Hello guys, these are my fifth games in total. These games are total inspired by a flim and a book called The Maze Runner, which is an fantastic film. I would recommed you see it or get it on DVD when it's comes out because you will like it. 


  1. No fighting in the comments
  2. Don't go mad at me about you tributes dying
  3. Reservations can be made, 2 days your place will be reserved, if you don't submit in time. Your space will go.
  4. All tributes must have a Lunaii
  5. 4 Tributes Each (we don't want one user taking up all the spaces, this may change how popular the games are)
  6. No Spamming
  7. No plagiarism
  8. No 'Look on my profile'
  9. No perfect tributes like i'm perfect at everything.
  10. Tributes from the Role Playing Wiki are greatly prefered
  11. No Wikia Contributers (Just gets confusing)
  12. Stay a little active (Just comment 'Go Tributes' or something every virtual day, that will be cool)
  13. I want all tributes to have at least the following sections: Name, Gender, Age, District, Weapon, Backstory.
  14. Have fun!


This arena will be in a amazing maze, it's the biggest maze in the world. In the center is called The Box where all this will be started. There will be no mutts, but a it's like a mutt. It's called a Grevier. A Grevier is a robot shaped like spider which can run fast and kill fast. When you get into it's path and get caught you will be stinged with a killer needle that's poision's your insides and death happens. A Grevier only comes out a night, so your safe in the day. The Maze changes each day and it you don't move fast you get squashed. Only way is to win, is to be the only person to escape the maze. Only one person will win.

The Arena Photo

The Maze out of The Maze Runner

Tribute Chart

Tribute Name Age


Captiol Male
Captiol Female Amity Grace 15 Trident and Bow and Arrow Sambaroses
District 1 Male Blaze Mason 17 Sword and Throwing Knives Sambaroses
District 1 Female Ashlynn Mauntell 17 Bow and Arrow, Fighting Xbilliex
District 2 Male Cameron Vice 12 Bow and Arrow and Meat Cleaver Blissfully Mine
District 2 Female

Caspin Shimmer

15 Hatchet and Dagger Pippycat
District 3 Male Quentz Electrison 17 Spear, Mace and Electricity Theoryofthelifeofdoom
District 3 Female Analis Latimer 18 Katana, Shuirken and Nunchucks Summer bee 13
District 4 Male Dylan Murrow 17 Trident and Throwing Knives Sambaroses
District 4 Female Emila Oswald 15 Trident, Bow and Blowgun Summer bee 13
District 5 Male Oliver Quaid 17 Sword and Spear Summer bee 13
District 5 Female Yuya Renedy 17 Crossbow and Throwing Knives Blissfully Mine
District 6 Male Tiberius Smitt 13 Serrated Sword, Spear and Sickle YourFavoriteSalmon
District 6 Female Ria Ramos 16 Mace Mistymolla
District 7 Male Sebastian Glaze 17 All types of Axe's YourFavoriteSalmon
District 7 Female Honeysuckle Farren 16 Double-sided Axe and Mace Blissfully Mine
District 8 Male Saibi Deller 12 Axe, Throwing Knives and Sword Theoryofthelifeofdoom
District 8 Female Malia Ramos 18 Dagger Mistymolla
District 9 Male Orlando Johnson 15 Dagger and Throwing Knives MyWorld
District 9 Female Acacia Twilight 17 Scythe and Blowgun Sambaroses
District 10 Male Jamieson Erie 14 Sword and Blowgun Summer bee 13
District 10 Female Jessica Woods 16 Sword and Throwing Knives MyWorld
District 11 Male
District 11 Female Reyna Ramirez 16 Dagger and Spear The Symphonic Taco
District 12 Male Clive Nightshadow 17 Hammer Misytmolla
District 12 Female Lauren Lopez 16 Mace and Spear The Symphonic Taco
District 13 Male Thesil Jacobs 17 Axe, Mace and Throwing Knives Kalebj777
District 13 Female Marilyn Dawn 17 Katana Mistymolla
District 14 Male Caius Celsus 16 Sword, Dagger and Shield YourFavoriteSalmon
District 14 Female Winter Glacius 15 Trident, Throwing Knives, Kukri YourFavoriteSalmon


Will be added when tributes spaces are all full.


Careers - Blaze Mason (1), Caspin Shimmer (2), Analisa Latimer (3), Emilia Oswald (4), Sebastian Glaze (7), Lauren Lopez (12), Caius Celsus (14)

Anti-Careers - Amity Grace (C), Yuya Renedy (5), Orlando Johnson (9), Jamieson Erie (10), Reyna Ramirez (11), Marilyn Dawn (13)

The Ramos Sisters - Ria Ramos (6) and Malia Ramos (8)

District 3 and 8 Alliance - Quentz Electrison (3) and Saibi Deller (8)

District 4, 7 and 9 Alliance - Dylan Murrow (4), Honeysuckle Farren (7) and Acacia Twilight (9)

District 6 and 14 Alliance - Tiberius Smitt (6) and Winter Glacius (14)

Loners - Ashlynn Mauntell (1), Cameron Vice (2), Oliver Quaid (5), Jessica Woods (10), Clive Nightshadow (12) 

Death Chart

The Games - Day 1

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