Note: There will be questions, answers, and stuff. So be careful.

If the following tributes were there at the interviews, what do you think they would wear or what their interview angle would be?

  • District 3 female:
  • District 4 female:
  • District 6 female:
  • District 7 male:
  • District 8 male:
  • District 8 female:
  • District 9 male:
  • District 9 female:
  • District 10 female:

If the following tributes showed up for training, what do you think their training score would be or what exercise they are doing like running on the gauntlets? The parentheses means they showed up, but weren't seen doing any training.

  • (District 4 male): 
  • (District 5 male):
  • (District 7 male):
  • District 8 female:
  • District 9 female:
  • District 10 female:

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