Hi I'm Sneaky Cupcakes aka Brenna! I decided to make my very first hunger games so please join and have fun!

The plot is: Katniss killed President Snow instead of President Coin, so now the 76th hunger games are going to happen. There is the twist of course... all 24 tributes will be from the Capitol instead of the districts. Good luck, may the odds be ever in your favor.


The rules:

  • Only tributes from the Capitol
  • 4 tributes per person right now
  • Don't be mean to me or other users
  • You can reserve a spot for 48 hours (2 days)
  • Don't give me perfect tributes, or all career tributes (you can make up to 2 careers max)
  • Have fun please! :D

Entry Form

All tributes must have the info shown below! Any more info than that is optional and you don't have to include it. Please include a lunaii picture!










Alliances can be filled out later but if certain tributes will ally with each other please let me know. If you want to ally with another person's tribute then it has to be okay with them also. Alliances might change through the games, also.


Name Gender Age Weapon Owner
Furs Shiner M 16 Macete, sword, blades Yourfavoritesalmon
Solstice Glade F 14 Sword, scythe Flutterby~Butterfly
Jake Locketback M 18 Spear, bow A Wikia Contributor
Bright Fire F 17 Mace, bow and arrow Flutterby~Butterfly
Lyssander Ghan M 12 Warhammer, swords Yoonie
Helena James F 16 Tomahok Meoryou
Athorn Lynx M 16 Trident, poison, sword Biel1458
Deedee Coloney F 16 Gun, knife Meoryou
Stryker Deceivemence M 18 Naginata, crossbow, trap Tehblakdeath
Cyanea Larkspur F 16 Bow, blowgun Sambaroses
Lucius Domian M 16 Ahlspeiss, bow, lance Tehblakdeath
Lyra Meadowlace F 18 Two swords, bow Sambaroses
Blaze Flamesheath M 14 Spetum, sword, anything Tehblakdeath
Modesta Faith F 13 Throwing knives, ax Sambaroses
Sylveon Ashburn M 12 Three-pronged spear, bow, halberd Tehblakdeath
Purity Nightingale F 15 Throwing knives, trident Sambaroses
Unamed tribute 1 M N/A N/A N/A
Kitty Mew


12 Claws, scythe, throwing knife Blue-Ribbonz
Unamed tribute 2 M N/A N/A N/A
Erika Danyie F 18 Slingshot, spears Yoonie
Unamed tribute 3 M N/A N/A N/A
Marielle Ferde F 18 Bow, ax PumPumPumkin:3
Unamed tribute 4 M N/A N/A N/A
Honeysickle Ash F 13 Sword, ax A Wikia Contributor


People in italics have died Careers: Kitty Mew, Bright Flame, Solstice Glade, Stryker Deceivemence, Honeysickle Ash, Jake Locketback

Girls Alliance: Helena James, Cyanea Larkspur, Deedee Coloney

Big alliance: Lucius Domian, Modesta Faith, Sylveon Ashburn, Athorn Lynx, Erika Danyie, Lyssander Ghan

2 girls alliance: Lyra Meadowlace, Purity Nightingale

Alone: Marielle Ferde, Blaze Flamesheath, Furs Shiner

Unamed tributes: 1, 2, 3, 4

Training Scores

As always 12 is the best, 1 is the worst.

Name Score
Furs Shiner 9
Solstice Glade 8
Jake Locketback 8
Bright Fire 9
Lyssander Ghan 5
Helena James 7
Athorn Lynx 8
Deedee Coloney 7
Stryker Decievemence 11
Cyanea Larkspur 6
Lucius Domian 5
Lyra Meadowlace 8
Blaze Flamesheath 7
Modesta Faith 4
Sylveon Ashburn 6
Purity Nightingale 6
Unnamed tribute 1 2
Kitty Mew 6
Unnamed tribute 2 2
Erika Danyie 8
Unnamed tribute 3 1
Marielle Ferde 9
Unnamed tribute 4 3
Honeysickle Ash 5


Placing? Who? Killed by and how? When?
24 Unamed tribute 1 Stabbed by Purity Nightingale Bloodbath
23 Unamed tribute 2 Knife thrown at his head by Kitty Mew Bloodbath
22 Unamed tribute 4 Stabbed in the chest by Kitty Mew Bloodbath
21 Unamed tribute 3 Slashed with a machete by Furs Shiner Bloodbath
20 Slostice Glade Sword to the back from Lyssander Ghan Bloodbath
19 Deedee Coloney Neck cut with a ax by Blaze Flamesheath Bloodbath
18 Honeysickle Ash Stomach cut open by Lyssander Ghan Bloodbath
17 Bright Flame Stabbed with a trident by Athorn Lynx Bloodbath
16 Lyssander Ghan Speared by Jake Locketback Bloodbath
15 Sylveon Ashburn Shot with a crossbow by Stryker Decievemence Bloodbath
Victor! :D

Day 1 the bloodbath

Purity Nightingale

When we rise up on our platforms I feel more scared than I have ever felt in my life. I look for my alliance, and see the arena this year is a burning desert with a shiny, golden cornucopia in the middle. Cactuses are around it, and the countdown starts. Never in my life had I imagined that I would have to fight in the hunger games, but here I am! Finally I see Lyra but she is all the way on the edge of the semi circle. 


I run for supplies and find a backpack, but there is a boy tribute who is fighting me over it. He tries to stab me, and I knock the knife out of his hand and it goes flying to the ground. I pick it up and stab him. BOOM!

That's one tribute down...

Kitty Mew

Im one of the first to the cornucopia so I get throwing knives and a backpack and wait for the rest of my alliance. I joined the careers because i knew they would keep me safe, but I dont plan on staying with them very long. A boy starts to run towards me, so I throw a knife at him and it hits his forehead. His ally is close behind him, and when he gets up to me I stab him in the chest multiple times.


"Wow Kitty!" Solstice says to me, and she grins at me. "Your doing good!"

I giggle and make a pretend meow, but scream when someone comes up behind Solstice and sticks their sword in her back! Its Lyssander, and he looks surprised like he doesnt even know why he did it. I try to help Solstice but she is dying, and I find myself starting to cry. This was never supposed to happen!

I turn when I hear a cannon and a scream and see that Furs has sliced one of the males across the chest with his machete. The cannon sounds for him: BOOM!

And then sadly one goes off for Solstice. BOOM!

Blaze Flamesheath

I am one of the few loners in the games so I dont have to worry about my alliance because there isn't one. When I get to the cornucopia I run for a backpack and then find a weapon, which is an ax. I run off but am blocked by Stryker who is a career. I can run away but he is following me, so I turn around and wing my ax. He backs off but it doesn't hit him. He runs back to his allies. Yes, that one was close!

Now I run off into the desert and find another tribute. She has a backpack, which might be useful to me. She turns around and sees me, and I see that it is Deedee Coloney who must have gotten seperated from her allies. cyanea and Helena are running up to save her, and I jump up behind her and swimg my ax. It cuts across her neck and she falls onto the sand bleeding while Cyanea and Helena scream and cry. I smile to myself and keep running. BOOM!

Lyssander Ghan

I am glad that I have an alliance but it feels sort of awkward to talk to them. Right now we are just getting what we need before we leave the cornucopia so I help them, and get a sword of my own and a backpack. I already killed one of the careers so my alliance is grateful but I don't know how I feel about it. 

The careers coming running back to us, and the young girl Honeysickle is at the front. Quickly, I use my sword and slash at her with it. It cuts across her stomach and she falls face-fisrt onto the ground. BOOM! The rest of the careers are coming and I cant attack all of them but luckily my allies are on it! Modesta and Lucius come over to help me right as Athorn uses a trident to stab Bright who is also a career. BOOM!

But none of us knew what would happen next, especially me. Jake, a career, comes up to me and I dont even have time to react before he stabs me in the stomach with his spear. Ive never felt so much pain in my life, and every noise seems to fade until I cant even hear my allies begging me to live...


Helena James

The bloodbath is almost over and everyone is running off into the desert so I turn to my ally. "Should we keep going?" I ask Cyanea, and she looks at Deedee's dead body one last time before we run off. Blaze took her backpack so we only have two left to share between us, plus we each have a weapon. Mine is a tomohak and Cyanea has a bow. We turn to the cornucopia one last time, and the sky is getting dark. Right before the bloodbath ends, we can see Sylveon trying to run away from Stryker and his allies trying to help, right before he is shot with a crossbow bolt by Stryker. I turn to Cyanea and she shakes her head sadly, then we run off into the desert for the night. 


Lyra Meadowlace

Together me and Purity look at what we have. We each have a backpack and and a weapon, and Purity's weapon is throwing knives. She looks really happy about them, and my weapon is a sword. Usually I use two but I guess that one will work.

Suddenly the antehm starts to play so we look up to see who all of the dead tributes are. Today, 10 tributes died which is a lot. I guess we all want to get home where we can watch the hunger games and not be in them!

  • Solstice Glade
  • Deedee Coloney
  • Honeysickle Ash
  • Bright Flame
  • Lyssander Ghan
  • Sylveon Ashburn
Then, Purity looks in her backpack and gets a sleeping bag and says, "Im tired." "Okay, I'll take first watch tonight Im not tired at all yet." I tell her, and we find a spot where i can lean against a dead desert tree. Water will be hard to find in this arena so I hope we can make it around enough to find some. Then night is cold but i eventually wrap up in my own sleeping bag, but stay awake since I am on first watch.

Day 2

To be continued...

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