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District 8, 9, and 10 female's replacements

District 10 female

District 10 male

  • GianG believes this, but there is no evidence or proof he did or was told to do this.
  • The unlikely evidence:
    • The boy from District 10 dies 11/12 seconds too soon, only 2/3 seconds after the District 8 male does. The District 10 female lasts 23 seconds.
    • A female actress would have been asked to replace her instead of a male one.
    • The machete dig up truck is a very rare stunt move. (Stated by Travis)

District 9 female

District 5 male

After the District 3 female has her right knee slit by the 'District 4 female', Clove is seen looking throgh a backpack to find and then obtains throwing knives, the District 5 male is seen shortly after grabbing a sickle, for a short period of time, he has red hair glimpses. Also his jacket is dark blue, but the District 9 female's is supposed to be red on the outside, however, this may not, because when the District 7 male (replacing D9 male) falls to the ground, he has on the District 7's jacket. And a male tribute that has the same jacket as the District 5 male stands there, watching the District 6 female get killed. However, this is not the District 5 male's bloodbath, so he's certainly replacing someone.

District 3 female

The District 3 female is laying with her head covered by a crate, however, there is no resemblance. But as most fans believe, the District 9 female was killed by Marvel with a spear, she was chased with a kukri, but Marvel probably found the spear. The District 3 female however should be already dead, because Marvel stabbed the D8 male until the District 6 female dies. This means the District 3 female is replacing an unnamed tribute, likely the District 9 female because it is Marvel and because the District 8 female escapes the bloodbath before or at the same time the District 9 female dies.

District 8 female

District 4 female

The District 4 female may be replacing the District 8 female for a few scenes. Such as running away after slashing the District 3 female's leg or slashing her right knee up period. However, this is kind of sunlikely since it's based off 606355 grand blog.

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