Hello fellow users, I'm back with another hunger games due to the sucess of my first games which was called 76th Hunger Games - The Snow Games. If your still wondering my name is Philip. This game will be a different from other hunger games with a twist. 


  1. No fighting in the comments
  2. Don't go mad at me about you tributes dying
  3. Reservations can be made, 2 days your place will be reserved, if you don't submit in time. Your space will go.
  4. All tributes must have a Lunaii
  5. 3 Tributes Each (we don't want one user taking up all the spaces)
  6. No Spamming
  7. No plagiarism
  8. No 'Look on my profile'
  9. No perfect tributes like i'm perfect at everything.
  10. Tributes from the Role Playing Wiki are greatly prefered
  11. No Wikia Contributers (Just gets confusing)
  12. Stay a little active (Just comment 'Go Tributes' or something every virtual day, that will be cool)
  13. I want all tributes to have at least the following sections: Name, Gender, Age, District, Weapon, Backstory.
  14. Have fun!

The Arena

This arena will be a hotel, full of rooms and no way to get outside for air. Half of the rooms will have traps set in them and some rooms have extra suppiles after the bloodbath. The only way you can get out if your the last standing person in the games. 

Tribute Chart

Tribute Name Age Weapon User
C Male Viggo Flame 17 Bow and Arrow and Throwing Knives, Matches FrostyFire
C Female Lily Sinclar 13 Mallet and Throwing Knives and Bow and Arrow Lexi142685
D1 Male Akumai Kubaya 17 Throwing Knives and Dagger Tehblakdeath
D1 Female Annie Opal 13 Axe and Throwing Knives Acuteblondgirl
D2 Male Noah Ragman 15 Spear, Throwing Axe and Dagger Vatonica
D2 Female Katherina Sacramento 18 Claws Biel1458
D3 Male Blake Cooper 15 Spear and Axe Acuteblondgirl
D3 Female Clara Crescent 16 Kama and Throwing Axe FrostyFire
D4 Male Duo Kily 12 Mallet  Lexi142685
D4 Female Hazel Michel 12 Bow and Arrows, Throwing Knives and Mallet Lexi142685
D5 Male Skylar Marinne 17 Trident, Sword and Spear Tehblakdeath
D5 Female Nichole Payton 15 Knive Niby001
D6 Male Buck Rockwell 16 Spear and Sword YourFavoriteSalmon
D6 Female Mantra Flame 16 Throwing Knives PumPumPumpkin
D7 Male Jayon Huff 17 Axe Niby001
D7 Female Madison Gross 14 Bow and Arrows and Throwing Knives Vatonica
D8 Male Conner Smitheron 14 Scythe HaraiGoshi345
D8 Female Cassie Wynn 13 Throwing Knives, Spear and Bow and Arrow Pippycat
D9 Male Brandon Ivey 15 Sword, Throwing Knives MyWorld
D9 Female Savannah Darnell 12 Blowgun and Knive Pippycat
D10 Male Eli Winersin 14 Axe,Sword and Spear YourFavoriteSalmon
D10 Female Eliza Herader 14 Axe, Bow and Arrows and Knive YourFavoriteSalmon
D11 Male Kevin Dillas 15 Sickle Biel1458
D11 Female Kiara Seasplatt 14 Crossbow Biel1458
D12 Male Sonic Star 17 Dagger and Throwing Knives MyWorld
D12 Female Bernice Amias 13 Knive FrostyFire
D13 Male Kadir Bassuma 18 Sword and Axe Vatonica
D13 Female Amber Burn 13 Mace and Spear and Bow and Arrow Pippycat



Each tribute will be provided with a braclet on their wrist with their district number on it or letter. The braclet inside has a poison in it. If one tribute dies in that district, the other tribute must kill someone in 30 mins or thier too will be killed, but if they tribute kills their own district partner the timer will shorten to a 15 mins. Also they will be a button somewhere in the hotel, and if someone presses it. They will be a victor and if their district parnter is still alive. The timer will be cut off and a message will show their safe from the braclet, The victor, along with someone else who wins the games. and they will be to escape the games for good.


Careers - Akumai Kubaya (1), Annie Opal (1), Noah Ragman (2), Katherina Sacrameto (2), Skylar Marinne (5), Buck Rockwell (6), Madison Gross (7), Kadir Bassuna (13)

The Pippycat's Alliance - Cassie Wynn (8), Savannah Darnell (9) and Amber Burn (13)

The Captiol Alliance - Viggo Flame (C) and Lily Sinclar (C)

District 4 Alliance - Duo Kily (4) and Hazel Michel (4)

District 6 and 12 Alliance - Mantra Flame (6) and Bernice Amias (12)

One Girl and Three Boys Alliance - Nichole Payton (5), Conner Smitherson (8) , Brandon Ivey (9) and Kevin Dillas (11)

The Savers Alliance - Clara Crescent (3), Nichole Payton (5) and Eliza Hearder (10)      

District 10 Alliance - Eli Winersin (10) and Eliza Herader (10) 

Alone - Blake Cooper (3), Jayson Huff (7), Kiara Seasplatt (11) and Sonic Star (12)

Bold means alliance leader.

This means the tribute has died.   

Italic means this tribute is a victor

Reapings from the Mayor's POV

The Captiol Reaping (President Ice POV)

The captiol reaping was like strange and quiet than usual. Everybody was nice and quiet and listening. I did my speech, no sound. I called out that 'I'm going to start with ladies first' All the girls sighed and moaned as I headed to the bowl. I picked the name straight from the top and the name was 'Lily Sinclar' I called out the name and Lily came out from the looking shy and scared as she headed towards the stage. She stood up and waited till I called out the boy's name. I walked over to boy's bowl and picked the name from the middle of the bowl. The boy's name was 'Viggo Flame' when I called out his name. I know that boy, he set fire to one of my houses. He gave me a death look as headed towards me. He headed towards the stage and I shook Lily's hand but Viggo refused. We headed to the back, and Lily straight away said to Viggo 'Do you want to ally in these games?' and Viggo repiled 'Sure, I don't mind' Then that was the reaping over.

District 1 Reaping (Sonic Twist POV)

The District 1 reaping was the same as usual. I smiled and looked toward the kids to see, everyone smiling and happy. I step on the stage and I say my speech and do the same thing I have been doing for last 23 years. I head towards the girl's bowl and I read out 'She--' and a girl calls out saying she wants to volunteer for the games and she heads towards the stage and pushes one of the girls in front of her. They start screaming and shouting at each other and they start fighting. The peacekeepers breaks them up and they point their gun at her. That's a warning or you will be killed answer. She heads towards the stage and spit's on my face and smiles. Now she is irritating me. I asked her name and she says 'My name is Annie Opal, now I bet you all wish you were here girls' I head towards the men bowl and I know someone is going to volunteer.and I said 'Twi--' and a boy shouts out that he want's to volunteer. He heads towards the stage with no fuss unlike Annie with fuss over another girl. He heads towards the stage and ask his name 'My name is Akuma-i Kub--ya' his voice is stubben and he is quite shy. Maybe because he exitced to be the games. Then we headed to the back and Annie starts to make fun of Akumai and says he will be weak and he wouldn't survive the bloodbath. He said staright after 'I'll show her who is weak.

District 2 Reaping (Tyra Bloodlust POV)

Here it goes another year of the hunger games and another reaping. I have my makeup on and my blonde hair done just for this reaping. I walk on the stage and see everyone is smiling as usual and say my speech and I'm cheered by some parents in the back. I show them the usual video of the hunger games and then I head to girl's bowl and I call out 'Sophi-' before I'm stopped by someone in the audience saying they want to volunteer. She heads towards the stage looking happy she done it. She comes on stage with me and she says her name before I ask her 'My name is Katherina Sacramento, i'm here to win and not to lose' and she smiles at me, in a creppy way. I head to the boys bowl to expect another volunteer 'Kri-' and another volunteer shouts out that he wants to volunteer, he heads towards the stage. He looks eager to go basically he runs towards the stage and jumps on stage. I ask him what's his name and he repiles with 'My name is Noah Ragman and that's it' and then I say 'Here are your tributes for 130th Hunger Games' and then we head back to buliding while Noah and Katherina have started speaking to each other like they have known each other for ages.

District 3 Reaping (Twill Shock POV)

This reaping was a different reaping than others much differnet. I went up on stage, in my suit with my bow and tie. I smiled to children in their reaping places, to lighten the mood. I say my speech and show them the plain old video. I head to the boys reaping bowl because I always go the girls reaping bowl and this year I will be different. I grab the name from very bottom and I open the name. I call out 'Blake Cooper!' a boy comes out the crowd while the other boys look at him. He heads towards the stage and he mouths something to one of the parents in the back. I ignore what he said and I head to girls section and I pick the name from the middle of the bowl and I call out the name 'Clara Crescent!' She walks slowly on stage looking scared and rightened, she heads on stage and I say 'It's okay' she smiles as I say that. I grab both of their hands and say 'These are your tributes respenting you in the 130th Hunger Games!' I take both of their hands and I hear a scream saying 'Stop! My boy is up there!' It looks like the mother of Blake Cooper who has just been reaped for this year games. Blake looks on disbelief as his mother is getting grabbed by the peacekeepers. The peacekeepers warn her to not move or scream or she will be shot in front everybody, she doesnt listen and she runs towards her son, I grab both of the tributes and run to buliding, I hear a gun shot and I turn around to see blood splatterd everywhere and see the body of the mother. The crowd erupts in chaos and I shut the doors and run to the trains, In the distance I can hear more gun shots and screams for help. This reaping was a scary one and the first for this district.

District 4 Reaping (Vera Flower POV)

The reaping was quite boring to be honest. Nothing happened like the District 3 reaping. I have my gold sparking dress and makeup and hair done. I head towards the stage, smile while I say my speech. I show the same old video. I go to the girls reaping bowl first and I picked out the from the top. I open the name and I call out 'Hazel Michel!' and she heads towards the stage looking down towards her feet as she walks towards me. I grab her hand to help her on stage because she might fall. I go to the boys bowl straight after I help Hazel and I call out 'Ca-' and a boy from the crowd volunteeres. Everyone the crowd just laughs at him, he heads towards the stage and smiles at Hazel. I ask him his name when he got on stage 'My name is Duo Kily, I'm doing this to protect Hazel' The crowd awws and they grab their hands. I call out 'This is tribute's for this year games!' when we head to the back Duo and Hazel kiss staright away. I can feel love in the air.

District 5 Reaping (Max Dark POV)

This district reaping was quite different than usual. I had my same clothes on, the year we had a victor. I hope we have another one this year. I go on stage looking towards the crowd and I say the same words as last year reaping. I show them the same video from the past hunger games. I head towards the boys section and I grab a name from the bottom. I lift my hand to a cut on my finger, paper cut. I try to forget about the pain and call out 'Skylar Marinne!' a boy comes. He looks over to the girls section and he heads towards me. He tries to make the moment better and smiles on the way here. He comes on stage still looking at the girls section. I head staright to girl section hoping not to get another paper cut. I picked the name out 'Nichole Payton!' a girl shouts 'I want to vo--' and Nichole repiles 'It's okay Firebelle, I will keep an eye on him' she smiles as she leaves Firebelle and walks towards to me. She gets on stage, and shakes my hand and Skylar's hands. I grab both of their hands and rase them and shout 'These are your tributes for this year hunger games!' we head to back and Skylar says to Nichole 'Why did you stop Firebelle volunteering?' and she says 'Because I'm going to help you win and come back' 

District 6 Reaping (Venus Sparks POV)

I can't wait for this year reaping, I don't know why. I have a good feeling in stomach. I have my makeup, my pink wig on and a red dress on. I head towards the stage. I look on towards the crowd seeing everybody sad faces. I feel sorry for them. I read my speech card and smile and joke about it but no reaction. I have forgot what to do now... oh wait, the reaping bowl. I head over to the boys section, I grab a card from bowl. I open to see the name, then I call the name out 'Dex J--' I hear a voice from a boy shouting 'I want to be a tribute!' a boy starts walking towards me, smiling unlike the others in the crowd. He goes on stage and I say 'What is your name, boy? and he says back 'Buck Rockwell' and then I say he is your first volunteer and I clap my hands. I head to the girls section and I picked name with closing my eyes, I open the letter to and the person is 'Mantra Flame!' the girl says 'Wait it's me? and they all nod. Mantra comes on stage looking down and she is holding her arm. We head to the back after we reaped them. I take them on trains while Buck is looking happy and Mantra looks scared.

District 7 Reaping (Mark Poison POV)

District 7 reaping was just the same as District 6's just the gender differnce. I said my speech in my suit and lucky shoes and read the cards while looking to the crowd in front of me. I head over to the girls cards and I picked the name out. I shout 'Maddi-' and a girl shouts she wants to volunteer and she heads towards the stage making a evil smile. I ask her what is her name. She speaks back to me in a rude manner 'My name is Madison Gross and you can shut up' I give her look and I head to the boys section, I read the name out 'Jayson Huff!' a boy gets out the crowd and heads straights for me. He gets up on stage and I say these are your tributes and we head to the back and head to trains, that was the reaping over and done with.

District 8 Reaping (Kelly Speed POV)

I have my clothes on i'm ready to go. I head on stage, I trip over my high heels but i'm okay. Somepeople laugh in the crowd. I say my speech and smile as I go. I show them video and the video keeps stopping, but I have manged to fix it. I head over to the boys and I pick the name out, I open the card and I say 'Connor Smitherson!' I see him in the crowd and people start to snicker and push him around. He walks towards me, I grab his hand and he is on stage, I head over to the girls section and I open the card that says Cassie Wynn and I shout it out and the girls walks on stage smiling and laughing likes it's another day for her. She jumps on the stage and I raise both of their hands and I take them to the back. These tributes are getting werider and better. 

District 9 Reaping (Skylar Slash POV)

This district haven't been lucky winning the games since 65th Hunger Games. I feel sorry for the familys losing their children. I wish the games didn't start, I might die if I complain. I walk on to the stage, and I greet them all. I say my wonderful speech and I start the reaping off with going to girls section. I grab the name from the top and I shout the name out, that I see. 'Savannah Darnell!' a girl stand outs from the crowd and walks very slowly. She walks on stage and says something under her breath something about her birthday. I head over to the boys section and call out the name on the card saying 'Brandon Ivey!' a boy looks up from his feet and starts walking towards me. He looks at others in the crowd and he gets on stage. I take them to the back and Savannah says 'This was my birthday present and this was my first time at the reaping..' and she sheads a tear in her eye. Brandon hugs her as she crys. Saying 'It will be okay Savannah, it will be okay' District 10 Reaping (Blossom Breave POV)

I dread the moment I wake up every day when it's the reaping. I look at the mirror and slowly do my makeup and my nails for the reaping. I get my dress on and I head towards the square were we do the reaping every year. I walk on stage and I see the children grim and sad faces. I say my speech and try to lighten the mood by it didn't work. So I head to girls reaping bowl and look for a name to pick, I pick the name and call out in a rich manner 'Eliza Herader!' she starts walking with a grim look in her face. She was a niece to previous victor in the games who sadly died in the 2nd Day in 75th Hunger Games. I head to boys bowl and I pick the name out and call out 'Eli Winersin!' the boys starts laughing and says 'Great joke, great joke!' everybody looks at him and he knows it's not. I know it's not. He walks up on the stage with a blank face, with no words to tell. We head to the back and Eliza says 'I have to run the games, I have to win this games for my family and my uncle!'

District 11 Reaping (Jonah Mystery POV)

Here it goes another games. I walk on stage and I greet them with my speech. I walk towards the girls reaping bowl and I call out the name 'Kiara Seasplatt!' a girl walks towards me. I head to the boys bowl and I pick the name out and call out 'Kevin Dillas!' a boy comes on and that's it really.

District 12 Reaping (Vanilla Cream POV)

This reaping reminds me of an old reaping. This started it all. I'm saying no more. I have my stuff on and I'm ready to go. I go on stage and welcome everybody for this year games. I say my speech and show them the video and straight after I walk to the girls reaping bowl and I call out the name 'Kelly Shi-' and a someone from the crowd volunteers. She walks on stage and I ask her 'What is your name, darling?' and she replies with 'My name is Bernice Amais' and she looks down. I go over to the boys reaping bowl and call out 'Sam' and before I finish his full name, I hear a voice saying I want to volunteer. When he gets on stage, I ask the same thing I did to Bernice. He repiles 'My name is Sonic Star' looks like we have 2 volunteers this year and I clap. I take them both to the back. I wonder why they did volunteer.

District 13 Reaping (Vanak Kill POV)

This is final reaping of all reapings. I head on stage and I say my speech and head to girls reaping bowl and I pick the name out and I call out 'Amber Burn!' the girl walks on stage silent, no words to speak. I head over to boys and I call out 'Kadir Bassuma!' a boy walks on stage. We head to the back and Amber says 'I will come back, I will.

Training Odds and Scores

Tribute District Score Odds
Viggo Flame C 9 7-1
Lily Sinclar C 7 21-1
Akumai Kubaya 1 8 10-1
Annie Opal 1 10 7-1
Noah Ragman 2 9 9-1
Katherina Sacramento 2 9 13-1
Blake Cooper 3 7 20-1
Clara Crescent 3 8 19-1
Duo Kily 4 7 22-1
Hazel Michel 4 6 25-1
Skylar Marinne 5 9 8-1
Nichole Payton 5 7 8-1
Buck Rockwell 6 8 3-1
Mantra Flame 6 8 18-1
Jayson Huff 7 9 7-1
Madison Gross 7 8 7-1
Conner Smitherson 8 7 34-1
Cassie Wynn 8 8 21-1
Brandon Ivey 9 7 30-1
Savannah Darnell 9 7 43-1
Eli Winersin 10 8 16-1
Eliza Hearder 10 8 20-1
Kevin Dillas 11 7 17-1
Kiara Seasplatt 11 7 19-1
Sonic Star 12 7 23-1
Bernice Amais 12 6 50-1
Amber Burn  13 8 24-1
Kadir Bassuma 13 8 12-1

Death Chart

Place Tribute District How Who? Day
28th Blake Cooper 3 Neck Broken Noah Ragman 1
27th Noah Ragman  2 Neck got Slit Clara Crescent 1
26th Madison Gross 7 Stabbed Mantra Flame 1
25th Jayson Huff 7 Stabbed Mantra Flame and Bernice Amais 1

Katherina Sacramento

2 Blowed up Braclet 1
23rd Conner Smitheron 8 Stabbed Nichole Payton 2
22nd Lily Sinclar C Slit throat Cassie Wynn 2
21th Hazel Michel 4 Strangled Viggo Flame 2
20th Duo Kily 4 Arrow through the chest Viggo Flame 2
19th Kiara Seasplatt 11 Impaled Eli Winersin 3
18th Annie Opal 1 Stabbed Akumai Kubaya 3
17th Kadir Bassuma 13 Stabbed Akumai Kubaya 3
16th Kevin Dillas 11 Decipated Brandon Ivey 3
15th Amber Burn 13 Crushed N/A 3
14th Eli Winersin 10 Impaled Skylar Marinne 4
13rd Brandon Ivey  9 Stabbed Eliza Hearder and Clara Crescent and Nichole Payton 4
12nd Savannah Darnell 9 Strangled Buck Rockwell 5
11th Skylar Marinne 5 Stabbed Nichole Payton 5
10th Buck Rockwell 6 Stabbed Nichole Payton 5
9th Cassie Wynn 8 Stabbed Mantra Flame 5
8th Sonic Star 12 Burned Viggo Flame 6
7th Bernice Amais 12 Choked N/A 6
6th Mantra Flame 6 Burned Viggo Flame 6
5th Eliza Hearder 10 Burned Viggo Flame 6
4th Nichole Payton 5 Stabbed Akumai Kubaya 6
3rd Viggo Flame C Shot N/A 7
Escape/Victor Clara Crescent 3 N/A N/A 6
Victor Akumai Kubaya 1 N/A N/A 7

Day 1 - The Bloodbath

Viggo Flame POV - The Captiol

So I got picked for the games, now I have to be in it and live the games like the other tributes. I'm the launch room ready for the games and I'm talking with my mentor Shelia. I can hear an annoucement in the intercom 'Please all tributes head to their tubes, or you might die before the games start!' I finish the sweet I had and I start walking. Shelia grabs me by the hand and she puts some kind of thing on my wrist. I ask her what it is and she says 'This is a braclet, It has your district number on it and it will have a timer on it. Like if Lily dies you have 30 mins or 15 mins if you kill her yourself' and I ask 'Then what does happens If I dont beat the time limit' and Shelia says 'You will get killed by poison put in the braclet. My thoughts are now glad I'm in a alliance with Lily now or I would be in big trouble. Shelia gives me advice and she says 'use the fire, and it will help you' I go on the tube and the tube door closes on me. Shelia waves me goodbye and goodluck. My tube starts to rise and I look up just to see a blue sky. When I get to near the top, I get to see a big bulding that is bigger than the clouds. I wonder what is that bulidng? My tube gets to the top and stops, I see other tributes around me, like me. Ready for the games to start.

Nichole Payton POV - District 5

My heart is pounding in my chest. I need to keep an eye on Skylar but he is in the careers, so I better watch out for the careers but I hope Skylar stops them in their tracks. I also made a promise with Firebelle, Skylar's friend that I will help him survive, which I'm going to do. I stopped her volunteering, so I'm doing this for Firebelle and for Skylar. I hope all the members in my alliance survive, I'm the only girl in the alliance and I'm the leader due to being the only girl. I missed the annoucement from the gamekeeper, oh well. I looking for the closer suppiles so I can get the heck out of here and alive. I can see my weapons not far from me and a backpack right next to it. I know where I'm heading and I'm ready for the games. My hands are shaking and I just want to get the buliding which says 'HOTEL' in neon letter but are somewhat hanging from the post, is that so post to scare us. Well it didn't work. The buliding is black and white and the windows are black so I can't see through them. I wonder what to expect inside, more suppiles? I have to survive this first and find out. I'm next to Bernice from District 12 and Jayson the District 7 boy who got one of the higher scores and better odds than me. District 7 are dangerous this year and one to watch out for in the games this year. I can hear the countdown starting from 10 and I'm ready to go and fight for my life, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 GONG!

Clara Crescent POV - District 3

The gong has sounded and I have ran straight to the Kamas. I grab my 2 Kamas and I turn around to see hear screams and people fighting for suppiles and weapons. I see my partner Blake struggling with a career, I run straight for him but I'm too late as the careers has just broke his neck. I can hear a 'BEEP!' noise from my braclet and a timer has started. The career doesnt know it yet but I'm coming for him, I grab my Kama and I slash it against his throat and he falls on top of my dead partner and coughs out blood on top of his lifeless body. My timer stops and it has confrims I have killed him. I grab the boys backpack that he had and I look at his braclet and it says a number '2' on it. I can hear his district partner scream at me and she starts running towards me, she jumps on top of me and we are rolling around on the grass. She tries to slash my face with her claws and I dodge and I punch and kick her in her stomach. she looks in pain and falls on the grass. I grab my backpack, and my weapon and I can hear the careers shouting saying 'Get that District 3 Girl!' I don't look back and I run into the buliding leaving the ongoing slaughter behind me, as the other fight for a bag or a weapon. I'm safe from the time and I know I won't be poisoned now but now I have to keep a close look out now because I know the careers are after me because I killed one of their members in the bloodbath. I'm one of the first one here, so I better get a hiding place.

Sonic Star POV - District 12

Everyone is fighting around me. I'm trying to hide to avoid any action. I try to look for a bag with a dagger in it and throwing knives. I see one not to far from me, I run as fast as I can to get to the bag. I manged to get the bag and I run to the hotel to bump into Madison from District 7. She grabs her bow and arrow and tries to hit me with her bows but I manged to avoid them. She finally gives up and she punches me, that hard I spin around and fall on the grass. I can only see darkness, I can hear Madison laugh. I hear Bernice scream 'Nobody hurts my district partner, you bitch!' I look around to feel dizzy but I see Bernice and Madison fighting. Madison gets Bernice on the ground holding her arms up, like a cross. Bernice screams for help and Madison spits on her face and says 'You will be regret calling me a bitch when I kill you!' I try to shake off my dizziness and I jump up and run at Madison and I kick her in the stomach and she falls on the ground. I fall again to see Mantra running at her shouting 'Nobody kills my friend!'  and stabs her with Bernice knive and she doesn't move after. I think she is dead, Bernice and Mantra thanks me and I grab my bag I dropped and I run into the hotel, my dizzness comes back and when I head to the elevator. I blank out, hoping I didn't die. 

Skylar Marinne POV - District 5

I think that's the bloodbath over, It's only the careers left and the dead bodies of 2 careers and another tribute. We grab our bags and head to the hotel, Katherina is nervous because she has only has 7 mins to kill or she will die. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! We head in hotel to hear screaming go on 3 floors above us, I think there is a fight go on. I can just see 2 girls and one boy fighting. It looks like Jayson is fighting Mantra and Bernice. Jayson is aiming for Bernice but she avoid the hits, she turns around and stabs Jayson in the back and he heads towards the edge of the floor near us, Mantra throws her throwing knive in Jayson heads and runs towards him and grabs her knive out of his body. They both push him off the floor and he lands right in front of us BOOM! and there goes Madison district partner. We need to find someone to kill or Katherina will die, We turn into the hallway to see an elevator and someone is lying there still breathing. Katherina runs towards him and he wakes up and dodges her attacks, he scrambles into the elevator and the door closes. The noise stops and Katherina starts scream, her braclet blows up on her and BOOM! a cannon sounds. Kadir asks 'Wait, the braclet isn't so post to blow up. It's to poison you?!' That's true why did Katherina braclet blow up? We head back to the lobby to see it's nightime now, we head to 7th floor and set camp up. I can't believe that Katherina blew up in front of us, did the Captiol lie to us? They said that we will be poisoned... I can't believe that they lied to us. The fallen come up on the screen to confrim the deaths of 4 tributes today, I better to get to sleep now. I need to be ready if any happens to Nichole. 

Day 2 - Short and Sweet

Cassie Wynn POV - District 8

I wake up to another day, glad to be alive. I look out to see the sun shining. Last night before we went to sleep we heard a big bang, which woke us up. Then we heard a cannon meaning someone has died. 5 people died yesterday and we will be expect more deaths today, it could be anyone. We camped out on 19th floor, we manged to find a couple of suppiles lying next to a door. They have food and juice in them. I wake up Savannah and Amber. They both smile as they wake up, none of us has had the timer going off in our braclet yet. We will sometime. We start eating our food, which is quite nice. I can hear people shouting in the 25th floor and aruging about trust or something like that. I think they forget that we can hear them and it gives up their postion to the careers and the rest. 3 careers died yesterday and only one died who was in another alliance, I think. I can hear more shouting and screaming and then it goes BOOM! someone has died, please don't be my district partner. The noise goes off my braclet and confirms my partner death. Savannah and Amber say 'We need to find someone fast, or Cassie will die' we finish our food fast and head for the hunt. If I don't kill someone I will die. We hear voices and look to see Viggo and Lily talking. Viggo leaves to find more suppiles, this is a good time to kill Lily. I sneak up behind her, I take my hand to cover her mouth and slit her thorat, she falls staright to the ground BOOM! We run because I can her Viggo saying 'Great, Lily has died' and we run back to camp, hoping Viggo won't find us.

Viggo Flame POV - The Captiol

I need to find someone to kill fast, I'm going to find who killed Lily. I'm going to kill them myself. I have my Bow and Arrow ready for action. I move up to 32nd floor to see the District 4 alliance, i'm ready to kill them both. I sneak up behind them. I grab the girl and strangle her behind the bush, she tries and screams but I shut her up by doing it more, she stops breathing and BOOM! and the boys shout 'Hazel!' and before he grabs his weapon and I strike him through the chest and BOOM! he is dead. I collect there suppiles and head out alone. My partner didn't survive long. I head out up the stairs to see something unthinkble. Their is blood everywhere, why hasent a cannon gone off. There is message on the wall saying 'Follow the trail, and you will find the truth' I dare not to walk because it's a trap, I think I will stay on this floor for now. 7 people have died so far. I'm ready for anything coming at me, because I'm prepared to kill. 

Brandon Ivey POV - District 9

I can't believe that Nichole lied to us, she did kill conner. They went on a hunt for suppiles in the morning, then 20 mins later a cannon went off. She came back with blood on her hands, and said it was a career. I'm going to get her in the feast. Things have been quite quiet since his death. Me and kevin don't talk to her and we just talk to each other. Nichole just always go on hunts now by her self, well she shouldn't have killed Connor in the first place. I'm planning her own death, and i'm ready to kill her. This day has went fast and it's night time. The fallen come up in the screen and Conner is there, 4 people died today. I keep hearing a noise a door near by, I think I'm hearing stuff. I better get to sleep now, nothing mAuch has happened since Conner has died. Nichole better watch out because I'm going to kill her with bare hands...

Day 3 - Ready or Not Here I Come

Eliza Hearder POV - District 10

I wake up and Eli jokes again, he lightens the mood. I'm glad I picked him as a partner in these games. We have hid on 76th floor, we have heard screams and cannons going off floor's not far from us. I get frightened but Eli always calm me down, when i'm scared. I haven't seen any tributes since the bloodbath, I don't know if they are more dangerous now than before. My uncle was in the games in the past and he won but in 75th Hunger Games, he got slaughter by a beast in the forest. I couldn't bare to look when my family showed me his death, because we seen the hovercraft picking the body of my uncle up and away in the hovercraft. I don't know what they did with him and I don't want to know. I have feared the reapings ever since because I don't want to be in the games, but I got picked this year and I have to face my fear in being the games. I have heard 8 cannons so far in the games. Eli asks 'Are you okay Eliza, you look pale and ill' I do feel sick because of the feeling of being in these games. I nod and he puts a blanket over me because I feel cold. He hugs me and goes back to his breakfest. I proceed to eat my breakfest, to hear a scream. I was nearby, I could feel it. No cannon goes off, so I contiune to eat my breakfest in front of me. I can feel somebody watching me and I turn around to hear footsteps, I see only there feet and they are running away. My heart was pounding in my chest but I'm glad who ever it was, they are gone. Then all sudden Eli shouts 'Eliza watch out!, I turn and see something coming towards me,I can do anything. I can see Eli grabbing his weapon. I black out.

Akumai Kubaya POV - District 1

BOOM! a cannon goes. I'm out hunting with Annie, she is holding on to her weapon like a tiger going on it's pray. While i'm looking for tributes, Annie pushes me and says 'I'm suprised your still alive, I thought you would have gone in the bloodbath' and I look at her and say 'Even though you got a higher training score than me, can't you please stop speaking to me and hunt please?' and she puts her axe very close to my neck, 'So your saying, I should shut up!?' I don't speak back and I follow her. I'm getting sick of her, being the boss of everything. She is bullying me and I hate it, I can't take it anymore. I going to have to kill her, I have to put my life on the line here. I'm the leader and she is bossing me aroundI grab my dagger and I hit her in the back in the head. Annie procceds to say 'What the fuck are you doing, if you want to fight. I'll give you one' She kicks me in the crotch and I have fall to the ground in pain. She takes the dagger out of my hand and launches it towards my chest, I roll away. I grab a throwing knive from my pocket and I elbow her in the stomach and I stab her, she screams in pain and leans against the wall. She looks at me as she falls on the ground. She jumps up and grabs her throwing knives, she throws them at me and one of them nearly hits me. I sweep her in the leg, she falls on the ground and I stab her again and again intill a hear a cannon. Then BOOM! she is has died. I grab her suppiles and her weapons to hear a BEEP! noise a timer goes up and 15:00 and the timer starts. I seen what happend to Katherina so i'm taking no chances. I need to find someone to kill, wait I remember Kadir went out to get more suppiles, I need to find him in 15 mins or i'm dead. I look around and I go in one of the rooms. I hear Kadir nearby, He goes past the room and says 'Annie?!' I jump out the room and I stab him in the head BOOM! The timer makes a smiley face then it goes back to my district number and it says 'Safe' in the top of my braclet. I'm safe, I won't die from the braclet. I feel a weight lift off my shoulders and I head back to camp. 

Kevin Dillas POV - District 11

I need to kill Brandon now, Kiara has died and I need to kill him fast. I only have 5 mintues. Nichole is not around and it's just me and here. I grab my crossbow and aim at him. I shoot and Brandon goes mad and grabs his sword. He shouts 'What the fuck Kevin?' I show him my watch, he doesn't look and he attacks me, I try to avoid his attack but i'm falling. I see blood pouring out my body like a waterfall, i'm helpless to do anything. He stabs me mulitple times, everywhere. I try to attack but i'm too weak now to do anything, this is going to be the end of my life and I know it. I look up, for my final breath to see Brandon aiming his sword at my neck, Brandon says 'I'm sorry Kevin but you have to go now and i'm sorry' He stops and he looks back and he chops my neck off. Then everything went black, Brandon killing me was last thing I ever saw and heard because the sword went through me. I know I am dead, I have failed my district and my family. I can see a light coming towards me, goodbye earth. See you soon. BOOM!

Amber Burn POV - District 13

Time is running out, I only have 10 mintues left before I die. I tell Cassie and Savannah, they both look at each other. They say 'Let's go!' and the run, I follow them running as fast as I can. In 4 minutes we find a tribute the District 3 girl Clara I think that's her name. We chase after her as we run, we seen her kill before and we need to be careful because she is a big threat in the games. We get into a hallway maze, Clara is really fast and we soon lose her. I look at my timer 2 mintues left. I say 'I think it's my time to go girls' They both hug me. I grab my weapon and procced to kill my self, The all of sudden, I fall into the floor and I think i'm in the basement. I see something else fall in front of me, this will be my death. It's a wardrobe, I send my last thoughts home and my life flashes in front my eyes. I shout 'Win this for me Cassie and Savannah!' and then I black out.... BOOM!

Bernice Amais POV - District 12

I'm glad to have Mantra as a partner. She saved me in the bloodbath along with Sonic. We also worked along with each other to kill Jayson because we killed his district partner. I have still stratches and brusies. We haven't seen anyone since yesterday, the careers found us so we had to run. We losted them and we manged to get to 61st floor. Me and Mantra have been sharing our suppiles and we are running out fast, I hope the feast is soon. None of our partners have died yet. We are hidden in this room, full of clothes. It's good because tributes hear us but can't see us, you know what I mean.It's pretty dark in here and we are using a flashlight to see each other. We had a little earthquake a couple of hours ago, someone must have died because we heard a cannon go off. A message pop's up in a braclet and it says 'THE FALLEN' and it pops up the tributes who have died today, 5 tributes pop up. That is quite alot. I'm feeling much tired than before. I go into my sleeping bag to sleep the night off. I say goodnight to Mantra and she says the same thing. I slowly drifted into my sleep. 

Day 4 - The Cry for Help

Sonic Star POV - District 12

I wake up and i'm still tired from last night. I've been hiding in this elrvator ever since Day 1. I can't get out, somebody must have shut the power off when I jumped in elevator after getting attacked by Katherina. It's getting really warm in here, I need to get out. I look for a way and I notice a door on top of the elevator. I push it open and jump on top. I get a breeze when I get on top which is amazing. I climb up the rope with my bag of suppiles on my back and I get on the 5th floor. Then all of sudden the elevator shoots up, so now the elevator is working? All the hard work for nothing. My hands are all red now, I think I have a rash on my hands from the rope. I grab the medince from my bag and pour it over my hands. It's really sore, i'm trying to hold in the pain because I don't want to give my postion out. My hands return to normal and have healed. I eat my breakfest and try to eat quietly. I haven't seen anyone since Day 1 which was 3 days ago. I haven't killed yet either and it's only 15 of us left. 13 have died so far in the games. I can hear someone coming, I run into the room. I peak out to see the Careers hunting for tributes. They don't notice me and they keep walking along. I get out my hiding spot, I resume of what I am eating. 

Eli Winersin POV - District 10

Eliza is still knocked out from yesterday, i've tried waking her up but she still sleeping. I saved her from Kiara she came out of no where in breakfest. She kicked Eliza in the face and I grabbed my spear. I threw it at her and it went right threw her chest. She died straight away. Her body got lifted up by this pole. I was too late to save Eliza from being knocked out but I avenged her by killing Kiara. I'm sitting by the food making breakfest, I put it next to Eliza hoping she would wake up, I go back I start eating my breakfest. I can a voice saying 'Eli?!' I turn to see Eliza woken up looking scared. I say 'It's okay Eliza, I killed the person who kicked you in the head' and she says 'How long have I been knocked out and who kicked me?' I smile and say 'A day, 5 people died yesterday and she was called Kiara Seasplatt from District 11 her and her district partner died yesterday' and she smiles 'Thanks for killing her Eli' and I laugh and say 'No problem!' we talk about what happened yesterday when she was knocked out. She smiles and we eat our breakfest. We finish are breakfest. Eliza says 'Eli, I can hear someone near by' I put my finger to my lip and she points to a direction. I grab my weapon and I see someone running at me, It's Skylar from District 5. He slashes me with his sword, I hit him with my sword and we do a sword fight. Skylar is really good at the sword and I'm the same and I go in for the kill because I know Skylar could kill me any moment. He sidesteeps me and I turn around to see a spear heading for me. It looks like i'm going to die the way Kiara died. I can hear Eliza screaming, I'm frozen. I can't move everything is going slow motion for me. My life flashes and then I feel the spear going through my head. I can feel so much pain, I feel blood pouring out my forehead. Then I black out for good, I did not get knocked out. I have died like Kiara. I have died the same way expect the body part like Kiara. BOOM!

Clara Crescent POV - District 3

I can hear a non stop scream since that cannon went. It's near by. I follow the noise and I see a boy standing over a girl. It's Skylar who is standing over Eliza. I grab my Kama. I run and attack Skylar in the side, I shout 'You never make a girl scared okay?' and he runs off. Eliza 'Says thanks for saving me Clara, I need to kill someone fast because Skylar just killed my partner Eli' I guees that is why they was a big blood stain on the floor and I grab her hand and say 'Come on then, let's go' She grabs her suppiles and we run off. We move up to 19th floor to see another girl getting attacked by a boy. It looks like Nichole is getting attacked by Brandon Ivey. We run at him and shout 'Brandon, what are you doing?' and Brandon shouts 'She killed my friend and I'm about to kill her!' and Nichole says 'No you are not!' and she kickes him in the groain and he falls holding it. Nichole stabs him in the legs. I run up to him and smash my axe against his ribs and then we all say 'You don't ever hit a girl, okay?' and Eliza stabs his in the head as he screams for help. BOOM! Eliza says 'Thank you Clara! and I smile. Nichole asks 'Since we double timed the boy, do you guys want to ally and form an alliance?' We all nod and giggle. We all sit down and start eating lunch. I'm so happy i'm in alliance now, Eliza and Nichole were both in a alliiance but I was alone. I know this alliance will be great.

Savannah Darnell POV - District 9

A video beeps up in my braclet and the gamemaker is in it saying 'Savannah your district was lucky because you are safe from the poison, your district partner died but you are safe! Your district was picked in a raffle. Savannah one more thing, May the odds be in your favor' The video goes away, Cassie hugs me and she is happy for me. I wish Amber was here to see this. Then we after we eat dinner a message pops up saying 'THE FEAST LOCATION: 100th FLOOR, 12:00' that must mean the feast is tomorrow in 12 hours time. We will see all the tributes that are still standing in the games. Like the bloodbath. I am really nevorus for tomorrow, I look at the time 10:00 PM it's that time already? I eat my supper and I jump in my sleeping bag. I smile at Cassie and I do the same. Tomorrow is going to be tough and I know it. I'm the youngest in the games and I know people will come for me, hopefully Cassie will protect me tomorrow. I hope for anything.

Day 5 - We Meet Again

Nichole Payton POV - District 5

I wake up and check the braclet for when the feast starts. 5 hours to go. I nearly got killed by Brandon, he just attacked me when I was making food. I'm glad Clara and Eliza saved me. Clara also saved me, we debate of who was going to be the leader and we picked Clara because she saved us both from my partner and Brandon. I don't why Skylar attacked Eliza, I thought he wouldn't do that. The games have changed him completely. We make a debate about the feast and Eliza is not too sure about it. We chose to go to the feast because we are running out of suppiles and I will see Skylar. I need to speak to him and reason him. I think Firebelle would do that do if she was in the games. We eat our breakfest and make a plan for the feast. We are going to protect each other no matter what. I have the highest odds of winning, out of Clara and Eliza. They both have lower odds. We gather our suppiles and map out our plan. We start walking to 100th floor aka 'THE TOP FLOOR' I know this battle will be hard but it will be worth it. I hope I survive. 

Buck Rockwell POV - District 6

The timer is at 1:30. We have lost all the girls in our alliance, there were all weak. They all died in 3 days. Which is pathetic. Akumai and Skylar are talking about the plan. We are going to kill anyone standing in our way. Skylar and Akumai have killed and I have yet to kill. I will kill in the feast, I will kill anyone even my fellow alliance. We haved pressed that elevator about 5 times and it's still not here. I'm ready to hunt and kill tributes in the feast. We have waited for 45 mins and we are still waited. It finally comes and it makes a squeaking noise as it open the doors. We get in the elevator and we press the top floor button, I look at the braclet and it 0:05 to go. Man this elevator is very slow. We have our weapons by our side and we are ready to go. We are ready for this big fight. The elevator stops and opens at the 100th floor. 1 mintue to go, I'm ready to kill and hunt out all the weak tributes out there waiting to be killed. The gong sounds to the start of the feast. I start dashing to the bags. 

Mantra Flame POV - District 6

I dash to my bag along with Bernice. I'm scared as she is about the other tributes. I fall when I get my bag. I smack my face of the ground and my face shoots in pain along with my mouth. I try not to show it and get up. I look around to see tributes fighting. I can hear a girl scream 'Cassie!' then BOOM! The cannon scared me, I look for Bernice for nowhere to be found. I shout for her maybe she is dead. Maybe that was her cannon. If she is dead it is my fault. Then someone pushes me and I fall again on the ground. I turn around and he holds my arms out. He launches his trident at me and tries to hit me and I mange to dodge his attacks. He punches me in the face and I look around to see a girl coming towards the boy. She kicks him in face. He rolls around and says 'Nichole, what the fuck what's that? and Nichole says 'Skylar, I did tell you not hurt a girl and what do you think Firebelle would say to this?!' and he says 'I don't know' and then he punches her in the stomach. She walks backwards and says 'I'm sorry Skylar but this is for Firebelle' and they start fighting. They starting rolling on the grass punching each other and then Nichole pushes Skylar with her legs. Skylar runs with his sword and Nichole trips him up. She proceeds to stab him all around, and she says as she is doing this 'This for Firebelle!' BOOM! Then I see my district partner Buck heading towards her shouting and screaming. She is looking down on Skylar and I need to save her. I shout 'Nichole, watch out!' She turns around and rolls to the side. Buck turns around and Nichole jumps on top him, she starts stabbing him in the eyes. He shouts 'Fuck!' and he is covering his eyes. His eyes are pouring with blood, Nichole says 'I better you won't see this coming' and stabs his in the chest. He falls to ground lifeless BOOM! Nichole says 'Mantra thank you for saving my back or I would be dead' and say back 'You saved me too and thank you' she hugs me and she runs off. I bend down to collect my bag and I can hear Bernice shouting 'Mantra, watch out!' I look back to see Cassie running towards me. She starts shooting at me with her bow and arrows. I jump and roll under them. I wait to Cassie starts getting more arrows and I spear her in the stomach. She screams and I roll off her. She stood up and I throw one of my throwing knives and it lands in Cassie chest and she gives me a scared look and she falls to the floor. BOOM! I grab my knive from her lifeless body and Bernice says 'I'm glad you are okay Mantra!' and I say 'I'm glad your alive, I thought you died' and she says 'No, I survived. I got attack by the career leader but I manged to fend him off' and then we run away from the feast and head down the stairs. Glad to be alive. 

Akumai Kubaya POV - District 1

I look around to see i'm the only one left. I see the bodies of my alliance, it looks like i'm the only one left. There is a couple of bags still there, there is C bag and a 12 bag. I'll just leave them, I pick up my bag and I pick up my weapons. I start walking down the stairs and I hear someone talking. It's the girl alliance, Clara and Nichole and Eliza. They are hugging each other and giggling. They start opening there bags and going through them. They all look so happy because there are all still alive. None of the careers are living now expect me the leader of the careers. I seen Skylar in trouble and I tried to help him but Bernice from District 12 jumped me, so I tried to kill her but she escaped from my hands. She just disappered like a ninja and I turn around to see Mantra killing someone and then they both ran off. Then I all was left was me and the dead bodies of other tributes and some in my alliance. The girl alliance go down the stairs and i'm left alone on the 99th floor. I look in my bag to see medinace, food and water. Nothing much it's just the same as the bag I got back in Day 1 in the bloodbath outside. I miss the brezze of the wind and fresh air. We can only get out if we find a button to escape or we are the victor of the games by battle an other tribute and winning the games. I look at my hand covered in blood from holding Skylar's body. I'm alone and i'm respenting the careers and my district. I hope they are cheering me on, but Annie's family won't be happy because I killed her. She bullied and harassed me and I couldn't take it anymore so I lost it. I killed Annie. It felt so good when I killed her. I wish Buck or Skylar was still alive but they died in the hands of Nichole. In fact I just seen Nichole, I bet she is happy that's she killed my friends. She laugh and giggled with the girls in her group. I should have killed her there and then. In front of her friends. I'm going to get Nichole. I look at my watch to see it's dinner time. I'm not even that hungry to be honest even though this is called The Hunger Games. I look at the ground at my weapons wondering what to do next.

Viggo Flame POV - The Captiol

I avoid that feast. I'm glad because I had a backup plan. I don't know when I'm going to hatch it though. I heard cannon's go in the feast. I heard screams going on and people crying. I remember that there will be 2nd feast in the basement for tribute who avoided it who was me and the other tribute Sonic. I know the others who went to the feast will go anyway even though they have suppiles. In fact that has gave me idea for the plan. I'm going to set the alchol crate behind me. I'm going to launch it from this floor to the 50th floor and start a fire and hopefully wipe out my competition and I will win the games. This plan is the best thing I have done in the games. I remember my mentor Shelia said 'Use the fire and it will help you' that's where I thought of the plan, I have think of what she said since the start in the games, it's been running in my mind ever since before I got on that launch pad. I'm going to start this plan in the morning. When all the tribute will least expect it. Good thinking, good thinking Viggo. It's quite late now. I better get to sleep. A noise comes from the braclet and it's from my district. 'THE FALLEN' 4 tribute died today, the District 5 boy and 6 and District 8 girl and 9. So all the careers are dead but one. Should be intresting. There will be much more deaths tomorrow. There is only 8 of us left in the game and only 2 will win or 1 if no one finds the button to escape. I jump in my sleeping bag ready for my plan to start tomorrow. Tomorrow will be very intresting. I don't know of what to expect, I hope my plan does not backfire or I will die along with the rest tomorrow.    

Day 6 - The Inferno

Sonic Star POV - District 12

I wake up to feel hot and warm. I run down stairs to see my bag and Viggo's bag. It's too quiet, very too quiet. I grab my bag and the heat is getting closer. I turn around to see a fire spreading like wildfire and I need to escape before it's too late. The entrance is blocked and I can't get out, shit. I look around me to find a vent no far from me. I jump up and crawl in the vent. As I get far away from the basement, the heat fades away from my body. The wind is cooling me down, I wonder who started this fire. They must want most tributes dead in this day. I look outside a vent hatch to see Viggo laughing his head off. He runs off and the fire is getting closer per second so I better hurry. I get to a dead end and I look down. It's only way out and I jump down. I look around to see fire surronding me, this looks like my time. I try to use my water and fend it off but no use. The fire is getting closer and closer and I'm getting warmer. I let the fire get to me and I smile as I die, I have my last breath and then I fell like i'm on fire. It's look like this is the end. BOOM!

Mantra Flame POV - District 6

A cannon sounds off, I look down and to see a fire. It's moving as we speak. I warn Bernice and we grab our stuff and dash up the stairs like we are the fire. Bernice falls and we move up the floor. She screams 'My leg!' and I look at it and it looks broken. We need to find somewhere fast and I mean fast. Bernice is injured and a fire is coming for us. I see a room with a number on it 'Room 153' and I scramble in there with Bernice after I drag her on her back. It looks like we are safe in here. Bernice says 'Thanks Mantra' and I smile and say 'No problem', I can stop thinking about the feast. I let Buck die out there and I'm a traitor to my district. I bet they are all booing me. I couldn't do much. I was laying flat in my back after I tripped over my two own feet. I was clumsy. I saved Nichole though. She thanked me after and I'm kind of glad I saved her. If I didn't save her Buck wouldn't say much, he just smirk and run off again knowning him. I go to the other side of the room and I hear someone fall behind me. A plastic window. Bernice is the other side of the room and she need help. Then all of sudden a gas sprayer pops underneath and starts spraying gas around that bit of the room. Bernice screams for help and smashes her hands against the window spiltting us up, I can't do anything and I don't know what to do. Bernice finally stops breathing and her hands clutching the window fall with her. BOOM! I just let my partner die. I feel so ashemed. I look at Bernice dead body after the gas stops and I look at her scared face. I was stuck here, Bernice and I fell for a trap set for the gamemakers. There is only 7 tributes left. I feel really warm of a sudden and I turn back to see a fireball burst through the door towards me, I guess this is getting be back for not saving Bernice and Buck. I wish I could have saved them. BOOM!

Clara Crescent POV - District 3

2 cannons have went off. Our group have been running from this fire ever since it has started. The fire is starting to get smaller and smaller away from us. We all fall to the floor out of breath and I'm even tired from it. I look down to feel sweat dripping off my head like water pouring. What happened to the nice cold air. Nichole is the first to catch her breath and says 'We need to move forward' and then she screams, I look to see her running towards Akumai. They procced to fight while me and Eliza are catching our breath. I start to hearing the floor creak and crack. I look behind and shout to Eliza 'Watch out!' and soon the floor falls. I hold on to a glass statue, I hold and I feel my grip weaking. Nichole is panicking. The statue falls apart and I see the button. The way out. I press it with last of my strength, This will mean Eliza and I will escape. It opens with a thud. A white light shines out of it, a hand grabs me and drags me towards it. The door closes as soon as I get in. Wait Eliza?!. I can Eliza scream for help and Nichole shouting. Then I hear it BOOM! Eliza fell to her death. I finally land in a white room and I see my mentor Shelia. saidWell done Clara you have won the hunger games, you are one of the two victors' and I she hugs me. I start crying because I let Eliza die out there and here is me being a victor. I said 'I'm not really a victor, I let my friend Eliza out there! She is dead now and it's my fault. I thought you said 2 people can escape not one! Your all liers!' The head gamemaker comes over to me 'We need to keep her quiet, this should do it' and he whacks me with a brick, softly knocking me out. Stone cold. I wondering how Nichole is doing. I left Eliza out there to die. I'm a tratior to Nichole and her. I wish I could have did something

Akumai Kubaya POV - District 1

One victor has been crowned. I just seen Clara hit the Victor button and escape. Leaving Eliza falling to her death in the flames. Nichole is tears now, she was just fighting me. This is my time to kill her, she just left me wounded in my leg by stabbing it. Eliza scream just stopped her. This is my chance. I sneak up to her but she kicks me in the leg. I fall to the ground in pain, Nichole tries to finish me off, but I dodge her attack and stab her in the chest. She spits out blood in my face and says 'I failed Firebelle andSkylar, I wanted to win' she lands on me and then her cannon goes off BOOM! It looks like it's only me and Viggo now. I'm too hurt to fight him. The fire has stoppes and a water spray falls down from the celing. I crawl to look down. It's just all black and I see Eliza's body sticking. She is covered in blood and burns around her body. I look back to see Nichole body laying there still. I'm in the final 2 now. I need to win this. I need to rest here, I start eating my food. A message pops up in my bracelet saying the 'THE FALLEN' and District 5, 6 and 12 girl and the District 12 boy. Then a message pops up saying 'VICTOR' and it shows Clara's face. A video pops up saying 'Well done to Viggo Flame from The Captiol and Akumai Kubaya from District 1, there has been a victor crowned Clara Crescent from District 3. She manged to find the lucky button. Good luck to the both of you tomorrow and may the odds be in your favor' the video fades away. This looks like tomorrow will be the last day. 7 days the games will last. I start to feel sleepy. I pour mediance in my leg and it's really hurts. I go in my sleeping bag and I think of what to come tomorrow. I'm ready, I'm ready.

Day 7 - The Final Fight

Viggo Flame POV - The Captiol

Today the day, I'm in the final 2. I have killed 4 tributes in a day which was yesterday. It's only me and Akumai left in the games.  This is going to be a tough fight because he was a career and he was the leader and now he is fighting with me. I wouldn't be here if my mentor Shelia never told me about the fire before the start of the games. That was has helped me and wipe out the rest of the tributes in Day 6. I'm on the 51st floor. Not far from me where Clara escaped and she is a victor along who ever wins today. I seen her escape and I seen Nichole and Akumai fight yesterday. She was the last female standing in the games after Clara won just moments before. I have hid from the others since Lily's death in Day 2. The person who killed her died in the feast, so i'm happy for that. I just went to get food and I turned around to Lily dead and her cannon goes off. I just left her for a second and she dies. She was quite weak. She only lasted 2 days and here I am respenting the Captiol who created this games 130 years ago. I bet all the other district are booing me and cheering for Akumai. They must have been happy when Lily died. I'm going to win these games along with Clara. I hate this games but they have changed my life a little bit. I finish my food and look at the timer 11:00 AM I head towards the 100th floor where Akumai is hiding from me. I grab my weapons and start walking up the stairs, you better watch Akumai because I'm going to win. 

Akumai Kubaya POV - District 1

I look up to see Viggo run towards me, here comes the final battle. I'm wounded so he has the advatange. He starts shooting his arrows at me, I roll and i'm in pain at the same time. I can feel my blood boil as I move. I need to fight through this. He comes at me after his arrows run out. He starts slashing me with his throwing knives. I kick him and I run up the stairs on to the roof. He chases me and I spear him in the stomach. I start punching at him and he is doing the same to me. He kickes me in the face and I fall. I turn around and land on the floor. I need to move fast. I spin around and I stab Viggo in the back. He leaps in pain and he throws a knive in my weak leg. Fuck. I try to swing a punch at him. He pushes me on the floor as I try to punch him. He puts me in a headlock and punches me. I wait till he is distracted and I punch him where no man punches. He falls to the floor and I procced to stab him. He dodges and round kicks me. I get up and Viggo puts me in a headlock. He turns his arms and his hands and I hear a crack. Everything goes black and I can hear my self falling of the roof on to the ground. Well done Viggo, I was so close but you won. I will clap you when I get up there. I was too weak, Nichole caused my lost. She stabbed me in the leg which didn't help me win.I'm proud for Viggo and Clara they both deserved it. I can hear a sound in the distance 'Well done to Viggo Flame of the Captiol, you have won the 130th Hunger Games' and then I blank out and here a small  noise, I hear a gun going off in the distance. Then all of sudden I hear Viggo scream and a cannon goes off. Wait what happened?

Victors Interview

Clara doesn't remember much from the games. She regrets leaving Eliza and Nichole dieing out there but she is happy that she is alive and well. She talks about her view of the games and how it all started when her partner Blake died in the bloodbath. She smiles and giggles. She is happy she has won for District 3. Then I talk to Akumai. He talks about his life before the games and how he thought he would die but somehow Viggo got shot by unkown sniper. Akumai is happy he won for the careers and his district. They manged to save Akumai before he died. He has a neck coller around his neck. The crowd chants Akumai and Clara names. I hear the crowd shout and scream. I take them on the train for the Victory Tour and that conclues the 130th Hunger Games. 


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