District 9 male: 00:35.450

Summary: He grapples with Katniss for an orange backpack and Clove throws a knife into his back, making him cough bloodb. He falls to the ground, dead.

District 9 female: 00:45.08

She grabbed a backpack and water bottle and tried to flee the bloodbath. But Clove runs after her and throws a knife, she hears the wind and turns around, the knife pierces her in the neck. She died seconds later from blood loss.

District 6 male: 00:53.060

He runs to the Cornucopia, but Cato grabs a baton and beats him with it, leaving him badly injured. He tries to stay on his feet but the District 4 female slits his right knee up, killing him.

District 5 male: 01:01.570

He runs to the Cornucopia after he sees the District 9 female killed. Then, Cato kicks him in the shin, tripping him. He is pushed to the ground by the District 10 male, he crawls away but is grabbed and strangled onto a crate, then he is grabbed by the neck and has his head slammed onto the crate twice, this dents his skull, killing him.

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