The first Hunger Games took place in an Arena with 5 pinunsulas, each with a different habitat, Desert, Forest, Swamp, Field, and Mountains. The Cornocopia is at the end of the Forest Pininsula which reaches into the middle of the Arena. The Swamps are infested with Alligators, the Fields are infested with Tracker Jackers, the forest are full of poisinous plants, the Desert has daily sandstorms, and the mountains crumble very easily.


District One:


Female: Lyra

District Two:

Male: Vince

Female: Avada

District Three:

Male: Trevino

Femaile: Margaret

District Four:

Male: Cyro

Female: Ruby

District Five:

Male: Fitz

Female: Bellatrix

District Six:

Male: Jay

Female: Cassi

District Seven:

Male: Nico

Female: Flavia

District Eight:

Male: Draco

Female: Piala

District Nine:

Male: Leo

Female: Pricilla

District Ten:

Male: Luce

Female: Iovia

District Eleven:

Male: Crusco

Female: Americle

District Twelve

Male: Taurus

Female: Elli

The ultimate winner was Piala from District Eight, ill post more info later

This was not reviewed in the book, but it is just roleplay.

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