District 8 male

District 8 male ran halfway to the Cornucopia, berfore noticing the District 8 girl getting beaten up by Glimmer. He knocks her down. Then, Marvel attacks him. He tries hard to punch Marvel, but Marvel grabs his wrist. Marvel holds the kukri pointing to the D8 boy's stomach. He slits his throat and knocks him to the ground. Marvel stabs him until District 6 female is about to be killed by Glimmer.

District 10 female

Non-canon bloodbath: extra character District 10 female ran for supplies, like the other tributes. She ran for a throwing axe, but she grabs it the same time the District 7 female does. The D7 female bites her arm, hoever, this somehow injures both of them. She is attacked by the District 4 female, who pins a knife to her throat. Cato shoves the D4 female into a crate, she tried to escape and is killed by (Insert female Career name here).

District 3 female

The District 3 female manages to get a black backpack, but he District 4 female attacks her and slits her right knee with a serrated sword, injuring her. Still having the backpack, she tried to escape with a knee injury, but the District 5 male grabs her and wraps her arms around her back and uses his strength to pull the tall tribute back from escaping. She is about to fall to the ground, but he pulls her up (an affection) and then lets her go, he takes her backpack and slices her forehead with a sickle, killing her (We're brokin up).

District 6 female

She grabs a serrated sword but is attacked by the District 4 female, who brutally beats her, knocks her to the ground, causing her to let go of the sword.. She grabs a yellow bag but Glimmer shoves her to the ground, but she is still able to stand up, though she crawls with the bag while Glimmer goes after her. She hides behind the crate and watches the bloodbath, unfold, she is spotted by Glimmer, who grabs her by her hair and starts to spin her, but suddenly they fall to the ground, they continue to fight until Glimmer punches her in the face, knocking her unconscious. She took the bag, an unknown, but short period of time later, Glimmer stabs her to death.

District 9 male

He grabs a sword, at the same time the District 8 female does, but she kicks him in the testicles, winning the sword. Later, he grabs an two-holed axe, and chases Katniss, who trips, he's about to chop her and kill her, but Clove throws a knife deep into his back and he falls to the ground, dead.

District 7 male

He attacks the District 10 male, but he pushes him to the ground. He attacks the District 6 male (Jason), but is punched in the face. Then he grabs a spear, and tries to kill Cato, but is again thrown to the ground. He sees the District 5 male attacking his district partner, so he knows him over with the spear. He is about ot kill him, but Thresh gets in the way, while his district partner ducks and hides behind a crate. He tries to stab him, but Thresh knocks the spear out of his hand and slashes his throat with the crescent sword, killing him.

District 9 female

Non-canon bloodbath

She grabs a pack of throwing knives, Clove throws a knife, targetting her neck, but their distances are to far, so she sees it coming and dodges, with the District 7 male standing cluelessly behind her. She gets behind a crate next to the District 7 female, laying on the ground looking dizzy seeing the District 9 male's corpse (this may be canon because the District 3 female is probably replacing her since her character was likely already dead).

District 5 male (Derrick)

The District 5 male, he picks up a sickle and he sees the District 3 female with a black backpack and he tries to steal, he wins the backpack, and then slashes her forehead, killing her. Then, he attacks the District 7 female, but the District 7 male, knocks him down with a spear, about to kill him. Fortunately for him, Thresh  passes by, distracting the tribute, allowing him to escape with a sword. The District 5 male crawls away, but the District 6 male grabs him but the throat and strsngles him into a crate. He gains the advantage somehow and hurls the tribute's head against a crate. He runs out of the Cornucopia, Glimmer attacks the tribute almost right outside the Cornucopia and stabs him to death. Strangely, his corpse appeared putside the Cornucopia, when Glimmer is shown 'killing' him inside the Cornucopia.

District 7 female 


District 4 male

District 4 female

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