Personal Information


Glimmer is your typical District 1 girl, except maybe a little prettier. She's relatively tall, about 5'7" in height and she is willowy in build as to what she describes as "not enough curves to considered voluptous". Her blonde waves are a sunshine color and very well groomed, no split ends or dried hair or anything. Her peachy skin is virtually flawless. Glimmer's face can only be considered, beautiful, though her features may be too proud for some people to consider perfect. Her green eyes are her favorite part about herself. And her hair, her hair is fabulous (I guess). You get the idea, she's just beautiful but in a shallow way.


Glimmer is what she seems but not what she seems at the same time (See what I did there?). You can't take your focus off of the strange way she acts. She's a very charamistic and flirty girl but not in an overbearing way. Glimmer is definitely proud and a little shallow, she isn't the smartest or most clever and she's certainly a bit of an airhead, but this doesn't make Glimmer sweet or innocent. She is just as tough ruthless as any other Career. But she's definitely on the bubbly, ditzy, and shallow end of the way. Glimmer may be overconfident as she seems very arrogant, but even she has weaknesses.

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