• The D4 male died in the bloodbath and D4 was a Career District in the book. He probably was killed by a Non-Career.


  • It is unknown when the D3 boy ever used his spear, probably when followed Foxface into the woods to take her down.
  • Since the D3 girl never picked up a weapon in the bloodbath, it is unknown what her weapon is but any D3 tribute should be able to use a weapon that can slash at least.


  • Numerous fans have theories on the unseen deaths of the D10, 9, and 4 females. Most people theorize that the tributes were killed by Careers.
  • The D10 male's death is a mystery. In the book, fans think he died because of starvation or the trap the Gamemakers used in an attempt to burn Katniss. In the film, they assume he was killed by Careers.
  • It is unknown why D10 male is shown getting killed by Cato. Some assume it is an extra death, some assume he is replacing D10 female, which is very unlikely because the D10 female lasts 23 seconds and the D10 male is shown killed by Cato 11 or 12 seconds after the bloodbath started.
  • Wolf mutt howls and a scream, is heard, following Thresh's canon and portrait. However, it is possible Cato was at the same location as Thresh. The mutts had two known locations: Katniss and Peeta's location and Thresh's location. With Cato's location unexplained, Cato probably killed Thresh when he was escaping the mutts or the mutts themselves. Proabability of the mutts killing Thresh in the film is debatable as the D8 girl's scream was followed by a canon immediately in 1 second. While Thresh's scream was followed by a canon 7 seconds later.
  • The District 8 female's unseen death is presumed to be Glimmer's doing.
  • Clove makes a lot of kills in the book and only one in the movie, this is something unexplained.

Death Theories

District 10 male

Nobody knows. His death remains a mystery. In the book, early in the morning on Day 8, Katnoss and Rue planned to destroy the Careers' supplies, they suddenly heard a canon, but only when the face flashed at night, did they know it was for the District 10 male. Some fans assume he was killed by Careers, but it is most likely he died for starbatio or thirst, or was killed accidentally by the Gamemakers. In the film, he is likely killed by the Careers, most fans blame Cato, while some fans blame Marvel or Clove.

District 9 female

Most fans argue about her and the D10 female's deaths, most particularly the District 10 female. Evidence of the killers are below.


He is who most people believe the District 9 female was killed by. One user (GianG) believe she was stabbed with a kukri. 3 users that I know about (me, Travis, some anon) think she was speared. 


A user from a Spanish Hunger Games wiki thinks she was stabbed in the face by Cato.

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