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74th Hunger Games


It's unknown how she prepared for the games. It is also unknown who her mentor was. Her tactics for the games (which she stated in her interview), do not fit the tactics that either Woof or Cecelia used for their games, Woof hid the entire time during his games which are probably the 13th - 18th Hunger Games. Cecelia won using her intelligence and skill with a sword, the District 8 female trained using a sword and to improve her knwoledge about nature. Her mentor could be Cecelia or another District 8 victor (there are probably more because there was a reaping.). 

Chariot rides

District 8 Tribute parade
District 8 female and her district partner wore bright costumes, that represented the fabrics from their district.


She practices with a sword in training and a baton with her trainer. She also made a fire and balances herself pn the ropes. She recieved a training score of 7 or 8.


She wore a short green dress for her interview, she's acts very childish and afraid of these games, Caesar thought she "did not do well in his books". When asked about her tactics for the games, she answered, "Find someone kind so we can look after each other.". The chants of the crowd are varianting from awww! to 'Grow up!'.

Cornucopia bloodbath

Her pedestal is positioned on the left of the District 9 male and the right of the District 10 female. She is attacked by Cato, and then she sees Marvel killing her district partner. She soon pushes Cato off of her, steals his knife and keeps running. She/Glimmer attacks and stabs the District 10 female to death. She continues walking around as if in a trance with her knife. She watches District 4 female slash the District 3 female's knees, and countinues walking around. She grabs a sword at the same time, the District 9 male does, she kicks him in the testicles and wins the sword. Later, she then attacks and stabs the District 6 female to death as she did with the D10 female. She then attacks and repeatedly stabs the District 5 male. She then tries to kill Marvel, who stabs her in her arm and stomach with his kukri. She ran into the forest. She survived the bloodbath.

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