Hey guys. Well my first Hunger Games was definitely a fail (3 comments for the win). Now though this Hunger Games will be way more interesting and twistifying.

This year games There will be 1 tribute from each district. Boring hey, well thats were the twist comes in.This year there will be 24 districts. yes you heard me right, 24 districts!

I am hoping these games a lot better then my other ones, but feel free to check out my other games-

117th annual hunger games (on my profile)

Looking forward to these games

Have fun bros

A year after the rebel leader Katniss Everdeen was captured and publicly killed by ba firing squad the Capitol decided to split every district in half so that another uprising would not be possible due to a lower number of people in each district. Each part of the district that were sent off were then trained in another skill and started working immediately.


Template (must follow)










Bloodbath strategy




D1- Luxury Items

D2- Masonry

D3- Technology

D4- Fishing

D5- Power

D6- Transportation

D7- Lumber

D8- Textiles




D12-Coal Mining

D13-Graphite mining

D14- Currency

D15- Astrology

D16- Alchemy

D17- Apothecary

D18- Weapon manufactures

D19-Gold mining

D20- construction

D21- peacekeeper training

D22- Archeological

D23- Literature

D24- Arena preparations

District Tribute User
1 Ari Malonet Hyta100
2 Drake Mordon Theman77
3 Newle Transistor Write46747
4 Morolith Dmitry YoungGuy5
5 Prudence Montgomery Hyta100
6 Jessica Fly YoungGuy5
7 Arena Dallow Hyta100
9 Edilio Escolarr YoungGuy5
10 Brazen Fieldwise Smurfmaster
19 Skye Dawson Katniss&PrimSisterhood
24 Hunter Scofflin Write46747


Ari Malonet---------------------------------------------------------------------------------District 1

I Wake up to my father calling me for breakfast " Ari get down here so you can get to the reapings early in time for your volunteering" i roll my eyes i have been waiting until i`m older and stronger until i volunteer. This year is the year i have been waiting for. All my friends, my family and all of the citizens of District 1 will be there to witness the winner of the Uni games, Ari Malonet. After i have had my breakfast i dash outside to the center court to get my finger pricked and after thats done i assemble with all the other boys of my age and wait for our Capitol escort Velomyer Sinjer to address herself on stage.

After the boring video of the dark days and the rebel leader Katniss everdeen being publicly executed by a firing squad, Velomyer strides over to the bowl that is literally overflowing with names (due to everyones name being in there) and plunges her hand in, ruffles it around a bit and then pulls it out again "Michea.... I VOLUNTEER" i scream over her trill voice " No I volunteer" calls another boy in the 18 year olds group. Oh no you dont i think to myself as i run out of my bay and up to the boy who i am contesting with and as i punch him in the face i say again "no i volunteer".

I walk up on stage and and announce my name, Ari Malonet i say though the microphone to everyone in the crowd " well Ari looks like we have a definite fighter on our hands this year, determined win are we"? and as i stand there, watching everyone in the crowd, I smirk and say " like you wouldnt believe".

Drake Mordon-----------------------------------------------------------------------------District 2

"Today is the day" i think to myself as i hop out of bed and into the shower "today is the day i will volunteer for the hunger games. After my shower i go into the kitchen and eat a slice of toast "are you going to volunteer this year Drake?" asks my mum of course i am you ibecile, now shut up and get out of my way" i say as i push past my mother. As i make my way to the justice building i see numerous kids having one final practice before the reapings "what a waste of time" i say to myself as i know that this year they will not be the chosen tribute, I will. When i arrive at the justice building i see my dad. Although i hate my dad more then words can explain, i do admire his proffession as head peacekeeper of district 2. I walk up to the table to get my finger pricked, its funny cause i dont really know what they do this for, but when i win the games this year i certainly will know because i am going into training to become head peacekeeper, they will have to let me in right?

Before i know it i am lined up up in the 15 year-old line waiting for our escort, Deravian Mortarl to address us all. After the boring video of the Dark days and all of that crap Deravian announces that its time to pick the District 2 tribute this year. he pulls the slip out and reads out Drake Mord..." I VOLUNTEER" i yell over his voice, well young man come up here will you. i walk up to the stage and tell them my name, well says Deravian "you didnt need to volunteer boy, you were picked really? cool "Wow the odds really are in my favour this year" i think to myself, and with that Deravian announces the tribute for District 2 and the croud erupts in cheers, woops and appluase.

Newle Transistor------------------------------------------------------------------------District 3

As I walk my way through the town square towards the Justice Building, ignoring the vile looks people shoot me as i walk past, I hopelessly reassure myself that I`m only 12 and the chances of me being reaped are miniscule compared to the 18 year olds. I get my finger pricked and yelp in pain as the needle protrudes through my skin and then continues on to sting for half an hour. After getting assembled into the group of 12 year olds and waiting around for what seems like kours, our escort Melody Faunashine finally walks up to the stage and announces that it is time to announce the name of the District 3 tribute.

Melody petitely dips her hand into the bowl and snakes it around for a bit, looking for that one piece of paper that will surely spell doom for one unfortunate soul. After about 2 minutes Melody takes her hand out of the bowl and unfolds the paper. It can`t be me right? Right? Right? Newle Transistor announces Melody Wrong. As i walk up to the stage a little squeek of horror escapes Melodies lips. Yes I know i have pure silver hair and red eyes, so what? Melody shuffles to the side uncomfortably and says "the District 3 tribute, the... unique young Miss Transistor" and of course no one claps which makes it so, so, so much worse.

Morolith Dmitry--------------------------------------------------------------------------District 4

For some reason my school teacher has called me over quickly this morning to discuss some sort of matter that has recently arisen, i hope this is quick because today is the reapings and i am definitely volunteering. As i arrive at the school yard my teacher is standing there so i walk up to her, all the while pondering what she could have to tell me that could be so important she had to tell on the day of the reapings, typical teachers. As you know Dmitry today is the reapings and i know you want to volunteer, so what i wanted to tell you was go out there, volunteer and kick some ass and with that i`m off for the square, with a manic grin on my face.

when i arrive to get my finger pricked there is a bit of a line so i have to wait a bit. At one point this boy in front of me turns around and starts gloating about how easily he could become the victor, so i push him over and take his spot in the line. After the finger pricking and being assembled into the 18 year old group. The escort, Laserange Omity takes to the stage to announce the district for tribute 4 this year. As he pulls the name out of the bowl and begins to read the square is filled with an explosion of noise from all the eligible candidates volunteering, but i am NOT letting them show me up. I scream I VOLUNTEER at the top of my lungs and everyone seems to shut up and back off, good. Laserange asks me to come to the stage and tell everyone my name, and i do, and as everyone is leaving the square and i am entering the justice building i cant help but to enjoy this feeling of adrenaline inside of me.

Prudence Montgomery---------------------------------------------------------------District 5

I hate the Hunger Games more then words can explain, why was it even created? Oh that`s right, as an act of revenge. Me and my best friend Erma Falcolm are assembled into our aged group of girld and filed into straight, partnered up lines. Our escort Nikolai Barrowage comes to the stage and addresses the crowd and talks for about half an hour and after that we watch the Dark Days movie and then we had to sing the anthem of panem and then it was time for the reapings.

As Nikolai forces his hand into the overflowing bowl i get a yucky feeling in my stomach and i think my measly breakfast will come back up, but i manage to keep it down. As Nikolai pulls the slip of paper and calls out Erma`s name i scream i volunteer and stumble up onto the stage, barely able to hold my wits, and then i throw up on a peacekeeper.

Jessica Fly---------------------------------------------------------------------------------District 6

Arena Dallow-----------------------------------------------------------------------------District 7

__________ _________-----------------------------------------------------------------District 8

Edilio Escolarr---------------------------------------------------------------------------District 9

Brazen Fieldwise----------------------------------------------------------------------District 10

__________ ________-----------------------------------------------------------------District 11

__________ ________-----------------------------------------------------------------District 12

__________ ________----------------------------------------------------------------District 13

__________ ________----------------------------------------------------------------District 14

__________ ________---------------------------------------------------------------District 15

__________ ________---------------------------------------------------------------District 16

__________ ________-----------------------------------------------------------------District 17

__________ ________-----------------------------------------------------------------District 18

Skye Dawson----------------------------------------------------------------------------District 19

__________ ________-----------------------------------------------------------------District 20

__________ _______------------------------------------------------------------------District 21

__________ _______------------------------------------------------------------------District 22

__________ ______--------------------------------------------------------------------District 23

__________ ______--------------------------------------------------------------------District 24

Arena Twist:

Coming Soon



Coming Soon


Traininng Scores:

Coming Soon

District Tribute Score
1 Ari Malonet
2 Drake Mordon
3 Newle Transistor
4 Morolith Dmitry
5 Prudence Montgomery
6 Jessica Fly
7 Arena Dallow
9 Edilio Escolarr
10 Brazen Fieldwise
19 Skye Dawson
24 Hunter Scofflin



Coming Soon


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