• Sonicthehedgehog158

    • GianG believes this, but there is no evidence or proof he did or was told to do this.
    • The unlikely evidence:
      • The boy from District 10 dies 11/12 seconds too soon, only 2/3 seconds after the District 8 male does. The District 10 female lasts 23 seconds.
      • A female actress would have been asked to replace her instead of a male one.
      • The machete dig up truck is a very rare stunt move. (Stated by Travis)

    After the District 3 female has her right knee slit by the 'District 4 female', Clove is seen looking throgh a backpack to find and then obtains throwing knives, the District 5 male is seen shortly after grabbing a sickle, for a short period of time, he has red hair glimpses. Also his jacket is dark blue, but the District 9 female's is supposed to be …

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  • Sonicthehedgehog158

    Summary: He grapples with Katniss for an orange backpack and Clove throws a knife into his back, making him cough bloodb. He falls to the ground, dead.

    He runs to the Cornucopia after he sees the District 9 female killed. Then, Cato kicks him in the shin, tripping him. He is pushed to the ground by the District 10 male, he crawls away but is grabbed and strangled onto a crate, then he is grabbed by the neck and has his head slammed onto the crate twice, this dents his skull, killing him.

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  • Sonicthehedgehog158

    • The D4 male died in the bloodbath and D4 was a Career District in the book. He probably was killed by a Non-Career.

    • It is unknown when the D3 boy ever used his spear, probably when followed Foxface into the woods to take her down.
    • Since the D3 girl never picked up a weapon in the bloodbath, it is unknown what her weapon is but any D3 tribute should be able to use a weapon that can slash at least.

    • Numerous fans have theories on the unseen deaths of the D10, 9, and 4 females. Most people theorize that the tributes were killed by Careers.
    • The D10 male's death is a mystery. In the book, fans think he died because of starvation or the trap the Gamemakers used in an attempt to burn Katniss. In the film, they assume he was killed by Careers.
    • It is unk…

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  • Sonicthehedgehog158
    • We'll start with the 75th Hunger Games, it clears up everything.
      • Gloss: 10
      • Cashmere: 10
      • Brutus: 11
      • Enobaria: 11
      • Beetee Latier: 9
      • Wiress: 8
      • Finnick Odair: 12
      • Mags: 5
      • District 5 male: 8
      • District 5 female: 9
      • District 6 male: 2
      • District 6 female: 3
      • Blight: 8
      • Johanna Mason: 9
      • Woof: 1
      • Cecelia: 8
      • District 9 male: 9
      • District 9 female: 8
      • District 10 male: 10
      • District 10 female: 8
      • Chaff: 10
      • Seeder: 8
      • Peeta Mellark: 12
      • Katniss Everdeen: 12
    • Now, the 74th Hunger Games, some are the real training score and some are theories.
      • Glimmer: 9
      • Marvel: 9
      • Cato: 10
      • Clove: 10
      • District 3 male: 8
      • District 3 female: 7
      • District 4 male: 8
      • District 4 female: 10
      • District 5 male: Between 7 and 11, it is possible, he recieved a Career training score
      • Foxface: 5
      • District 6 male: 10
      • District 6 female: 7
      • District 7…
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  • Sonicthehedgehog158

    How would you describe yourself?

    • A. Funny and attractive
    • B. Pretty and glamorous
    • C. Moody, arrogant, and sarcastic
    • D. Pure evil, charamistic
    • E. Smart
    • F. Quiet and reserved
    • G. Very shy and self-conscious
    • H. Insecure
    • I. Paranoid
    • J. Crafty and clever
    • K. Impatient and hot-headed
    • L. Responsible and pressuring
    • M. Reckless but shy
    • N. Willing spirit with strong common sense
    • O. Shy, but athletic, humble in victory and graceful in defeat
    • P. Pessimistic, sweet, and innocent
    • Q. Impatient and always angry for some reason with a straight face
    • R. Courageous, thoughtful, determined and honest
    • S. Pessimistic, smart, not a very good liar
    • T. Quirky-personality wise 
    • U. Know how to show mercy to the right people
    • V. Caring and reserved
    • W. Bold, smart, and good
    • X. Stoic and rational


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