Hello peoples. I am very bored, so I decided to make a games. I know that no one will join these since I haven't been very active lately, but honestly I don't care. So, here it goes!

These will be completely normal games. 24 tribs, no twists, no tricks, no surprises.....

(The last one was a lie! >:D)


Yeah, they exist. Follow them... or else...

5. No. Spamming.

2. Please don't make your tributes ridiculious...

4. Use the full template for whoever you submit. (which will be farther down this blog)

7. No arguing with me (Since these are my games, you can argue with me about something else)

2. No rude comments.

9. Please give feedback, positive or negative. I always want to know how I can improve! (Be mindful of #5)

8. I skipped number 3 and you didn't even notice!

1. And now you're noticing that all of the numbers are messed up... >:D

6. Oh yeah! Have fun! :D

(It depends on which rule you break, but if you are submitting tributes, your tribute could either not be admitted into the games or I'll make their death painful and heartbreaking. Don't break the rules!)


Tribute Template

Yeah... this is the thing that it says to follow in the rules. So follow it! I don't mind if you add more, but I won't accept less.









Looks: (at least include skin color, eye color, hair color and height.)

Picture: (Real life please, no Lunaiis.)

(For the weaknesses and skills, please make them pretty even. Don't but 20 things for their strengths and one thing for their weaknesses. If you do I'll ask you to change it, change it for you, or just not accept it depending on the situation.)

Accepted Tributes

Name Age District Gender Looks Backstory Personality Skills Weaknesses User
1 Male
1 Female
2 Male
2 Female
3 Male
3 Female
Infinity Nightlock 18 4 Male Bronze hair, sea green eyes, tan, strong looking, 6'4

Infinity LOVES fishing. He never really had involvment in the Games because his parents found them silly and a waste of time. But fishing taught him how to use a trident, fish hook and a net. Instead of fishing, he started training behind his parents back. He got very good and people started comparing with Finnick Odair and it was close. He is very good at swimming. He is also very strong and smart. He can take out the whole arena with one bomb but if your super far away from the bomb you can survive which is what he can do when it gets down to him and one or two other tributes

Nice, charming, and sweet but can be a little concieted. Trident, fish hook, net or anything else like a trident and swimming Has trust issues, and is a terrible climber Nhtomahawks22
4 Female
5 Male
Selene Rhodon 16 5 Female

Fair skin, grey-brown eyes, red-brown hair, always wears her token, an anklet. 5'6

 As a child, Selene was very caring and thoughtful. She would usually volunteer in the local healing center. Even though she was a natural born healer, using plant and other stuff from nature, she was awfully good at throwing things... Especially knives. She learned this skill because her parents usually fight on daily basis. She would usually side with her mother because she was always right. But one day, her father got home drunk, he got hostile and broke things from plates to vases. Selene's mother stopped him from his rampage and for that, Selene's mother recieved a hard slap. Selene's father went out then and was never heard of again. And Selene's hatred of men grew and grew. She then started to refuse male patients in the healing center. She would also steal a shirt from her Dad's closet and pin it on her bedroom wall. She would throw knives on it which would usually land right on the heart. When she got reaped as a tribute, she vowed to win, for her mother. Sweet, caring, goofy, a natural born healer, cheerful. Bow and Arrow, Healing Men and betraying others or being betrayed IdleInMind
6 Male
6 Female
7 Male
Rockale " Ricki" Gorty 14 7 Female Dark wavy hair down to her breast. Chocolate brown eyes. Farly pale, Tall and Slender. Height 5'7" Weight 102lbs The second oldest of five children, Ricki is very hard working and makes sure that her little siblings are always as safe as possible. Her dad left after her sister Gina was born and he never came back. Her mom is drunk most of the time and barely has enough to feed her family. She practically lives at her best friend Chip's house. She cried at the reaping when she was picked. As her family came to say good bye, her older brother gave her a locket with a picture of her dad in it. Sarcastic and Cynical, and is very Shy and Reserved  Stealth, Good climber, Good with an axe, Can reconize Plants Klutzy, slow and cries easily Rainbowninjas
8 Male
8 Female
Camoren "Camo" Greene 13 9 Male Pale skin blue eyes and brown hair He was born in the hospital in the center of District 9. His family was rich and well known for they were previous victors of the Hunger Games so they expected the best out of their son. He had 6 sisters so he was the only boy. His younger sisters are Josie, Helen, and Apple. His older sisters are Freya, Gretched and Jewel. He always was the center of attention because his family wanted boys not a bunch of girls. He was into Animals which disappointed his parents so they refused to give him a pet. Quiet but popular he only speaks to his group of close friends and Ire. Poisoned Dagger, Camoflage (How he got his nickname) Animal Calls Slow, Ire's cry and swimming Foxface D5
Ireland "Ire" Plasket 12 9 Female She has pale skin, amber eyes and fiery red hair that shines in the light. She has frail shoulders and a fox-like body. Born in the hills of District 9 she was used to the animals that lived around her parts.She had one pet, a fox that had lost her leg and Ireland took her in.The fox's name was Moonlight. One day while in the barn playing with Moonlight Ire heard a scream and ran to the sound.There she saw her mother and father dead at the side of the road for a careless driver had crashed in to their wagon and they capsized. Ire ran into town clueless for she was in desperate.She ran into a boy sitting with his friends at the schoolyard, and that's how she met her true love, Camo. On the day of her first reaping she wore the best dress she had, A blue dress with patches all over it and waited till the bell sounded for there was nothing she could do but pet Moonlight and stare at a wall. Quiet, Shy and Foxlike. Only has one friend and she ends up going to the Games with him. Flying tree to tree, Stealth, Plant Identification Water, Bigger tributes (So everyone), is a Vegetarian  Foxface D5
10 Male
10 Female
11 Male
11 Female
12 Male
12 Female

Tribute Gallery


These are the people who are gonna help me with any writing issues... so yeah. If you're gonna sign up you have to be active.

Gamemaker Template




Accepted Gamemakers

Name Age Specialty User
Theresa Credins 22 Creating Mutts and overseeing the whole Games SlappingSquirrels

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