff to choose from and once you select it it will be there immeadiatly. it can only be used for one gift, but they don't know that ;)

Bomb Wristwatch- a Wristwatch that shows the time, but if you put it on it counts down from five. then it explodes :P

i cant think of anymore but i will add them in the games if i think of any :P


Tracker Jackers-just your average, ordinary, everyday killer wasp :)

Cloaker- its a wolf that is faster then an average wolf but has the ability to blend in with its surroundings. not become invisible, because it can be seen if you look at it at the right angle\right moment. it pounces on tributes but right before it leaves the ground it has to uncamoflauge. meat is not safe to eat.

Bulletproof Bear- well......its a bullerproof bear xD. his hide is completely invincible except for its stomach. if you can hit it in the stomach it will die on contact. its meat is edible only if you boil it in water, then cook it. and if you skin it into a blanket\coat of some sort its bulletproof effect still works.

Scorps. its a scopion with venom that can kill on contact which comes out of its claws,tail and mouth. they usually are in groups of about 10-12. the size of an average scorpion, but can jump 3 times the distance

Gasy Goats-- goats that appear harmless but they fart poisonus gas.


what i need







if you would like to add more go ahead :) the more there is the better i can write it.

District Male Female
1 Kratos Isabella Trance
2 River Rhodes Sutton Yates
3 Crick Storm Liliana Jones
4 Finnish Prac Gall Vid
5 Rick Jones Cathy James
6 Jack Gardes Lillian Gardes
7 Austin Gerjanjer Shania Dreary
8 Akim Yakovilv Linda Pierre
9 Benjamin Logan Evelyn Dreamcatcher
10 Ranch Xander Kathrina
11 Tamer Pearson Lily Carter
12 Jay Wayland Irene Seam


the outfits are bright orange. orange shoes, orange shirt, orange windbraker, orange shorts, and a big orange hang glider which shoots out with the touch of a button which is on the right shoulder


it starts on a tall cliff. just big enough for the 24 tributes to have some elbow space and room for supplies. the closest thing to them is a spear though after that they see nothing but back packs. they all have completely random supplies, and they are all different shapes and sizes. obviously they cant fight just there because this would be over in an hour....maybe. so thats where the hang glider comes in :) you have to run off the side and press the button and glide your way to the rest of the arena.


Let the game....BEGIN

Day 1.1

Kratos (cornucopia)

GYAH shes annoying. "If don't move i don't get hungry, If i don't move i don't get thirsty. If i don't move i can't die" I'll be the judge of that. i look around the cornucopia, all i see are backpacks, and a spear right in front of every tribute. the button on your right shoulder will activate your hang glider, after you use it once iit will self destruct. Don't worry, the explosian will be harmless to you maybe they expect us to glide off? before i know it people are running off the plate. already? that was fast. I grab a spear and turn to my left Throop i run my spear right into the gut of Lily Carter. i kick her dead body off the edge of my spear and turn around to see Cathy James running towards me holding her spear straight out, charging like a bull. moments before her spear impales me, i see a spear fly in her neck as she falls to the ground dead. i look to see where the spear comes from. i see River Rhodes standing there next to the girl Sutton. "wanna ally?" he says

Irene Seam (cornucopia)

Spears, Spears Spears SPEARS!. its nothing but spears and backpacks! could this get any better? I run to grab the first spear i see, and throw it randomly into a crowd of people. of course i missed since i wasnt really trying but it got the point across to them, i can kill. i run to grab another spear which is tied to a backpack in a simple knot. I undo it quickly and look around. a couple of people are already diving off the sides and gliding to temporary safety. I throw the pack over my shoulder and dive off the side, i push the button and glide my way to the woods

Sutton Yates (cornucopia)

What is he thinking? We can't trust him! I've never even heard his voice. All he does is sit there, and we never agreed to let him join the careers anyways, if we can even have the carrer alliance at all. its so windy up here, you have no control of where you land on your way down. I wait for a nod or shake from the head of Kratos but all we get is a thrust of the spear towads my gut. Before i can even dodge River has swung his spear over his head snapping Kratos's spear in half and in the progress snapping his own. "Sutton, run!" River yells. i stand there frozen, from fear and confusion. as I watch Kratos punch River right in the throat knocking him to the ground.

Linda Pierre (cornucopia)

Before i have time to see there is a backpack with a slingshot sticking out of it, its to late. the person is already to my left, running to the edge of the it a he? i think that Jay Wayland? the boy from 12? getting ready to glide down to the woods. i don't know what possessed me to do what i did next. i bent down, grabbed a spear and threw it at Jay's Hangligeder, tearing a huge hole. i run towards him but before i could get there and grab the pack, someone runs a spear through his leg, grabs the backpack, then glides off the side.

Jay Wayland (Cornucopia)

The Pain feels worse then when i lost my arm, at least then the pain was quick. my eyes close and before i can tell my brain no, the flashback comes. (flashback) Smack! Smack! Smack! "Come on Johnny, there is no way district 12 will win this year. all of our kids are to weak" Dan says, one of my fellow workers inbetween his swings of the pickaxe. "but most of our kids are smart, think back to the 74th games when the girl and boy....what were there names" Dan tries to say before he is interupted by a sudden BOOM! i feel a quick burst of pain. i look at the source only to see a thick red liquid,hear some screams,and then close my eyes tight as i get lifted into the air and rushed out of the mines. (End of flashback) I open my eyes to see the blood is still here and the rush of falling is in full swing. i don't have time to see whats happening before a hit the ground and feel the worst pain,worse then the feel of losing my arm....even worse then being stabbed in the leg.

Finnish Prac (Cornucopia)

60, 59. 58, 57. 57 seconds left in my life at the most. I do what I usually do when im nervous, check to see if Gall is ok. she looks hot as usual with her long curly blonde hair and her big blue eyes. the guy to her right is also drooling over her so i make a mental note Must kill Ranch Xander. 35, 34, 33, 32.. 32 seconds. Calm down Finnish, just examine the field. Spears.....and lots of 'em. Maybe i'll grab a few backpacks, then meet up with Gall. 10. 9, 8, 7.. 7 seconds. grab a backpack, kill Ranch, get Gall, another backpack, then leave. BONG. the whole thing is shot to hell within 10 seconds. as i see Gall thrown over Ranch's shoulder with her head bobbing back in forth, as unconscience as a rock.

Day 1.2


The bloodbath has ended and we have 2 dead tributes and 2 seriously injured. River lucked out as Kratos decided not to kill him after he punched him in the throat leaving him with Sutton. And Jay was pushed off the side of the cliff by Kathrina after he was stabbed in the leg by her. both still alive but without decent chances of winning. Stay tuned!

Rick Jones (Bottom of the cliff)

the instant i land, the hang glider explodes, leaving me with my spear and a backpack the size of a newborn baby. i hesatate to open it but curiosity beats out my instincts. i unzip it but before i pull my hand out of the dark bag i hear a snap coming from the right. I grab the first thing my fingers wrap around --a canteen-- and raise it in front of my chest to defend any enemies i might have to fight, only to see a small rabbit eating a patch of lettuce, obviously not seeing me as a threat. ok....if theres one rabbit there must be more. i regain intrest in the bag and dump it on the ground. aside from the empty canteen i find, two knives, one loaf of bread and some night vision glasses. now all i need is to find a tribute, follow him, and those capitol citizens with gambiling addictions will have a hard time not betting on me.

Isabella Trance (Forest)

I was lucky enough to get out of there with two backpacks and a spear. One medium in size, about as big as a toaster, and the other one is quite big. Its about 4 feet tall and a cylinder shape. I decide to go through the smaller bag first. inside is nothing but apples. Maybe 10 small ones and 3 bigger ones. Perfect, I think. Thats that much less gathering for me to do. The second pack has only a cylinder box inside about half the size of the bag, on the top it has a lid designed to be unscrewed off and on. I take my time unscrewing it, afriad it might make alot of noise but it doesnt, inside is a rolled up piece of paper. I pour it out on to the ground and notcie its a map. the first thing I spot is the cornucopia, under that is a small strect of clear area for maybe 10 feet then its nothing but a deep forest. After about 5 minutes i figure out my posistion on the map by using landmarks i remember flying over before I landed here. BOOM, BOOM well, i guess the bloodbath ended. only 2 dead? i guess thats good for the capitol. I start to roll up my pack but I hear loud foot steps. i turn around to see Ranch Xander dragging an unconscience Gall Vid, behind him. I don't know if he sees me, so i grab the spear and try to stab Ranch in the leg with it, but he dodges easily and instead i hit a tree causing the spear to snap. before i know it i get punched in the throat as my conscience slips away, the last thing I remember is silent foot steps and big red eyes watching it all happen.

Jay Wayland (Bottom of Cliff)

I can't keep my eyes open. In fact, they have forced themselves shut at least three times and if it happens again i don't think i can re-open them. The pool of blood is getting scary and my tongue is dry. i begin to lose hope, scratch that, i lose all hope. this is the end. i open my eyes one final time. i see a rabbit with a big fluffy tail, a patch of dandelions, and a shiny silver parachute. i love rabbits and dandelons. they make me happy. for the silver parachute, it seems kinda out of place. silver parachutes aren't usually out in the woods. my eyes close, i take a final breath. and i just wait to fall into an endless sleep. I hear plastic being nibbled on and i finally come to my senses. A silver parachute! i use my last bit of energy to extend my arm and grab the small plastic box. i gently unwrap it. Inside i find a small vial of liquid. Medicine! i twist open the lid and let it all dribble down my throat. instantly the bleeding stops, wounds dissapear as if they never exsisted, and i have full energy. i feel like i can run 20 miles!....i only need a weapon

Lillian Gardes (pond)

well i got lucky with my pack. all i got was survival gear! i got two water skins, a canteen, a few iodine tablets, a few feet of durable rope, a knife, and a compass. not only that but i just found a water source. i dip my first water skin into the pond, and quickly follow with the second. drop in some iodine tablets then do the same with the canteen. while i wait i tie three knots into the rope each a foot apart, then i make a loop in one end that i can slip my wrist through. i grab my spear i dig my knife into it, about 3 inches from the end. i twist my knife around until i can fit the end of the rope through. i slip it in then tie a knot at the end so it won't fall through. by now the water is finished, i take a sip. it tastes great. i wish i could share some with my brother, but we got seperated on our way down. there is only one way i will find him. climb up to the cornucopia

Kathrina (Clearing in the woods)

This is even worse then i thought. I have to make my own mace plus im surrounded by woods. not only that but i have already run into three other tributes. luckily i could sneak by before a fight started. i just can't think in there. but now that im sitting on a rock, with the closest tree 20 feet away from me, i can think. i only got a small pack about the size of an infants foot, and my spear of course. everyone got one of those. ten minutes later i have two maces made out of my spear shaft (i cut it in half) dry mud, and spear heads that i found in my pack. almost on cue a huge man comes out of the woods charging at me with his spear extended towards my throat. before i can raise my maces in defense i see a young boy, i think its Rick Jones holding two knives. Ranch Xander doesn't notice Rick until the last second, but then its to late. rick stabbed him in the middle of his lower back and ranch falls to his knees, he then stabs him in his throat finishing the job. i lower my maces, not knowing what else to do. "I would ask you to ally Kathrina, but we don't have time. we have to girls to save."

Gall Vid (clearing in the woods)

"I don't think she is gonna make it" i hear. "Check on the other one. maybe she's ok." 2 voices. this isn't good.i open my eyes and try to sit up, but i get dizzy and fight to stay awake. "Kat! She's awake! easy, you were out for a while" i rub my temples. "out?" i ask. "Get her some water Kat. do you have some?" "yeah, i have plenty. Its in my pack." my vision is becoming worse and i fight the urge to let them close. "what is the last thing you remember?" says the male voice as the girl drips water down my throat. i try to think back as far as i can remember."i remember the gong going off, then the next thing i know i see a fist coming to my eye and another to my temple." i say, trying to remember the details. "it was a boy....he was big...." "we know who it was, and we just killed him. we didn't know his motives but you aren't the only girl he kidnapped. i don't know if its a coinsidence or if his plan was to kidnap girls, but either way it was stupid." suddenly i remember where i am, and i look around paranoid. "don't worry, we have Tamer from 11 scouting the area. were safe" BOOM "um....don't worry, that can't be him we have Evelyn not too far back to help him if trouble arises" BOOM "ok, stay here. me and Kat will go check it out. I'm sure its fine." they came back about 2 minutes later but with a couple other tributes. "good news!" he says. "they weren't the ones who died!"

Shania Dreary (Pond)

Nothing. i got nothing but a spear. its getting dark so i came here to set up camp but there isn't enough concealment. I dip my hands in the water and splash some in my mouth and on my face. its a good morale boost but that won't do anything out here. all of a sudden it feels like it just dropped 30 degrees and i feel if i don't get a fire going fast im gonna turn into a Shania-sickle. the woods has plenty of dry firewood which i could easily light with just one small spark. so i start to gather a bit until i find a big pile of wood that looks like someone just put it all there. i turn around quickly so i can avoid a fight until i think in my mind about what was under the pile. it was....shiny. just for a second i saw a small sparkle under it. it was only there for a small second. its probably a trap but curiosity wins out and i start to move the wood. under it i find some sort of.....tablet? i've never seen anything like it, so i just poke the screen! "Welcome!" the tablet says loudly. "Select your gift!" the screen shifts from black to a silver background with three big words.Medicine.Weapons.Other. "um....hello mysterious noise thingy! what do you do exactly?" no response. "hello?" still no answer. maybe i should...? i push the tab that says Other and a longer list pops up. i scan it up and down for a bit before i decide on a tent with a built in heater. how great is that? about 30 seconds late it arrives from a silver parachute. "Ipad will selfdestruct in 10 seconds" it says in a robotic voice. What? Snap! i run to the pond to get rid of it. "5 seconds." i run faster "3 seconds." no time. i throw it in the direction of the pond then hear a big boom. after that almost instantly i hear another boom. a boom that comes from a cannon. um....did i do that? i guess i will never find out. does it matter though? i have a tent with a heater! could this get any better?

Day 2


Day 2 has started and we have 6 deaths, and one injured. there has been 2 sponsor gifts, 1 from the gamemakers, another from the citizens of panem. the games have gotten excititng. Stay Tuned!

Tamer Pearson (Alliance's Camp)

Well we got lucky with the dead guy. He was stacked with supplies, considering he had all of the girls's stuff and his. all they remember is being punched in the throat, i didn't like the idea of them staying with us and i would rather kill them but apprently they "can be helpful" i don't know why rick gets to be leader. just because he found me first. maybe i should kill him if he doesn't let me kill the new girls!

Sutton Yates (counucopia)

its been a whole day and sutton still isn't ok. you would think our sponsor would do something by now but i guess you can't always get what you want....even if it means saving someone close to you's life. there were plenty of left over backpacks so we have plenty of supplies. i made us a shelter with one of the tents and made it rain proof with a plastic tarp. we have had plenty of food and i think i have gained a couple pounds actually. Sutton won't eat or drink, and he still can't talk or walk but at least he is ok. we comunicate by me asking him yes or no questions so he can easily answer with either a shake or nod of the head, but i can tell it frustrates him to not be able to help more. River, do you think the gamemakers will try to push us off this cliff? its not really fair if we just stay here because no one will be able to kill us" river sits still for a second deep in thought until he gives a small nod. "thats what i do you think they will do it" i did it again. sometimes my tongue slips and i ask something he can't answer without his voice. "um....sorry" with our knowing what they will do to us i cant prepare any sort of defense. im gonna guess it will be something we can't fight off because me and River both got 10s in training because of are fighting skills. maybe somesort of poison gas? I don't know and the more i think about it the more i worry. maybe they will just blow the whole cliff up. then we can't do anything but die. footsteps. i hear footsteps. i grab my bow and throw a sheath of arrows over my shoulders preparing for the worse when i open the tent flap. only to see a girl with a spear in her hand and sweat all over her body. she drops her spear and falls on her knees. i keep my bow up and have the arrow aimed at her heart. im ready to shoot untill she puts her hands behind her head "" she says panting hard. "um, how did you get here" she looks like she is about to pass out. "um, need some water?" i ask her. "" "we have plenty" i reply while unhooking a bottle of water from my belt. i hand it to her and she starts to guzzle it down. "i climbed up.....but the gamemakers.....tried too....too many kill me. exploding rocks... avalanches.....mountain goats.....with poisonous farts" she drinks more water. "do you have.....any food" "how long have you been climbing up?" i ask. "as soon as....i was....sure no one.....else was here. i guess.....i was wrong....though. are you.....going too......kill me? i hand her some bread and she eats it very fast. "no, i won't kill you. but the gamemakers might. i don't think they want us here anymore because no one will be able to kill us.....unless they climb like you did." she lets out a long breath. "great, i finally make it and they STILL wanna kill me. do you know what they might do? you did pretty great in training." she says, no longer panting. "no, but whatever it is its gonna be hard to escape. were gonna have to carry some dead weight. River, the guy from my district....and my boyfriend. is in the tent and he's hurt. can't walk or talk." "oh....well i think we should leave now before they do anything worse. do you guys still have your hang gliders? mine exploded when i landed. everyone's did. but since you guys didn't leave......?" "No." i say quickly" they exploded at about midnight last night." i here a big Whoosh sound and i look up. thousands of arrows are falling from the sky making it impossible to stand anywhere with out being hit by one. "Hurry, grab the shields! Over there!" i say pointing to my left. she runs and grabs two, tossing one to me like its a frisbee and grabbing another for her. "Wait! grab a third....for River!" she drops hers and kicks it towards me. i pick it up and run inside with his and mine, and put one over River's head, and another over mine. Boom. The cannon shoots. "No!" i shout, ready to turn around and see Lilian dead, but only to find her huddled under a shield shaking like a leaf. "don't look at me" she says. "if i can survive poison goat farts, i can survive a couple of raining arrows!"

Benjamin Logan (Just 30 seconds before the arrow rain stopped) (Woods)

I open the box i found in my pack. i have been scared to do it because i was afraid it might be a bomb or something inside. the only reason im opening it now is because about 5 feet away from me is another tribute getting water from a small creek. the box is fully open now, inside is not a bomb, but a scorpion. about 10 of them. "AHHHHH" i scream. but it doesn't do anything. the scorpions have alread drained the life out of me.

Shania Dreary (Woods)

How fast are these creatures? I can barely keep up, and im pretty fast! these wolf mutts just won't lay off, and i have a feeling they won't stop until they kill When I first saw them, i didn't see them. They blended in with the bushes...then...BAM! they pounced out and started to chase me. In the process i had to drop everything i had. My spear and my 2 packs, so i can't fight them off. i start to slow down, unable to continue. "Come on you mutts! Just kill me already!" i shout. they charge, fangs bared. One knocks me to the ground and is about to bite me throat until an arrow flies into his eye socket, killing him. i hear a male voice say "Evelyn, Isabella check to see if she is ok. the rest of you...take out the mutts"

Kratos (Woods)

Surprisngly, they haven't found me. I guess the cry's of the mutts are canceling out my loud footsteps crunching the dead leafs. I have two spears attached to the utillity belt i found in the pack i got, plus the sword i had to make by connecting two pieces of the blade together then i had to attach the blade to the hilt of the sword. There are 7 tributes, one looks hurt while the others look fine. it seems like a sword situation, so i wrap my hand around the red hilt and get ready to charge. I know i won't make it out of this alive. I can't kill all of them plus the mutts. unless.....I unhook one of the smoke granades from my belt, plus the heat sensor goggles i found in my pack. I put the goggles on and pull out the pin in the granade with my teeth then roll it to the pack of tributes and mutts who are locked in combat. Before i join the fight i see the some of tributes are running in different directions confused, and the ones who were helping the injured one just ditched the girl. None of the tributes are able to escape the mutts, probably because the mutts have the same vision effect my googles have. The mutts have torn out the injured girls throat and she's dead, no doubt. I see one person trying to climb a tree but being dragged down before they can get high enough. I can't just stand here and watch. i'm not getting any credit for these kills. It's to late now though. 3 of them died and the others have gotten away. The mutts are all diving into the pond and not coming back out, probably leaving the arena for good. if only i got credit for those kills, then i would be a favorite with the capitol and get tons of gifts!

Finnish Prac (Quick sand pit)

Its been pretty depressing with out Gall around....or anybody. the carreers never got assembled. i heard 3 cannons today and the moment of truth is about to be revealed. Did Gall survive? i think back to the last time I saw her, unconscience, on Ranch's shoulder. He died yesterday, which means Gall must be safe but you never know. I made a trap here at this pit of quick sand where if a tribute came within a 10 foot radius of it they would get lifted in the air so i can kill them on the spot. i was able to rig about 15 of them. The anthem starts, and the faces shine in the sky. My nightmares become real. The first face to appear is the one and only, Gall Vid.

Day 3

Jack Gardes (Cave)

The bad snowstorm is keeping me up in this cave. I feel trapped, with only a few sticks and mathches in my posession. Literally my pack only held a few small sticks, oil, and about 100 matches. Good thing too, im sure there are other tributes who have no fire or shelter. If i only had some food, I have been melting snow in my bottle of oil after i used it all on my last fire. After about the 8th time melting snow and cleaning it out i still taste oil in the water. My heart is doing it again. It happens every once in a while at random times, i have a feeling it's some how connected to Lillian. I wonder how she's doing. does she have any kills? is she dying of hunger or thirst? is she one of the tributes with no fire? all these questions fly around in my head until i hear a canon go off and i can't help but think that Lillian is dead.

Austin Gerjanjer (Marshy Area) (not to long before Jacks POV)

The snow storm was so bad i couldn't help my self but to grab the watch to see how much longer i would have to suffer through this. It was just dangiling on the edge of a branch, asking for a tired tribute like me to grab it as a desperation breath. I figured it was a trap but i couldn't resist. 10:32 in the morning. I have at least 12 more hours of this, and i don't think i can take another 12 seconds. I strap the wristwatch on my wrist without paying much attention to what i was doing. i hear a beep, then another, then another. the beeps are now closer together, it sounds like a...a bomb. A bomb? A bomb! i try to rip it off of me but its to late, the watch explodes and so do I.

Kratos (Woods)

This bear just won't die. I have tried to cut the bear, stab the bear, over feed the bear (instead i lost all of my food) and it still keeps on going. the knives just bounce off harmlessly. All i have left is my sword which i need to use carefully. If this gets lost i might have to fight the bear with my bare hands, and i don't wanna have to go through that experience. I go through my options, climb a tree? No, not good enough. Try out running it? No way i can out run this! Turn and fight it? sadly, yes. I miscalculated because when i turn around i seethe bear, on his hind legs ready to swipe my face off. panicing, I lung the sword in his gut and as soon as the very tip of the sword makes contact with his belly, he dies. I skin it cleanand put the fur and skin to the side, Boil and cook the meat just in case, then eat it. not the best tasting food, not even close, but it will do. Suddenly an idea pops in my head. What if i make a suit out of the bear skin? maybe it will still be industructible? I try this and soon i have an entire suit of armor all over by body. i test it out by stabbing my self in the shin only for the knife to bounce off uselessly. Perfect! if only i had something to completly cover my stomach and i would be just like that bear, but better.

River Rhodes (Cornucopia)

The girls planned on packing up today to go down to the arena but the snowstorm is keeping us in out tent. It has done good keeping the snow out but it is so cold. We found a thermometer in all of the supplies and its showing that its -10 degrees. We can't build a fire because the snow just puts it out, so we all have about five blankets on each of us but it isn't enough. I feel helpless knowing I can't talk. If we had to fight something I wouldn't be able to help. if we had to make a hasty escape, I would be dead weight. The sun has sunk but the snowstorm is still raging. The anthem starts and I ponder on the thought of the other tributes who don't have blankets and are freezing to death. we couldn't hear any cannons to day so it will be a surprise to see, if any, faces in the sky. Lillian goes out to see the faces, and after about a minutes she comes back to name the names. "well, good news and bad news" she says sadly. "good news, were in the top 8!, bad news, my brother is dead. Here you go River. A notepad from the sponsors"

Day 4

Rick Jones (Woods)

Thank you dead tributes! Is all I could think of when i found my first spoil. A tent. Not just any tent, but a tent with a heater! After that I found a couple kinves, some water bottles filled with water, and a sleeping bag! all of it was helpful during the snowstorm which was over when i woke up this morning. 8 left. 8 tributes remaining. I was really hoping the storm would go on until all of them were dead so i wouldn't have to hunt them down. I take a couple sips of water from one of the three bottle when i hear foot steps. You can hear foor steps from a mile away because of the 4 inches of snow on the ground, but im still worried. These are no doubt, a humans footsteps. I grab two knives and put one in each hand when i open the tent flap. I see Linda Pierre walking the opposite direction as me. Heres my chance. I run out and sprint towards her. She turns around just in time for me to slit her throat. I sit down to check her pack and clean my knife. After about a minute I hear no cannon. Only one reason they wouldn't shoot one off. Someone else is around, ready to kill.

Kathrina (Woods)

I jump out of the tree above me and land on Rick Jones's back. I hit the back of his head with the butt of my mace then stand above him. He is out cold, but I don't want to ally with him. I already went through that, and luckly some smoke and some wolves ended that. Rick was so stuck up and I could tell no one else wanted me there. After I escpaed i saw that most of our alliance was dead except for two other people. I ran out of the area when the wolves appeard hoping Rick would just give up on making us stay together. Here he is, I think. Laying there with no one to save him. I realize how sweet revenge is when I slam my mace down over the back of his skull. The two cannons go off and I check Linda's supplies. Just a few roots and berries. No doubt from sponsors. these couldn't of come from the arena. I walk into my new temporary home, Rick's tent, thinking about home. 6 tributes left.

Lillian Gardes (Cornucopia)

We are half way down the cliff when the anthem starts. We started climbing down as soon as we woke up and found out the storm was over. We got pretty far considering we woke up 3 hours ago. we have been sleeping in knowing the only threat we had was the gamemakers and they probably wouldn't do anything during a snowstorm. The first face appears. Rick Jones from 5. they keep his face up there for a while and i stopped looking at the sky because something else has caught my attention. Jay Wayland is at the bottom of the cliff also looking at the sky. He doesn't see us but I can tell River does. What happens next is strange. River grabs his trident from off his back and just jumps off the side with the trident out stretched. Jay finally looks up and sees whats happening. Jay picks up a spear from the ground and holds it up, towards the direction of where River will land. I blink and by time my eyes open again, There is a spear through River's body and a trident through Jay's. i look up at the sky and see River's face. Then Jay's.

Day 5 (Final Day)

Evelyn Dreamcatcher (Bottom of hill)

I honestly don't know how I made it to the final 4. I lost my spear on the way down from the cornucopia, but in my pack I found a knife and some food. Since then I have been roaming the woods but haven't found a soul. This morning when I woke up I realized there was no way I could stay out of a fight.

Sutton Yates (Bottom of hill)

After a long night of crying, and finally sleep I woke up to see no trees. All of them are gone. Now there is just a tall hill and walls on both sides of me. Lillian is gone and I can't help but be mad at her. She see's that River is dead and just leaves. I can't wait untill I can claim her blood with my knife. Suddenly the walls close in on me, stopping just 6 inches away from my fingertips if I stretch out my arms. Then the floor begins to move forward, towards the final battle of the 100th Hunger Games

Lillian Gardes (Hill)

Here we go, I think. The floor is moving and I have my spear in hand. My shield latched to my other arm, and two knives hidden in each sock. Strapped to my back is a sword, a last resort weapon. All I can think of is District 6, and how close I am to home. My ears pop from the elevation spike. How long have we been going up? Maybe 3 minutes? Lets hope they aren't pushing us into a volcano or hair might burn off!

Kathrina (Hill)

I tuck my knives into the 6 pockets I have in my utility belt, put my mace in my right hand and put the last of the berries into my mouth. This shall be good. Maybe 10 feet away is the top of the hill. I can tell its flat but not that big. The capitol will witness a good fight today. As soon as we are on the hill I finally she my competion. All girls, all have weapons. One has a shield and a spear. The others just have knives. I reach my hand out and feel a small sting and yank my hand back. A force field is keeping me from killing the other 4 tributes, and the walls behind me are now completely solid with no sign of a hill below ever being there. A girl with a knife is infront of me, I think she is from District 2. Her eyes are wild, and even I'm intimidated. The girl to my left is the one with the shield. GONG The girls are running forward but I stay put. Let them come to me, I think. No one comes to me as I watch the girl with the spear run her spear into the gut of the District 9 girl. BOOM. I see the other two girls stare eachother down. They have some sort of connection and don't want to kill each other, I think. Instead they both turn and charge at me. I swing my mace at the girls head as she lunges at me with her knife. It connects and she falls to the ground, with puncture holes in the side of her face. BOOM. One more tribute. One more and im home.

Lillian Gardes (Hill)

Me and her. Her and me. I lunge my spear at her gut but she sidesteps and instead my spear hits the wall and the spearhead breaks. I drop it and run. I couldn't get away fast enough and I barely have enough time to block her swing with my shield. The impact is so strong it breaks her mace and probably my arm. The pain is so bad I fall to the ground, face first. I try to stand up but I can't she is on top of my back. She cuts my back, not very deep but it hurts. then she cuts my leg. I try to push her off but its no use. Second place isn't that bad, I think. At least my little sister can be proud. She rolls me over and slits my throat

Kathrina (Hill)

"Ladies and gentlemen! The victor of the 100th Hunger Games and the 4th Quarter Quell, Kathrina. Your tribute from District 10!" I won. The ladder drops from the hovercraft and I grab it. It pulls me up from the arena. Its more then just a huge place where the games were held. Its where 23 kids died, and I out lasted them all.


24th--Lily Carter

23rd--Cathy James

22nd--Ranch Xander

21st--Akim Yakovilv

20th--Crick Storm

19th--Irene Seam

18th Benjamin Logan

17th--Shania Dreary

16th--Gall Vid

15th--Isabella Trance

14th--Austin Gerjanjer

13th--Lilliana Jones

12th--Jack Gardes


10th--Finnish Prac

9th--Tamer Pearson

8th--Linda Pierre

7th--Rick Jones

6th--Jay Wayland

5th--River Rhodes

4th--Evelyn Dreamcatcher

3rd--Sutton Yates

2nd--Lillian Gardes



River Rhodes, Sutton Yates and Lillian Gardes

Explanations for the gifts.1

River is still unconscience from being punched and the medicine can heal that

Jay rolled down the cliff and the same medicine can heal his wounds and make him feel 100% better if he swallows it Jay Wins!

Ranch Xander is kidnapping girls to use as human bait for mutts so he can control the mutt. he will think its a normal gun but when he shoots it in the air it will show his position to everybody, so the girls can be saved

What should the wheather be like in day 3?

Bad snowstorm wins!

Who should get the next gift? and what?

Jay is fine, he just needs a weapon

Kratos needs....more like wants some armor to cover his stomach since he is protected everywhere else.

Jack...well.....he needs food. lol

River wins!

How long should the snowstorm last?

beginning of day 4 wins!

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