Personal Information

74th Hunger Games Preparation

74th Hunger Games

Chariot rides


In training, he is seen standing next to Rue as Atala explains the rules.


He is seen waiting in line with the other tributes for their interviews, he wore a black suit, white shoes and a white tie.

Cornucopia bloodbath

The District 4 male was killed in the Cornucopia bloodbath. His pedestal is postioned on the right side of Rue and the right of the District 5 male. The District 4 male jumped over a crate and ran towards the Cornucopia, arriving only a few seconds after Thresh. He found a yellow sleeping bag before crouching behind several crates of supplies. After the fighting has concluded, he tries to sip by, but he couldn't get a very good look, therefore not noticing Cato who was standing right there waiting for him to come out. He escapes and grabs a small sword, but Cato slits his throat with his machete.

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