Ok so my major twist is that the arena is set into levels, there are seven of them and each one symbolizes one of the seven deadly sins Tribunes will have set time periods to make it through these levels.If they do not make it, they will be killed There is another twist though, only the tribunes that make it through all seven levels will be allowed to kill other tribunes, if one tribune kills before that time, then they will be killed by a game maker trap. Everyone can only enter two tribunes!!!

P.S. I am allowing districts 0-13

User Gender-Name-District-Age Gender-Name-District-Age
Rockman117 M-Everest Sateer-D1-15 F-Harpy Evermist-D1-16
Nate777 M-Grey Wolf-D2-16 F-Cindy Regar-D2-16
Animal Larsen M-Volt Surf-D3-14 F-Angel Lunar-D3-17
Kenzen11 M-Artemis Trout-D4-14 F-Navy Cray-D4-14
Prezziesnow9704:)! M-Ssithies Profane-D5-17 F-Ora Gaffe-D5-15
Rockman117 M-Golden Hawbrook-D6-18 F-Pema Alderwheel-D6-17
Leshawna333 M-Tad White-D7-18 F-Galinda Spade-D7-15
Rockman117 M-Aaron Winters-D8-17 F-Lilac Coalburner-D8-15
Foxface911 M-Max Blonde-D9-16 F-Cherri Blonde-D9-15
Nate777 M-Ian Volt-D10-14 F-Shana Buzz-D10-17
Anon... M-Robin Miller-D11-15 F-Claire Heart-D11-15
Clove1001 M-Storm Chasser-D12-14 F-Forest Daylight-D12-12
Jabberjay78 M-Mars Len-D0-17 F-Eclipse Icefall-D0-16
Akuhano M-Deegan Crowlely-D13-14 F-Tiana Merch-D13-16

Ready for it?!? There will be plenty of shocking ordeals in this game, What will they be? Which four will win??? Youll find out soon enough!

Backstory- Every tribune knows which levels they will have to go through, but they do not know which order they will face the levels in. Every Tribune will wake up in the arena, with no idea how they were placed there.

Level one: Pride

Mars Len POV

I awoke in the arena with a very confused group of other tribunes. They all began to wake up slowly, then as soon as all the tribunes woke up, they began to realize mirrors and weapons placed around the arena in a circle. Most of the girls run to the mirrors and check their hair and makeup. Idiots I said outloud before I rushed to the closest sword to me. The boy from three made it there first, sadly for him I was ready to kill. I pushed the boy out of the way before he could grasp the sword, then in one swift motion I take the sword and thrust it into the boys....something stops me, then I feel a current travel from the florr to my head, it was a very numb shock, but it left me petrified. The boy ran away and joined his partner with a relived expression on his face. I wish I would have thought of just letting the boy have his sword, because once he was about a foot away from me, the circular platform holding up me, The weapons, the mirrors, and anyone in that general area, dropped sending all inhabitants of the wretched circle plumeting down into an abyss. While we flew down, I saw one of the girls looking in a mirror began to move freely, she must have had a faulty current attached to her mirror. Too bad for her, the electrical current was the only thing holding her onto the platform, so with one last scream, We see the girl fly off the platform and hit a wall with a sickening crack. Then we all seemed to have a similar understanding, this game has had it's first unexpected and cruel death. Harpy Evermist.

Aaron Winters POV

Wow... We all saw that right? I said outloud. I was one of the twenty that had not rushed to get a sword or look at themself in a mirror. Then the announcer suddenly came onto the loudspeaker. GOOD MORNING TRIBUNES! HOW DID EVERYONE SLEEP? SO I HAVE SOME GOOD NEWS! ALL OF YOU SHALL BE MOVING ONTO THE NEXT LEVEL! THREE OTHERS SHALL JOIN YOU FROM THE GROUP THAT FOLLOWED THEIR FIRST SIN -PRIDE- SO I HAVE ONE PEICE OF ADVICE FOR THE NEXT LEVEL, KEEP YOUR FINGERS, AND YOUR HEART CLEAN. Suddenly the voice left us with the criptic clue. Most of the tribunes left soon after, but a few stayed to discuss the clue. I stayed for a few minutes and listened, but once we had no idea what to say, we all left as well.

Level two:Greed

Galinda Spade POV

Oh my gosh, I think i am the luckiest girl still alive right now! I was one of the eight that were traped on that hellish platform that would fling tribunes off randomly. But once it stoped there were only three tribunes left from that ordeal. Me, of course, Max Blonde, and Mars Len. We all shared a collective fit of heaving and puking. We had to have been on that infernal contraption for at least twenty minutes. We saw five tribunes die before our eyes. First was Harpy, then we saw Ian Volt and Ora Gaffe fly into eacherother. Thinking about that made me fall into a fit of convulsions again. Next was Tiana Merch who wa impaled by a loose sword and then I think I saw a boy fly into the wall, but i dont remeber who he was. Poor guy.God I could really use some water right now, my stomach is in knots.As if it was on cue, a silver parachute dropped from the sky, inside was a bottle of water just for me. I thought about quickly drinking it, but instead I just took a few sips at a time. I feel soo much better now, I wonder how long it will last....

Navy Cray POV

We are dwindiling. We lost two carrers today, Harpy and my very own district partner. Suddenly, random golden parachutes began to fall from the sky. "I thought sponsor gifts were silver." I said out loud. But, before I could send out a verbal warning, a few tribunes rushed to get as many gifts as they could, then they began to tear open the gifts and eat or drink what was inside. Suddenly, the three that took the most gifts dropped dead. One of them was another carrer. Grey Wolf. The other two that died were Golden Hawbrook and Cherri Blonde. There must have been small amounts of posin in each of the gifts. Looks like these games just got interesting....

Forrest Daylight POV

I kept my partner alive today. When he tried to take some parachutes, I held him back. Lookks like we will survive for a little bit longer. Suddenly the Announcer came on. WELL! IT LOOKS LIKE SOME OF OUR TRIBUNES WERE GREEDY AND TRIED TO GET ALOT OF FOOD. IF YOU WERE WONDERING THE FOOD WAS HARMFUL IN LARGE AMOUNTS. BUT MY YOUGURT IS NEVER HARMFUL, JUST TASTY. OK REMANING TRIBUNES, YOU BETTER PLAY IT SAFE AND CALM IN THE NEXT LEVEL. Then without worning, the announcer cut off and door opened to take us to our next level of hell.

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