Hello guys, i'm back with my third games. It's getting near summer and school is coming out. This games are going to be deadlist games yet, and in a brand new format. This is Smilingtribute's who has created these games


  1. No fighting in the comments
  2. Don't go mad at me about you tributes dying
  3. Reservations can be made, 2 days your place will be reserved, if you don't submit in time. Your space will go.
  4. All tributes must have a Lunaii
  5. 3 Tributes Each (we don't want one user taking up all the spaces)
  6. No Spamming
  7. No plagiarism
  8. No 'Look on my profile'
  9. No perfect tributes like i'm perfect at everything.
  10. Tributes from the Role Playing Wiki are greatly prefered
  11. No Wikia Contributers (Just gets confusing)
  12. Stay a little active (Just comment 'Go Tributes' or something every virtual day, that will be cool)
  13. I want all tributes to have at least the following sections: Name, Gender, Age, District, Weapon, Backstory.
  14. Have fun!

The Arena

This will be set in the 2000 Battle Royale Arena. It will be set in the island where Shuya and Norkio 15# pair won the games. 

Arena Outfits

They will all will be wearing shirts and a tie. Girls will have a skirt and boys with trousers on. They will have a tie to respent their district. 

The Captiol - Gold

District 1 - White

District 2 - Black and Grey

District 3 - Silver

District 4 - Blue

District 5 - Yellow

District 6 - Brown

District 7 - Grey

District 8 - Red

District 9 - Purple

District 10 - Black

District 11 - Green

District 12 - Gold

District 13 - Gold and Red


Everyone with get an explosive neck braclet around there neck. Each tribute will be paired with the other person the same gender at the same district. Like D7 Females will be paired up. They near to be each other at all times, if one tributes died the other braclet will blow up straight away. There will be Danger Zones around the arena for each day. and if one tribute stays too long their braclet will start beeping and they have 5 seconds to get out or boom their dead. They will have 3 days to kill or they will all die. This games are about trust and closeness with each other. 

Twist 2

They will be no bloodbath or feast this year. Tributes will be a put in a room and be told of the new rules and be set by their district. They will all get a bag with food and weapons. Males first. The pairs will go out with each other. They will be suppiles hidden around the arena. 

Tribute Chart

Tribute Name Age Weapon User
Captiol Male Athorn Lynx 16 Trident, Poison and Sword Biel1458
Captiol Male Jake Locketback 18 Spear and Bow and Arrows Marina370 (A wikia person) 
Captiol Female Camellia Theacea 12 Pickaxe PumPumPumpkin :3
Captiol Female Lyra Medowlace 18 Twin Swords and Bow and Arrow Sambaroses
District 1 Male Andres Longtail 16 Mace and Spear Meoryou
District 1 Male Bert Buel 18 Spear Meoryou
District 1 Female Viola Schismino 12 Blowgun, Throwing Knives Pippycat
District 1 Female Carolin Slate 18 Spear Marina370 (A wikia person)
District 2 Male Troy Mason 18 Mace, Axe and Sword YourFavoriteSalmon
District 2 Male Michael Kaizer 18 Sword and Knive LeonKaizerWolff
District 2 Female Veronica Morderkaiser 18 Daggers PumPumPumpkin :3
District 2 Female Calypso Rune 15 Warhammer, Flail and Mace Pippycat
District 3 Male Uzi Kystral 15 Matche, Trident Tehblakdeath
District 3 Male Dennis Rystentia 12 (13 on Day 3) Knive and Sickle Tehblakdeath
District 3 Female Rosalia Lambert 15 Katana, Traps and Wires Biel1458
District 3 Female Aurea Herb 18 Sword and Snares Nine-Tailed Fox
District 4 Male Taio Skuna 18 Trident Biel1458
District 4 Male Nick Flower 15 Katana and Axe Marina370 (a wikia person) 
District 4 Female Sharpe Cindre  12 Knive and Crossbow Tehblakdeath
District 4 Female Addison Waters 13 Poison and Spear Blue-Ribbonz
District 5 Male Miles Reworp 12 Blowgun Kongaroo5496
District 5 Male Shark Island 15 Axe Sword Marina370 (a wikia person)
District 5 Female Stacy Sidrat 18 Wires, Machets and Blowgun MissRandomStuff
District 5 Female Amalia Lucy 17 Teeth, Bow and Arrows and Dagger MissRandomStuff
District 6 Male Zulfikar Zambrano 14 Hammer Niby001
District 6 Male Ganta Alomo 15 Needles, Medical Kit WongPongSoup
District 6 Female Honeysickle Ash 13 Axe and Wooden Sword Marina370 (A wikia person) 
District 6 Female Hana Rio 16 Throwing Axes Aerialchinook
District 7 Male Ellis Oaken 14 Axe YourFavoriteSalmon
District 7 Male Brux Konin 18 Sword and Club Yoonie
District 7 Female Janine Konin 13 Throwing Axe Yoonie
District 7 Female Liana Thorns 14 Sword and Daggers Nine-Tailed Fox
District 8 Male Evan Chalice 18 Spear Biel1458
District 8 Male Aidan Balanskee 17 Throwing Axe and Throwing Knives Marina370 (a wikia person)
District 8 Female Lavender Tone 13 Throwing Knives PumPumPumpkin :3
District 8 Female Wendy Shrullux 15 Spear and Blowgun Blue-Ribbonz
District 9 Male Korden Caden 12 Throwing Knives and Bow and Arrow Kongaroo5496
District 9 Male Allen Postline 17 Axe and Sickle Marina370 (A wikia person) 
District 9 Female Kelly Curt 14 Slingshot, Spear and Bow and Arrows Biel1458
District 9 Female Bethany Rhode 14 Machete Meoryou
District 10 Male Augustus Damience 17 Spear and Dagger Biel1458
District 10 Male Blane Fitz 16 Axe, Throwing Axe  Conspiracykiller825
District 10 Female Emma Rocke 15 Whip Meoryou
District 10 Female Jenny Cover 18 Throwing Knives Team660
District 11 Male Blaar Batatas 15 Samuari Sword WeirdTributes
District 11 Male Taylor Dett 14 Sword and Knive Meoryou
District 11 Female Minene Rinth 16 Scythe and Bow and Arrows Nine-Tailed Fox
District 11 Female Blomme Batatas 15 Knive WeridTributes
District 12 Male Jakub Kunnson 14 Sword and Spear HaraiGoshi345
District 12 Male Andrew Tolliver 14 Dagger, Mace and Knive Ninjanderwithmojo
District 12 Female Celicia Fen 15 Bow and Arrows and Knives Pippycat
District 12 Female Piper Rose 14 Dagger, Spear and Bow and Arrow Ninjanderwithmojo
District 13 Male Niels Werner 16 Scythe Yoonie
District 13 Male Eric Desmond 18 Spear, Throwing Knives and Sword ConspiracyKiller825
District 13 Female Naomi Ambrose 17 Scythe, Sword and Spear YourFavoriteSalmon
District 13 Female Willow Shrullux 15 Sword and Bow and Arrow Blue-Ribbonz



There will be no loners this year. 

Careers - Anders Longtail (1), Bert Buel (1), Troy Mason (2), Micheal Kaizer (2), Veronica Moderkaiser (2), Calypso Rune (2), Uzi Kystral (3), Dennis Rystentia (3), Taio Skuna (4), Nick Flower (4) , Honeysickle Ash (6), Hana Rio (6), Minene Rinth (11), Blomme Batatas (11), Blaar Batatas (11) and Taylor Dett (11)

Anti-Careers - Jake Locketback (C), Athorn Lynx (C), Zulfikar Zambrano (6), Ganta Alomo (6), Augustus Damience (10), Blaine Fitz (10), Emma Rocke (10), Jenny Cover (10), Eric Desmond (13) and Neils Werner (13)

The Killer Friends (truce with the careers) - Stacy Sidrat (5) and Amalia Lucy (5)

The Captiol Female Alliance - Camellia Theacea (C) and Lyra Meadowlace (C) 

The Friends Alliance - Carolin Slate (1), Viola Schismino (1)

District 3 Female Alliance - Rosalia Lambert (3) and Aurea Herb (3) 

District 4 Girls Alliance - Sharpe Cindre (4) and Addison Waters (4)

District 7 Alliance - Ellis Oaken (7), Brux Konin (7), Janine Konin (7) and Liana Thorns (7)

District 8 Male Alliance - Evan Chalice (8) and Aidan Balanskee (8)

The Youngers Alliance - Miles Reworp (5), Shark Island (5), Kordan Caden (9) and Allen Postline (9)

District 12 Alliance - Jakub Kunnson (12), Andrew Tolliver (12), Celicia Fen (12) and Piper Rose (12)

The Female Troops  - Lavender Tone (8), Wendy Shrullux (8), Kelly Curt (9), Bethany Roode (9), Willow Shrullux (13) and Naomi Ambrose (13)

Bold will mean this is the leader of their alliance

Italic means co-leader if something happens to the leader.


Ganta Alomo POV - District 6 Male

I wake up to find it's training day. The day we all start training for these games, I grab my training clothes and get into them. I head to the lounge to have breakfest along Zulfikar, Honeysickle and Hana. I'm too nevrous to eat. I only have a little slice of toast because I don't have the feeling to eat. I will see the true strengths of everyone. I will also see the careers practising to kill us all one by one. I'm choosing to join the Anti-Careers because I want to stop the careers and finish them all. I look up to see my mayor Cleo eating not caring only when something gets on her Golden dress she puts on every morning. She sits in the other end in the black leather chair of hers. I look down to my half finished breakfest. My mentor Sean looks up to see me looking around while the others eat their breakfest. 'Nevours about the first training day, huh?' as he looks at me looking worried. He sees my look and gets up. He starts walking towards me and says,'Don't worry I was worried as well, I was scared that people would laugh at me but when I got their I proved my self wrong and hopefully you will to.' He pats me in the back as he walks to his bedroom. I wait for about 5 mins to everyone to finish eating. Cleo looks up and says 'Well I think it's time to get ready for training, I want you to wash up and look nice, okay?' I follow her order and head to the bathroom first. I look down as I start the silver tap. I look at my own refelction as the water pours, thinking I might let boy down who I voulntered for back in the reaping. I need to make sure I don't let him down. I finish washing up and open the bathroom door to see Hana run in after me, looking as she needs to pee. After everyone has washed up. We all head into the lift and head down to the training center floor. I head out and we get order to line up per district and gender. I stand between Honeysickle in the back and Zulfikar in the front. I look up to see the head gamemaker watching on smilng and laughing at us like ants. The head trainer Zena walks up to us and tells us the rules of training. She tells us all the areas that we can train left. The thing that stands out to me is the medical area, where you can treat wounds for injured tributes. She says 'Now you can start!' I run to the medical room as fast I can because I want be there first. I get in the room and look out the glass window to see the careers starting the weapons area and talking in their little groups talking what to do next. I try to forget about them and start my training. The task is to save how many wounds in 10 mins. I click the start button and grab the needles. The first wound shows up in the head and head straight for it. I look up to the clock to see 40 seconds have gone. The 5 wounds show up and I focus on them like a doctor in a hosptal. I finish up after 4 rounds to see the clock is 0. I check my score and it's 11. Which is quite good, I could be a doctor one day if I get out of here alive of course. I walk out the room and check out how my district partners are doing. Honeysickle and Hana are with the careers practising with axes, they are fighting each other and they are both equal good but Hana keeps falling. Honeysickle keeps winning the fight. The careers are happy with Honeysickle skills. They are all clapping for Honeysickle. I walk over to Zulfikar and see how he is doing. He is practising with a hammer slashing tributes in a machine in front of me. He is focus and looks strong and tuff. He comes out and says 'Ganta, how are you doing?' and I reply back saying 'I'm doing well, anything come up?' He smiles and says 'Yeah, while you were doing that medical area Blaine the leader of the Antis says he wants us both in his team!' I smile and i'm glad I got chosen by Blaine. I look around to see Zena stopping training for the day. This day has went quite fast, I head into the District 6 Elevator and see everyone reaction is good for today. When I got out Sean asked me 'Well I see by your reaction, today went well. It wasn't that bad wasn't it?' I nod. I'm feeling better after today, tomorrow and next 2 days I will try my best and show the careers. I'm not weak. 

Minene Rinth POV - District 11 Female

Day 2 has arrived. I get out of bed easier than yesterday. I get my clothes on for today and head out to see the others getting breakfest. I made friends with Blomme and Blaar the sister and brother. They are always close and always with each other, like they are always protecting each other. Taylor has been by himself, he won't even join us because he wanted to be in the Antis the careers haters, I should call them. The rest of us are in the careers due to 'new rules' We were put in pairs with a district gender partner. I don't know why yet but I'm sure we will find out. We are not going to stick with the careers, we are going to make havoc around the careers. We have a big plan but i'm not going to say yet. It will make Taylor happier because we won't be with them long, only a day. I finish my breakfest and head for a shower because my hair is getting tacky. I undress and get in the shower thinking about training day. I get out the shower and get on my clothes again to hear a scream, huh? I slam the door open to see everyone looking out the window looking shocked and I run staright to a window to see a dead body of a female mentor lying on the floor. I look even further to see the mentor must have been pushed out the captiol window. Who the fuck kills their own mentor or even a mentor who has been in these games. The peacekeepers run out and check the body. Then a high secuirty alert takes place and every window has been blocked by a metal shutter. I wonder who had the guts to kill a mentor. Training day has been put on the hold for a hour because a murder has just happened. We sit around and about a hour later we are aloud to head to the training center. I get in the elevator to see everybody looking shocked, even the mayor and my mentor Shack. I get out to see a pool of blood and part of the training center shut off for the invegestion. The head trainer Zena has order peacekeepers to be near us all time. I head to the bow and arrow area and I bump into Camelia who is one of the captiol females. I ask her what happened?.She speaks and says 'Well, my mentor Rebecca wanted to speak to me and Lyra. We were to meet after breakfest in her bedroom. She wanted to tell us something and give us something. I finished breakfest and I turn around to see a masked person throw a gas thing in the room and I remember feeling faint. I fell and I blanked out, I could still hear. I could hear Rebecca fighting the masked person but then it all went quiet and I heard our window smash and Rebecca scream. When my vision came back, I seen Rebecca lying their lifeless with a dart in her neck. The peacekeepers said the weapon was blowgun. The killer didn't leave a single mess or mark. Our floor was left fine as it was before Rebecca was alive. The mayor was shocked and he couldn't stop crying because he and Rebecca were close. They have known each other since Rebecca won the games back in 69th Hunger Games. I wish I could have saved her but I couldn't.' she sheads a tear and I hug her. For once I care about some one else. I turn around to see my alliance leader and Naomi 'The Female Troops' alliance leader fighting because Hana and Naomi were talking to each other. Veronica shouts as the peacekeepers break them up 'Naomi your going to die, when I get my hands on you! You bitch!' looks like we have 2 enemies now the Antis and now The Female Troops. I let go of Camelia and she smiles. She says 'Thank you' and runs away towards Lyra. I head to the Bow and Arrow area and start practsing. My objective is to kill how many tributes in 5 mins. I push the start button and grab my bow and arrow and start shooting. I get all the fake tributes and I check my score and it says 25!. That's the highest score you can get. When I walk out I hear the antis talking about picking the co-leader. They keep fighting and they finally pick that boy called Ganta. I give him a look when he looks up towards me and looks back down, looking scared. He is no co-leader if he is scared of us. Zena orders us back to are rooms fast. I look up to the gamemakers talking to each other as I get in the lift. The lift door closes and it's starts heading toward District 11 floor. I get out to see dinner is sorted out for us. Finally, good food. I finish up and head to the bedroom and get ready for the bed. I get my clothes on and get into it. Today has been rough and so will tomorrow in the final training day.  

Lyra Meadowlace POV - The Captiol Female

Day 3, the final training day. Yesterday was really eventful. I saw my own mentor getting killed, I could only listen the murder while my eyes won't open due to the gas. I have a feeling it's one of us, I'm going to hunt them down and kill them maybe today or even in the games. Last night we got told we will get a new female mentor coming this morning to meet us. I open my bedroom door, to meet my mentor. I greet her and I can feel a spark of personality coming from her when I first meet her. I can remember her from a games not that long ago, her name is Toya Switch. She won the 90th Hunger Games, she by using stealth as her strength. She was really good with swords as well, which helps me alot. The games were brutal, the arena was set in a greek town. The bloodbath was horrible because people killed themselfs in the start in the games. I think 4 tributes died right before the games. There was a big mutts roaming around the arena, eating tributes that they saw. They was also Zombies roaming around also killing and infect tributes to become one of them, about 70% deaths were from Zombies and Mutts. The final battle was rough, Toya and the other male tribute called Max I think. Max was from District 3 and he knew how to use electric goods. Toya and Max were loners for the whole games. They had to fight in a rooftop of a house because zombies and mutts were to find them and kill them. Zombies and mutts were gathering around the house like a bundle and waiting to eat up the runner up of the fight. Toya got stabbed alot and fought through it, she waited to Max was off guard and she struck him in the legs. He fell and Toya finish him off by stabbing him in the chest. Toya chopped of his head and arms and legs. To let the zombies and mutts enjoy his dead body. She was 17 when she won, she was a year younger than me when she won. Toya has long black hair and it glows as she walks. She smiles as she says sees me. She hugs me and says 'Hello, I'm Toya Switch the Victor of 90th Hunger Games. I'm sorry for the lose of Rebecca but you will only have me for 2 days. I will try my best and tell you my techinques.' I turn around to see Camelia smiling, i'm glad she is happy. I'm still wondering what Rebecca was going to tell us. Rebecca won the 66th Hunger Games, Rebecca won by tricking her fellow tributes. She was in the careers and in the final 6 while it's was 5 members including her and a Anti who was weak. She killed one of the members while they were sleeping and used one of the other careers weapons. The career got blamed and caused a big fued in the group. The start fighting and killing each other while Rebecca was watching. She killed the leader with a single blow to head using a knive. She finished the anti in 5 seconds by slicing his neck. It was a easy victory for her and she glad her plan worked. I wish Rebecca was still her but Toya good as well. I head into the lift and try to remember that faithful day yesterday. The killer had used a blowgun so it's between 3 tributes Miles from District 5, Viola from District 1 and Wendy from District 8. It one of them 3. Who could it be. I don't see Viola doing it, wait. Miles uncle was in the same games as Rebecca. He must have killed her to get revenge on his uncle who got killed by her. How could a 12 year old do that? I can't kill a 12 year old that would be sad. I need to speak to him, privatelly. I get out of the lift and Zena lines up. She shouts 'Today is the last day of training, the day before you show what you got. To everyone, so good luck!' I run to Miles and speak to him. I ask him, why did he do it? and he looks upset and says 'I seen his games last year after my friend show me, on the first training day I saw her looking down here and I could hear my uncle say Kill that girl and get revenge me. So I stole clothing from my mentor and a stole a blowgun from here. It went well and I used the gas spray from a peacekeeper. I feel bad for it now and I wish I never did it.' I'm that angry, I grab his shirt and say 'Well you shouldn't, you caused a big crime. I'm not going to say you did it but i'm going to hunt you down and kill you, have fun' I walk away and head to the sword station and start practising on the dummys then I go to Fighting area. I grab my weapon and start doing it. A voice comes out from the speaker 'This area is about focus and how you use your weapons. This is how long you can stand for when you get attacked, this is about how you responce to other tributes. Good Luck' The first 3 tributes come at me from the front corners around me, I finish them off easily. Then 5 fast tributes come at me, one tries and hit me. I roll the other direction and slash at it legs then back. I jump up and hit it in the head. I aim the other one coming at me at it ribs. I stab and I see the tribute knive slicing my neck. I look up and it says 7 mins which is alright. I get out to see training is finished, Zena wants us to have a good night sleep tonight so we are ready and tough for tomorrow. I head to my floor and ask Toya for more advice because I didn't last long in that fighting area. She gives me advice and I feel more better. I head to bed after dinner and go to bed, thinking what i'm going to show the gamemakers tomorrow.

Uzi Kystral POV - District 3 Male

I wake up and i'm ready to show the careers what I got. I head out and eat my breakfest, everyone is looking  nervous. My mentor Walter gives me advice before I head into today. The mayor wishes me luck today. An annoucment is heard over the speaker 'Will all tributes, please head down to the training corrider for you final exam before the games' I go in the elevator with Dennis, Aurea and Rosalia. Dennis is looking down. looking nevours. I pat his back and says 'You will be fine Dennis, you will do good' and looks up and says 'Thanks Uzi, that means alot' I get out to see everyone else lined up and I get put between Calyspo and Dennis. A voice comes out 'Athorn Lynx, you turn has arrived' and Athorn walks in. I sit down in the bench in the wall and I wait for my turn. Dennis can't stop shaking and the girls in my district are having a little talk whispering to each other. While I wait, my past comes back to me. I've saw my own friends die in 91st Hunger Games. I saw Adrana fall dead being killed by District 1 girl but Ryan got revenge and killed her. He died on the 3rd day. I would have volunterred but my twin stopped me. The day after the games finish I killed him with my own bare hands because he stopped what I wanted to do. My mother seen his murder so I had to kill her as well. I didn't want any witnesses to his death. I killed my father as well, I didn't mean to kill my brother is was by accident. I wanted it to throw on the rubber wall but it bounced back and hit my twin in the head and he fell on the floor looking shocked. The knive popped out of his head. Then my mother and father saw and I had to do it. I didn't want to be put in jail. I can still remember my family blood on my hands dripping on the ground. I hit their bodys under floorboards so no one will find out I killed my own family. Then I can hear my name come out 'Uzi Kystral from District 3, your turn has arrived' I open the doors and start showing the gamemakers what I got.

2 hours later...

We all get gathered up in the training center. To find out are scores which is weird. I head out and a screen pops up says 'Training Score and Odds' The screen fades away and I see my face. I see my score and odds. Then I look down to see the peacekeepers and the head trainer Zena have gas masks on. Why have they got gas masks on? A peacekeeper rolls a gas spary in the center, I start to feel faint and sleepy. I see everyone is falling and passing out. I feel my legs collapse and I fall in the ground. I blank out then I hear a voice saying 'May the odds be in your favor, see you all in the arena' that is the last thing I hear. I'm guessing we heading to the arena now, I hope I survive and live to tell the tale.

Training Scores and Odds

Tribute Score Odds
Athorn Lynx 7 40-1
Jake Locketback 7 39-1
Camellia Theacea 8 29-1
Lyra Medowlace 9 18-1
Andres Longtail 8 30-1
Bert Buel 7 45-1
Viola Schismino 7 46-1
Carolin Slate 8 34-1
Troy Mason 9 30-1
Micheal Kaizer 7 40-1
Veronica Morderkaiser 12 3-1
Calyspo Rune 10 10-1
Uzi Kystral 8 37-1
Dennis Rystentia 6 47-1
Rosalia Lambert 5 55-1
Aurea Herb 9 15-1
Taio Skuna 11 9-1
Nick Flower 8 39-1
Sharpe Cindre 7 42-1
Addison Waters 7 43-1
Miles Reworp 7 44-1
Shark Island 7 45-1
Stacy Sidrat 9 27-1
Amalia Lucy 9 26-1
Zulfikar Zambrano 8 36-1
Ganta Alomo 9 29-1
Honeysickle Ash 9 23-1
Hana Rio 6 50-1
Ellis Oaken 9 20-1
Brux Konin 7 40-1
Janine Konin 7 40-1
Liana Thorns 7 43-1
Evan Chalice 8 28-1
Aidan Balansheek 6 48-1
Lavender Tone 9 19-1
Wendy Shrullux 8 17-1
Korden Caden 6 52-1
Allen Postline 7 45-1
Kelly Curt 6 54-1
Bethany Roode 5 60-1
Augustus Damience 8 22-1
Blaine Fitz 8 22-1
Emma Rocke 7 31-1
Jenny Cover 7 32-1
Blaar Batatas 9 16-1
Taylor Dett 8 20-1
Blomme Batatas 9 17-1
Minere Rinth 9 18-1
Jakub Kunnson 7 45-1
Andrew Tolliver 7 43-1
Celicia Fen 6 51-1
Piper Rose 7 49-1
Niels Werner 7 47-1
Eric Desmond 8 38-1
Naomi Ambrose 12 4-1
Willow Shrullux 8 18-1

Death Chart

Won't be updated intill the next day of the games

Place Name District Who? How? Where and What Day?
56th Eric Desmond 13 Minere Rinth Shot in the head Outiside of School, Day 1
55th Niels Wermer 13 None Paired Coller Outside of School, Day 1
54th Jakub Kunnson 12 Evan Chalice Impailed by Trident In bedrooms, Day 1
53rd Andrew Tolliver 12 None Paired Coller In bedrooms, Day 1
52nd Aidan Balansheek 8 Brux Konin Stabbed Field, Day 1
51st Evan Chalice 8 Ellis Oaken Bled out Field, Day 1
50th Jenny Cover 10 Aurea Herb Stabbed Cave, Day 1
49th Emma Rocke 10 Rosalina Lambert Strangled Cave, Day 1
48th Honeysickle Ash 6 Viola Schismino Broken Neck Lighthouse, Day 1
47th Hana Rio 6 None Paired Coller Lighthouse, Day 1
46th Jake Locketback C Taio Skuna Imapiled by Trident Forest, Day 1
45th Athorn Lynx C Uzi Kystral Imapiled by Trident Forest, Day 1
44th Andres Longtail 1 Ganta Alomo Stabbed Forest, Day 1
43rd Bert Buel 1 None Paired Coller Forest, Day 1
42nd Janine Konin 7 Celicia Fen Danger Zone Near Rocks, Day 2
41st Liana Thorns 7 Celicia Fen Danger Zone Near Rocks, Day 2
40th Brux Konin 7 Piper Rose Shot at the neck Near Rocks, Day 2
39th Ellis Oaken 7 Celicia Fen Shot at the head Near Rocks, Day 2
38th Stacy Sidrat 5 Sea Drowned Near the Sea, Day 2
37th Amalia Lucy 5 Sea Drowned Near the Sea, Day 2
36th Micheal Kaiser 2 Sea Drowned Near the Sea, Day 2
35th Troy Mason 2 Sea Drowned Near the Sea, Day 2
34th Piper Rose 12 Sea Drowned Rocks, Day 2
33rd Celicia Fen 12 Sea Drowned Rocks, Day 2
32nd Carolin Slate 1 Sea Drowned Lighthouse, Day 2
31st Viola Schismino 1 Sea Drowned Lighthouse, Day 2
30th Aurea Herb 3 Sea Drowned Beach, Day 2
29th Rosalia Lambert 3 Sea Drowned Beach, Day 2
28th Blaine Fitz 10 Fire Burned Forest, Day 2
27th Augustus Daimence 10 Fire Burned Forest, Day 2
26th Allen Postline 9 Lyra Medowlace Stabbed Outskirts of Forest, Day 2
25th Kordan Caden 9 Camellia Theacea Stabbed Outskirts of Forest, Day 2
24th Shark Island 5 Camelia Theacea Stabbed Shack, Day 2
23rd Miles Reworp 5 Lyra Medowlace Stabbed Shack, Day 2
22nd Bethany Roode 9 Camelia Theacea Shot in the head Shack, Day 2
21st Kelly Curt 9 Camelia Theacea Shot in the head Shack, Day 2
20th Nick Flower 4 Mines Blown up Hills, Day 3
19th Taio Skuna 4 Mines Blown up Hills, Day 3
18th Uzi Kystral 3 Sharpe Cindre Shot in the chest Hills, Day 3
17th Dennis Rystenia 3 Addison Waters Impailed Hills, Day 3
16th Addison Waters 4 Calyspo Rune Strangled Hills, Day 3
15th Sharpe Cindre 4 Verconia Morderkaiser Stabbed Hills, Day 3
14th Taylor Dett 11 Minere Rinth Posioned Mountains, Day 3
13rd Blaar Batatas 11 Minere Rinth Shot in the chest Mountains, Day 3
12th Blomme Batatas 11 Minere Rinth Stabbed Mountians, Day 3
11th Minere Rinth 11 Blomme Batatas Stabbed Mountians, Day 3
10th Ganta Alomo 6 Verconia Morderkaiser Stabbed Corn Field, Day 3
9th Zulfikar Zambrano 6 Verconia Morderkaiser Stabbed Corn Field, Day 3
8th Verconia Morderkaiser 2 Naomi Ambrose Impailed Corn Field, Day 3
7th Calypso Rune 2 None Paired Coller Corn Field, Day 3
6th Naomi Ambrose 13 Lavender Tone Stabbed Corn Field, Day 3
5th Lavender Tone 8 Naomi Ambrose Stabbed Corn Field, Day 3
4th Wendy Shurllux 8 None Paired Coller Corn Field, Day 3
3rd Willow Shurllux 13 None Paired Coller Corn Field, Day 3
Victor Lyra Medowlace C None Nothing House, Day 3
Victor Camelia Theacea C None Nothing House, Day 3

Day 1 - The First Lesson

Willow Shrullux POV - District 13 Female

I wake up seeing the room is all dark. Where I'm I? Suddenly the lights switch on. I lift my self up seeing my sister right be side me, I start to feel something around my neck. It's a silver device around my neck with black bit in the middle. I realise i'm in different clothing now. I have a white shirt and a skirt, black socks and black shoes. I have a tie with red on the top and gold in the bottom. I see everyone else with different ties on from every district. I'm in a school uniform. A door slams open and a man walks in looking like a teacher. He has a knive in his pocket. Peackeepers fall him into the room. He sits on the table and smiles 'Hello tributes, my name is Taxin and i'm you teacher today. The lesson is to kill' he slams his hand on the blackboard in front of us. 'Now watch this students and now if anyone speaks during this video. You may die before the games have even started' He clicks the remote and the tv screen flickers in the side of the room. A woman shows up and looks very happy. She has long blonde hair and black t-shirt on. She has brown eyes. 'Hello tributes, welcome to 94th Hunger Games. I'm here to teach you the new rules and the arena!' the woman giggles and the arena shows up spinning around. We are on a island, there is mountains in the middle. The island is 10km long in distance. 'This is the island were you will be killing each other in these games' The arena fades away and the girl comes back to speak to us. 'As you can see they will be no bloodbath this year, you will be given this bag with your name on it and District number on it' She shows a long black bag, like a postman holds. 'They will be food and weapons for you, they will be no feast as well this year. They will be suppiles hidden around the area for each of you. Now you have 3 days to kill or everyone and I mean everyone will die' I look at my sister looking scared and she looks down also scared. 'They will be Danger Zones every day, so you need to move everyday. If you go in the danger zone for 5 seconds your coller will go boom!, now I'm going to show you 2000 Battle Royale, it's the hunger games but in Japan' Then I video shows up, people getting shot by guns and collers getting exploded. Even the teacher kills one person as well. Their fighting against their friends which must be rough. The final victor is pair #15. 'They will be no guns at all! They will be 2 victors either Male or Female not mixed. That's why I put you in pairs, because only 1 pair will get out!' I look at my sister and my sister looking back even scared. Either my sister or I will win but not with each other? I feel sick. 'Now it's time to start the games, Athorn Lynx and Jake Locketback from the Captiol now head out. They get up and Taxin throws bags at them and they run out the door. One by one the pairs leave the room, when my sister gets called she whispers to all of us Female Troop members to meet outside of the school on the right hand side. She grabs her bag and runs out with Lavender to the arena. Everyone else is gone accept me and Naomi. 'District 13 Girls, Naomi Ambrose and Willow Shrullux' I run to Taxin and grab my bag. He looks at me and says 'Hurry up little girl or you will die' and I look at him back and run out. I follow the light to outside, peacekeepers are lined up intill the door. I peek out to see it's dark. Then somebody falls right outside the door with an arrow sticking out of the tribute head. Wait is that Eric? I just Eric alive a few moments ago and now he is dead? Then I see Neils walking slowly back as his coller starts to beep. He whispers to us 'Careers' and then his coller explodes. Niels neck guts are over the floor and he slowly falls into his blood. That what happens when your district pair dies? I can hear the leader of the careers say 'Well done Minere, that means 54 to go, wait what that behind us?' This is our chance to run, I sprint out with Naomi to our meeting point with The Female Troops. I hear Verconia shout 'Shit we missed Naomi, fuck that was a chance? Don't worry we will meet her soon' I run through the high grass trying to find the others. Then we I see the other members BOOM! BOOM! meaning Eric and Niels death have been confirmed. Kelly asks 'Who died?' and Naomi says 'Eric and Niels, Eric got shot by Minene and the Neils collar exploded right in front of us' Then we all start walking to find camp for today, The clock was at 6am when the first ones left, we have 18 hours intill tomorrow. I expect more cannons going off today, I have a feeling. 

2 dead, 54 to go.

Evan Chalice POV - District 8 Male

3 hours since the games has started. They has also been 2 deaths so far. Aidan and I found a shack full of bedrooms are we are hiding here for today, If anyone finds our loaction, we will have to kill them. I look in my bag to see 3 breads, 3 bottles of water, a map and my weapons. Aidan has the same as me by differnet weapons. I start hear noises near by, I signal to Aidan to be quiet and be ready to attack, I hear voices as well and I can hear 'Maybe Celicia and Piper are in here' and the door slams open and I throw my trident at the boy with the strawberry hair and it's go right through his chest. He falls to the ground while the other boy tries to kill Aidan while his coller is beeping. Aidan slashes him in the legs and he falls to the ground still trying to kill Aidan. Then his coller explodes and blood starts pouring from his neck. BOOM! BOOM! I look at his dead body and I see his tie with a number '12' on it, he must have been from District 12. That was a close call, if I never heard that we would be both dead. Aidan says 'Thanks Evan, you just saved both our lives' and I smile 'Well i'm glad you were quiet' and we both laugh. We steal the food and water out of the District 12 boys bags, this could be good for extra suppiles for us. The hovercraft comes for the bodys, we roll them outside so they get them. It's nice to be nice. The bodys both get lifted and be put in the hovercraft. Then something comes up to the sky 'Danger Zones for Day 1' The map shows up and the red areas are danger zones, one is here so we better move fast. I grab my bag and run out the door. Aidan and I are sprinting away as fast as we can. The coller start beeping and I can feel my heart pound in my chest. My life and Aidan's life is both in our hands. Our coller starts beeping and then stops. Phew, that was a close shave to death. I lie down on the concrete floor and try to regain our breath, then I see 2 people above us smiling. I can't see their faces because i'm blinded by the sunlight, I can only see the ties which are grey, that means they are District 7 boys. I have no strength after that run, come on strength come back. I can see one of them lift there sword and one of them their axe. I'm going to die right here? I can see one of the boys stab Aidan in the chest and he stops breathing, then my coller starts. Shit, i'm going die right here. I need to kill one of them, I grab the sword that killed Aidan, I get up and use my last strength and stab the boy who killed Aidan in the leg and the other boy grabs his axe. He comes at me full force and axe slams against my neck. I fall to the ground feeling blood pouring out my neck, I feel my self falling asleep. I try to kill once again but I failed as only manged to stab one of them but here he is still alive and well. My eyes close and I can only seeing blackness. I can hear the boys saying 'Well done!' to each other. Well done, well done boys. BOOM! BOOM! 

4 dead, 50 to go.

Aurea Herb POV - District 3 Female

4 cannons have just gone off. Rosalia looks down saying 'I hope that doesn't one of us' and I say 'It depends who the competion is in the end of the day' We found this little cave which can only hold 2 of us, it has good shelter. We haven't seen anyone since we left the school and 6 have died so far in the space of 4 hours in the games, we do have a time limit. When Day 3 ends we all die if we are still alive. I've been feeling strange since we got gased back in training center, i'm sure it's just gas wearing off. I open my bag to find food because i'm quite hungry just waiting about doing nothing. I bite into my bread and Rosalina looks at me weridly, I think the gas has got to her as well. Rosalina says 'I think there is somebody behind you' and I look back to see no one. I turn around to Rosalina still looking then I see blackness. I hear Rosalina screaming and I can't do anything about it, come wake up. I manged to wake up to see somebody standing of Rosalina, I grab my weapon and stab the girl in the back and she falls over grunting. Well you shouldn't have knocked me out, you bitch. I check the tie seeing the girl is from District 10. Then I hear her partner shouting 'Jenny?' and she runs over here and sees Jenny's dead body right in front of me. Her face turns to anger and she tries to hit me with her whip. I dodge and her coller starts beeping. Rosalina jumps on the back of her and puts her wires around her neck and she screams for help. She won't get help after I killed her partner to save mine. She stops breathing after a few attempts and Rosalia lets her go. BOOM! BOOM! I clap as Rosalina goes off that dead girls body. I say 'Well done Rosalia, you have became a killer like me' and she says 'Well you saved my life, so I'll killed her partner to repair you the favor' and I smile. I get up and I take my stuff. We leave the dead behind us and move towards the ocean near by, I'm glad to have Rosalina next to me, I wouldn't like any other tribute who could have been picked. We head to the ocean and grab my bloodly sword and wash it in the sea. We sit on the grass end right above the sea. Now I can eat my bread in peace now than being attacked again. I think we are safe here, for now a least. I lie down and enjoy the sun while i've free for danger.

2 dead, 48 to go     

Viola Schismino POV - District 1 Female

I think it's mid-day now about 5pm because the sun is starting fade away. We are camping in this Lighthouse which is good because it's like a house. There is a bedroom and a kitchen which is good, we also go up to the top and look around the whole arena. Carolin hates being with me anyway, she says i'm a weakling and she might die because of me. She doesn't even speak to me, she only looks at me then looks away again. Rolling her eyes. I'm enjoying looking at this sunset is so beautiful. I can hear Carolin come up behind me and say 'Viola, i'm going out checking this little loft I found behind the Lighthouse. So don't do anything stupid, okay? I won't be far' that's the longest thing she has said to me all day. She walks down the stairs, looks like i'm guarding the stuff for now. I sit down and contiune to think about happy days. Then I hear voices near by and I can hear them coming in here. What do I do? I run behind the lighthouse with Carolin bag and my bag and hide thinking happy thoughts. I sneak over to see who it is, It's Honeysickle and Hana from District 6, I can hear Honeysickle coming up the stairs. I don't know what to do? Then I hear my friends talking to me. I can hear Envy saying 'Viola I thinks it's the right thing to start fighting isn't it?' and then Furi is saying 'Viola fucking kill that bitch walking up the stairs, she will kill you if you don't and take your stuff' Furi and Envy are right I need to fight and maybe kill Honeysickle. I grab one of my throwing knives and get ready to face Honeysickle. She pops up and I throw the knive at her head. It lands perfect in her head and she falls down the stairs. I hear a crack as she falls and her screaming. I'm guessing knive didn't do much damage. I hear Hana shouting 'Honeysickle don't die!' and she runs up the stairs to see who the killer was. She says 'Viola, did you do this? and I nod. Her coller starts beeping and she looks shocked to see me who did the crime. Her coller explodes and her blood splatters on my t-shirt. BOOM! BOOM! I can hear Carolin shouting 'Viola did this?' She runs up and says 'Well done Viola! I mistaked you as a weakling but your not after you killed 2 tributes' Carolin hugs me and it wasn't my fault Furi and Envy told me to kill Honeysickle. Carolin found food in the loft and she wanted it so share it with me because I've killed 2 tributes all by my self. The hovercraft comes and collect Hana and Honeysickle dead bodies. I'm kind of glad that Carolin likes me now than before she used to hate me but no she likes me. I'm glad to have some respect from her now doing the killing deed. I think Carolin and me can become friends. I might have a real human friend now.

2 dead, 46 to go.

Troy Mason POV - District 2 Male

A lot have people have died today 10 tributes so far. Verconia has been happy so far because nobody has died in our alliance, I have feeling we will. We have been camping near the Mountains because Verconia thought it would be a good idea. She is dead weight to all of us even Calyspo her district partner. We are planning a sneak attack on the Antis. We can see there campsite from a mile away because they have a fire giving away the postion away. Stupid Antis, giving away there postion. We are planning to have a full force attack on them tonight so we can wipe them out and we can focus on the others. I grab my my Mace so I can finish them off. We head off to the direction of the fire hoping this plan is a success. We all have are best weapons and we are all sneaking in the grass. Calyspo says 'Don't you think this is a trap?' and Verconia says 'Don't be silly' and we sneak out and watch the antis eating food chatting about a plan. I notice 2 tributes walking towards them, saying 'We finally found them!' and they get near by. I tell Taio and Uzi and they both going to kill them. Taio aims for the boy in the brown hair and it lands right through his head. The green hair boy panicks and runs. Uzi throws his trident and lands through his back. He lands in the camp and Blaine goes 'Athorn Lynx?' Athorn says 'Careers' then BOOM! BOOM! shit our plan has failed. We run a head and I can hear 2 people screaming BOOM! BOOM! I look around to see Andres with Needles coming out his back and Bert coller exploded. Calyspo shouts 'Told you the plan is stupid!' We run away and I think we have lost them because of Verconia stupid plan we have lost 2 members of our alliance. We get back to camp and lie down. Everybody looks down and I can hear music play. I look up to the The Fallen sign with the panem logo behind it. Faces show up and some which i'm surpised to see. 4 antis and 2 of are fomer members Honeysickle and Hana. 14 have died today. We need to think of a new plan, we have 2 problems The Female Troops and the Anti-Careers. This fight is going to be tough if we are going to kill them all. I get into my sleeping bag and i'm really tired. We all say goodnight and I fall asleep. Thinking what to do next.

4 dead, 42 to go.

Alliances and Locations of Day 1

Careers and the Killer Friends - Next to the Mountians

Anti - Careers - In end of the forest

The Captiol Female Alliance - A bunkhouse

The Friends - The Lighthouse

District 3 Girls Alliance - On the Beach

District 4 Girls Alliance - In a factory

District 7 Alliance - Cliffside

The Youngers Alliance - In a store room

District 12 Alliance - On the Rocks

The Female Troops - In a Treehouse

Day 2 - Fake Friends

Celicia Fen POV - District 12 Female

Yesterday was rough in deaths. We have lost Andrew and Jakub, they never came to our meeting point and we wondered that they got lost but when seen their faces in the sky. We knew they won't come. We haven't seen anyone since we left that school. Which is quite weird but i'm sure we will soon. 12 tributes died yesterday, a couple of careers as well. Piper and I have found this perfect camping area. I hear music and a sign pops up in the sky saying 'Danger Zones for Day 2' and we are quite close to them but we are safe for today, that might help being near a danger zone. In fact I see some alliance coming near by. I can write a note saying suppiles this way, good plan Celicia. I rip out a bit of paper from my notepad and I write the message out. I place it on the rock and hoping my plan will work, I can hear footsteps even closer now. I tell Piper to hide with me as the plan foils. I grab my bow and arrow, their near by now. I can hear the Strawberry hair girl talking 'Suppiles?, we need suppiles' I can hear them walking over now, great the plan is working. Then I hear coller's start to beep 'Wait this was a trap?!' I pop my head up to see the Strawberry hair girl fall first then the black hair girl. BOOM! BOOM! Piper jumps up and shots the boy who is the brother of the strawberry girl. I shot at the brown hair boy and it lands straight through his head. They both fall, BOOM! BOOM! Well that's 4 dead now. Thanks to my plan, haha. I walk over to see what District they are from they have the number '7' looks like all District 7 tributes are now dead thanks to me and Piper for working with each other. I high five Piper even though I don't talk to her much, I hate being Soical. I put my weapons in my bag to feel rain coming down. Looks like i'm going to get wet today, Today should be intresting. I need to be ready for anything coming at me. I sit down back on the rocks and start eating breakfest hoping to live intill tomorrow, I hope. 

4 dead, 38 to go.

Nick Flower POV - District 4 Male

Everybody is dying so fast. Our plan failed yesterday due to one of the Anti-Careers warned the Antis before he died and they manged to kill 2 tributes from our alliance and 2 for their alliance. Calyspo and Troy are making the next plan because they are the smartest in the group. We are planning to follow the anti-careers but half are going because we want to have a even number fight hopefully it will work. Only my pair and District 3 pair are staying behind to defend camp. This camp is alright even though it's a bit rocky in someplaces. We could just walk out the Mountian top but their is no time due the time limit of 3 days. We only have 2 days left to kill each other to the last pair stand in victory, hopefully it will be and Taio the last 2 standing over everybody. Everybody grabs there weapons and head out. I wish them good luck, now I better start guarding the suppiles or I'm dead. I've got Taio, Uzi and Dennis beside me. I feel safe, I sit down with my weapon ready for the action, I fancy chesse now. Where is the chesse? I think i'll survive for 2 days if I get out here alive. I suddenly fell a soft earthquake and I look up to see the water is rising up, shit a Tsuami is coming toward us, then I hear the noises. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Shit was that the careers or the antis, if that was only the careers we are doomed. It would be just us guarding the camp alive and the others are dead. I hope it wasnet the careers, please don't be the careers. The alive come back are Verconia and Calyspo, I guess the rest have died. The Anti's careers must have expected it, they fooled us. Don't worry we will get them back.

10 dead, 28 to go.

Augustus Daimence POV - District 10 Male

The plan worked. The Careers only have 4 members left. Thanks to the planning of Ganta and Blaine all the careers plan worked, we have even numbers now. Someother tributes died as well but we don't care because the plan worked. We will finish them off tomorrow, on the final day but we will have to turn against each other. I haven't made any kills yet. The final battle will happen tomorrow against us and the careers, we will see who is best alliance still standing. We will show the careers who is best, we will. Ganta and Blaine are planning the perfect plan against the careers. Ganta looks at my direction, stuiding the forest and then he starts sniffing. He shouts 'Run!' he and Zulifkar run straight towards the sea while I turn around to see fire heading towards us. I turn around to run to see i'm too late with Blaine. We are trapped in circle of fire, looks like the plan won't start. I should have been much faster and ran for it when Ganta shouted to Run but no I had look at it first, I'm so stupid. I let the fire come to me and I feel it burn on my arms. I'm not going to get out of here alive, their is no way. Blaine is trying to use his water bottles to put the fire away but it wont work. I close my eyes as I hear Blaine screamimg for help. I can feel the fire touch my face and I shed my last tear on earth. Goodbye world, goodbye. Ganta and Zulfaikr better win for us and beat the Careers for good. BOOM! BOOM!

2 dead, 26 to go.

Camellia Theacea POV - The Captiol Female

Lyra has been planning to kill Miles from District 5 ever since he killed our mentor in Day 2 of Training, it seems ages ago but it was 3 days ago. She is planning to attack while one half is out hunting and the other. We are both going to attack the hunters from behind then do a surpise attack on the guarders. I think it's a perfect plan to save to least. We know where The Youngers Alliance are at. They are in a stock room full of tools, which it's a good place to shelter. Lyra takes all her weapons and I just take my little Pickaxe which can do amazing for a little object, so sharp but so small. We start crawing through the grass as the first ones leave to hunt which are Allen and Kordian. Perfect just as Lyra and I planned. I'm planning to kill Kordan as Lyra kills Allen. We follow them till they stop and take a rest standing up, well here we go. We both jump down and Lyra stabs Allen with her Twin Swords and Allen falls. Didn't even have the time to react to Lyra, I grab my Pickaxe and whack on Kordan's head and he falls too, this plan is going better than I thought. BOOM! BOOM! Now to head to main camp to launch the Surpise attack on Shark and Miles. We get to the camp and we look through the windows. They are waiting for Allen and Kordan to come back, which they are not. I jump through the window and land my Pickaxe on Shark's Head and he lands staright on the ground. Lyra throws Miles on the ground and said 'I did tell you i'm going to hunt you and kill you, now i've did one and now i'm going to do the other' and Miles screams as Lyra stabs him in the chest mulitple times. BOOM! BOOM! Our plan worked and now one alliance is down. I'm glad to Lyra as I partner, I look towards her and she smiles and says 'Good job Camellia we avenge Rebecca' and I say 'Good job to you as well Lyra and yes, yes we did' Then I see an arrow head towards Lyra. It lands on her neck, and she looks at it and she notices it's a dart. She falls in the ground smiling, I turn around to see The Female Troops alliance at the door, I grab Lyra's bow and arrow. My coller starts beeping and I start to panick. I shoot the arrow at the girl with the short hair from District 9 and then I shoot it at the other girl and they both fall dead. I don't want to die, I scream as I run towards the alliance hoping to take them with me. When I start running, I feel my insides exploded, I see my blood splatter on the floor in front of me. I look up as I fall smiling, hoping I did Lyra justice. I blank out as I fall, why were we so stupid and never heard the other alliance coming? BOOM! BOOM!

6 dead, 18 to go

Lavender Tone POV - District 8 Female

So we just killed both the captiol females. 6 cannon's went off so it's just 18 to go. Wendy shot the girl called Lyra but the girl called Camellia shot Bethay and Kelly down, so we have lost 2 members. It's getting dark now, so we better find a place to camp where their is no dead bodies Minere and Blomme joined us today saying they rather be with us than the careers I wonder why, Careers are ruthless people and I hate them. I don't know how I survived this long with The Female Troops but here I am nearly the last day and 18 tributes to go. We find camp at this shack, Naomi has been quite sad because her friend Hana died in Day 1. I hear music play and I see who died today. I'm quite surpised to see a lot of Careers in the fallen, and a couple of antis. District 1 and 3 females have died as well. The dead District 9 and 5 male tributes are shown with The Captiol Females. I start to feel sleepy and fall asleep in the grass. I hope I win this thing with Wendy because I have feeling we might win with a click. 

Day 3 - The Brush With Death

Addison Waters POV - District 4 Female 

I wake up to hear an annocument over the arena. 'Hello emaning 18 tributes, well not for long. We are bring back Camelia Theacea and Lyra Medowlace from the captiol because the captiol chose them to come back and fight for victory. So 2 more tributes have been added, if more than 2 are standing by the end of today you will all die, haha. So good luck and may the odds be in the favor. This will be the last thing you will here of us before 2 victors have been crowned or we may never see you all again, depends. Happy Hunger Games!' I look at Sharpe and she looks at me back. We haven't seen anyone since the start of the games and now we have to fight for victory. We been hiding ever since the start of the games because we werent sure who will be left in the games. There is 20 of us left in the game and only 2 will escape. I hear music again and I look up to see Danger Zones for the last day. The danger zones are outskirts of the island and only 1/5 arena is not danger zones, there must be bring us all close and make us fight to the death. Sharpe looks at me and says quietly 'I hope we win Addison, I just want to go home again' and I smile 'We will go home, if we stick with each other and we will always have a plan. I want to go home too' and Sharpe smiles and hugs me 'Addison thank you for everything, you made me feel better' and I say 'No problem Sharpe' Sharpe is a year younger than me, she is 12 while i'm 13. She is only still a child and i'm like a mother to her. I hear a noise and peek out from a rock to see the careers heading towards us, I make a whisper sign to her and Sharpe nods to me. This worst thing is careers and how did they manged to get here in the hills. I see my male District pair around. The District 3 Male Uzi is saying happy birthday to the younger boy and the leader Verconia is saying 'Shut up or I will kill you' She got a 12 in training along with District 13 girl Namoi who is the leader of The Female Troops. They will clash today, if they see each other. My heart is pounding as the careers get closer and closer, Then I hear 'Shit!' and a big bang and then I see Taio arm land right in front of me. BOOM! BOOM! I try not to scream because I don't want to give away my position to the careers or we are in deep danger. Then I hear Calyspo say 'There is mines? we better be careful. We just lost a co-leader now be careful' I look down and see Taio arm land right beside me makes me have a chill down my spine. Then I see Dennis the birthday boy say 'Who are you' all I think of is I need to kill him or Sharpe and me are doomed. Uzi comes along and Sharpe knows my thoughts, she grabs her crossbow and shots at Uzi. He falls to the ground and before Dennis can react, I throw my spear at him and it lands through his chest. BOOM! BOOM! I feel bad killing a boy during his birthday but it had to be done. Then I feel somebody grab my hair. I scream for help then I see Sharpe get grabbed by the neck by Verconia. The dragging stops and I look up to see Calyspo looking at me. I hear Sharpe screaming and Calyspo just looks at me and says 'Be quiet, please' and wraps her flail around my neck and the air is getting sucked out of me. I can see blood splatting around the grass. I try to fight Calyspo back but my arms and legs are going numb, I start to feel light headed as Calyspo is choking me to death. Then I hear Sharpe scream even more as I black out. I guess I'm dead. I let Sharpe down and I feel bad for it, I hope the stupid careers don't win or I will turn in my grave. Please be somebody else who win. BOOM! BOOM!

6 dead, 14 to go.

Blaar Batatas POV - District 11 Male

I hear 6 cannons go off and I guess it must have been the two boys and 4 other girls. I guess me and Taylor are the only boys now along with the 2 antis. Minere and Blomme deciced to come back from the troops, they found us quite fast. We are eating lunch now, I will have to fight against my sister soon if we are the last 4 standing in the games. We are planning to attack after the big fight between the careers and antis and female troops have fought. I look at Taylor to see he is starting to look pale and he falls. Did he just die by eating food? I look behind to see a bottle of poison right behind him, I look at Minere to see her chuckling. I grab her by the neck and I say 'Why the fuck did you kill Taylor? and Blomme notices Minere is acting strange and she smiles and says 'I stole the poison from that little girl from District 4 while she was sleeping and I killed him because he is worthless now? and Blomme shouts 'You about to kill Blaar as well now due to killing Taylor!' and she slaps her and I grab my Sword to feel my coller beeping and I aim the sword at Minere but she kicks my sister and rolls to the side. I go for her even more to feel my coller exploded and I fall straight to the ground to see darkness. I hear Blomme shout 'Minere you bitch! you just killed my brother and I don't want to win now. I rather be with him now come here bitch!' I hear Blomme scream and Minere scream and then I hear Minere say 'It takes two to stab each other, haha' and then I hear them both fall. I'm glad Blomme killed that bitch, we could have won but Minere deciceds to kill Taylor. I start to see the light come to me, I hear my cannons go off. Guess this is a goodbye. I have failed all the boys by letting Taylor die, I feel bad now and even badder. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

4 dead, 10 to go.

Lyra Medowlace POV - The Captiol Female

I still can't believe that we got revived back in the games and i'm glad to have a second chance to win. We failed at that plan by getting killed by The Female Troops. We get to fix our mistakes and maybe win. It's getting dark now and there is only 10 of us left, while me and Camelia were walking we over heard that the final fight is going to take place in the corn field. We are hiding in the house and going to watch the action happen. I look out to see Ganta and his partner in the corn field with weapons looking for the last 2 careers. It's only us and The Female Troops and The Careers left in the game. We seen The Fallen after cannons went. District 3 pair went, Both District 4 pairs went then 1 hour later District 11 pairs both went. Only 5 pairs left in the game and so little time left. I don't die again and I don't want to live through it again, oh wait I was dead through it again. I look out to see Calyspo spear Ganta's partner while Ganta gets stabbed while Verconia puts her dagger through her. BOOM! BOOM! Then I see the Female Troops show up and Verconia and Calyspo are outnumbered by 2. Naomi and Verconia face off one by one. They both grab their weapons and start fighting while the rest watch on to see who will win the final fight. A girl will win this because all the boys are now dead. We are watching the fight from the house right next to the corn field. We feel safer here and I now the last pair in this fight will come after us. I look at Camelia and I look back to see Verconia lying on the floor with Sword coming out of her. Calyspo claps Naomi and then tries to kill her while screaming. Camelia whispers 'I know that feeling, this happened to me when you died back in the shack' I look at her then I hear a big bang and I see Calyspo lying in the floor in a pool of blood around her face. BOOM! BOOM! The corn field is full of blood now. Naomi looks at Lavender and Wendy who killed Camelia and me accounding to her. Naomi says 'It's time to face each other and only 1 pair will get to face Camelia and Lyra, good luck to all of yous, now lets fight. The sisters look at each other looking scared and they both say 'I don't want to fight my sister' and Lavender looks at them. Then Naomi stabs her while she is districated with her sword which killed Verconia. Naomi says 'Well you need to now! and then I see Lavender crawling and she picks up one of her throwing knives and throws at Naomi head. She falls back in the ground not moving, while Naomi falls in the ground as well. The sisters look at each other while their collers are beeping. They hug each other and Wendy says 'We will go with each other and I see you up their Willow' and Willow says 'You too sis.' and I wave at them and they both noticed me and Wendy shouts 'Lyra and Camelia, I forgot about you twos, well done to each other. You overcame odds and even me killing you.' She smiles and her coller booms and then Willow falls with her. Well that was easy, I'm glad Wendy said that us before she died. I hug Camelia and I hear a voice in the arena 'Well done Camelia Theacea and Lyra Medowlace, you died once and you came back and proved us all wrong! You have won the games! A hovercraft will pick you up shortly' I'm so happy I won't die again. I feel sorry for Willow and Wendy both dieing with each other being sisters but they will be happy up their now. I get out the house with Camelia and we hold hands with each other as we feel the wind of the hovercraft coming towards us. We get in the hovercraft and Toya hugs us both. She is glad we got a second chance. If it wasn't for me and Camelia getting revived. Willow and Wendy would have won. Thank you Captiol for giving us a second chance. I'm really grateful for that and so is Camelia. Thank you so much. Thank you.

8 dead, 2 to go.

The game is finished.

Victors crowned Camelia Theacea and Lyra Medowlace from The Captiol.



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