Hello fellow users, I decided to make my first Hunger Games. I thought of the idea if Katniss and Peeta both died at 75th Hunger Games, and their was no Rebellion due to their deaths. Also the Victor of 75th Hunger Games picked that The Captiol will be in the next 'Hunger Games' (thanks to Nightlock Kryptonite for the tutorial!)


  1. No fighting in the comments
  2. Don't go mad at me about you tributes dying
  3. Reservations can be made, 4 days your place will be reserved, if you don't submit in time. Your space will go 
  4. All tributes must have a Lunaii
  5. 3 Tributes Each (we don't want one user taking up all the spaces)
  6. No Spamming
  7. No plagiarism
  8. No 'Look on my profile'
  9. No perfect tributes
  10. Tributes from the Role Playing Wiki are greatly prefered
  11. No Wikia Contributers (Just gets confusing)
  12. Stay a little active (Just comment 'Go Tributes' or something every virtual day, that will be cool)
  13. I want all tributes to have at least the following sections: Name, Gender, Age, District, Weapon, Backstory.
  14. Have fun!

The Arena

This arena will be full of snow and ice. The weather will change per 6 Hours, 1st Weather: Light Snow 2nd Weather: Cloudy 3rd Weather: Heavy Snow 4th Weather: Snowstorm. All tributes will be wearing fur coats to keep them warm.

Tribute Chart

Tribute Name Age Weapon User
Captiol Male Cassius Luppe 18 Glaive, Throwing Axe, Spear, Trident Alicerosewright
Captiol Female Lulu Glades 14 Blowgun, Kama PumPumPumpkin :3
District 1 Male Corin Ritter 18 Spear Alicerosewright
District 1 Female Cashmare Hart 17 Bow and Arrows, Knife, Poison TheMagicalMockingJay
District 2 Male Pacster Chalmers 17 Sword, Throwing Knives MyWorld
District 2 Female Vera Aang 16 Axe, Dagger TheMagicalMockingJay
District 3 Male Nick Maclachlan  14 Blowgun, Spear, Bow and Arrow AwesomeAiden
District 3 Female Dayta Huksely 15 Axes, Spear, Glaves Alicerosewright
District 4 Male Konami Aretino 14 Trident, Fangs, Crossbow Tehblakdeath
District 4 Female Atla Gillson 17 Trident YourFavoriteSalmon
District 5 Male Crimson Typhoon 14 Bow and Arrow, Sword AwesomeAiden
District 5 Female Sorcera Specturs 17 Dagger, , Poison, Throwing Knives Mistfire333
District 6 Male Blade Spectrus 14 Spear, Knives, Swords Tehblakdeath
District 6 Female Thalia Wulf 15 Throwing Axe YourFavoriteSalmon
District 7 Male Wario Wade 16 Axe, Throwing Knives MyWorld
District 7 Female Lisa Jones 16 Axes, Knives


District 8 Male Banette Tsukomogami 15 Traps, Needles, Knives Mistfire333
District 8 Female Yuno Gasai 14 Knive, Axe, Poison Mistfire333
District 9 Male Trent Greer 16 Throwing Knives Wesly3016 (?)
District 9 Female Liana Thorns 14 Poison, Blowgun Nine-Tailed Fox
District 10 Male Henry Punch 15 Fists YourFavoriteSalmon
District 10 Female Kiara Brazette 16 Spear, Blowgun Blue-Ribbonz
District 11 Male Aubrac Keld 16 Knive, Sword, Dagger Alicerosewright
District 11 Female Lexi Greenway 14 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives, Mace Lexis2685
District 12 Male Drago Fire 18 Sickle, Iron Knuckles AwesomeAiden
District 12 Female Robin Smoke 14 Slingshot, Knive Ladysi



Careers - Cassius Luppe (C) , Corin Ritter (1) , Cashmare Hart (1), Pacster Chalmers (2), Vera Aang (2), Atla Gillson (4) (Broke up on Day 5 after the feast due to deaths)

Anti-Careers - Dayta Huksely (3), Crimson Typhoon (5), Sorcera Specturs (5), Blade Spectrus (6), Thalia Wulf (6), Wario Wade (7), Lisa Jones (7) ,Kiara Brazette (10), Aubrac Keld (11), Drago Fire (12)  

District 4 and 8 and Captiol Alliance - Lulu Glades (C), Konami Aretino (4), Yuno Gasai (8), Banette Tsukomogami (8)

District 9, 11 Alliance - Liana Thorns (9), Trent Greer (9), Lexi Greenway (11) (Broke up on 3rd day due to Trent and Lexi's Deaths)

The 'Trust' Alliance - Sorcera Specturs (5), Konami Aretino (4), (Broke up on the 2nd Day)

Alone - Corin Ritter (1), Nick Maclachlan (3), Liana Thorns (9)Henry Punch (10) Robin Smoke (12),

(I will update these alliances in the games section, as the games progress)

Italic means the tribute is dead or the alliance has broke up


Cassius Luppe POV - The Captiol

Here it goes, he comes the stupid games. I'll won't get picked anyway due to my father job being a high-ranking politician and my mother being a fashion designer. Before that stupid 'victor' picked us to be in games, I used to love them, seeing worthless people die one by one by ongoing slaughter. It makes me laugh seeing people die, it always does. I always put bets on each games, I always pick the best people to win the games but somehow they die, must be my luck. This is my only year I can get picked for the games because i'm 18 and I don't want to be in these 'games', that age limit you can get picked. My father did something to offence the president, he refused to speak about it. I'm lined up in my age section and the president goes up to the stand. He seems amused somehow like he is laughing inside as a another district is joining the games more on slaughter for him, I see. He startes saying 'As being a gentleman, ladies first' he then goes over the reaping bowl, He picks a name and calls it out 'Lulu Glades!', Everyone looks at her because people are afraid from her, even I am. I heard she has killed 20 teens in her life, how the heck could she do that. She must have learned that from the orphanage, I don't know how she got here, she just came to Captiol, like a magican doing a magic trick. She heads up to the stage, somehow she starts laughing and smiling as she gazes at us. The presdient resumes his speech 'Now the boys', he does the same as the girls and pulls at a name, he reads it and smiles. He calles out 'Cassius Luppe!' wait that's me, how could it be me? I feel sick and cold all of a sudden. I get grapped by the security and being pulled on stage as I looked down astounched. I have to shake hands with her?.As I shake has with that girl. I thought came to mind, my nightmare came true.

Cashmare Hart POV - District 1

I can't believe that it's time for the reaping, time has went fast since the last games. I deciced to wear my ponytails as usual for the reaping, because I think they are perfect for the occasion as it could be my last as I could get picked like Glimmer and Marvel in 74th Hunger Games. I'm the tallest girl in my district and could see the stage without moaning I can't see the stage. I miss Cashmare, I can't believe she died, I used to look up to her and I wanted her to mentor me, If I got picked of course. Everbody keeps talking that they want to volunteer for this games, I keep saying I don't want to volunteer but secretly want to and I know it's my time. While I am daydreaming, I realised that Mayor is on stage now. I have missed the speech now, darn. Mayor starts to walk over to girls reaping bowl and grabs a name for the bowl and he shouts 'Trina Valt!' , I shout 'I volunteer!' everybody looks at me shocked even the girl who got picked, as nobody expected it. I walk along smiling and I start to walk on stage and I shake the mayor hand. He runs over to Boys reaping bowl without saying anything and picks out a name 'Sollux Pult!' another boy volunteers, I reconginzed him, wait that is Colin Ritter. Colin sister volunteered like me for the 72nd Hunger Games, but she died quite in a tragic way which made colin change in a way as he hasnet really spoke since. But all the girls fancy him including me, he is hot! He walks up to stage and I shake hand with him, I could see all the girls are jealous of me. Now they all wish they were me. I am so ready for these games.

Pacster Chalmers POV - District 2

Finally it's the reaping day of the games, feels like yesterday it was the 75th Hunger Games were the past victors fought to death once again. I'm not your typical carrer i'm actually nice and actually care about others, unlike the others in my district. The mayor stands up on to the stage, his daughter is in the far right for me Vera and she could get reaped like me. I don't think the mayor wants her to be in games because it's his only daughter and I feel for him either though i'm not in the same postion and I don't have a daughter. Anyway they mayor says 'Time for picking this year's tributes!' and he heads over to boys bowl and calls out 'Tony Crush!', I raise my hand up staright away and shout 'I Volunteer!' can't believe I just said that, I'm not sure I am ready for these games. I started to walk up on to the stage and I look down in despair for a cry of help. The mayor gets the a girls name for the reaping bowl, and he looks shocked and confused and screams 'Vera Aang!' and falls down on the stage in shock and disbelief, Everybody is shocked and no one shouts that they want to volunteer in the girls section. Vera looks scared and shocked as everybody else is. But she kind of derserves it because she bullys some girls in the district because she mean, well I don't think she means to be mean as she is misunderstood because she is quite intellegent as she showed that in the Training Center with her throwing and climing and she is really good. She was on the stage facing down without shaking my hand. This is going to be tough games for her and me.

Nick Maclachlan POV - District 3

My plan is nearly finished, it will get ruined if I get reaped for this year games. It's all because my parents showed me the games way to early, way to early. They should have showed me when I was 11 and not 8. I have mastered every weapon since. I'm trying to stop the games but the gamemakers keep coming back even when I have sneaked to the captiol, I have burned them to death and stabbed them, I've did everything oh wait. I have to 'kill' the head gamemaker, haha. Maybe that will finish the games what Katniss and Peeta tryed to do and failed. I am trying to complete the plan that they were trying to do, After this reaping i'm going to do it, I'm going to kill the head gamemaker, to stop this all. The mayor went up to the stage to start the reaping without a speech which was odd. He goes to the girls first and and picks a name like he was eating, he went straight for it. He calles out 'Dayta Huksley!' and she goes staright up without a care in the world, Dayta is very nice and kind, hopefully she will win the games. He goes to boys now and calls out 'Nick Maclachlan!' wait no! my plan is ruined, I refuse to go up. I get dragged to stage shouting 'No!, No!' and I get pulled up on to the stage. I shake hands with dayta. I know now my plan is ruined, my plan is gone for good.

Konami Aretino POV - District 4

I can't wait for my dream is about to come true, to be the hunger games. I'm going to volunteer like Kodai, I'm going to be like him, i'm going to beat all odds. I'm going to win like her. I hate most of the boys in my district they make fun of me because of my voice, I don't have a tough voice like anyone else, not what you expect from a carrer distict, I know the carrers will make fun of me. I'm not going to join them no matter what happens. I used to be called Titanic Aretino but no longer more because i'm Konami Aretino, I named my self after Kodai. The time is coming faster to volunteer for the games, the mayor is slowly going to the stage. Everything is going to slow-motion for me, because my dream is getting closer and closer. The mayor takes his time speaking his speech, Hurry up!. The mayor finishes her speech and walks over to the boys bowl and calls out 'Konami Aretino!' wait that's me!, hope no one volunteers, or I will kill them. Luckily no does and I head to the stage, I hear most of the boys laughing as I walk on the stage, I don't care about them as this is my moment, I have been dreaming about since Kodai won the games. I walk on stage, with out a care in the world and the mayor heads to girls and calls out 'Sophie Killheart!' and a girl volunteers. That's Alta Gillson she is one of the well known girls in the district, She loves swimming like me and she loves fishing, people taught her how to use a trident like Finnick Odair who won the games when he was 14, he is youngest winner so far. I challenged her to a breathing holding contest underwater which she won, she is always wins. Sometimes I think she cheats sometimes. She walks on the stage happy that she volunteered, what I was going to do but I got reaped without doing so. I'm so exicted for this year games, as I am in it and do everyone proud in District 4.

Sorcera Spectrus POV - District 5

I hope the crimson boy, volunteers. I bribed him and made up a story that if he didn't volunteer, his whole family would be in great danger and will die, right in front of them (that's means I will poison their food) he believed it, and now he is going to volunteer because of me, tricking him and seeing him die. That would be a laugh for me. I heard that a boy from district 4 got picked for the games because he wants to like Kodai, typical everyone want to be him. I remember seeing him pretending to be a ghost with fangs when I was 8, which was stupid. I try to get him notice me but he never does like i'm ghost or something. I hate him for that and always will, he won the games a 3 years ago and I don't know how he did and I really don't. I come from a big family, that big we had to split us in to District 5 and 6, all the spectrus girls live here and boys live in District 6. The mayor goes up to the stage very slowly like he is old but he in is 30's and he acts old like he trying show something, but I think he doing for a joke. The mayor stands up on the ugly stage and does his stupid speech, and he heads over very slowly to the boys reaping bowl, I shout 'Hurry Up, you lazy pile of!' and I get cut off by someone cover my mouth, I elbow her and everybody looks at me and then turns back to the mayor and calls out 'Tristan Mulk!' and the plan worked, the boy volunteered and I smile up to him as walks up to the stage. The mayor is shocked as that was 1st volunteer of District 5. I tried to not to laugh or everybody would think i'm planning something, so keep quiet Sorcera, keep quiet. He heads to girls bowl and calls out 'Sorcera Spectrus!' wait i'm sure that I put one of girls name in the fill the reaping bowl, somebody has listen to my plan but who? I've been tricked by my own game, how? and when? I walk up in stage screaming 'Who did this!, who put my name in the reaping bowl?!' everybody looks at me werid and stupidly, I see a girl laugh wait it was her, that's the girl who I put her name in the reaping bowl to fill it up, how did she beat me at my own game. As I get pulled on stage screaming, because of her I might die, my family might have one less member because of the girl, who beat me at my own game.

Blade Spectrus POV - District 6

I never met my family till last year, I was left on the street in the district and a wonderful couple, who raised me without telling about my past. I didn't know who their were intill I met Frade and Shade when I was walking in the woods, they had the same last name as me which was odd as they came from District 7 when I was from District 7. We didn't know that yet, that we were brothers, we started talking and one day they invited me to their home. I finally met my birth parents who were shocked when I walked in, they forgot about me. Frade and Shade were shocked too as they didn't know that they had another brother, that my mum and dad kept hidden intill that eventful day. I also learned that I have sisters living in District 5, I heard that one of them got reaped and wasnet very happy about it, I heared that she got a boy to volunteer and got beat at her own game because she changed the reaping bowl to another girls name but somehow her name was put in behind her back. I don't really want to get picked because I still want to grow our friendship as we only met last year. I hear the mayor going on stage as I was thinking of my thoughts, I didn't realise that he started the reaping started, till right now. I manged to hear the end of the speech and he heads over to boys reaping bowl and grabs a name forcefully and shouts 'Tom Wulf!' and straight after that, a girl over to the right to me shouts that she that she want's to volunteer. Looks like the girl has been picked with out picking a name from the girl reaping bowl, all the girls look happy as they can live for another year. That's Tom Wulf sister Thalia Wulf, she must have done that protect her brother like Katniss did for Prim at 74th Hunger Games. Sister love. Tom looks shocked that his sister volunteered for him. Mayor congrats her for doing that and she says 'Thanks, I'm doing this for you Tom', The mayor says 'Once again who will the boy be for this year games?' and he proceeds back to boys reaping bowl and shouts 'Blade Spectrus!' oh no, that's me. I'm ending up like my sister in District 5 who got reaped. I head up to stage without causing a fuss like my sister and head up to the stage, The mayor goes 'Here are this year Tributes, may the odds be in your favor!' and we get taken off the stage, I can't stop thinking that I might not get to talk to Frade and Shade again and my family will lose one of us, maybe both of us.

Lisa Jones POV - District 7

12 years ago, this special day. My mother died. My father and I used to be close but now we not, he hasnet spoke to me since my mom's death, My father has been depressed since so he moved me to my Aunt Vera. She loves me like i'm her first daughter, Aunt Vera hasnet had kids. She a butcher as well, she showed me everything she does. She also taught me how to defend my self with a knive if I get picked for games, hopefully I won't. The time has came for the reaping, I line up in the girls section and wait for the time ticking by intill the mayor goes on the stage. She stands up straight like a person from the captiol which she is from, I think. She delivers her speech in a posh manner and she heads for the girls section which I am in. She picks it up in oddly manner and shouts 'Lisa Jones!'. I just got picked, I didn't see this coming. Please somebody volunteer but when I got on stage, nobody did. She heads over to boys bowl and does it in the same manner as the girls and shouts out 'Wario Wade!'. I don't really know wario, he very quiet and never speaks much but he stands up for his friends when they are in need which I think is sweet. When wario goes on stage, I feel someone about him that I have never felt before, I might see wario true self in the games, if I survive the bloodbath.

Yuno Gasai POV - District 8 

I can still hear my parents in my head, go away, go away!. I don't remember them much now, I only remember hearing their screams of them dying, in 75th Hunger Games. I now live orphange now, where I have no friends at all. They used to bully me because my parents were victors but both died tragic, that's how I hate everyone in district 8 but one person. He makes me feel better about my self, he is different from the others. He knows what I'm going through, but I can't let him see my true self I just can't, or he will become 'them'. His name is Banette, he like me. He gets bullied and he lives the same place as me. He wants to be loved from someone and he is sick being alone but I can't tell him yet. One day I saw a girl next to him talking to him, which made my blood boil but one day I manged to get her to come with the park with but I killed her and stabbed her 50 times, I made every intestine come out of her body, I didn't realise to after that it was his long-lost sister, I tryed to make him better but I failed. I killed every girl he knew, he didn't expected to be shy and quiet girl like me, to kill them all. After the my last kill, the district 8 was in lockdown, nobody was let in or out unless you were from the President or the Mayor. I walk into the reaping square unaware whats going to happen next. The mayor stands up from his chair and makes a very fast speech, just to get over and done with, he heads over to the girls bowl and call out 'Talia Hart!' and the girls swifts her hair like she is a beauty queen but I know inside that she will die first, haha. He heads to boy bowl and calls out 'Banette Tsukomogami!' wait that's him, that's my crush. When he got on stage I shouted 'I Volunteer!' but the mayor refused it as it was too late as the girl has been reaped. I shouted out 'I would rather sarcfise my self, to save one live, she has a family, I don't! I don't have something to live for!' the mayor was shocked from my speech and let me volunteer, the girl thanked me for doing that, but I pushed off stage, I smiled as I holding my self, crying hopless. That me or my crush might die but I will sacrfise my self if anyone attempts to kill him.

Liana Thorns POV - District 9 

Time to be serious. This is not a time to be my usual self. My life story started when I was 8, I was picked up by an amazing old couple who owned a clothes shop and they got never hungry or sick, I lived a life that most kids don't in this district, I was bullied because of this. Sadly the old couple died last year, now i'm back to the streets. The only thing to get food is to steal, which i'm very good at. I never get caught. I feel bad sometimes doing this but I have to, to survive. I have no friends at all, no really knows who I am. Their loss, i'm one of the best kind girls in this district, but no one wants to go near me because I live alone on the streets, wondering what's going to happen next in my life. I don't care about what people think of me or my life, I just live it per day just like any other human being. The reaping has come, I turn my head to the stage along with everyone else. Everyone has a parent in this district expect me, which makes me different. Which I like. The mayor stands in his fancy clothing and tries to make the mood better, he heads to girls first. Being nice and all he grabs a name and shouts out 'Liana Thorns!' looks like this could be the end for me. I stand on stage holding my hair, as I wait to see who will be like me. The mayor calls out 'Trent Greer!' I don't know this boy, I havent see him one, walking along street like everyone else. I hold hands with him and raise our hands. I'm going to get alliance with this boy, he could help me in these games.

Kiara Brazette POV - District 10

I can cause trouble right now, but I can't really. I'm known as one of the popular girls, causing trouble and standing up for anyone I know. I can't get that picture out of my head, seeing my dad get murdered right in front of me. I had to kill someone, for hurting my friend. Leaving a scar on her head which made me angry inside. My mother tried to stop me, but I still killed that girl. I'm very sweet and kind, I have a lot of friends in this district. I know everyone doesnt want me picked. The mayor walks on the stage very loudly with her big high heels, I have never seen heels that big before. The mayor shows us the video, and heads over to the girls and calls out 'Kiara Brazette!'. I head on the stage scared, I'm trying to throw of the other districts. As I have a plan, like Johanna who was in last year's games. Wait that won't work, I'll just be my self. The mayor heads to the boys and shouts out 'Henry Punch!' I heared that boy fought 3 thugs in alley last year, and knocked them all out, Without any hassle. I'm going to keep away from him in the games. I feel the strength when I hold his hand, while we are picked for this year games, I'm not going to let down my district or my family in these games. 

Lexi Greenway POV - District 11 

Please don't get picked, please don't get picked. I have no parents just my big sister Pearl, my mom died of cancer. After that my dad could not live anymore, he went into depression and commited sucide to be with my mother. I have to hunt every morning for food for me and my sister which is tough, for my age. The wind blows in my hair as the mayor heads on the stage. We were close to winning last year, Thresh came 4th and Rue died 9th, I think. I'm not too sure. The mayor shows us the annual video and does his normal speech and heads over to the boys and calls out 'Aubrac Keid!', I feel sorry for this boy. He gets bullied because he is different, he is gay. That means he has no feelings for girls just boys. I see most of the boys laugh at him as he goes on stage. Now it's our turn, The mayor heads to the Girls bowl and calls out 'Lexi Greenway!' my name!? I head to the stage in despair and look to the children and I think out my last thoughts before I leave here, what's going to happen to my sister. I must win this for her and my mum and dad, I must do this, I must.

Drago Fire POV - District 12

You need to stop setting fire, you need to. If I never saw that torch in the street when I was 12, I wouldn't be in this postition. I need remember to keep my promise with the peacekeepers. I need to somehow stop me doing this, wait I shall volunteer. Like katniss did for her sister 2 years ago, yes I should do that. I have trained for these games, so why not. No one knows where I came from or what's my real name is, they just call me Drago Fire. I must keep my past a secret forvever. The time has arrived, Effie Trinket walks on stage, hoping for another victor as we only have one. As Katniss and Peeta died in the 75th Hunger Games. She does the same thing as 74th Games, same speech, same video. She heads over to girl reaping bowl, I look over to see Primrose Everdeen, Katniss little sister. Hoped not to be picked. I could see her despair and how scared she is in her face. She calls out 'Robin Smoke!', she has a sick mother and her most of her family work down at the mines for money. She lives at her grandparents, when she is not at school. She hopes for any volunteers like last time when she is on stage, but no one does it. This district is not the same since Katniss and Petta's deaths. She heads over to the boys and calls out 'Tom Malk!' and I shout out 'I Volunteer!', Effie looks happy as she has another volunteer which is me, I volunteered like Katniss did, and i'm proud of it. I head on stage, proud of what I did. I'm going to get District 12 another victor.

Training Scores 

Tribute Score
Cassius Luppe 9
Lulu Glades 9
Corin Ritter 11
Cashmare Hart 9
Pacster Chalmers 10
Vera Aang 8
Nick Maclachan 7
Dayta Huksely 8
Konami Aretino 11
Atla Gillson 9
Crimson Typhoon 7
Sorcera Specturs 9
Blade Spectrus 9
Thaila Wulf 6
Wario Wade 7
Lisa Jones 6
Banette Tsukomogami 10
Yuno Gasai 10
Trent Greer 6
Liana Thorns 7
Henry Punch 4
Kiara Brazette 10
Aubrac Keid 9
Lexi Greenway 8
Drago Fire 9
Robin Smoke 8

Death Chart

Place Tribute District Who? How?
26th Nick Maclachan 3 Corin Ritter Spear through the heart
25th Robin Smoke 12 Lulu Glades Blowgun to the neck, chocked to death
24th Aurbac Keid 11 Yuno Gasai Axe to the neck
23th Lisa Jones 7 Atla Gillson Trident to the head
22th Vera Aang 2 Konami Aretino Arrow to the heart
21th Dayta Huksley 3 Gamemakers Tree feel on her during earthquake
20th Wario Wade 7 Gamemakers Avalance
19th Drago Fire 12 Gamemakers Avalance
18th Henry Punch 10 N/A Crushed by rock from mountain
17th Crimson Typhoon 5 Sorcera Specturs Stabbed
16th Trent Greer 6 Liana Thorns Poisoned
15th Lexi Greenway 11 Liana Thorns Stabbed in the head
14th Cassius Luppe C Dayta Huksley, Wario Wade and Drago Fire (aka Gamemakers) Decapitated
13th Pacster Chalmers 2 Dayta Huksley, Wario Wade and Drago Fire (aka Gamemakers Decapitated
12th Liana Thorns 9 Herself Suicide (Stabbed, Slit her Thorat and Drowned)
11th Yuno Gasai 8 Corin Ritter Spear through the stomach
10th Kiara Brazette 10 Banette Tsukomogami Slit Throat
9th Cashmare Hart 1 Konami Aretino  Bow to the head
8th Alta Gillson 4 Blade Specturs Stabbed
7th Sorcera Specturs 5 Alta Gillson Stabbed in the side.
6th Banette Tsukomogami 8 Lulu Glades Stabbed into the head
5th Corin Ritter 1 Thalia Wulf Chopped into head
4th Lulu Glades C Blade Specturs Spear through the side
3rd Blade Specturs 6 Konami Aretino Stabbed
2nd Konami Aretino 4 Thalia Wulf Arrow to the head


Thalia Wulf 6 N/A N/A

The Games

Day 1 - The Start of the New Games

Yuno Gasai POV - District 8

I don't really care what my mentor says, he is stupid anyway. i'll do this my own way and make an alliance with Banette. I'm not going to let anyone hurt him, we have high training scores. I can't show him my true side. Be the kind, shy girl, that everyone knows you of. As I head up on the arena, I can feel the cold air getting worse. As I get on my plate, I see an icy cornucopia. It looks like a palace. I look around me to see me next to weaklings, the girl from District 7 and the boy from District 9. They will be easy to kill, I see Banette not far from me, he is 5 plates away from me to the right. I'm not going to let any of these careers kill him, but we have higher scores than most of them. So I think we will be fine. I feel the wind blowing my hair, I can see the coldness from my breath as I breath. This games are going to be fun, killing people, that I don't know. These are The Captiol first games, so i don't what to expect from them. I don't trust the boy, but the girl seems my type. I hear the coundown starting 30..29..28..27

Thalia Wulf POV - District 6

It's really cold, I mean really cold. Thank goodness for this fur coat. I have killed before, and i'm going to do this again. I'm doing this for my brother Tom. I have been whipped, bullied and everything. This all started when I got bullied, if it wasnet for the girls calling me ginger, I wouldn't be in this state. I killed one of them and I did again to another man. I don't know what got into me, I burned the bodies so I wouldn't be arrested again. Every night I have heavy gulit, I can't take this anymore. I'm doing to this for my self. My punishment, me volunteering. But it was for my brother, I don't want to see him getting hurt or killed. He is the youngest in my family, I couldn't see him die, I could see my mother was pleased when I volunteered. I could see snow all around me, and this ice is making my plate hard to stand on. I'm not going to die here, I'm going to win this for you brother. 20..19..18..17

Wario Wade POV - District 7 

I'm really nervous, I'm scared I might die. We have a bigger alliance than the careers, I know the careers are going to try to kill some of us, to even the numbers. Our district weren't so lucky 2 years ago, both of our tributes died in the bloodbath, we had high odds of winning but still died. We haven't been lucky since Johanna won 71st games, we haven't got into the top 10 since. But this year is gojng to be different, I can feel it. I'm doing this for my district, my family and for my self, District 7 is going to get another victor, this year. I don't speak much, unless it's important. I'm just your usual calm, quiet boy. I notice i'm next to District 1 boy and District 4 Girl, who are both careers. I could see my chance of living past the bloodbath, slim. I send my last thoughts, before this bloodbath, as this could be that last thing I do, before I die. 10..9..8..7

Lulu Glades POV - The Captiol

I'm going out my comfort zone, i'm going to show certain tributes my true self. I take nothing serious, I will never take nothing serious. I just think everything through colour, mad glasses. I'm going to kill a lot of people here, I'm going to win these games. I'm going to kill the weaklings, who stand in my way. I'm going to show no mercy at all. I'm going to win these games alone, or with an alliance. Maybe with Yuno, she seems my type. But I better be careful with her, she has a higher training score than me. But I'm not going to tell anyone about my past, that's is something that I would like to forget. I have changed since then, and i'm not going back to old Lulu, ever again, period. This is the first time that the captiol have ever been in the games, we showed the gamemakers we are not a weak district but a strong district. That strong both of us had been asked to be in the careers but I declined, but Cassius never, I could see a spark in his eyes. when he got asked. I don't trust the careers, I rather be with a non-career district. I could see supplies ahead of me, I'm going to grab lot's of supplies, and i'm going to kill who ever stand's in my way. 5..4..3..2..1

Corin Ritter POV - District 1

I hear the gong sound, I run staright to the weapons. I manged to grab my special weapon, the spear. I see a boy from District 3 with a supply bag, he heads straight for me with his Bow and Arrow. I throw my spear, as hard I could. The spear strickes through his heart he falls down, like a rock. I've have just got the first kill in the games, and i'm proud of that. I grab my spear out of the body and take his supply bag. I look for any Anti-Careers members, but they are fighting. I see some of them running right into the snowy forest, no suppiles, just weapons. In the corner of my eye, I see the werid captiol girl. She is has just shot her blowgun into the District 12 girl neck, she falls down. Choking, she has trouble breathing and then she screams 'Somebody help me!' but Captiol girl just looks at her smiling, the girl is now still. Her skin turns white. Looks like that captiol girl is dangerous better keep an eye on her. She looks at me, then turns away to the other end of the cornucopia, to fight more tributes. I see on career strugging, the other girl from district 1. I better help her, or she will be dead.

Aubrac Keid POV - District 11

Get supplies Aubrac, get supplies. I see my weapons, I grab them. I see a very hot boy, man he is hot. But he is a career. He is from district 2. I heard he is straight though, he won't notice me. I run to the snowy forest, I bump into the district 8 boy with my dagger which I dropped, I said i'm sorry. I notice his district partner coming right at me, She grabs her weapon an axe, She lunges at me, I try to convice her I didn't mean to bump into him. The boy looks confused, so do I. I think what to do, what to do in my head, should I run or try to talk to her. I'll try to talk to her. She screams at me 'Why did you bump into him, were you trying to kiss him, I know your gay!' I'm offened by this I try to hit her with my dagger but she dodges, we both fall on the floor, rolling, trying to kill each other. I kick her as she hits me with her axe, I run for my life, I trip and fall, I turn around see her thrusting a axe into me. I hear a thud. everything goes black, That was the last thing I ever heard or saw.

Atla Gillson POV - District 4

We need to kill another Anti-Career to even the numbers, We only have to kill one, as one has died. I see run a girl trying to run away, the district 7 girl. I see her scream, as I run towards her. I throw my trident into her head, it goes staright into her head, she lands on the floor in a couple seconds. I flip her body around to see her face, she looked scared and shocked. I've just had my first kill and this could be my only kill, hopefully not I take out my trident out of her body, blood pours out of her head, non-stop. I turn around just to see just the careers left in the bloodbath, I take the rest of the suppiles left for me. I look around to see the bodies who have died in the bloodbath. We head into the forest to kill more tributes. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! looks like 4 tributes died, Just 22 to go, I know that we will turn against each other near the end. So I better not show my weakness. We walk into the forest, and set up camp. For the rest of the day, hoping none of the careers die and I hope I don't die either.

Sorcera Specturs POV - District 5

Phew, That was close. I keep running in this forest, I saw the District 7 Girl die right behind of me, she wasnet going live this day anyway. Even with that big 'group'. I wonder if that boy, I tricked died. I was planning to kill him my self, but I couldn't be bothered. Hopefully someone did the job for me. As I contiune to run, along the district 4 boy, I think his name is Konami. He was very easy to trick, Konami got the biggest training score, even better than me. I forgot about that. We stop running, I just see a group of tributes. I grab konami and we hid behind the trees. I could recongised the voices, It's both tributes from District 9 and the girl from 11. They both got lower scores than both of us, so they are not a threat, but we could kill them. But we contiune to hide, just in case. They start walking again, and we leave our hiding postions. We exchange looks as we walk on ahead. Konami better not suspect me, or I could be dead. If he does, I will kill him with my poison, put it on his food. Bam! he dies. Hopefully he doesnt find me out, and he follow's my plan. I wonder how my brother is doing. 

Trent Greer POV - District 9

I'm so glad I survived that bloodbath, that was tense. One of the careers nearly killed me, so I had to run or I would die. I'm so glad Lexi survived, or I don't what I would do. I would be still in alliance with Liana but not Lexi, it wouldn't be the same. I'm sure when we stopped I heard a noise, but It was me just imagining. We look around to see the edge of the forest, we mange to find it in the end. We get their, and we find there is no escape from the forest. Their is a big frozen lake in front of us, I touch it with my foot and it's starts to crack and and part of the lake breaks up, but then lake goes back to normal. We head back to see a big mountian head of us, It's like Mount Everest. But bigger. It's starts snow now, we need to find camp before this get's worse. We manged to find a cave, to stay in for the night. I drifed to sleep, for the end of the day, BOOM! only to be waken by a cannon noise, Who else died? I turn to see the snow has became a storm, I could barely see the trees up a head. It must be late at night, I hear the music going to see the tributes who have died today in order District 3 Boy, District 12 Girl, District 11 Boy, District 7 Girl and I can barely see the last one, it's looks fuzzy, it looks like the District 2 Girl, i'm not too sure, after that I drifed back into my sleep. Wondering what's going to happen next.

Cassius Luppe POV - The Captiol

I don't know how vera died so quickly, Me and vera just started talking and walking looking for tributes, and all of a sudden, I just seen an arrow hit her in the heart and that was her dead, I didn't know if I would laugh or not, In the distance, I seen the district 4 boy with a crossbow and the district 5 girl running. I was going to run against towards them and try to kill them and laugh as they die but not this time, but the District 4 boy has a higher score than the careers so I backed off, I told the careers what happened, Corin was shocked, and was going to throw his spear at me, but backed off. I underestmated that alliance, and vera. I though she would be strong enough to dodge that, She just stood still in fright, I seen the look on her eyes, as I looked at her body. He was mad at me for not chasing them, but I couldn't, District 4 boy is dangerous, I don't why he turned down Corin offer to be in the careers like Atla. He want to be like a past victor called Kodai, when I see that boy again alone, I will kill him personally. That is one career gone, and that's the first day. Even 74th and 75th careers lasted longer than Vera. The snow is getting bad now and I better get back, before I frezze to death. I get back to see everyone sleeping, I lay down and think what is happening in the captiol, I fall asleep, thinking who shall I kill first?

Day 2 - My Dark Past

Drago Fire POV - District 12

That was a rough night, I wish I had fire. 5 tributes died yesterday, even a career died. I wish I had an alliance but Robin died back the bloodbath, I was going to alliance with her. I can't alliance now because all the tributes are mostly stronger than me. Maybe I could make people sorry for me, and maybe I will be in an alliance. That would work. I want District 12 to have me as a victor, There is only Haymitch, he is only victor still alive. I better find some wood, and start a fire. I head to the forest, with my stuff. I see a stack of wood of head of me, I start to run before anyone else gets it's because I really need it. As I grab the wood, I hear a noise, like something falling. I look behind me to see tree's falling towards me. I run for my life, I hear the trees falling down even closer. Please I can't die. I keep on running, I don't think of anything but just making sure I escape. This is revenge from the gamemakers, all things I set fire too in district 12. I just never felt that feeling before, I loved and I will never forget that feeling. That last tree falls down, and I get to a waterfall that is frozen but still moving it's cycle, that's werid. I'm glad i'm safe for now. 

Wario Wade POV - District 7

One career died yesterday and 2 of my group also died yesterday. We didn't even have to kill the careers and I wonder who killed that District 2 girl? We gather as group, and I notice Crimson is missing. I shout 'Where did you go Crimson?' no answer returned, he was acting strangely though yesterday. He must have left us through the night, maybe he couldn't take the pressure being this group. We will let him do his own thing, we go back to planning to strike the careers, when the least expect it. We even in numbers though, since one of them died yesterday. I hope no one interfers from other tributes. Or we have to kill them, or go to Plan B. I don't know how Aubrac and Lisa died, I thought Aubrac would survive with his high training score and we thought Lisa forgot where she was going to meet us. We found out she died in the bloodbath last night. Which told us the answer. Our plan is to strike the 2 of the careers when they are hunting out for us then striking there group and killing them all. If this plan works, I know everyone will turn against each other, and start killing each other and then the rest of the tributes still in the game. I start to notice Dayta (3) is acting werid again, like Crimson. She starts just staring to the snow and doesn't move at all, and then after 10 mins she goes back to normal again. She must be plan of her's, maybe she is going to kill all of us after we do this plan, I hope I'm wrong.

Banette Tsukomogami POV - District 8

I don't why Yuno has been acting strangely, ever since that boy from District 11 bumped into me in the bloodbath, she lost it completely. She even killed him for what ever reason. Even with Lulu (C) when she goes near me, she screams 'Back Off!' and then her Lulu get in a big arugment over me, which I find quite facinasting. But I hate that they are aruging all time, even at night. I wish I would have a boy to talk to me, while they are aruging. I don't really trust Lulu, I think she hiding something like Yuno. Ever since all my friends who are girls who have died, since Yuno started talking to me. I think that's Yuno is hiding something from me, I can feel it better than Lulu. They are doing it again, I better leave before it get's badder, than it is. I leave without them noticing me. I better keep an eye on things around me, any tribute could strike me at any moment I better be careful. It's quite nice to have a moment to my self while they are fighting. I see a tribute coming towards me, I draw my knives in defense. He comes at me, shouting 'Please help me!, someone is trying to kill me!' I noticed to boy to be Konami (4), he says that his alliance partner try to poision him with his food, luckily he noticed it. He has highest training score in the whole games. I draw my weapon to his throat, I need to choose if he will join our alliance or not. We do need a extra boy in the group, so I let him follow me. He could help us win, or one of us win. I saw that he killed one of the careers in the end of my walk, so he is strong I see. We go back to camp and the girls say finally another boy! it's good to be out of the fighting picture

Sorcera Specturs POV - District 5

I was so close to killing him, darn. After he saw that poision I put on his food, he grabbed his stuff and ran away. Well that alliance didn't last long, now I am all alone by my self. Waiting for a better day. I better leave camp because Konami has raised an alarm screaming for help and find my brother and join the Anti-Careers. It's the only thing I could do. I grab my weapons and supplies and head into the forest. The snow is falling on my cheeks, I could feel it's frost clenching my skin. I could feel it crawing inside me. I start to see a batch of fire ahead of me, I start to head to the direction hoping it's the Anti-Careers and when I get they. I have a little peak but It's the anti-careers and walk into the group and they all draw their weapons out expect Blade (6) my brother he shouts 'Stop!!! it's my sister so it's alright' they draw down their weapons. I'm glad Crimson (5) is not here or I would be dead right now. I'm so glad to see my brother, I haven't seen him for like 6 years. I noticed one of the girls in the back row of my brother are looking at me strangely, I hope crimson told her what I said to him before the reaping. I would be not good to use my poison here because it's a big group and I might get found out. I'm not going to kill my brother, or should I? We start talking about since we last seen each other, I feel safe now knowing that my brother is there.

Henry Punch POV - District 10 

I finally got to the top of the mountain, I'm really tired and I need to set up camp. It's getting quite foggy up here. I'm surpised their has been no deaths today or I havent heared the cannons going off. I see a cave a very small one on the summit. I can just fit inside it. I wished I killed someone back in the bloodbath and I could have raised my odds of winning. I saw 2 tributes die and I just run because I knew I would be next. I knew I would get a low training score, I saw that the Head Gamemaker hated me, I saw it on her face. She must had felt something about me, that's why she gave me a low training score. I feel like punching a wall, I'm so frustrated at my self for not doing more in the training session. It's too late now, I can't turn back time. I hope my district partner is doing well. She got a much better score than me she got a 10 and I got 4. I got the lowest odds in the games, they thought I would die in the bloodbath but I proved them wrong haha. I can't sleep, I need to sleep. I can't even see outside now, the snow is getting really rough. I'm hungry and cold and tired, what a great life I have..

Dayta Huksley POV - District 3

I don't trust Sorcera (5) I feel something from her, she looked at me werid when she came into this group. I'm scared for Blade (6) I think she is using him and then she going to kill him, I remember that she was with Konami (4) and i'm sure I heard him shout for help eariler on today. I wonder what happened. I could see the stars above me. I can just see them by this snow, everyone else is sleeping. As it is late at night. I keep getting the flashbacks back again, I thought they went for good last year but they have came back just to haunt me, on this special occasion. Thanks for that. I killed my own mother, I didn't mean it was too hot for me to handle. I still have flashbacks of the flames around me, as I cry for help. That moment changed my life fovever and I mean forever. I still have the scars on my hands, I look at them every day, it reminds me of the moment I killed my own mother. I shed a tear thinking about this as I look towards the sky. I can hear my mother's voice in my head saying 'It's all alright darling, I'm fine' it's not fine. I have kept quiet about it, I don't speak as much now. I wish I never went to work that day, or my mum would be still hear. She would be cheering me on in the hunger games, hoping I don't die. I'm even think about sucide, for all the things I shouldn't have done. I doze off to my sleep, feeling bad that I did that, that I killed my own mother. 

Day 3 - The Big Mistake

Crimson Typhoon POV - District 5

I should get back to Anti-Careers and say sorry to them for leaving them through the night. I leave my hiding spot, I head back to camp. I'm sure I saw Connor again that night, I just followed his voice and I ended up here. is something trying to tell me something than I need to know i'm not too sure. I followed it anyway. I grab my stuff and my weapons and I start waiking towards the hiding spot that my alliance are. As I walk on, I see a glimmer of fire in the distance, I'm curious to see what it is, so I follow it. When I get there a see a tribute, he sees me and draws his slingshot, at me. I say I come at peace. I think his name is Drago (12), he starts to tell me what's he is going through in life and clings on to my leg to let him join me, I'm tempted to say no but I can't. So I let him follow me to the Anti-Careers. I finally see one of them in the distance, I see Thaila (6). I go back and Wario (7) asked why I left and who I have I brought with me, he understands why I left and came back and he is happy that we have a extra member of the alliance. When I sit down I see Sorcera (5) who tricked me to be in these games. When she sees me, she gaves me a look to say don't tell anyone what I said to you or else, I'm going to kill her. When nobody is here but her and me. I'm going to say she fell and a rock hit her. Yep hopefully that will work. Wario (5) tells me the plan what we are doing today, safe to say I like it. We start grabbing our weapons and head to the careers, where we are going to defeat them and kill them.

Cashmare Hart POV - District 1

It's time for hunting for tributes, we need to kill someone because no one died yesterday and more tributes die, the closer one of us win. I have my bow and arrow out, ready to shoot. I'm out with Corin (1), I volunterred since he was hunting. We keep on the lookout and chat at the same time. Corin has one of the highest scores in the games but got beat by Konami (4) we are still looking for him since he killed Vera (2). She was of my friends, and when I see him i'm going to shoot my arrow right through his head. Period. I can hear a noise, a rattle noise and a whisper. It must be part of the Anti-Careers I can feel it. Then all of the sudden I can feel the ground shaking, Me and Corin run back to the career camp to make sure everyone is all right. BOOM! someone has died, hopefully none of the careers. We run as the ground is shaking, this is very hard. Then I turn my back to see an avalance coming from the mountians, We run even faster. I could see tributes running in the distance, we could kill them but it's not the time as avalance is coming towards us. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!  I can hear cannons as the tributes fall one by one. Please don't be any of the careers. When we finally re-meet up with the careers, we keep on running. I could see the avalance get slower and slower and finally stops and then BOOM! another cannon sounds. I'm so glad I survived. We gain our breath back and I'm so glad we all survived but some other tributes weren't so lucky. I could see the hovercraft coming to collect the dead tributes, I don't look and I wait for The Fallen at nightfall. 

Liana Thorns POV - District 9

I'm so glad I survived that and my alliance. 5 tributes died in the earthquake and the avalance. I know they will be tonight because I can't stand Trent (9) being all cute with Lexi (11), he is all protective of her. I've alreday made the plan, It's going to happen at dinner. That's all I am saying. This day has went quite fast as it has started snowing now, Must be time for dinner. Lexi askes who is going to cook dinner and I voluntereed for it, I'm cooking chicken for dinner. I keep looking at Lexi and Trent to see if they are looking at me, but they are talking. I carefully add my poison and I mix it in and It still looks the same, perfect. My plan is going well. Now to serve it. I carefully give Trent and Lexi their dinner, and I eat the bit, that I didn't poison and eat normally, Trent eat's his first while Lexi drinks her water, Trent eats his and starts to say he can't breathe Lexi panicks and shouts can you please help her Liana! I help him anyway, known it's too late. He stops breathing and his cannon sounds BOOM! and Lexi says I know you killed him, your just jealous of us. She throws one of her throwing knives and I just dodge by inch. I grab it and throw it at her, It strickes her in the head, I walk over to her and she says wh-why Liana, I don't talk, I just smile at her. When her eyes start closing, I say 'Thanks Lexi for helping me, goodbye' and she closes her eyes BOOM! I can't believe I just killed 2 people, I don't know what came over me, jealously? I just killed my alliance and now I am by my self, all alone. Why did I do that? I think I have just got to known my bad side. I don't like it, please don't come back. I sit down and stare at the fire seeing the hovecraft coming near me to collect Trent and Lexi. I have just killed my allies.

Sorcera Specturs POV - District 5

I'm so glad I killed my threat. I saw him coming out the snow, it was Crimson (5) I could see his face crying for help, I seen my alliance catching their breath back, it was my chance to kill him. I grabbed my dagger and I stabbed him, Blood poured over the snow, their was a big wound over his heart, Which made my smile that I killed my threat, or I would have been turned against and I would have been killed by one of the Anti-Careers, or him. I had a sigh of relif when his cannon sounded, It looked liked he been killed in the avalance but I killed him. I'm proud of that. I sit down and eat my food as the snow is getting badder per minute, I sit down and wait for The Fallen annoucment, to see who died. Is it me or is it getting colder at night than the rest of the day. I'm getting curious who died, I know who one person died, but that's it. I hear the music and it's time for the annoucment, they always put in order who died. The tributes who had came up were the District 3 Girl, District 7 Boy, District 12 Boy, District 10 Boy, District 5 Boy, District 6 Boy, District 11 Girl and then the music fades. So 7 Tributes died today, which was quite alote, 3 people died from our alliance, and the rest were alone or another alliance. I look towards the sky as I start to fall asleep, thinking of what to do next. 15 people are left in the games. 

Day 4 - Deaths and Sorrow

Thaila Wulf POV - District 6

Most of our group died yesterday after that avalance and the earthquake, I nearly died in the avalance but I just made it by no more, I'm surpised none of the careers died. We only have 4 people left in our group, Sorcera (5) who joined us in day 2 and Blade (6) who is my district partner and he has been here since the start of the alliance and Kiara (10) who has been he since the start too. Our plan failed, If it wasnet for the earthquake. Kiara and Me still in this alliance who doesn't have a family member in these games. Blade and Sorcera are sister and brother, I volunteered for my brother. I bet he is proud I have lasted long and i'm getting one step closer per tribute dying. I'm not going to kill Sorcera or Blade or Kiara but I have to if we are last 4 tributes standing. It's morning now, I wake up to a another cloudy day, when is it ever going to be sunny? We get up and plan what we are going to do next. I said 'why don't we hide, we have a better chance of surviving than we do out here! Blade like my idea of hiding for the day and so does Sorcera. They follow my idea and we hide in the cave where somebody must have been in because their was blood on the floor. Someone must have died here. We sit down and just chat and talk. I hope this day goes well and none people die in my alliance.

Konami Aretino POV - District 4

So Lulu (C) and I are hunting for tributes to kill. Banette (8) wanted to come with Lulu but Yuno (8) didn't let him, so I went in his place. I don't get why Yuno is so protective of Banette is like she has found her first doll, and she loves it. Banette brought me in this group, if it wasnet for him I could be dead and got slaughter by the careers. I saw that avalance yesterday, and It didn't come even near us, we could see it in the distance and hear cannons going, as it went. A lot of tributes died yesteday, now their is only 15 of us left. I don't what coming soon, but I can feel a feast coming up in a couple of days or tomorrow depends how many die today. I don't why but I could feel someone following us. I could hear someone groaning, but I don't know who. I could see the careers out again, 2 of them this time, they must be hungry to kill because they were looking through bushes and everything you could think of. I could see Lulu district partner, I remember him when I killed District 2 girl on the first day. I could see the Atla (4) as well. I could see them stop and frezze, why did they stop and frezze all of sudden? Lulu and I hide behind a rock, as we don't know why they have stopped, is this a trap for us? I hid just in case then I hear screaming, and I see Atla run for her life and then I hear it, BOOM! Lulu partner must have died, we glimpse to see who kill him and we see dead tributes., chopping him in half, I could see Drago (12), Wario (7) and Dayta (3) werent these tributes in the Anti-Careers? I think they were. There all motionless and their skin is white like there are ghosts but they must be zombies looking for more tributes. I think one of them spotted us, but they look back to the boy and head to the direction of the District 4 Girl ran, I think the careers are in trouble. 

Atla Gillson POV - District 4

I can hear them getting closer per second even though I am running, Is the gamemakers trying to kill us? I'm out of breath but I must keep on going, I look behind me to see the dead anti-careers in the distance screaming for blood. As I get to the career camp, I shout 'Run!' Corin (1) and Cashmare (1) follow me but Pacster (2) doesnt believe me, but's it's too late, Both of Corin and Cashmare run as fast as we can. I could see that Pacster is trying to keep up with us but he falls. I dare not to look and I could he his screams for help as we run, It fades away and BOOM! he is dead. I beat their doing the same to him as they were doing to Cassius (C). It scared the life out of me and Cassius when I saw them they just jumped from the snow and started chasing us. Cassius just stood there frozen but I kept on running and when I heard his cannon go, I knew they would be coming for us next. I tried to Pacster but it was too late when he realised. I see a waterfall with water in it. I jump in their but Cashmare refuses because she can't swim so she hides behind the waterfall while me and Corin hide underwater. I could she their shadows above, they look for us. Then they turn to dust after they walk away. Phew, we are safe but we have lost 2 career members after that. It just the 3 of us. I grab Cashmare and I try to teach her swimming, but I still failed. We walk back to camp hoping to see no more zombies around. I didn't expect that coming.

Liana Thorns POV - District 9

I still have the gulit of killing Lexi (11) and Trent (9). 2 cannons have went off today. 13 tributes left. I know i'm going to be hunted in the end, if I survive. I think the only tribute who doesnt have an alliance. I wish I never killed Lexi and Trent. I can't take this anymore being alone. This event has changed me. I used to be a kind girl who everyone knew but now i'm just a serial killer. I look down to ground and I remember seeing a cliff near the waterfall. I might as well kill my self, I have no friends at all and i'll lose my friends back in the district. If I win, I don't see me winning at all. I grab my stuff, I head to last place I will see in my life, I can't take this anymore. I walk to see blood everywhere around the forest, I see a gut still which makes me feel sick. I see the cliff not to far now. When I get there, as I gaze onto the water. I see my own reflection, I could see blood over my face and my hands cover in blood, I known what I have become, I grab one of Lexi's throwing knives, and I sent my last thoughts home and to my friends and family. I take the blade to my thorat and cut it again and again and the I stab my self and I fall in the water. I smile as I can see me getting deeper and deeper, I smile and I see blackness, I could hear my cannon in the distance. What's done is done. BOOM!

Lulu Glades POV - The Captiol

It's getting very late now, I don't really care though. I could hear the snow storm battering against the rock, like it was trying to grab our rock. I hear the music starting for The Fallen and I turn to black sky above. In order the tributes who came up were Cassius I heard him died this morning while I was hunting with Konami (4). Then it was the District 2 male and then the District 9 girl. The music fades. Their is 2 career- I hear an annoucment over the arena 'Hello tributes well done for being the last 12 tributes in the game!, tomorrow is a very special event to get suppiles for you, and I think you know what that means it's The Feast! so have a good night now, because it could be your last. Sleep tight!' and then the sound disappers, oh great it's the feast the thing I have been dreading since the games have started. We all have to go out there and get more suppiles, their will be more deaths tomorrow than today. So back to what I was saying, their is 2 careers left and 4 anti-careers left and then it is us. I don't really care who dies tomorrow, as long I don't die, simple as that. I go to sleep, dreaming of what is going to happen at the feast. 

Day 5 - The Death Feast

Kiara Brazette POV - District 10

Time for The Feast today, we all have to come out for suppiles everyone of us. I know people will die in this feast so this could be last thing I do. I hope i'm making my family proud and all my friends back in the district. I hope they are cheering me on. I hope my father is proud up in the sky, watching me on and hoping I survive these games. I have seen people die, and memorys are coming back from my father's tragic death. I couldn't do anything but just watch, It was like I was forced to watch, my neck froze and I was stuck watching, hopless of what to do. I had to run as it was my only option to do, I was only little then but I have changed since then. I watch my other tributes in the Antis alliance, as we know we might not survive this feast. I look as I eat my breakfast, looking down gazing and thinking of if what if I die today. I want to make everyone proud back in my district. I want to make everyone happy. I leave the breakfest on the ground while everyone else is still eating. I walk outside and look towards the sky, thinking of the stars up in space, knowing my father is one of them. I look at the stars every night, looking to see my father smiling at me. I'm quite proud how I have lasted this many days, I though I would die in the 2nd day or the 3rd but it's now the 5th Day. I hear Blade (6) shout 'Kiara what are you doing?', I say back 'Nothing, just daydreaming'. I walk back into the cave.

Corin Ritter POV - District 1

I finally get to kill and finish off the Anti's then go for the other alliance. We have lost tributes from our alliance to the Zombies we seen yesterday and to the one tribute called Konami (4), Cashmare (1) has been going on about him since he killed Vera (2) on the first day. Her and Vera were really good friends since we started training for the games. I can feel cashmare is going to kill him today in the feast. I have a plan just in case anyone of us get's in trouble. I'm going to kill the tribute who is fighting with Cashmare or Atla (4). I can hear a voice, a loud one. Like the one we heard last night, it must be the head gamemaker. 'Hello tributes, the time has arrive, you know the think I was talking about last night, if you were sleeping. It's time for the feast! The suppiles are now there to collect. May the odds be in your favor and good luck!' Then a beeping noise comes and then it fades away. We all look at each other and head to the place where we started the games, the bloodbath. Here we come tributes, ready or not here we come.

Blade Spectrus POV - District 6

We all head to the cornucopia, where this all started. We have planned where to meet after this. Same place, we look at each other as we split up. To find a spot to run to grab our bags. I hide in a bush, looking for my number and my name on the bag, I could see it right in front of me. I'm waiting for the cannon to go, the gamemakers have changed it since the 74th Games. They thought, why don't we change it. They told us before the games, if we survived this long. Which both of our district tributes did. So did District 8 and 1. We are the only districts still to have both our tributes alive. I know one of us is going to die here and now. I have my weapons ready for the feast, still waiting for the cannon to go. My heart is pounding as the seconds go on, hurry up. I wish I could get this over and done with. I look towards my bag and I get ready for the feast, I get ready to run. I hear the cannon go off, It's time to start this. I run staright to cornucopia to collect my bag, I could see tributes fighting, even though they havent got their bags. I could see Thaila (6) must have got her bag because there was one missing. I turn around and start to run back to place, along with Sorcera (5). We both run off but I can't see Sorcera behind me anymore, I could see one of the careers standing in front of her it was District 4 girl, how dare she. I strike at her with my sword and she fights back from her trident. We both struggle to hit each other, and that much we both fall on the floor. I see grabs her trident and heads straight for me. I dodge her attack and stab her right in the stomach. She gives me look and I say 'Don't you ever hurt my sister, you would have to go through me first before you get her. I put my sword out of her and she falls on the ground. I look up to see 3 tributes also dead  I run back to my sister, she has a wound to her side. She gaspes for breath 'I don't think I will make it. Blade' she starts crying and I start to calm her down. She says with her last breath 'Thank you Blade, win this for me, okay?' then she closes her eyes. I shake her, she's dead. I start to cry, that my sister has died right in front of me. But I avenged her by killing that girl who killed her. I'm glad I did it. I keep holding to my sister body and I look around to see all the other tributes gone, the only one left alive is me. I could see Thaila grab my hand and she comforts me. She takes my hand and we head to camp. I have my weapon on my back, full of blood and my bag from the feast. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! one of them is my sister's cannon. I'm going to do this for you sister, i'm going to win these games for you, no matter what. 

Banette Tsukomogami POV - District 8

I didn't mean to kill that District 10 girl, she was in my way. I thought she was Corin (1) because he killed Yuno (8) but when I hear her talk, It wasnet Corin. Man, I feel stupid. 4 tributes died in that feast, one that I killed. I head back to see none of out group, maybe they died or they just coming back. I lay back seeing the snow starting to fall. I fall asleep, only to wake up to see Lulu (C) awake and I see Konami (4) sleeping, I check Konami pulse to see if he is dead but he is alive just sleeping. I turn to Lulu facing me, she grabs me and puts me down on a rock and bends down towards me, and makes a smile at me quite creepy. I says 'Right, I think it's time to kill Konami over there don't you think because he does have one the highest score in the game and It's near the end and he could be a dangerous near the end, so how about we both kill him isn't that a great idea?' I think that's is true because he does have the highest score along with Corin. I grab my needles out and get ready to kill Konami, We both head towards him with my needles and Lulu's kama weapons. I say 'I'm so sorry Konami but it's for your one good' I try to hit him but I feel a sharp pain in the back of my head, that much. I fall down. My vision starts to blur, I can see Lulu with her Kama weapon, I could hear her say 'Thanks for getting me one step closer to winning!' and then I realised that I have been tricked by the Captiol girl, the person who I thought who I could trust killed me, that was the last thought forever and I mean forever. Then I only seen darkness BOOM!

Thaila Wulf POV - District 6

I hear another cannon as we get back to camp. Blade (6) is still crying as we get back to camp, I leave him to calm down for a minute and I walk into the forest. I can't believe I survived the feast. one of the career went for me with their spear but I manged to miss them and manged to escape into the forest. I look around to see no tribute around there is only 5 of us left, I think everyone else would be hiding. I have my weapon just in case anyone could strike for me, at any moment. I have my weapon ready to strike. I'm really think my odds of winning are getting higher. Even though I haven't killed anyone yet. We are the only district still to have both are tributes left. I bet you my brother is saying to my mother 'My sister is nearly there, she can win this games!' and my mother would be smiling. Everyone in my district will be cheering for us because our district has a higher chance of winning than the others. I could see someone in the distance looking towards the lak which is frozen. They are still, like they are not moving at all. I take the stealth approach as I get closer as I do, I realise it's Corin (1) he is the only career left, well i'm going to kill the last member. I don't see anyone one of his weapons, maybe he threw away and he is going to kill his self. I saw Liana (9) do it, I saw her from my camp jumping off the cliff into the waterfall. I take my weapon out, making no noise at all because he could have a weapon. I get closer and I strike him and he falls to the ground. BOOM! That was easy than I thought, maybe he was depressed because 2 members died back in the feast, I saw them both die. I killed one of the last remaining careers, and he had one of the highest training scores in the games. I run back to Blade who has stopped crying that I killed Corin. He hugs me. I says 'Thaila, I know this will be tough but we have to split up, because there is only 4 of us left in the games' I agreed and we shake hands and we both say 'Good Luck!' and Blade takes his stuff and leaves. I can't believe there is on 4 of us left, I know tomorrow will be the last day. Day 6. I sit in camp and set a fire up because this will be my last night in the games, and I know it.

Konami Aretino POV - District 4

I'm nearly there, only 4 of us left. I can become a victor like Kodai. I can't believe i'm here, i'm in the final 4. After taking a nap, I woke up to see Banette (8) dead and to see Lulu (C) with her weapons standing on top of Banette. The cannon woke me up. I grabbed my stuff and left Lulu on her own. Just there I heard another cannon go. Day 6 is tomorrow and it will be the last day. I sit in my cave with my fire glowing around the cave, and the snow storm starting up and getting worse. I hear the music going and I look towards the sky to see 'The Fallen' up. In order it comes up District 8 Girl, District 10 Girl, District 1 Girl, District 4 Girl, District 5 Girl, District 8 Boy and finally District 1 Boy. 7 tributes died today, and there is the Captiol Girl, me, District 6 Boy and Girl. It's going to be tough fight tomorrow to be the victor and I know it. There is 2 boys left and 2 girls left. So there is 50% chance for both Girl and a Boy Victor. I hope that it doesnt finish like last time where both District 12 tributes won and there could be 2 District 6 victors. I don't think it will happen again because the head gamemaker got executed for having 2 victors in the games. I start to feel sleepy and lie down and try to rest for the day ahead tomorrow. This is going to be a tough battle.

Day 6 - A Victor is Crowned

Blade Specturs POV - District 6

This time has come, it's morning now. I had a bad dream last night, that I saw my dead sister Sorcera (5) taunting me saying 'You left me dying there, you could have saved me' then I saw an arrow coming towards me, and then I woke up. I'm still going to win this to see Frade and Shade, and the rest of my family again. I want to make them proud. As I remember their is Lulu (C), Konami (4), Thaila (6) and me left. I'm quite surpised that one of the captiol tributes have last this long, this is their first games after the victor wanted them to be in the games. I forget there name, I don't remember seeing them in the games before though. I eat my breakfeast in the games. I can hear the Head Gamemaker speaking again, 'Hello remaining tributes, congrats your the last 4 in the game! but you really have to stick your finger out today or there will be no victor because we will kill you all tomorrow if their is no victor!' We will die tomorrow, if their is no victor? that is harsh. 'Good luck to Lulu Glades from the Captiol, Konami Aretino from District 4 and Yet again well done to both of the District 6 tributes, sadly we won't have any 2 victors, only one!' 'May the odds be in your favor and good luck to all tributes' I seen a package flying in the air from my mentor, I read the message and it says 'Blade you are nearly there, just wait intill 2 cannons go and then kill the last tribute out there, it will help you win good luck'. I'm going to follow my mentor advice. I grab my stuff and head out to make my family proud, I will be a victor. I'm going to do this for Sorcera, and i'm not going to break that promise.

Konami Aretino POV - District 4

I'm going to win like Kodai. I'm going to make my family proud. I need to hunt tributes and kill them and win these games. I have my weapons ready, I know I have the highest odds in the games. District 6 have a double chance of winning because they have 2 tributes left while me and Lulu (C) are the only tributes in our district left in the games. I can hear fighting near by, I go and sneak around and hide in the bush looking towards the fighting. I hope someone does win, because we will all die tomorrow if their is no victor at all! I can barley see who is fighting but all I know it's a girl and a boy. It's either Blade (6) vs. Thalia (6) or Lulu (C) I can't see who it is though because Blade is blocking the view to see the girl who he is fighting. I can see them fighting against the big tree. I could see the girl fall to ground after Blade pushes her and I can see him throwing something must be his spear, then I can hear the girl scream. BOOM! It's time to kill Blade. I jump out my hiding spot and run with my Trident and I stabbed him mulitple times. I can hear him say 'I broke my promise, i'm so sorry sister' and he closes his eyes and he dropped dead, BOOM! I look to see who the girl was and it was Lulu (C), she has a spear in her body and she is lifeless against the tree looking down towards to ground, not moving. Now it's time to find Thalia (6) and kill her and then I will be a victor like Kodai, I start looking for Thalia. I'm going to do this. 

Thalia Wulf POV - District 6. 

I heard 2 cannons, their is only me and Konami (4). I'm really scared of him because he had an 11 training score and I got 6. My district partner didn't live to make that promise he made to his sister who died in the feast. I'm going to win this for Blade and his family and my family. I'm not going to let them down. I can hear Konami in the distance calling for me, I guess it's time. I run to corncopia where these all started. I turned to see Konami running towards me, I'm ready for this. He starts trying to jump towards me which he does and he tries to strangle me, but I punch his face and roll to grab my axe and I throw it at him but It misses, he just laughs at me. So I jump towards him and trying to kill him, but I failed again. I get up to see him having his crossbow and he launches it at me, I could see my life flashing before my eyes. I could see my family. I get back to normal to see it has went through my side, It's really painfull, I see him launching his crossbow at me, I duck. I pretend I am dead. He had dropped his crossbow and he is heading towards me with his trident. I could see the crossbow ahead at me. I jump up and run towards me and I grab it and turn around and shoot it. I can see Konami looking at me like he has going to dead. It goes through his head and BOOM! I've won. I've did it, I have won. I can hear a voice of the Head Gamemaker saying 'Well done Thalia Wulf of District 6, you are the victor of 76th Hunger Games! you have over come all odds! We have a hovercraft coming to collect you, so be patient!' after that I feel dizzy and I faint. I wake up in the hovercraft. With my wound plastered up. My mentor hugs me, and she is proud of me of winning. I guess it's time for the Victor Parade, to see all the district and all tributes who have died in the games. I'm so proud of my self, and I bet you my brother and mother is proud. I overcame all odds, I showed everyone that people with low training scores can still win.

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