Hello, citizens of Panem! This is your president Quirly, here to host the 999th Annual Hunger Games!!!

This is just going to be a normal Hunger Games, nothing too crazy... *laughs like a maniac*


Yes, I know, there are rules. They're only here to make my life easier though, so please follow them! (don't worry, there's not many :P )

  1. No ADS! I hate advertising, using someone else's popularity to try and gain some more for yourself. There's no reason for them, so please don't post ADS! If you do, don't be suprised when I get mad.
  2. If you say go to my profile, you better have a really good tribute on there or else their not getting in the games, or they're dying early. Just saying...
  3. If your tribute dies, please don't be mad at me. This is a Hunger Games, and these things do happen!
  4. Only submit 3 tributes a piece, and 1 Stylist/Gamemaker. This might change, depending on the popularity of these
  5. Follow the Format for whoever your submiting, and please make sure that the spot is open before you submit.
  6. There are no more rules! May the odds be Ever in your favor! :D

Tributes (Closed!)

This is the Tribute Template. Use it or DIE!

Just kidding, but seriously. Use the Tribute Template.








Alliance (Yes or no, and if yes, with who?):

(And please add a real life picture, not a Lunaii, or else I pick the pictures, and if that happens they won't be very good)

Name Age District Gender Looks Weapons/Skills Weaknesses Alliance User
Misty Bull 16 1 Girl Long and beautiful blonde hair with deep brown eyes. Her lips are pink and beautiful. She's fast and beautiful. Her hair calls attention, and she is great with Bow and Arrows and good with Knives and Axes She is very rich and refined. She hates natural passages. Careers ViniciusDeAssis1999
Cole Braxton 17 1 Boy Straight blonde hair, Brown eyes, Strong, Athletic, 6"2 Cole is really Athletic, Strong, and is really Fast. He's good with Axes, swords, and hand to hand combat Not good at hiding or climbing trees. Careers HKTLovesGlimmer
Xandra Mondella 15 2 Girl She has red hair flush tan skin and green eyes she has pink lips with light brown eyebrows. Throwing knives,spear, searching for food, plant knoledge,quietness Water, vision Careers Clove the best
Ellianne *Elli* Shocking 15 3 Girl Pale Skin, Curvy, Grey Eyes, Bright Orange hair and pale pink lips She's really good with Throwing Knives and Axes, hiding, hand to hand combat and running Doesn't use wire well, can trust anyone and isn't good at Swimming. District Partner Omgdeadpeople
Wyatt Barnes 16 3 Boy Brown hair light blue eyes tan/pinkish skin Speed, Skill, Knife Sword. Younger tributes, bunnies, being alone. District partner Clove the best
Misty Blue 18 4 Girl Reddish brown hair with golden skin, sea foam eyes, and freckles. She is pretty and has a great figure Trident, Knives, Bow and Arrows, Fishing, Nets, she knows her Plants and she can make a fish hook out of almost anything. Hates death and making things die, Hand to hand combat, she would die for her husband Logan and she may be pregnant. Careers Nate777
Logan Blue 18 4 Boy Unruly reddish brown hair, tanned skin, green blue eyes, and athletic Trident, Long range weapons, Running, Netting, Climbing, Strong, Fishing, Swimming, and is a good looking guy. His wife Misty is going into the arena and he would die for her, and she may be pregnant. Careers Nate777
Carter Evans 16 5 Girl Bright blonde hair, bright blue eyes Sword, fast, agile, very caring. Not very strong, and sometimes she can be very clumsy, but that's rare. Yes, with the D12 female Rainfacestar
Jason Green 14 5 Boy Brown hair blue eyes Smart strong and good with a sword Impatient and unkind Yes anyone that wants to and CB96's other tributes Chrystalbeast96
Madeline James 15 6 Girl Long, black hair and blue-green eyes and incredibly pale skin Dagger, Sickle, strongish with good aim She isn't very fast Yes with anyone she can trust Rainfacestar
Patrick Brown 16 6 Boy blondy brown hair, medium hight, green eyes. Knife Throwing. He is skilled at plant life and knows which plants are edible or not. Patrick is very fast. Hand-to-hand combat, he is also very shy. Yes anyone who wants him as an ally Gleek4ever2012
Kimberly Willow 14 7 Girl Kimberly has long, curly, blonde Hair, grass Green eyes, and is very skinny, 5"5 Smart, quick, flexible and can climb trees quickly. Swimming, killing, blood. No one HKTLovesGlimmer
Carver Ainsley 16 7 Boy Carver has shaggy dark brown hair, Brownish-gray eyes, is tall, skinny, and Muscular, 6"1. Carver has practiced Karate his whole life, which gives him great hand to hand combat mand makes him very fast and stealthy. Swimming, small spaces Anyone HKTLovesGlimmer
Lisa Richards 17 8 Girl Long black hair, grey eyes Fast, Archery, Manipilative too trusting and fragile Anyone that wants to, and CB96's other tributes Chrystalbeast96
Tyler Wire 13 8 Boy Blond Hair, Short (5'2), Blue Eyes, and Strong Axe, Trident, Blowgun, Wires, and Strong. Fire, Large animals, Short, and Maces. Anyone he doesn't care Tybomarq
Allie Whittle 16 9 Girl Long Brown hair and dazziling Blue Eyes, really pale skin, quite tall, full pink lips and very thin, but natural, eyebrows, kind of pretty Throwing Knives, Bow and Arrows, very fast, agile and cunning, also has a very good sense of character and wither someone is trustworthy or not, really good aim Not very strong, bad at making desisions Yes, with her district partner Mysims
Alex Donaque 13 9 Boy

Short brown hair that is just the right length and hue. Not the skinniest, but not the fattest either, blue eyes, quite short. Sometimes is described by older girls as cute.

Sword, ok with a Bow and Arrow, His ability to judge character, strong and easily able to get away from pursuers Being called names, his sister being bullied. Thinking of times where he was suicidal. Yes, with his district Partner Mysims
Sarah Backmon 16 10 Girl Brown hair down to her waist, electric blue eyes Camping, Seduction and Knives ADD and Temper Anyone that wants to, and CB96's other tributes Chrystalbeast96
Owen Clanahan 13 10 Boy medium length dirty blonde hair. 5 "7. skinny, blue eyes, ears that stick out just a little bit. Throwing knives, Whips, fast and smart Not too strong, flying creatures Yes, any other male from an outlying district. Owenc8925
Tanya Davids 16 11 Girl Tan skin, black hair, green eyes

Acrobatic, flexible, Dagger, Sickle

Can't swim, afraid of large fires None Whatrbooks
Kris Story 13 11 Boy Long dirty blonde hair. 5'5 1/2. skinny but muscles are there, green and yellow eyes, medium build. Spears, Throwing knives, hatchet, regular knives. Fast, Smart, Manipulitive, good aim. Not too strong, oversleeps a lot Anyone from District 10-12 (needs to be approved) KrisStory
Dania Coleman 16 12 Girl Daina has Dark brown Wavy/ Curly hair with blue very defined eyes, she has perfect skin caucasian, pink lips, Small ears and short body 5,0 Bow and arrow, Needle, Rope. Blood, Water, Spiders Alliance with D5 female Clove the best
Clyde Marsh 17 12 Boy Brown hair, light skin, blue eyes, has some muscles Strong, Spear Short temper, bad climber, mutts None Whatrbooks

Tribute Gallery


This is the Stylist Template. Use it or die!





Girl Chariot Costume:

Boy Chariot Costume:

(Please don't just post pictures of the chariot costumes, also explain them, or just explain them if you don't want to post pictures)

Name Age District Looks Girl Costume Boy Costume
Panthera Bliss 22 1 Panthera is the latin word for girrafe as she has girrafe pattern on the right side of her face travelling down her neck to her fingertips with pink tinted skin and lond bleached hair A mint green jumpsuit with a blast of sparkles and on the arms it will have jewels travelling down decreasing in size her hair will be in super beach curls with a fuscia pink bow on the right side. she will be wearing White wedges for shoes, Her makeup will be simple with a wing on the side and false lashes, powder to eliminate all pimples and blemishes. Mint Green suit, With jeweled side of the oant legs increasing in size he will be wearing fuscia pink dress shoes. his hair will be let go free combed and set to the left side.
Tiffany Terrace 26 2 Wavy brown hair, pale skin and huge earrings. Will wear a golden dress (picture to show) A black tuxedo with a golden vest.
Wyatt Techno 26 3 Light brown eyes dark brown hair and pale ski

Her outfit is similar to his but her left leg isn't exposed and she is wearing heels.

Both her and him will have a silver mesh around their costume and silver and black glitter all over them.

He will be wearing a silver headpiece with electric (Similar to Katniss and Peeta's fire) emantings. His outfit is gray and a black jumpsuit with the electric accent. His left leg is exposed and his boot's made of wire.
Amendella Gemini 20 4 She looks like an average person, with light brown hair, and green eyes. Only thing that sets her off is her hairstyles and the occasional gold eye-shadow. She is wearing a blue satin dress that is long and flowing behind her, and her hair is curled with lily's in them. He dress and make-up makes her look like she is water. He is wearing an outfit like the girl's only he isn't wearing a dress, it's more like a Toga.
Leafette Shocka 58 5 She looks Wacko she had Light Skin now she has skin as Treebark and she loves tree's so much soo has a green Afro and she os skinny. Carter Will be wearing a Strapless long Golden dress with Silver Lighting bolts around it,That will Change colors and the dress will be flashing colors (but Slowly, but not too slow) And she will have Gold Eye shadow and lipstick that will Shimmer in the light and Lastly Carter will Where a Tiara made out of fake lighting bolts and Carter's hair will be in a Bun and with her eyeshadow she will have a blue bolt on her right eye. : Jason will be Wearing a Golden Tux with thurder bolts around that will Change colors ( The bolts ) Also he will have gold LED Lights on his pants too make him shine like Carter and lastly he will have his hair in a Mowhawk spray painted with Gold spray paint and also lastly he will have a a crown with lighting bolts and he will thorw fake Lighting bolts too the crowd that will Explode with confetti.
Jim de Winter 30 6 Dark brown hair, blue eyes and fair skin The Tributes shall wear gold shorts and a silver top. These will just be plain and simple with no extravagant design on them. They will wear headgear that looks like headlights. These will light up the tributes faces and the metallic colours of their clothing will shine because of the light. (both are on the other section)
Nichelle Brown 20 7 Tinted pink skin with white hair and whiskers Some pink high wasted pants with a white bandou. They will have a came of axes and branches. Her makeup will be simple, With blue eyeshadow Same as girls minus the makeup
Rj Graffiti 14 8 White skin, blonde-ish hair Red and white stripes Red and white stripes
Boonquisha Olaiphra 33 9 Dark brown skin, Pink hair, Horn indents on her forehead A flowy dress that has pices of grain splatted on it anlong with sparkles.The dress will be purple-blue and the top will be like overalls. Her makeup will look very orange and yellowish with black eyeliner. Same as girl minus the sparkles and it's more of a jumpsuit then a dress
Anon Blank 47 10 Dark skin orange hair neon whiskers and brightly colored clothes A cow printes dress with chain ornaments, fake blood drips will be places at the eye traveling down her makeup will be simple but perfect same as girls but as a suit.
Lemony Snicket 49 11 Grey hair, blue eyes She is wearing a giant apple suit Same as girl
Pelroy Likerfaum 34 12 Tan, orange hair green teeth yellow eyes, and he is tall. Exact same thing as boy Coal glued to them with yellow red and orange flame drawings all over them.

Gamemakers (Closed!)

This is the Gamemaker Template. Use it or die! (painfully)




Name User Age Specialty
Quirly Sleen SlappingSquirrels 29 Being the President of Panem and Making Muttations.
Berna Tavers Rainfacestar 21 Making Muttations, helping make the Arena.
Daniel Ryans MovieReviews98 24 Ideas and Contacting (everyone>:D)
Rocky Jones. HKTLovesGlimmer 26 Creativity, Arena and Disasters
Lala Moh Omgdeadpeople 30 Making up Events and Traps

Chariot Rides

The TV flickers to life

Hello Citizens of Panem! This is your handsom host and announcer, Akhorn Kamrarady! Today we'll be meeting our tributes for the first time, and in fabulous costumes no less! Oh, here they come- District 1's chariot is already exiting the tunnel!

Misty Bull and Cole Braxton come out wearing outfits that remind me personally of Mint Chocolate Chip Icecream. Misty is wearing a sparkily green jumpsuit with gems varying in size and color on it. Her hair is beautifully styled with a cute little bow in it. Adding this to her natural beauty that comes from her district 1 heratige and It's no wonder that the crowd can't help but stare. Cole is wearing a similar outfit, a pale green suit with gems of different sizes all over it as well. His hair is also styled nicely, and he looks equally stunning. Together they both look amazing, and the crowd (including myself) loves it, although some of the people that stick strongly to the rules of the chariot rides are a bit doubtful about these costumes.

District 2's tributes, Xandra Mondella and Daniel, come out of the tunnel wearing very sparkily outfits. Xandra is sporting a long, golden glittery gown, and Daniel is wearing a black tux with golden vest underneath. The crowd really loves the glitter, but many of them don't understand how it fits the districts industry. I understand though, although it's not the most suiting. Still, the costumes are very pretty and the crowd seems to really like them.

District 3, the Technology District, looks very... shocking. Wyatt Barnes is wearing a grey and black jumpsuit that resembles one a factory worker might wear. Unlike a factory worker though, one pant leg is shorter then the other, his umpsuit has electric accents all over it, his boots are made of wire and his headpiece seemed to eminate electricity. He seems to be glittering black and silver, and there is a slight, barely noticeable wire mesh all over him. Elli Shocking has on a similar outfut, the only differences being that her pant legs are the same length and she is wearing wire heels instead of wire boots. The crowd seems to love how stylish the outfits are, and at the same time representing their districts very well! I know that I love them!

The tributes from the Fishing District appear, and everyone's eyes turn to them. Misty Blue has on a blue, satiny dress that flows behind her, almost like water. Her hair is curled, and water lilys are strategically tucked into the curls. Her makeup is all blue, sugessting that she is one with the ocean. Logan Blue is wearing a simmilar outfut, more tailored to men. His hair is let loose but still styled (If that makes any sense), he has on noticeably less makeup then Misty and his costume is more of a toga then a dress. The crowd loves the costumes but feels as if they've seen it all before, so many turn their heads back to the others, when Logan leans in and kisses Misty. The crowd's attention is automatically snapped back to them, as they all love a tragic romance. Some notice the rings on both of their fingers and the fact that their last names are the same and realize that Logan and Misty are a married couple, making them instant favorites. I for one loved the show they put on, but as for the costumes, I am a bit doubtful on how successful they were.

From District 5, here come Carter Evans and Jason Green! They're wearing very flashy costumes. Carter has on a strapless, flashing golden dress with silver lightningbolts that change colors on it. Her hair is pulled back in a bun, and on her head she sports a tiara made out of (fake) lightningbolts! Her lipstick and eyeshadow is golden, and she has a blue dash of eyeshadow on one eye.... oh. With a close look, you can obviously tell it's a lightningbolt. Jason is wearing a similar golden outfit, only this time it's a tuxedo instead of a dress. His hair is in a mowhawk and painted gold. He has a crown like Carter's tiara, and he is throwing out lightningbolts to the crowd. The first one makes impact with something, and it explodes. BOOM! Colors reign down and the crowd calms down, realizing it's not raining fire, only confetti. The crowd loves the creative take on this, and the cheers are defening. I can visualize the new styles this will create, people dying their hair sifferent colored polka-dots to commemerate the confetti that was lodged in their hair for weeks on end. I personally loved the detailed costumes, but I can see some people not liking them as much as I do because of the traditional colors and designs.

Patrick Brown and Madeline James from District 6 show their faces and the crowd looks slightly confused. They are both wearing metalic, simple golden shorts and silver tops. They have on headgear that slightly resembles something a miner would wear, and so the audience looks confused because District 6's industry is Transportation, not mining. Some smart mind in the crowd figures out that they're suppossed to be headlights instead of miners hats, and the word spreads and the crowd starts to applaud, because the costumes are really beautiful. I'm not completely sold on the costumes, because of the confusion at the beginning, but they really are pretty.

Carver Ainsly and Kimberly Willows ride into the spotlight and the crowd seems to find them very provoctave. Kimberly has on a white bandeau paired with some high waisted pants. She has blue eyeshadow and is holding out a branch to the crowd. Carver is wearing a similar outfit, except he has on no makeup and instead of a branch he is holding up an axe, which he is using to cut the branch Kimberly is holding in half. The crowd likes the costumes a lot, since they are very cute, but I, like most of them, have other favorites that we quickly turn back to.

District 8's tributes, Lisa Richards and Tyler Wire, come out of the tunnel and the crowd immediately looks confused. Both of them don't have on a stitch of cothing, and have red and white stripes painted on their whole bodies. District 8's industry is Textiles, so this makes no sense at all. Everyone, including myself, turns to look back at their favorites except for a select few, who start booing. You can see them blush in shame underneath the paint and I actualy feel bad for them.

Allie Whittle and Alex Donaque from 9 come out of the tunnel looking fancier then the crod is used to for District 9. Allie has on a purple-blue dress with an overall-style neckline, decorated with sparkles and pieces of grain. She has on golden looking makeup and overall the look blends nicely. Alex has on a similar outfit, only he's not wearing an overall styled dress but he's actually wearing overalls, and he seems to be slightly sparkle-lacking. They look great standing next to eachother, but they're not exactly amazing, and so some of the crowd shifts back to other favorites, but many of them stay trained on district 9, while still others watch the tunnel in anticipation.

District 10's triubtes, Sarah Backmon and Owen Clanahan are wearing very cowish clothes. They both have on cow printed clothes, perfect makeup and... blood dripping down their faces? The crowd seems slightly stunned at the garish out take on the district's industry, and I can't say I blame them. Nonetheless, they look beautiful, but aside from the gore the audience has seen it all before. A few admire the blood and pick 10 as their new favorites, but most turn back to their favorites.

Kris Story and Tanya Davis come out of the tunnel and the crowd actually bursts out in laughter. They are both wearing apple suits... and the crowd can't stop laughing. Everyone's hooting and howling and slapping their knees, since they were completely unprepared for the ridiculious costumes. The camera zooms in on their faces, and we can see Kris is red with embarrasment, almost matching the shade of the apple he's wearing, but Tanya looks like she's ready to strangle her stylist and you can just hear a a string of profanity escaping her lips. The crowd is recovering from their laugh, just in time for the final chariot to emerge from the tunnel.

Last but not least is District 12's very own Dania Coleman and Clyde Marsh! They're both wearing the exact same thing, which is coal glued to them and red/orange/yellow flame drawings stenciled all over their bodies. The crowd thinks it's better then a few of the costumes, but far from amazing, so they turn back to their favorites for the remainder of the rides. I personally turned away quicker then most, mainly because it reminded me of a drawing my 5 year old did the other day, and the thought of a stylist having the same vision scared me a bit.

That concludes this years chariot rides! Stay tuned for The Art of Edible Clothes with Shawny Flourish, up next!

The TV screen goes blank for a moment before going to commercials

Audience Approval

Placeing District Comments
1st 5 The stylist was amazing, and the chariot ride created new trends. Absolutely amazing!
2nd 3 The Costumes were very origional and edgy, while staying on theme. Loved them!
3rd 4 They put on a great show and the costumes were pretty, even if they weren't all that origional.
4th 11 The costumes were terrible, but so hilarious that I loved them.
5th 1 They were nice, but a bit weird. They were pretty though, keeping them out of the bottom half.
6th 9 The costumes were cool and pretty, but not as dazzling as some of the others.
7th 7 The crowd didn't understand their actual clothes, no matter how cute they were, and they didn't quite outshine the others.
8th 2 The costumes were good quality and pretty, but they barely matched the district and weren't all that creative.
9th 10 They were pretty standard costumes, cow print clothing isn't all that origional, although the blood made it stand out a bit.
10th 12 They were ok but just... ehh... they weren't very good quality and even if they were it's still not an amazing costume.
11th 6 The costumes were good quality, just pretty confusing, and it took away from the whole experience.
12th 8 Just... ugh. It was totally against the industry and it was horrible quality.

Disclaimer: The comments above are from the Capitol, not yours truely :)


Hello Panem! It's your brilliant host again, Akhorn Kamerarady! Tonight is the night you've all been waiting for! The Interviews!!! Here's our interviewer, Ceasar III!

Caesar: Thans Akhorn! Our first tribute of the night is Misty Bull from District 1! Welcome, Misty!

Misty: Thanks Caesar! It's a pleasure to be here!

Caesar: Thank you Misty! What do you like so much about being here in the Capitol?

Misty: Everyone's so stylish here. Every pedestrian is like a Model, and the stylists here are like gods.

Caesar: So true! Tell me, what did you think of your stylists designs in the Chariot Rides?

Misty: I thought they were absolutely brilliant, and they should have gotten a higher mark.

Caesar: Oh really? What did you like so much about it?

Misty: I loved them because they were very flattering on me and Cole, and super sparkily! I mean, you can never go wrong with glitter, right?

Audience laughs and cheers in agreement

Caesar: Right you are, Misty! Tell me, do you like my suit? *shows her his suit, which is a normal tux but with a closer look you can see is covered in black glitter*

Misty: Who's your stylist? I want their number!

Caesar: *laughs* I'll be sure to introduce you two. In the mean time, I want to ask you one more question.

Misty: Yeah?

Caesar: What do you think your greatest weakness is going to be in these games?

Misty: Well if I told you, you would know, along with everyone else!!

Caesar: Smart move!


Caesar: That's all of our time! Next up is her district partner, Cole Braxton!

Cole: Hey Caesar!

Caesar: How are you doing tonight, Cole?

Cole: Good... but it's a little hot in here. *rips off his shirt*

*one or two people in the crowd may faint*

Caesar: Oh is it? Should I have them turn up the air conditioning.

Cole: *smiles* No, it's fine now.

Caesar:... Ok. So, Cole, what is it you miss the most from home?

Cole: My little brother, Jake. He turns 3 in a couple of weeks and I wish I could be there for him.

Caesar: Does he look anything like you?

Cole: Oh yeah. He's a handsome little guy if I dare say so myself.

Caesar: Do you care to give him any birthday wishes?

Cole Yeah, that'd be great. *turns directly to camera* Jake, I love you, and I hope you have a happy birthday! I'll see you soon, ok buddy? *blows a kiss and every girl sitting behind the camera smiles*

Caesar: '*smiles* That was so sweet of you! *looks at the clock*' Looks like we have enough time for one more question! Cole, can I ask you something personal?

Cole: Wouldn't be an interview if you didn't Caesar.

Caesar: Ok. I'm sure all of the ladies in the audience would like to know the answer to this one. Do you have a girlfriend or lover back home?

Cole: I used to... but she broke up with me after the reaping in the justice building. Something about the games being stupid and that I'm an idiot for voulenteering...

Caesar: Aww, that's to ba-

Cole: Actually, it's alright, because I met someone recently that I like just as much as her, if nore even more.

Caesar: Who is it? *leans forward in intrest*


Cole: *shrugs as he heads back to his chair*

Caesar: What a cliffhanger! Next up is Xandra Mondella from District 2!

Xandra: *smiles deviously* Hello, Caesar.

Caesar: *ignores her weird smile* Hey Xandra! First question. Do you have a nickname?

  • crowd chuckles*

Xandra: Xandi. *winks*

Caesar: Nice nickname! So, Xandra, you were in training. What do you think of the other Careers so far?

(to be continued! :D)


Death Chart

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