• Son of a Trident

    Hey guys, it's son of a trident, here are the rules

    1. No swearing on comments
    2. You can only make up to four tributes
    3. Have fun!

    District: Age: Weapon: Mentor:

    D1 Older Boy: Colt Gold

    Mentor: Brynn1999

    Venus Trulove

    Age: 16

    Jupiter Trulove

    Age: 13

    Arjean Gold (Silver and Gold/ Arjean and Gold)

    D1 Little Brother:

    D1 Little Sister:

    D2: Cato Clavin 17 Sword Son of a Trident

    D2: Clove Harrison 16 Knives Son of a Trident

    D2: Cody Clavin 9 Sword Son of a Trident

    D2: Shamrock Harrison 8 Knives Son of a Trident


    D3:Yumi Kishatata 16 Throwing Knives TheOneandOnlyDistrict3

    D3:Blake Kishatata 8 Spear


    D4:Logan Blue 18 Trident Nate777

    D4:Misty Blue 18 Nets Nate777

    D4: Grett Blue12 Trident Nate777 D4: Aqua Syria Making fish hooks Nate777


    D5: Persephone Barias 14 Throwing K…

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