• Snake~Ribbonz

    Hey guys! Rebekah (Blue-Ribbonz) & Claudia (Snake of the Retaining Eye) Here! We're bringing you a new chat fanfiction on our joint account called: Attack Of The Scouts! 

    In this fanfic, there will be two seperate scout groups, the Girl Guides and The Boy Scouts. They go out to the same camping spot for their large month long camp only to find that each-other are camping there, and thats were all the challenges, the badge earning and the classic drama of camps come in. Its full out camp war, and you won't get out clean.

    • Claudia
    • Marina
    • Liza
    • Tristan
    • Blake

    • Rebekah (Because yah know, why not?)
    • Summer
    • Eli
    • Emilia
    • Niby
    • Erlend
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