• Something482

    The Levels of Hell

    October 2, 2011 by Something482

    Ok so my major twist is that the arena is set into levels, there are seven of them and each one symbolizes one of the seven deadly sins Tribunes will have set time periods to make it through these levels.If they do not make it, they will be killed There is another twist though, only the tribunes that make it through all seven levels will be allowed to kill other tribunes, if one tribune kills before that time, then they will be killed by a game maker trap. Everyone can only enter two tribunes!!!

    P.S. I am allowing districts 0-13

    User Gender-Name-District-Age Gender-Name-District-Age
    Rockman117 M-Everest Sateer-D1-15 F-Harpy Evermist-D1-16
    Nate777 M-Grey Wolf-D2-16 F-Cindy Regar-D2-16
    Animal Larsen M-Volt Surf-D3-14 F-Angel Lunar-D3-17
    Kenzen11 M-Arteā€¦

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