Hello good (or bad) people! It's me, SlappingSquirrels (duh) and I'm making another Games! I am aware that I am writing the 999th Games at the moment.

Enough with the standard cheesy introductions, let's get started!


Yes, they exist. Follow them or else I won't let your tribute participate, or, they may.. uhm... die faster then most. Actually, thinking aout it that way, I honestly don't care weather or not you break the rules, just don't get all upset when you must face the concequences. >:)

  • NO SPAMMING!!! I hate it more then anything, it's aout using other people's popularity to get more for yourself. So don't do it.
  • Maximum of 3 tributes and one Gamemaker.
  • Check and make sure the spot is open before you submit a tribute.
  • Please use the provided formates for submitting a stylist tribute and or gamemaker.
  • Don't get mad at me if/when your tribute dies.
  • Enjoy!

(PS. This isn't a rule, but it would be nice if you commented every once in a while, just to letme know that you're still reading, or else I just wont bother to update)

The Twist

POV of a random District Citizen

President Quirl steps out onto the platform and reads off the speach she wrote about the Quarter Quell and why it is happening but I don't to the details because I am too terrified to hear the twist. Quirl finishes her speech and a little girl comes out holding out a box that President Quirl gracefully takes from her and randomly selects a card. She reads it over once, to make sure it's a good one and smiles un-nervingly once she's done reading. "This year, to show that the Capitol is a meciful ruler, even when aggrivated, whoever is reaped is given a choice. They can either participate in the Hunger Games like usual, or pick someone else of reaping age to participate in the Hunger Games for them." She smiles cruely as she lets the information sink in. Then, just to make sure that everyone gets it, she reads it again. "Happy hunger games, and may the odds be EVER in your favor!" Quirl says with a wink, and the TV goes dark.

I can't belive it. My grandkids... they might have to participate in this madness...


Required Info









Picked or Reaped and if Picked then by who:

(Optional) Intresting Fact(s):


(And add a real life photo. No Lunaiis)

The Tributes

Name Age District Gender Weapons Skills Weaknesses Looks Picked or Reaped Allies
1 Male

Reserved (Mysims)

1 Female
Reserved (Pierules) 2 Male
Katie Sundanna 15 2 Female Throwing Axes Good aim, fast. She isn't strong. She is very bad with swords Black hair, dark brown eyes. Her hair is usually in pigtails. Reaped Careers
3 Male
3 Female
4 Male
4 Female
Simion Liit 18 5 Male Bow and Arrows and Throwing Knifes Very strong and a great climber Can't swim and is afraid of spiders Tan black hair, dark brown eyes Reaped Petra Liit
Petra Liit 15 5 Female Axe and Knife Very fast and strong for her age Can't climb very well and is very attatched to her gang Straight dark red hair, brown eyes and pale skin. Picked by Leena Vertech Simion Liit
6 Male
6 Female
Pamline Falcone 17 7 Male Axe and Mace Very strong and a great tree climber He's not the fastest or the best at swimming Black hair, green eyes and fair skin Reaped None
Reserved (Mysims) 7 Female
8 Male
8 Female
9 Male

Reserved (Mysims)

9 Female
10 Male
10 Female
11 Male
Aleena Kofromee 16 11 Female Knives (preferably throwing), machete, mace Running, climbing, stealth, killing Cold weather, having to owe people. Long black hair and blue eyes

Picked by Mckenzie Williams

12 Male
12 Female


Tribute User
Katie Sundanna


Simion Liit FIATO
Petra Liit FIATO
Pamline Falcone FITAO
Aleena Kofromee Pierules

Intresting Stuff

Name Intresting Fact
Katie Sundanna None
Simion Liit Simion is gay and has a fiance called Louroi Liit. He would do anything to save Petra and doesn't plan on coming home.
Petra Liit She has a gang, of only girls. She is distraught about the games as her youngest member was reaped a few years back and died. Simion is her brother.
Pamline Falcone He has no family as his sister died in the games and his mum killed herself close after. His dad then deserted him when he got a new family.
Aleena Korfomee She grew up on the street since age 8

Tribute Gallery


Before we have the stylists sign up, you guys should vote on weather or not I should do the Chariots. If we vote not to do the Chariots then there won't be any stylists. So go and Vote!!!


If you sign up for a gamemaker you HAVE to check the Gamemakers only blog that I will make and constantly be sharing ideas or else you're gamemaker gets 'fired' and someone else can take their position.

Required Info



The Gamemakers

Name User Specialty
President Quirl SlappingSquirrels Ruling Panem and creating Muttations.
Agusti Leverman FITAO Mutts
Alona McAllister Pierulesnotyou Arena Designs
Pirouette Lisbusten Mysims Mutt Designs


Please Please PLEASE vote!

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<poll> Should these Games feature Private Training? Yes!! No!! </poll>

<poll> Should these Games feature Chariot Rides? Yes!! No!! </poll>

<poll> Should these Games feature Interviews? Yes!! No!! </poll>

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