1 A majority vote means a tribute is picked.

2 No tribute shall have weapons before arriving at the arena.

3 Anyone no matter how old can be picked.

4 the capitol has the right to make you suffer,period.

Tributes of the 125th Hunger Games
1 Christina Somera 1 Henry  Shiner
2 Maria Artacia  2 Julian Centeron
3 Isabella  Haywire 3 Oscar Gears
4 Emily Green 4 Antonius caesar
5 Maya Cleverton 5 James Tiger
6 Emma Rumia 6 Jack Wolf
7 Elizabeth Roberts 7 Carter Grey
8 Olivia Mackenzie 8 Elijah Bontice
9 Anna Deborah  9 Josiah Xavier
10 Sarah Taylor 10 Adam cooper
11 Zoey Grace  11 Evan Hunter
12 Riley Songbird 12 Austin Connor
13 Connor Ryder 13 Ellie Kennedy

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