Personal Information

74th Hunger Games Preparation

74th Hunger Games

Chariot rides

She and her district partner wore silver and gold outfits.
District 9 Tribute parade

The District 9 tributes in their parade costumes.


She is probably absent when Atala explains the rules of survival, as she is not seen. She practices with throwing knives with her trainer and running on the gauntlets. She recieved a training score of probably 6-10. 


Demetria atherinterview
She wore a light purple dress for her interview, she is bubbly and polite to Caesar for most of her interview, but still ensures Caesar and the other tributes she is a huge threat. She also informed Caesar that she had more hope than the other tributes did when she was reaped and that she had an alien feeling of helpfulness, and her training score.

Cornucopia bloodbath

Her pedestal was positioned next to District 9 male and the District 8 female. She runs to the Cornucopia and stops when she sees Marvel stabbing the District 8 male. Then she continues running to the Cornucopia, she/Glimmer attacks and stabs the District 10 female to death as the District 6 male watches, but she fails to notice him. She then walks around like she's sleep walking and sees the District 5 male slash the District 3 female's forehead with a sickle and then gets behind a crate and pushes the District 7 female out from her hiding place, a crate. She/Glimmer then attacks and stabs the District 6 female to death as the District 7 male watches, he runs the opposite direction as he sees this. She looks to see the Christian again, getting killed by Thresh.

The Games

The District 9 female survived long into the Games. She joined the Careers for a short time when they saw her performance in the bloodbath. Her and Glimmer got into a fight at the campfire on Day 2 at night. The fight is broken by Cato. Soon, on Day 3, she and the Careers are attacked by tracker jacks. She suffered more stings than Glimmer, but has no scratch on her, she stillfeels the pain and is hallucinating. She tries to stay on her feet, but she can't see. She runs toward a campsite near a snakes' den, but then finds another campsite.


She sits ona log at her campsite in front of a fire. She heard two canons go off the D10 male and Glimmer. She still feels those snakes, slithering across her body. They are cold. They never left her,  they are slithering all over her, in her hair, on her legs, and across her chest. They bore into her eyes and ears, "like they belong there". Then, she looked to her left and saw Clove and Marvel, her scream is heard by Cato as he is sleeping, which almost wakes him up, and Katniss and Peeta. And then half a second later, a canon fires. Her picture appears next to the District 4 female behind Caesar.

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