Personal Information


The District 3 female's face is very striking, her features are very prominent and viewable from a distance, sticking out with her facial expressions. She often looks as if she's staring, in a trance, simply becasue of the way her face is shaped. She's very tall for her age, at least a few inches taller than nearly all of the girls her age. Due to being from a slightly impoverish and underfed District, she is skinny and boney, but due to her height, she doesn't look ill or impoverished. She has green eyes, complimenting her pale skin tone.


Amber refuses to let anyone tell he what to do. She hates when people try to take pity on her because of her age, and wants everyone to know that she is a force to reckoned with. Despite being young, she has grown up learning to fight for what she believes in. She is unwilling to let people into her personal life, believing they can hurt her, making her a slight outcast. She can be seen as quiet and reserved, only she ensures she thinks before she does. Coming from an intelligence, she has been taught not to make silly mistakes and whenever she does something not up to the expected perfect standards, it upsets her and she becomes overly determined on proving them wrong.

74th Hunger Games Preparation


The District 3 female was reaped for the games. Having never had a close relationship with any of her family, she was not emotionally traumatized by being selected, but she was unable to hide the worry in her face over whether she could beat all of the people older and more experienced than her.



She can use a sword very well, it allows her to make caculations on angles and directions on her swipes whn using it. Anything else, she does not want to touch just in case she gets it wrong.


Naturally, she is very intelligent and prides herself in knowing what is safe and what is stupid. She relies to know what not to eat in the arena, who not to  go picking fights with, and everything she needs to know of what to do in the arena. She only counts this as her strength, not being athletically advanced.

74th Hunger Games

Chariot rides


She runs on the guantlets and is knocked off by one of the instructors. As a result, she spit her lip. She recieved a trraining score of 6-8 during her private session with the Gamemakers. Her injurywas probably treated, because there is no more blood on her lip when the bloodbath occurs.


She wore a light green gown for her interview and ensured Caesar that she would try her best to win the Games, pleasing him.


The District 3 female was killed in the intial bloodbath. Her pedestal was positioned on the left of the District 3 male and the right of the District 10 male. She ran to the Cornucopia and grabs a black backpack. But the District 4 female attacks her and slashes her knees, it is not known if she tried to take the sword as it is her weapon. She gets up and the District 5 male tries to take her backpack, he wins it and then slashes her forehead with a sickle.

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