Welcome to the 145th Hunger Games everyone! You may make a lunaii for your apperence to help people get a better visual. If you don't please make your apperence detailed. If you want to have an ally or more, comment. Any questions ask over a comment or on my talk page. I would be more than happy to answer. *If you want, everyone who wants to sponser(tributes may sponse themselfs)then each person gets $200, every item will be $15. Extravigant gifts are $5 extra. These include: 3 course meal, tridant, ect. Tributes who sponser themselfs may get other tributes items, as well, spending their own $300 of money.* P.S. Sorry for my poor spelling!! xP







Apperence(describe your reaping outfit, as well):

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District Name Gender Age Day of Death/How they Died
1 Jewel Shine Girl 17 Day 6, bird mutts(killed by tge forest bird mutts when Len ran pass her with the birds following him)

Slate Obsidian


17 Day 5, beated and stabed in neck(Hand-on-hand combat with Arlene and she threw her knife in his neck)

Jilly Markes

Girl 13 Day 4, fell out of a tree(branch broke as she got ready for bed)

Michael Vermas


18 Day 2, coyote mutt(ripped to shreads and thrown in river by its teeth)
3 Arlene Copley Girl 14
Crick Storm


15 Day 1, killed by Robin(stabed in stomache)
4 Anna Soar Girl 14 Day 1, Arlene's mine explosion
Aiden Soar


15 Day 1, killed by Maryam(hit in head with a rock few times)

Feline Ster

Girl 13 Day 8, shot by arrow(Arlene shot her in the stomache with an arrow)
Harris Jon


17 Day 2, lizard mutt(bleed to death, missing body parts)
6 Raile Rouge Girl 13 Day 1, tripped with knife in hand(knife went into face, killed self)
Cobra Crusie


18 Day 3, stabed in stomache(killed by Adam)
7 Cleo Jones Girl 18 Day 7 Feast(killed by Ardis and partly Rin)
Mathew Little


16 Day 1, Arlene's mine explosion

Rin Kagamine

Girl 12

Len Kagamine


15 Day 7 Feast(killed by Cleo)
9 Marryam Mote Girl 16 Day 4, Bird mutts(stabed in arms, legs, neck, head and stomache by their beaks)
Robin Vigo


17 Day 3, Fish mutts(eatten in the forest river)
10 Taylor Thorn Girl 14 Day 6, killed by fish mutts(eatted in forest river)
Adam Beirne


17 Day 5, stabed in heart(Taylor killed him)
11 Detora Brandy Girl 17 Day 1, Arlene's Mine explosion
Ryak Torg


16 Day 2, Bird mutts(stabbed in arms, legs, and neck by their beaks)
12 Ardis Blaze Girl 17 Day 7 Feast(stabed in stomache with spear by Feline)
Drake Dust


15 Day 1, Arlene's mine explosion


District 1 pov Slate Obsidain: I say my good lucks to my dearest friend, Jewl Shine, just an hour ago. Now we stand, waiting and wondering who will be participating in the games. They go though the normal speechs, and all. Thoughts race in my mind. I see Skye grab a paper from the glass bowl. "Scoria! Please come o-" She is interupted by Jewl yelling, "I volenteer!" I'm relived she volenteered for my adopted sister. Jewl says her name and then Skye goes to the boys bowl. "Slate Obidian!" Me and Jewl's eyes lock on each other. We planed for her to win the games at 17 and me the next year, not us play in the same game, the same year! I step onto the stage. "Ladies and geltelmen, I am proud to present to you, the District 1 tributes for the 145th Hunger Games!"

District 2 pov Jilly Markes: I stand waiting for the names. Already knowing my plans if I get reaped, act small, but then, in the games, is a true fighter. I stand tall(dispite me being under 5ft and less than 80lbs). Skye calls the name, "Jilly Markes!" I smile as I make my way to the stage, knowing my dad will be looking down on my every second of the game. He was killed in an accident in the Nut a while back. Skye goes to the next bowl, "Michael Vermas! Come make your way to the stage!" I look from the stage to see Michael, his arms in the air, walking and turning with a grin on his face. I know he will win this, he is very confident, can use almost every weapon, and his family is rich so they could sponser him with helpful gifts! Hope my game plan still works. "Ladies and geltelmen, I am proud to present to you, the District 2 tributes for the 145th Hunger Games!"

District 3 pov Arlene Colpey: I think to myself as the ceremony goes on. Next to me is a girl, worrying about her hair getting dirty if she gets reaped. I roll my eyes. I'm about the only girl here that isn't in a ravishing white dress. I look down at my dress and wonder if I look too dark in my black dress with gold trim and black flats.Oh, well. In the games I will act differently. Out going, even. "Arlene!...Arlene? Where is she?" I look up and see Skye scaning the crowd and all eyes fall on me. I must have zoned out. I walk to the stage, embarassed. "D-" she is cut off by Crick yelling, "I volenteer!" before she even said the name. He is up there before Skye could even think about what happened. Crick has had a mysterious backround. What kind of mysterious plans does he have instore for the games? "Ladies and geltelmen, I am proud to present to you, the District 3 tributes for the 145th Hunger Games!"

District 4 pov Aiden Soar: Waiting for the names, I wonder if one of my many siblings would be picked for the reaping. I see Skye make her way from the microphone to the girls bowl. "Give it up for....Anna Soar!" she ecos throughout the district and in my ears. I look and see my sister make her way to the stage with Skye. "Now for the boys. This is going to be exciting!" Skye said with a grin spread across her face. "David Myers!" As David makes his way to the stage I jump from the crowd hollering, "I volenteer!' like it is my last breath. I'm up on the stage next to my sister as Skye says the finnal words of the ceremony. Anna whispers to me, "Why did you volenteer?!" I whisper back, "Because you were chosen.""Ladies and geltelmen, I am proud to present to you, the District 4 tributes for the 145th Hunger Games!"

District 5 pov Feline Ster: I remember when my mother and father were killed by peacekeepers, during the ceremony. She was killed by a peacekeeper and my dad by trying to help her. I've lived by myself, alone. If my name is on that paper in Skye's hand, I'm sure I could win this. I've been stealing foom from the Peacekeepers, being sneaky and smart...the two ways that keep me alive. "Feline Ster! Any volenteers?" It's dead quiet, you could hear a pin drop! I walk up to the stage embarassed, for the silence. Harris Jon is called up after me. Another sob story to go in the games. His mother and father didn't want kids, so they abandoned him. But, now he lives with a kind family who is sobbing after him as he goes up the stage. I wish I had my parents right now..."Ladies and geltelmen, I am proud to present to you, the District 5 tributes for the 145th Hunger Games!"

District 6 pov Cobra Cruise: As Skye is finishing up for speech, I wave to one of my girlfriends. Skye goes up to the girls bowl, hoping it's not my girlfriend or one of my past girlfriends (which is likely impossible since I've gone out with so many.) She called out the name, "Raile Rouge!" Raile walks up with her wool hat on. She ends up tripping on a few steps. She is so clumsy! Well, she isn't one of my past girlfriends for sure. She tomboyish and likes to be alone, quiet. She also, always has that wool hat on! I don't get it, when her adopted parents are richer than the mayor! Her real parents abandonded her. "Cobra Crusie!" I hear my name. "It's my time to shine." I say with my best smile on, walking to the stage, showing my muscels. I see Raile roll her eyes and duck under her hat. Oh, I'm going to win for sure! "Ladies and geltelmen, I am proud to present to you, the District 6 tributes for the 145th Hunger Games!"

District 7 pov Cleo Jones: I'm thinking about how my family would miss me a bunch if I go in the games. I have not many friends so I guess what little few friends I have won't miss me dearly. "Cleo Jones! Please come on up!" I walk up and see my dad trying his best to comfort my mom with my older brother. A tear falls from my eye. It's hard to try and look like being reaped doesn't bother you.... "Matthew Little!" Skye ends up spitting in the microphone as her hair goes in her mouth but fails at trying to hide it by smiling and pointing people directing to the tribuets. I look down from the stage to find Matthew's family. I see them-his mom, dad, 3 brothers and his friends-looking sad for him, even though his parents work contantly and barely see him. Well, at least I'm not alone in these games with a family who is crying over their friend, sibling, and child. "Ladies and geltelmen, I am proud to present to you, the District 7 tributes for the 145th Hunger Games!"

District 8 pov Len Kagamine: "Rin Kagamine!" I hear Skye say and see my sister start yelling and panicking. I run to her before the Peacekeepers do. "Rin! Rin! Calm down!" I say to her as i try to comfort her. She is panicky, screamy, and always gives up. I won't let her if she goes in the games. I walk her to the stage, everyone's hands over their ears. "I'll volenteer for whoever the boy tribute will be." I say when Rin stops screaming and is calmed down. "Okay..." Skye says trying t keep a smile but really, looks scared and ready to cover her ears again. All eyes are locked on us to I pull my sister with me to the microphone(I don;t want to let go on her, scared she might make Skye cover her ears again)and I say in the microphone, "Ladies and Gents, we are the tributes for district-" I'm cut off my Rin saying I'm brave and will win this. I continue, "We are the tributes for district 8 for the 145th Hunger Games." I say camly like Rin hasn't yelled. She relizes what I said again and starts screaming....again.

District 9 pov Robin Vigo: When the names were called, me and my friend form the Liberty Leaders(a small team of warriors) volenteered. We were both the commnders. Here's the whole story: I led a small team called the Liberty Leaders. The group had 8 people, each a master of a certain weapon, I was the master of daggers and my fellow tribute was the master of defense\counter combat. During the very first battle of the rebellion I led my team into the Justice building to take it and make it the rebel's headquaters. Halfway through, the master of Throwing Weapons-Jimmy-ran out of weapons and had no choice but to surrender because the Liberty Leaders were spread to thin and couldn't get there in time to help him. The Peacekeepers used Jimmy to lure in the rest of the team. They tried to come up with different plans to get in the room where he was being held, take back jimmy, and leave, but they couldn't think of any plans that wouldn't need all 8 of them. They decided to just charge in and fight untill they can't anymore. Eventually the Liberty Leaders had no choice but to surrender. Me-being the leader-and Maryam-being second in command-were forced to volunteer for who ever was reaped or the capitol would kill the other members of the Liberty Leaders, so we did.

District 10 pov Taylor Thorn: I keep my head down when a boy named Adam who is a few classes above me, makes fun of me. He's beaten me up a few times as well. "Taylor Thron!" I rise my head and walk up to the stage. I see Adam, him smiling his devilish smile. I stand on my heels, swaying back and forth on them. "Metias!" I hear my twin brothers name. I fall back and hold my head. I look up and see him on his way up the stange. "Looks we have a volenteer!" Skye yells out I look to see who did and see Adam walking up the steps. His brother must have pushed him to volenteer. Skye turns aaround and helps me up...Adam just laughing at me. "Your lucky my brother pushed me. I was going to let you go againt your brother!" he says in a harsh whisper. His older brothers had helpped him train for the games. And he has pushed me around since I was 11 and he was 14. I've hid behind my shadow too long now. In the games, I'm going to strike back...harder! "Oh I'm going to make your life a living hell in the games, Taylor..." he says again. "Not if I kill you first." I think to myself. "Ladies and geltelmen, I am proud to present to you, the District 10 tributes for the 145th Hunger Games!" Skye says proudly in the microphone.

District 11 pov Ryak Torg: I brush my mustache when I hear Detoria's name. She is the poorest of all in district 11. Everyone knows her dream is to move to district 7 where her aunt lives. She can if she wins this game. Not if I'm reaped, she won't win! I can't wait for the boys name to be called so I yell out, "Don't read the paper! I will volenteer! My name is Ryak." "Umm, Ryak..." "No, no. Go on with this thing." I say. "Your name was-" "Go on with it!" I inturupt her. She trys to say something, and I inturupt her by telling her to comtinue. Detoria looks vexed. Skye gives up talking and shoves the paper in my hand. She turns and says, "Ladies and geltelmen, I am proud to present to you, the District 11 tributes for the 145th Hunger Games!" I open the paper and see my name, "Hey! Hey look! I was reaped!" I say to Detoria waving the paper in the air. "Good for you! So was I." she says sarcasticly. I love the games!

District 12 pov Ardis Blaze: I hear my name. My hair blowing the wind and I walk to the stage, boys whistling at me. Who could blame them?! I'm the most good looking chick in this district! "Oh, don't flatter youselfs boys!" I say as I go onto the stage. Plan: seduce a guy, make him do the dirty work, make him find food, kill him. So basicly...use him with my powers(a.k.a. looks.) "Ember!" I look and before long, I see his cousin come up to volenteer. His cousin is Drake. He was rich then his parents died then he ended up moving to the seam with his uncle. Not much to it. I flip my hair around when he's next to me. He doesn't make more than two glances! Oh well, a career guy is who I should be looking to most for, anyway."Ladies and geltelmen, I am proud to present to you, the District 12 tributes for the 145th Hunger Games!"


The 145th Annual Hunger Game Arena!

The 145th Annual Hunger Games Arena!

Click the is pretty self explanatory!





Day 1

D8 pov Rin: I try to hold in my scream and the temption to claw at the glass tube I'm in. My eyes are wide. I hope I end up close to my brother who volenteered to protect me in the games. Being the youngest tribute in these games makes me even more scared and panicky. Maybe I should claw at the persons eyes that might attack me...

D3 pov Arlene: As I'm in the tube, I'm scared out of my wights. have a grusome plan in my head that could work for any death trap I'm put in. Death trap as in the arena, of course. Butterflys attack my stomache. This is not a good feeling before the games, right? But then again, many people should have this feeling. I play with my fathers ring on my fringer, hoping it is strong enough as i think, and wouldn't get destoried by my plan.

D10 pov Adam: I crack my knuckles and lossen up my body. The outift we wear doesn't give much away. Seems more like ordinary clothes beside the weird feel to them that I can't explaine. I feel a jolt and hold onto the tube looking around me as I'm lowered and see others too. I see brown on the ground below me and a golden cone. Looks like we all are going to end up in a circle around the Cornicorpia. I see Taylor, my eyes lock on her. This is going to be easy to kill her.

D9 pov Maryam: I take a look around as we are all lowered. A desert! Far away i see green. I have to know whats on the other side of this arena! Few seconds before the gong rings i see mulitpule explosions across from me. Someone must have fallen of their metal plate setting off the mines. Out of the corner of my eye I see Arlene jump off her plate. "Are you trying to kill you and the ones near you too like me?!" I call at her. The gong rings just right when she hits the ground. She sprits off and grabs a sack and runs to the forest. I yell at Robin, "We need her!" The blood baths begings...

D6 pov Raile: I hear canon after canon. I see a knife that someone must have dropped. I run and grab it. I see Len, his siter holding a bag, in one hand trying to keep her safe, the other fighting. As I run I trip behind them. He sees me(so much for not trying to make a distriaction!) I can tell her thinks i tried to hurt his sister because my knife was pointed at her when i fell and caught myself with my hands. I scramble up and run, him behind me. I trip and fall on my face, with my knife in hand.

D9 pov Robin: Me, Maryam, Adam, Ardis, Jewel, and Slate are in the careers now. Me and Robin are leading it because of our backround with the Liberty Leaders. We are in serch for Arlene. Me and Maryam believe it was her that did the mine explosion. She was first to the cornicorpia, and she got first pick of weapons so she might have something we want.

D3 pov Arlene: I hear people talking below me. I down from the tree. The careers. Joy! Time to be NOT myself. I throw my knife that was in the sack I grabed and the knife lands in front of Robin. He stops the group and looks up. I traveled to the tree near it(behind the group) and see Adam(i remember them all by the train ride and interveiws.) I dangle off the branch and let go of my grip. I fall right on his back and he catches me like he knew I was falling. "Heard you guys were looking for me!" I say with my chin on my shoulder. "Hey i found her!" he says laughing. "Ehem." Ardis clears her throat. She must have him. Haha oh well not like I'm looking for anything. Just being not myself. "I believe this is yours." she says holding my knife. "Thanks." i grab it. "Someone could of goten hurt. You might have killed Robin, you know." "I know. But I didn't." She looks at me, the floor, then me, again, I get her hit and jump off Adams back.

D1 pov Jewel: "Was it you who did the mine explosions before the gong rang?" I asked Arlene. She nodds and tells me she threw the ring her father got her. I asked robin if it was too late to go back and find the ring. He says yes, its too late and that we should already make a camp. So we did. I look back thinking, "Why didn't I think of using the mines?"

D12 pov Arids: We all stacking our weapons. We have, many knifes, matches, and a rope thanks to Arlene, Robin and me, swords thanks to Adam, a shield made of think bark with sharp rocks tied on it thanks to Maryam, and edible plants, some food, and a bow and arrow thanks to Slate and Jewel. I sit next to Adam as we all show how good our aim is so we know how to team up if we have to split up. The deaths are announced. I see Arlene and her face looks pale at the pictures of the deaths. I could tell she feels guilty for the mines. I doubt what she is doing is what she really is. I'm smart like that!

D1 pov Slate: "Hey!" I whisper and point the the darkness as we eat the plants, "What's that?" We all heard voices of a boy and girl "Oh, that's possibly Len and Rin. I could tell by the voices." Arids whispers. "Who thinks i could kill them from here?!" whispers Jewel holding up her bow and arrow. "We should let them pass. Or see where the camp." Arlene whispers. "No, by the looks of Len's golw-in-the-dark-neon-blond hair, it looks like they don't plan on stopping for a while." I whisper. We watch them pass then finish eatting. For it being hot all day, this night was freezing so far!

D8 pov Len: The blood bath was no fun for me or Rin. She still looks dramatized. I feel bad for her so I give her my half of the bread i got the the cornicorpia. We found a river at the end of the arena. We drink the water. We still have no idea what animals lurke out there. The night is getting coler and colder. ME and Rin huddle up together, and try our hardest to sleep.

D10 pov Taylor: I saw Adam run off with the careers and some girl. Glad he got distracted. Many girls like him back home so thats no suprise. I found a patch of cacti and cut it open to drink water. I desided to sleep there so in anyone cones, I have the cacti as my defence since all I got from the cornicorpia was a knife I took from a girl that i believe was from district 6. I felt bad but needed something. I used my jacket as a blanket and the crumbled jacket sleave as the pillow. Not the most confertable night but it worked (dispite the cold.)

Day 2

D3 pov Arlene: I wake up the next moring. Its scortching again! I see my fathers ring on my finger. I look around and everyone is still sleeping. I grab my sack of knifes. I head to the cornicorpia to find my father's ring.

D6 pov Cobra: Its hot again and I should probably start finding the careeres since I didn't join then so i could take some of their things. I walk, using my jacket to wip the sweat off my forhead. I'm at the cornicorpia to see if it will give hints to where they went. I see a figure behind it. I ar my sharp rock and make my way slowy to the figure. I see it pick up something and put it on its finger. I come closer and see it's a girl. She turns, sees me, and ars her knife. "Who are you?!" She yells. "Cobra. You?" "Arlene." I see her ring sparkle in the sun. "You set the mines off, didn't you?" she lowers her knife and says, "Guess I'll be known for that when I win." "I'm winning this thing." "We all believe were going to win. Why haven't you killed me yet, anyway? I put my knife away and you haven't made a move." "Did you join the careers?" "Looking for them, huh? I lef them a while ago. Their camp is that way." she nods her head to her left. "Good luck." she setts off right and i run into the direction she nodded too.

D9 pov Robin: We are all awake and can't find Arlene. We hear movment in the bush and arm our weapons. "Woah! It's just me!" I hear Arlene call and she pokes her head from the bush. "I found a short cut from the cornicorpia and found my ring. It doesn't even have a burn!" "Why didn't you tell us you were leaving?!" Slate asks her. "You guys were sleeping. By the way, I ran into a guy named Cobra. He's going to get our weapons and food." At that moment we see a figure tripping threw the bushes that cover us. We are all ready to fight.

D8 pov Rin: I wake up my brother, Len because I'm hungry! He sighed and we are fishing in the river for fish with sharp rock tied to a stick, used as a spear. The water is cool and feels good in the heat. Feels like the sun is about to exploide! We find a few small fish and cook it in the sun. The fish isn't much tasty but we need to eat.

D10 pov Taylor: I get up and walk to check out this arena. Not much has happened since this morning. I see green pretty close by and walk that way. "Why is there green in a desert?" I ask myself. I have a strage felling and turn. This lizard I have never seen before is following me. It opens its outh and razor sharp teeth show. A flap from its neck rises and it make a screach. It runs at me. I take my knife and stab at it while i dodge its razor sharp claws. It jumps on my and i fight it. I take my knife and stab its eye, takes the knife out and stabs its other eye. I throw it off and stab it even though the knife as been dobuled into an eye shiscabob. It flaps around as i stad and examine the scratch marks on my arms and legs. They are not too bad. Hope this lizard is edable...

D5 pov Feline: I think I'm the first here to the greenery. I stop and examine a thin crack in the ground, seperating the brown from the green. Weird... I walk over it and into the trees. Its a forest! I go deeper into it and climb a tree. The careeres could be here...

D3 pov Arlene: The noise we heard turned out to be a rabit. I threw a knife stright in its eye! We cooked it on a smooth rock in the sun for breakfast. We sent out to the greenery. We as we are walking almost there when we see a carcas of some huge reptile. We examine it and figure its a mutt of some sort. Someone must have been here not too long ago, for the flies are just now coming to it. "Must have been a guy. Maybe Cobra..." we all think. We cut a few peices of meet left on it and put it in my sack. We keep heading tword the green.

D11 pov Ryak: I play with my mustache as I sit cuddled up in a high tree, hoping I'm the only one in this forest. A bird lands of a nearby branch. I whistle to it and it whistles back. Three seconds later it makes this horrible screach that made me fall from my branch. I see millions of then al at once. I rise from the ground, and run.

D9 pov Maryam: We hear a screach of some sort and pull our weapos out as we make our way in the forest. We hear a guy screaming then he runs past us like we aren't even there. "Duck down!" I yell and we all fall onto our bellys and cover our head. I lift my head and so do the others. "My god.." I whishper as we see a flock of birds with sharp beaks, bright red heads, and bright yellow and orange bodys fly past at what seems full speed. It stabs the boy, its beaks going in his arms and out the other end, like killer bees...even on his knees! We know he's a gonner so we run away from the bird mutts. Then a few seconds later, we hear the cannon.

D2 pov Michael: I walk to a river in the desert. I see a small camp set up. I wash my face in the river. I feel a hot breath on the back of my neck, thinking its the owners of the camp i throw my weapon out and turn cutting the side of their face. Only, its not their face. Its a furry beast. Its white teeth being stained red by the cut i made on its left cheek. It growls and i see more. In shock i forget about my weapon and everything around me.

D8 pov Len: Rin swimming is the water. I would rather have her swim her way up stream to camp rather than walk on the hot sand. I dive in the water and the cold sensation feel great. Rin stands up and calls my name. I stop and turn. Red in around us both. We look unstream and a loppy hunk of something slithers our way. I throw her out of the river and jump out, thinking its some mutt. It goes by and I see its a human. I flip its body, its face deformed and bloody. It is missing some body parts. I throw it in the water, run to Rin, and cover her mouth, knowing she will scream. I cover her mouth all the way to camp where we pick up our stuff and see a puddle of blood. This is where they must have been killed, and who ever did it, must be close...

D5 pov Feline: I hear talking and walking. I look down and hear what I believe is the district 9 boy and he is prossible the leader of the careers say "We should set up a camp here. This seems like a liable place...not too deep into the forest, but not to close to the desert." There is a hard shaking causing me to almost fall from the tree. I look to my right and see a reflection of the setting sun shine back at me. The careers scramble to hold onto something. How could I have not felt this before?! I end up hanging like a sloth from the tree branch. A careers runs away to see what it was. "Ow!" I hear her say after a loud thump. She comes back explining its some glass blocking us from the desert. We hear loud thunder, see bright lightning, and hard rain falls. I look through the leaves and don't see a weather change on the other side of the glass. They split the arena in half! Night falls and they are alseep. A My time to attack!

D5 pov Harris: I'm still in the desert in the cornicorpia making a desision if should go to the green or stay where I'm at. I deside I'll check it out at dawn. I look up and see something blueish white that looks like millions of smal dagers reflecting from the moon. It makes a screach and hurls towards me. I now know that the blueish white, was its teeth.

Day 3

D12 pov Ardis: I wake up by Robin throwing and kicking all our slit open boxes and sacks. My eyes widen as I quickly get up as see the sight of bits of food and some lone weapons. I see Arlene and Slate return holding and picking up what the bandit left. "We couldn't find 'em." Arlene said throwing the last food at Slate and holding the weapons. Slate put the left over foods on one blanket and Arlene put the wepons on another. There wasn't much. "Hey, Arlene...why do you hav all your knifes?" I ask, suspecting her as the bandit. "I sleep with my weapons." " so?" "Look, if your suspecting me to be the one to do this, I didn't." "How should we tryst you?! You blew up inocent people in the first 5 seconds of the game!" "We are all inocent in this game and get out guilty of murder! We have no choice!" "Did you do this?" I ask pointing at the mess. "Ask yout self these questions: 1) Why would I starve myself by starving you guys? 2) Why would I limit my own weponds by letting you all barrow mine since we are low on weapons? and 3) How do we know you or anyone here in this gosh damned arena did this?! ASK YOUR SELF THAT BEFORE ACCUSING ME OF ANYTHING!" she said calmly then lost her cool at the end. I watched her storm off in the direction she came from with Slate. He followed her, trying to reason with her to come back. I just want her out of here sooner and not later!

D10 pov Taylor: I as I'm walking though the forest, I see who I believe is the district 3 girl who set the mines off and a district 1 boy talking. She was crying and pointing in a direction behind the boy, while wipping her eyes. They are careers i know Adam isn't far. I back up a notch and run in the direction I saw the girl pointing to before, thinking its the camp. I trip on some vines and when ever I tried to get up I fell again. I gave up and decided to just pull the vines but end up grabing a leather boot. I look up hoping its not Adam trying to get away from the anoyene from the district 3 girl. I look up and see a small girl turn her head slowly and look down at me. She looks relived when she see's its me. I think she thought I was one of the careeres. "Hi." I whisper. "Hi. I'm Feline." "Taylor. Did you mess with them or soething?" "Depends..." she said with an evil glimps in her eye. I laugh at that and join her in the tree and see all the things she took from them. We become allies and at that, a silver parechute flies past and she catches it in one swift move, opens it, and we see that it is 25 poisions darts. With all this food, weapons, and dart...I know she will help me get back at Adam.

D3 pov Arlene: I come can and apologize for my outburst. "Maybe it was Cobra..." Maryam says as she stops sorting the food from the bad and good. "Cobra?" Slate asked. "Yeah...remember? Arlene warned us he was might come like yesterday? We thought the rabit was him...?" "It couldn't have been him. He didn't seem so intellegent to do this..." I said. "Well he did leave a trail back there." Maryam pointed out. It could possibly be him. "But it would have to be a small person to get the the bags. We were crowded aroudn them when we slept." Adam said. "I think it was Cobra. He could have used a stick to get to the bags." Ardis said, trying to picture him going that, maybe. "Sure. He finds a long stock. grabs the bags one by one, cuts them open, gets everything, puts the bags back, then runs away?" I say like even her speaking was stupid(more stupid than it already was.) "Hey, you said he wasn;t so intellegent.." She said with her hands up in defense. "Not that dumb..." I said under my breath. I don't know why, but I'm not intirely convinced it was him.

D6 pov Cobra: I walk thorugh the forest in serch of food. I see the careers and take out a knife I took from a dead boy I found in the cornicorpia. He wasn't death fully, I guess he was somewhere inbetween life and death, bleeding to death. I glace from behind a tree and believe I was spotted. I hear steps come my ways and I jump out, imediatly fighting a district 12 boy. Our weapons colide. Before can see anyone process what has happened since I jumped out of the shadows as stared fighting this boy, One of us gets stabed. I hold my stomache and cough up blood. With the last of my strenght, I lunch my knife throgh his shoulder. Two girls run and catch him. Another boy comes and closes my eyes for me.

D10 Adam: I found myself seeing Cobra, aproching him, then killing him and him nearly killing me in the same second! I lie in the arms of Ardis and Arlene. Arlene gets up and runs to get the schocked Slate since he seems the most capible of knowing what to do. He tells Arlene something and she runs to get it. Ardis looks atme whispering things to me that I am to shocked to hear. I feel cold inside. Arlene gentlely pulls the knife out of my arm. It has dislocated my arm from its socket. I had no idea that was even possible! Arlene says something, puts the knife handle in my mouth and pushed my jaw up so I bite it. She grabs the arm and shoulder and puts it back in. In the process I feel pain but no sound comes out, she says something and I assume it is to bite the handle harder, so I do so and she nods. Slate and Ardis puts a homemade bandage on me and the rest help to get me in a sleeping bag. I don't remember much after that...

D2 pov Jilly: I poke my head here and there wondering where to go. I see a few of the careers split up, half in the desert, half in the far side of the forest. I deside to follow the ones going deeper in the forest...maybe they are seeking water(which I need most!) I follow them deeper listening to their conversation as I climb tree to tree, following them from above. I hear rushing water and look down to see them stopped and fish swarming in the water. Food and water! This is my camp, alright! I jump dpwn and deside to fight them for all they have. I know its risky...but they know me as the small child from the interveiws, not the fighting child who can kill.

D9 pov Maryam: As we fill our water skins and bottles, a small girl who I reconize from the interveiws as the young child who loves her dragon fly hair clip falls from the tree. We move in closer to introduce our selfs when she pulls out a bow and arrow. Before we know it she is shooting at us. She shoots me in the leg and arm. I colapse. I see the small child kick and fight, Robin is near the river bank about to grab his knife when she comes and kicks him in the face and he falls backwards in the river. At that moment millions of the fish come and feast on him. I hear him scream and kick and see blood float to the surface of the water and go down the river. It blends in as a pinkish then gets darker every second. The small girl runs with the rest of our knifes. I crawl to the river bank and weep for him. The fish with its parana like featues fades away and they begin where they left off. Up floats a selectal body, little raw flesh sticks to his bones. Someone lifts me and I blackout.

D10 pov Taylor: Me and Feline sort out the weapons and food at her camp. Her camp is made out of moss and branches and leaves, all stacked diagonal from a tree. You would walk right past it if it f you didn't know it was there! It looked so natural. We dine on our food but not off of it, of course. I tell her about Adam and we make a plan to kill him. I'm thinking we make it the most painfull so he can suffer what he made me suffer though. I feel confited about everything, so I lay in the bed of pine needels with Feline keeping watch then we will trade off.

D12 pov Ardis: Me. Adam, Arlene, and Slate went to the desert for food while Robin, Maryam, and Jewel went deeper in the forest for water. Its getting dark so we head back with some lizard. I hear growling and turn to see large wolfs a few yards behind us. We feel shaking and remember the Sound proof glass. "RUN!' I yell and we make to the forest with the wolfs behind me. I trip over a small cactus and yelp. Arlene skids to a stop and truns and is about to run with Slate who is helping Adam, then runs to me. She uses her knife to get the cactus out of my shin then helps me run. We are almost there when the glass has only a 5 foot opening. She sees a small cactus and chucks it at the wolf to save us both some time. She pushes me farther and Slate pulls me under the glass. There is a 2 foot opening...I know she won't make it. She runs full speed and slides under like a baseball player sliding to homeplate but only difference is she leans back like matrixs style at the half foot opening. The glass closes shut just as the wolfs come and just as she hair makes it fully to the forest. She rises slowly scared panting. We all can't hekp but laugh even though we are exhausted! She helps me to camp as Slate helps Adam.

Day 4

D10 pov Taylor: Me and Feline walk through the forest in serch of the careers. We hear talking of a boy and a young girl. "Don't scream, Rin. We are going to make it." Me move on wondering if they are looking for food or water or something important. We hear more talking. "That's Adam alright." I saw motioning too the voices. Feline nods and we climb in a tree to get a better veiw. I see three hurt people, two serious injurys, one not. Adam in one of them with the serious injury. I see everyone in groups working on the hurt one. A goup is taking needels out of a girls leg, another trying to remove arrows out of a past out girl, and a person trying to change Adam's bandage. We slowly climb out of the tree and talk over plans. The people we heard talk are coming so we hide behind a tree. I see the little girl I am assuming is Rin point at the careers. The boy grabs her and pulls her to the floor. When they fall to the floor I see birds with bright feathers and sharp beaks fly there way. Rin screams and the boy looks to see them and covers Rin. at that point me and Feline run like heck out of that place.

D3 pov Arlene: We hear a scream and stop our work. I see Len and Rin on the floor with the visious birds going their way. Rin yells and the birds stop and hover above them. Rin yells again and the birds change directing coming at us. "We have to leave her!" I yell at Slate who is trying to get Maryam. She is just to heavey at dead weight since she is passed out. He joins me by helping Adam while I help Ardis. We all run and stop behind bushes and trees. I see Maryam twitch on the floor as the birds perice her skin; going in and out of her ars, legs, neck, stomache and head. Jewel and Ardis turn their heads around with a few of they guys. I see Len and Rin run away then see two other figures poke their heads out from behind a tree. I don't tell the others because I can't seem to find my voice, and even if I did...I still wouldn't have told them. One of them sees me as they both run away. I drop my head and turn around as tears fill my eyes and threaten to fall down my cheek. The cannon goes off, leaving its thunder behind in the air around us. Sighlent tears form a river down my face and I turn around, scared, because in two weeks and four days...I feel like myself again.[NOTE BY WRITTER: 2weeks because of the training.]

D12 pov Ardis: I turn my head before the grusome sceen involving Maryam happens. Small whimpers excape my lips and I cover my mouth hopeing no one heard. I know they did when Adam pulls me in for a hug. I hushes me and puts his chin on the top of my head. Know I know having a guy isn't just for the dirty work...its also for the comfort.

D10 pov Adam: As I'm trying to make Ardis feel better, I see two small figures pop out from a tree and run. One turns their head and I know who it is imeadietly. Taylor! I'm cluching my knife-thinking of it as her neck-about to run after her to end this game between us when I hear Ardis sniffel. I let go of my grib on the knife and deside to let her go, it would be better if she feels safe first for a while with her new friends. I'll kill them both when the times right.

D7 pov Cleo: I need my bow and arrow some little girl took! I have basicly no weapons and I'm suprised I made it this far even though I've been hinding. I hear a crack and look up. A branch falls infront of me with a little girl that landed near it not too long after. I move her hair and check for a pulse. I can't seem to find so I grab the weapon from her hand and put its shiny head under her nose and a few seconds after the silver head of the weapon fogged up. I look at the weapon and see it's an arrow! I look for the qiver and the bow and I can't find it. I look up and see it hang on the branch that was above the one that fell. I'll have to climb the tree to get it! I go to the trunck and pull myself up onto the first low branch and make my way up. I need the bow and qiver! I climb higher and higher, each branch gets more and more wobbley. I reach for the bow and grab it. Now the quiver. I pull the bow over my shoulder and reach father for the quiver. As my fingers reach it I fall forward. And fall next to the girl...

D8 pov Rin: As we run away Len tells me how my scream affected the birds to change direction and how we can use that to protect us! I smile at that idea. How I saved us and how I can do it again. I think about how we can make it to the end and win this...then...I remeber one has to win. I frown knowing if we both make it, my brother would kill himself. I look up at him and he reads the expression on my face thinking I'm hungery. He gets some of the left over fish and I eat it. I didn;t relize I was hungery after I ate my sall fish.

D1 pov Slate: As we eat what was left after our double raid and attack, I see Arlene is pushing her food around. Igive her a look that says "eat your food" and she does. Immediatly she lays and turns away from us. I don't blame her, its been a long day, losing our two leaders. I sigh and do the same. We feel the shake of the glass and lay, listening to the wolfs howl from the desert slowly fade as the glass connects, keeping us in lock down until morning.

Day 5

D7 pov Cleo: I wake up with a head ache. I see the girl and remember what happened. I put the arrow under her nose again and it doesn't fog. A small slime tugs at the corner of my mouth. I deside I have to levave so they can collect the body. I grab the quiver and bow. I stand and feel pain shoot up my leg. I fall forward and look back at my leg. A weird lump is there I didn't see before. I turn on my back and examine the difference between my left and right leg. Left, no lup. right, lump. I poke at it and see I broke my knee. I can't do much with a broken knee! I pull the quiver and bow over my shoulder and crawl away doing my best to not scream out.

D8 pov Len: I deside to head out to the desert because it seems like everyone now is in the forest. We break throught the trees and bushes into the hot sun. It's amazing how the tempetures are different right away. Rin kicks around a small rock to keep her busy. These games seem to be moving very slowly. Something bad is about to happen soon, I can feel it...

D5 pov Feline: Me and Taylor plan our attack before they wake. I wonder about what might happen next, since things are moving slower than usual. There are 10 of us left-by my count-and there should be at least six of us on day 5. We get our weapons ready and walk over to the careers camp. I stop short and look up at Taylor. Her eyes are fixed on something and she points at it. I follow her finger and see one of them staring stright at us with a silver parachute next to her with six knifes tied to it.

D3 pov Arlene: "What are you doing here?!" I hiss. I sounded more brutle than I was aiming for. They open and close their mouths as if to say something, looking like a couple of fish. I look down at my team then at them. Their gaze seems to follow where mine goes. I clutch my knife and stand up. They inch back and then freeze when I'm infront of them. "I'm Arlene." I say and put my hand out. "Taylor, and this is Feline." the one with long brown hair and blue eyes says. She points at the girl with red-ish brown hair and green eyes. They shake my hand and I go and grab my other nine knifes and walk the way they came. They follow me and we talk.

D10 pov Taylor: "So, you did the mine explosions?" I ask staring at her knifes. Turns out she has 10, not 6... "Looks like I can't live that one down." we laugh at that and follow her. We stop at a low sitting tree and she sits on it, patting a spot next to her for us to sit. "Why did you do that?" Feline asked. "Can I tell you and trust you...?" we nod and she goes on, "Well, you seem trust worthy... I planned on not being myself in the games. I'm not like anyone at all in my district. Not being myself would mean being like a career like what I am now." "But your not, really." I intergected. She laughs, "No I'm not. I'm still not myself talking like this to you. If I were to be myself I would either be dead or dying right now." "Well, what is your self?" Feline asked, basicly reading my mind. "Quiet, keeps to myself, that sort of thing." We tell her our plan and she smiles as we get deeper in it. Before we know it, we have a person on the inside of the careers for us!

D12 pov Arids: I wake up and see Arlene stuff something in her bag. "What are you doing?" I ask causiously. "Nothing." She lies. I shake my head and get up. I'm still catching up on what happened yesterday to worry what she's doing. I wake up everyone and we discus todays plans. Arlene seems less focused on the vote of new leader and more focused on carving a pattern in a stick with her knife. Everyone gets up and she looks lost. I go to her and explain the voting she missed. Jewel and Slate are our new leaders. She tells Jewel and Slate to go look for healing plants-if any-and edible plants for Adam. She stays behind to help me with him.

D7 pov Cleo: I give up and sit against a tree. Tear stains on cheeks and sweat fall down my forehead even though the forest is cool. I breath heavy and look down at my knee. It looks worse. I know I can't make it. I tightly close my eyes and send unheard wishes to my family. When I open my eyes tears spring out. Every time I blink I see my mom, dad, brother, and friends.

D10 pov Taylor: We wait at the low tree until we see a guy and girl that she explained as Slate and Jewel. Feline nods and we walk over to their camp with weapons. We go out and Arlene grabs her knife with another girl she explained as Ardis-saying she might stay behind as well. We "fight" Arlene as Ardis trys to wake Adam from his sleep he must have gone in because of the pain. Feline keeps Arlene busy with the "fighting" as cut around them and tell the girl to back off of him. She gets her knife and I look at Arlene and Feline for help. They look ocupied so I have no choice but to really fight her. She swings her knife over my head and I duck, and we keep a patern going of she makes a move then I do. I don't know how my knife findes her arm and I look at Adam. He rises from sleep and I bend over him and whisper, "Good morning sunshine." His eyes widen and I put the knife through his chest with as much force as I can and twist it in deeper. I look up at the girl as she just stares. I look at feline and Arlene and they stop fighting, staring in disbelief. Feline runs out of there and I yank my knife out and ran after her. And I don't look back.

D1 pov Slate: Me and Jewel come back to camp with little healing herbs. I see Ardis with sighlent tears running down her cheeks and Arlene a few feet away staring at them. "What happened?!" I yell at them. Ardis fills me and Jewel on the event that taken place and finishes with, "Arlene and the oter girl stoped fighting and then the girls ran off." I turn my direction to Arlene as Jewel puts the herbs on Ardis' arm. "And you didn't get hurt or stop them from running off?" She answers with a quiet, "I was in shock and have better skills than her." I knew she was lying and all finger were pointed on her. I hold my knife up and she does the same. "Wait," she starts, "Lets fight this fair." a small smile forms on her mouth and she tilts her head a little to the left. She confuses me and drops her knife and does a high kick and kicks my knife out of my hands. Jewel knows what will happen next and rushed Ardis out of the way and behind a tree as she jumps and kicks my right under my chin. I get she means hand-on-hand combat and fight with my fist. I swing it at her head, stomache, and everywhere I can think of. She blocks every single of my moves and takes it as her advantage to make hers, all in one swift move. I have no idea where this district 3 girl learned this but its haunting that no one in district 1 knows this. I start kicking just she blocks those, too! Next thing I know I'm on my back cluching my face. I have a bloody and I think broken nose and my jaw hurts. She kicks my stomache a few times then I'm on my side, holding my knees to my stomache. She runs away then stops short. That doesn't stop her next move and she cheats by picking up her knife and flinging it quickly with her wrist and it cuts through the air stright and finds its way to my skin. My body goes cold and I reach up to my neck. Red fils my palm and I look up at her. Hurt and fear fills her face and eyes. Last thing I see, is her...running off with her bag.

D3 pov Arlene: I run to find Feline and Taylor. Once I reach them a silver parachute is being tucked into Feline's bag. That is the last of y worries, right now I have to tell them I left the careers. After I told them, the giant progection shows on the screen, showing the deaths. They see Slate dead and look at me, knowing I killed him. My heart sinks at their glares and I lower my head. Eight left...when will this ever end?! I'm tired as a...well...I don't know what can be as tired as I am. Feline and Taylor welcome in their super nautural looking hut and I fall right asleep.

D8 pov Rin: Eight left! Their doing interveiws on us with our families! I never thought I'd get this far. I have Len to thank. When the progection disappears, I look at Len with what I believe is a stupid smile across my face. I can't help myself! Esspecially since now Len is the only guy and would have a better chance on winning this. I finish my tasteless meal and go to bed as instructed by Len. Something tells me it will be a short night, and I let the shaking of the glass rock me to sleep.

Day 6

D1 pov Jewel: After Arlene ran off like the coward she is, me and Ardis said our goodbyes to him so they can get the bodies. Ardis' arm isn't bad as we thought, its just a scratch. Its not the first time we had to do this. We come back to camp and wip our sighlent tears away as we pack. Us girls are the only careers left, and Arlene is the one to blame for this! I WILL get my revenge!

D7 pov Cleo: I wake up at the first rays of dawn, thanks to the shaking of the glass. My leg is throbing and evern more swolen. I find two low branchs that look like they broke off last night and use those as crunches. Intake my arrow and use the blade to smooth the tops down. I put then under my arm and attept to walk with them. They may give in after a few days, so I've decided to limit my walking and movement. First, I have to hunt or I might give in in a few days...or less.

D3 pov Arlene: I wake up to Feline and Taylor coming down the tree holding food and jugs of water. A small smile forms and I help them down. We eat and go off to do what ever. I find a river and skips rocks in it. Taylor leans over it on her stomache and twirls her finger in the water, drawing lazy circles on the waters surface. A fish lifts it head and opens it mouth. I see it's teeth and parrana fetures show. "Taylor!" She looks up at me and at that moment the fish jumps out the water and pulls her in with many others. She trys to wack then off with her hand from her hair but the fish grab onto her hand. She falls foward and I run to Feline and cover her eyes and pulls her away from the sceen. I could hear her scream and flap around in the water. When the noise is gone, Feline doesn't move so I go back and grab our stuff without looking in the water and run back to her. I nod at her and she crys. I pull her up of her feet and walks away from the river.

D8 pov Len: I wake up with Rin gone. I jolt up and yell, "Rin!" I hear laughing and call out again. I hear more laughing and look up to see her danging on a tree branch by her knees. "Get down before you get hurt!" I tell her. "Okay, but I don't know how to get down!" she laughs. I sigh and climb up the tree after her. I pull her up and she laughs. I turn and see the red bird a foot away from us. I quicky cover her mouth and eyes so she doesn't scream or see it. "What ever you do, don't move." I whisper to her. She nodds and more come. I slowly look around, trying not to spook them. Rin can't scream again because they would find out nothing is near and you sure kill us. "On three," I whisper again, "I will push you," I feel her tense up, "You might land in the pine needles of your bed...don't scream or look up. Just run and hide somewhere I can find you." I feel her breath quicken and she nodds. I push her on three and she covers her mouth on the way down. She falls on half on half off the pine needles and runs away. The birds look ready to attack. I hear a screach and jump off the branch and run the opposite direction Rin went. I hurdle over logs and duck under branches. I find the desert close and look behind me. I know the carreers camp is near and turn right to them. I go and find two girls trying to start a fire. "Ladies," I say sarcasticly and hear screaing. I turn and see the birds stopped following me. I stop to catch my breath then run back to my camp to find Rin.

D12 pov Ardis: I stop trying to kindle a fire and hear someone run towards us. I look up to see Len and a swarm of birds behind them. I scream and Jewel screams. Len runs past and I make for the bushes. I see that Jewel hasn't followed me so I poke my head out and see her already lying there, dead. I go up and say my good byes and leave so her body can me collected and deside to go and find a new camp. I hold mine and her bag. I walk away.

D3 pov Arlene: I hear a cannon and relize there might be seven or six of us. I take a deep breath and the air smells cleaner than normal. I rest against a tree and lay my head back. Feline plays with one of her weapons. I pull the thick twig out of my bag and carve more designs in it. I find a smooth leave and have an idea for what I can do. I take my knife and poke the tip in my finger and a drop of blood rises from my skin. Feline stops and stares at me like I'm crazy. I smile and whip my finger over the fully designed twig. I look and the carvings get covered in red. I roll it over the leaf until the whole front and back side of it is covered. I put my finger in my mouth and it stops bleeding. I show Feline and she smiles at the leavey, flowery, and viney patterns. The blood drys and I put the leave in my bag.

D7 pov Cleo: The sun is going down and my leg is still in pain. The arena shakes and the glass shuts us in. I close my eyes and the gamemakers anounce the feast in the morning. Six left already? The feast brings in the six tributes to get the games going again and exciting. Like, recreating the Blood Bath. I hear them say that it will be at the cornicorpia and there will be for the remaining districts comtaining something they need most. I need something for my leg but I can't fight like this, and I can't make my way to the Cornicorpia because of the glass. I need to get as close to the glass so when it opens I can make my way to the Cornicorpia. I get up with sticks as cruches and limp to the glass, sleep can wait...

Day 7

D3 pov Arlene: I use the last of my rope on my 15th snare. I made snares along the border of the forest and desert so it would be easier to get the bags. I feel bad for doing this, hurtting people, but me and Feline do what we have to. The plan is for Feline to watch the snares and our supplies. My job is to fight for the bags. I show her where the snares are and to make sure no animales mess with them. I set out for the cornicorpia. Once I;m halfway there I notice there is not much covering since its a

D7 pov Cleo: I have no clue how I'm going to do this. If I hide in the cornicorpia, I can get eassy access to the bags but then what when I have it? If I wait for it all to end, there will be nothing left. My choice is to attack from far or near, keeping everyone away from my bag. I have my arrows and bow. I see another person looking around. I climb in the cornicorpia and load my bow. When will this start?

D12 pov Ardis: I get here and hide behind a tall and wide cactus. I need to fight. I need to get ym bag. I need to survive. I need to go home. I see movement in the cornicorpia and raise my knife. Out of the corner of my eye I see Arlene. I change my direction when the ground shakes and makes me off balance. My face hits the cactus. I see Arlene running to the cornicorpia where a table rises from the ground containing two jugs of water, five bags, and two loafs of bread. The cornicorpia shoots an arrow. The cornicorpia shoots an arrow? It hits Arlene's thigh and she falls face first on the table. I see her get up, grab two bags, a jug of water, and a loaf of bread and run like hell out of there even with her bad leg. I take one of my knifes and throw it at her. It hits her right in the shoulder and I tackle her. She takes her knife and stabs it in my side. I weaken and she runs away holding everything and her shoulder.

D8 pov Len: I left early so Rin doesn't come after me. I see a bloody heap on the floor and run past it. I can tell it saw my and it throws it's knife. I stumble and fall by the knife didn't hit me. I grab the district 7 bag, the last of the bread, and the water. A figure springs out of the cornicorpia and shoots it's arrows at me. "Len!" I hear a pitchy voice scream. "Rin!" I call back. She runs to my help when the bloody heap pulls her down. She kicks the attacker in the face and claws at her face. I turn my attention back on the girl fighting me when Rin yells at me to look out. My attacker shoots the arrow in my chest. Rin jumps on her and hits her, stabbing the knife in her arm deeper until it comes out the other end. I never seen this side of her. Se runs to me and it goes black.

D5 pov Feline: I hear screams and panic. I grab the most sharpest weapons that might be needed for this and run to help. I see Arlene stumble as Ardis is bloody with cactus throns in her cheek and scratches across her eye lids. I pull out a spear and throw it. It hits Ardis' stomache and she falls back. I help Arlene up and quickly get us out of there.

D8 pov Rin: I cry over Len praying for him to wake up. I look back and see the girl I was fighting laying still. I get up and crawl to her to see if she is alive. She is not. I cry more. I say a prayer to her, go to Len, give him a prayer, kiss his forhead and thank him for everything. I run away holding the things Len got. I see the forest and jump the border line. My foot hits the forest and gets pulled up by a rope. I drop my things and hang there.

D3 pov Arlene: I hear a noise not to far and turn around. "Arlene?! We have to get to camp!" I ingore her and move to see a little girl hanging by my snare by her foot. I pull out my knife and she sees me. She yells and I hush her. I try and lift her by I'm too weak to. Feline gets what I'm doing and lifts the girl. I cut the rope and we both set her on the floor. I give her a meaning full look and she nods like she read my mind. She grabs her stuff and run. There are three of us. When we get to camp we are spliting our things and leaving each others alliance.""But-" I cut her off my raiseing my good arm. She quiets and we make our way to camp.


D5 pov Feline: When we got to the camp, we splited up the weapons and food with no dispute.I got a few of the knifes, two matches, my blow gun and darts, and swords and some food. Arlene got a bow and arrow, gthe rest of the knifes, the other two matches, and some food. She let me keep the hut and she went out in search of new camp for herself. I decide to hide out and go out as night, as my first plan.

D8 pov Rin: I look at my weapons and think about how to play this game. I've always been under Len's protective wing since the begining. I think about what he did in the beging on the games. took care of me, planned, ate, faught. I plan. I decide to go out and explore and find out where the other tributes are hiding. I see a heap in the middle of the forest. I apporch it and a hear movement. I run behind a tree and look over it to see the District 5 ggirl holding a sword. She was there when the girl who did the mine explosions cut me lose from the snare. she enter back in her hut and I climb the tree with great dificutlies. I sing the song Len always sang to me...quitetly to myself.

D3 pov Arlene: I hold my bow and quiver over my shoulder with my bag of knifes and some food on the other shoulder. I want a tree to camp at. I find one with not too low, think, sturdy branches. It's branches spread out in all directions. I scale the tree with ease. I swing my legs over a tree branch in one sweep move and pull my body up in the same move. I find a tree seperated in a V. I sit in the middle of the two branches and hang my bow and quiver and my bag on a near by branch. I think to myself how this is the ideal spot for where the tributes would cross. Attack from above! It hits me that I am think like this... I curl my knees up to my chest and cry soundly. I cover my mouth to try and slience myself but it doesn't work. I remember the cameras and look up. I drp my head as fast as I rose it, but knowing how this thing works, they got a pretty good shot of my tear stained face. I hide my face in my knees and cry. I hope the cameras find somethign else to focus on than me. Right now, Right here, I would do anything to get out of this prision.

D8 pov Rin: A silver parachute flys by and a almost fall out of the tree trying to catch it. I unravel the parachute and see it's a mircophone. I hold it close to me and know exacly what to do with it.

D5 pov Feline: The glass shuts us in and I set out to kill. I see a silver parachute and grab it. It's just the parachute. I look around then look up. I see a figure and back away. Hope it's not the birds! I grab my bag of knifes with my blow gun in it with my darts. I go out and wonder, if I was Arlene...where would I be. I rememebr her saying she was not being herself, so I try to find a camp they she wouldn't go to. I never heard her say anything about trees, so I look up the whole time. I hear a sniffle and hold still. I look up and see her face in the moonlight. She's....crying. I move slowly and pull out my blow gun and darts. Instead though, I feel something smooth. I pull it out and hold it out to the moon. It's Arlene's leaf. I remember who she is not and feel guilty for hunting her down. I remember why I'm here, to fight for my life. I put the leaf back in my bag and grab the blow gun and darts. I take a step and break a twig. I look up and her head shoots down and looks closely in the dark. She pulls out her match and lights it. I see her grab and arrow and her bow and she lights the front of the arrow with the flame, aims, and shoots. The flame comes at me and I scream and try to jump out of the way. She fires again and it hits my stomache. I use my last strength to shoot the blow gun. I hear a sound from her and hope she got shot. The blood rushing from me soaks the flaming arrow and puts the fire out. I close my eyes at the strike of lightning and fall isto an everlasting sleep.

Day 9

D3 pov Arlene:

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